I Got A NEW PUPPY! Did I Do The Right Thing? New Series!

I Got A NEW PUPPY! Did I Do The Right Thing? New Series!

I’ve got a new dog! I’m going to show you how to train a puppy fro 8 weeks into adulthood in my all new series, “The Dog Training Experience”. Follow along from the beginning or jump in any time! For the ultimate dog training experience, join us on instagram

Have you ever wondered what really goes Into raising and training a dog I’m so Excited to announce my brand new series The dog training experience I’m gonna Show you what the experience is like for Me in unprecedented detail with this dog This talk is a little bit different Because she’s my dog she’s literally Going to be doing a job that no other Dog has ever done before showing you how She learns everything in a way it’s kind Of like The Truman Show for dogs I’ve Never seen anything done quite like this Before there is so much to the dog Training experience ups and down Struggles and victories the dog training Experience is going to be featured Exclusively on my youtube channel and my Instagram page experience with me what It’s like to raise a brand new dog from Eight weeks on each episode we’ll have Something for everyone whether you’ve Got a brand new dog wanna try training With a dog that you’ve had for years or If you’re just curious to know what’s Involved with raising a dog and you can Jump in any time and start enjoying or You can watch from the beginning believe Me I know that every dog is different And I’m gonna be very mindful to offer You alternatives along the way in case Your dog behaves differently well I’m Gonna be posting tons of training Regularly on YouTube if you really want

To go the extra mile and see our daily Progress I’ll be posting and going live On Instagram very often Plus Instagram Updates will be running well ahead of my Series in fact I’ve already been Providing updates and training on Instagram for a couple of weeks now dogs Come into this world as they are it’s up To us to keep them on track and love Them exactly as they are and keep them Moving forward frequently experiencing Life to the fullest to nurture their Curiosities desire to live love and Experience everything that light can be Without holding them back something in Motion stays in motion when it’s free From outside forces holding it back when All of the forces are removed inertia is What remains it’s my honor to introduce All of you to inertia [Music]

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