I Had 3 Weeks to Train This Dog! Did it work Long Term?

I Had 3 Weeks to Train This Dog! Did it work Long Term?

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Believe it or not it has been a long Time since i’ve actually seen Kona i know it’s only been a few days For you guys but for me it’s been 18 Weeks Since kona finished her three weeks with Us i know i just totally blew your mind Didn’t i I’ve got a really fun and exciting day Planned for us and i want to make sure That kona has The best meal possible before we start Each and every one of us care deeply About what our dogs eat And nom nom is at the leading edge of Fresh meals for dogs Their meals are specifically created and Portioned for your dogs by veterinary Nutritionists which is so important for Fresh feeding Most people don’t realize how tricky and How important it is to get your dog’s Nutrition balance correctly Nom nom takes care of all of that which I really love It’s really refreshing how you can see All of the ingredients in nom nom 2. They use real whole foods like chicken And vegetables that are human restaurant Grade and they arrive freezing cold and Pre-portioned every two weeks You can get 50 off of a two-week trial At my special link trinom.com I’ll have that link below i’m tripping

Out Right now i cannot i mean i knew she was Bigger but what i know i literally just Handed her to zach i went and picked her Up and I felt like it was gonna freak him out She reminds me one of those things you Drop in water and they grow Oh yeah like the sponges yeah she looks Like one of those Hey good girl as you can see my three Weeks have come and gone with kona And she’s had a few months to get just a Little bit bigger You arrived here so clean and you’ve Instantly gotten muddy You know what they say though a dirty Dog is a happy dog First things first the one thing i want To do is let her and inertia get caught Up and play And expend some of this energy that Should make our training go extra smooth Today Okay it looks like they definitely Remember each other they are so Cute i love how inertia and kona have Almost exactly the same type of play Style like a little rough But pretty polite i know inertia prefers More polite players like this but both Dogs can throw it down once they get Warmed up too This is one of my favorite things to do

To watch dogs run and play rough and Chase each other This is what i mean when i say that dogs Instinctively really enjoy The game of chase whether it’s with Another dog or even with a person which Is why i use chase so much when we’re Teaching skills like fetch Honestly i think we could make the Entire video them playing i’d watch it I can’t wait to see how much of kona’s Training has stuck has she developed any Other issues has she gotten better Worse so many questions i also want to Give you a heads up On our next series for those of you who Have a dog That is nothing like kona this is moira And i’m pretty positive that if you like Watching me struggle you’re gonna love This series so that you guys get Notified every single time we post a new Video Subscribe and click the bell oh look She’s found a nurse’s frisbee from what I understand tristan her dad has told me That it’s starting to click with frisbee But she won’t catch it out of the air Like she’ll run after it she’ll chase it She even brings it back But she won’t grab it out of the air you Know that’s the kind of thing that you Have to be patient with your dog on but You guys might not know when someone

Tells me their dog is this close to Catching a frisbee I can’t resist let’s play i can tell she Wants me to throw it here let me see if I can get her going ready Go Look at that good girl i love how she Brought it back there okay we need to Find our rhythm So you can see she’ll look at it she’ll Track it she’s like cool i’ll even bring It back She goes right up to it and everything Like it’s as though she knows it needs To be in her mouth But she doesn’t grab it out of the air So most people just throw the frisbee And hope their dog figures out how to Catch it so There’s some in-between work you have to Do let me first establish that she knows How to take it out of my hand i mean Does she know how to take it when it’s Even in this position get it Yes good yes Good now when she does it i’m gonna play Tug with her Yes get it good girl good I’m gonna roll it again to teach her to Snag it while it’s moving love how she Flipped it over there Often by rolling the frisbee like this You’re really encouraging them to pick It up by the rim too

Trying to get them to catch a little Baby throw nice and close So they understand the concept you see How she’s starting to go for it with her Mouth Open yes good Almost yes there it is there you go She caught it in the air that’s Typically what a first catch in the air Will look like Yeah good yes good she caught that did You see that she’s probably a few days Away from Really getting it i think if she and her Family work on this for a few days She’ll be in good shape In no time but of course i want to make Sure that my job with kona today Isn’t too easy i’m going to take her to One of my absolute favorite Places to train a park that is Completely filled with distractions Why do i always do this to myself so we Have a bit of a walk in front of us and This is gonna be a good time to let her Adjust so i’m gonna let her Check out things come on let’s go good Girl hey That’s one thing i’ve always loved about Kona like she’ll check out the dogs but She doesn’t fixate on them which is Really nice Though i’m told that it’s gotten a Little more difficult for her to resist

As she’s gotten a bit older too though So maybe i spoke too soon i’m letting Her stop and pause Okay come on let’s go she’s real Responsive there i like that Free walks like this are important Because they allow your dog to explore And satisfy their curiosities As much as reasonably possible anyway Because sometimes if you just let your Dog check things out they’re a lot less Likely to be thrown off by them in the Future i mean imagine being a kid and Going to a theme park and within minutes Of being there your parents say sit down And do your homework I am noticing some leash pulling though That’s a little new and it’s kind of Normal to see Leash pulling increase with a dog like This especially because They haven’t really had a lot of time to Develop the muscle memory To continue to go slow i mean look how Quickly she grew And those strides have gotten bigger and Bigger at an Exponential rate so it’s no wonder that She would want to walk faster than we do She’s so aware of everything that’s Going on around her too you see that She’s looking at the dogs and the people Walk by let’s go I don’t know if you can hear those dogs

Barking but she Reacted just as you would hope but we Get this leash pulling And that’s something that i think she Needs improvement with Okay i should also point out we’ve been Here many minutes i haven’t even given Her a treat or anything like that My goal here is really just to let her Check out the environment not distract Her with treats But i think she’s mostly adjusted now if I recall kona was So good on her recall she would come When called Very reliably so i want to see how that Looks really quick Kona come yes Nice job girl do you remember how to sit She sure does yes okay so far so good I’m gonna try and feel her out now and Insist that she pay closer attention to Me On leash in this place kona Here we go i’m gonna just turn around Yes very good i am gonna reward now Because we’re doing a training session Love that i’m just looking to see if she Readily pays attention to where the walk Is headed remember that’s where we Really tried to lay the foundation with Her come here girl Good whoop She’s a little excited i’m just trying

To get into a rhythm here with her Good easy she’s really excited by the Treats Sit yes i’m just going to ignore when She gets extra pushy like that but That’s actually interesting she wasn’t Like that last time i saw her right Looks like she’s gotten a bit peppier Good so i like that she’s like following Me Wherever i go here i don’t love the Jumping but attention Supersedes everything so that’s good Yes Here yes here Yes [Music] Here Here yes okay Good job pretty nice looks like she’s Done really well with heel as time has Gone on she was very focused right there I was able to turn with her and she Remained focused now i wonder if she can Do it in a more practical situation like In a straight line without getting too Far ahead of me Look at me come on you’re doing great Here i’m also avoiding using treats in My hand trying to use hand signals with Her Here good job Kona you are a good girl come here oh Good

Here yes look at that prance I’m gonna steal a few extra steps here Good girl Okay good work i love that i mean a Jogger went by she glanced at the jogger I was able to get her attention I don’t even think i had to ask for her Attention barely she was just like oh Yeah i’m supposed to pay attention to You So her heel is looking really good let Me check in on her come And stay stay You can see she’s a very focused dog Right now she is not easily distracted By this type of environment Yes look at me Okay yes very good Well done can you pause up Stay what Okay good girl she does pause up i love It that is really wait No not paws up on me yes good You saw some of that jumping earlier It’s actually good when a dog knows how To do something Like jumping so that you can have them Do it only when you ask because there Are times where you do want your dog to Put their paws up on something if you Wanted to teach him a trick like this Anyway let’s see if she remembers how to Take a bow can you can you take a bow I’m little i don’t know if i need to

Lure her stay Oh she remember stay here Okay i see what we got to do stay yes Wait okay good girl nice job So it looks like she needs a little Polishing up on holding the position There but that’s okay We can do that right now yes stay Okay yes good girl got a person walking Over here That’s normal that’s just the person Walking How you doing Come here kona come good girl Sit oh come on come on she was thrown Off so much that she wouldn’t sit Because she was way too distracted by The pedestrian walking by And so then i took a step back and asked For something even easier like Look at me i got a glance from her once I had her eyes she was willing to pay Attention look at me Yes good girl spin Spin look at that spin that was pretty Great I wonder if she remembers how to hug yes Stay What i remember her being a lot smaller Okay good girl she’s doing pretty Amazing but as you can see she still Gets thrown off When people or dogs suddenly come into Her area and if you look at this pathway

Over here you can see That it’s packed with people and dogs And all kinds of distractions but i feel Comfortable now seeing where her current Skill level is i feel like she’s ready For A bigger challenge i’ve intentionally Chosen this area here Just so i have a way to retreat should She become unmanageable If you were teaching your own dog how to Walk in a little bit more of a congested Situation like this you would practice On short stretches here like we’re about To do She’s actually an irish doodle yes Yeah yeah we’re doing training with her This is a classic example Of how you can’t plan for everything in Public you’re out here with one training Lesson in mind And then someone stops to talk to you i Mean this gentleman wanted to have a Chat about dogs and i became a little Distracted And brie was like hey there’s horses Behind you and i’m like oh great because The last thing you want to do is have Your dog spook some horses Good girl very good yes Looks like we have some bikes coming at Close range here Come here good girl i’m going to keep Her on my left side yes

Good yes Very good come on let’s go Easy kona see if i just stay on the path I risk overwhelming her and i don’t want To do that So that’s why i’m going on the path Short periods of time at first Okay i’m gonna go off the path over here No sit yes She got in a jumpy mood so i wanted to Give her something to do that could earn Her reward because all she was saying There was Give me that treat i really want that She was getting a little impatient so Now we have a dog i’m going to create a Little distance here We know kona really loves dogs good girl Stay good job look at me Oh hi come here Girl look at me yes took her a second There So i wanted her to but you know it’s Reasonable for to check out a dog we Still have the Little dog behind us we have another one Coming up here who’s super fluffy and Adorable Probably related to kona yes Well done so while her leash pulling is There The emphasis of her training right now In my opinion at least is encouraging Her to walk a bit slower from time to

Time to be tolerant of minor tension Sometimes It can’t be all or nothing see those Turns she’s doing great on those turns Yes i’m gonna try to preempt and Acknowledge her success before she jumps Up from excitement Another real world distraction hey puppy There i just have the instinct to pick Up a dog where i can just because i know Nothing about the dog that’s approaching So i just like to play it safe even in This case it appeared to be like a super Young puppy but she would have been fine I think what would have happened if i’d Had her on the ground is we would have Just had a rambunctious play session Probably That can also get pretty chaotic oh we Got some roller blades coming up Roller blades can be a tricky thing for A lot of dogs And so right now i’m rewarding more or Less for a loose heel Or just generally attentive behavior yes I am using a lot of treats with her Today just to keep her extra engaged and Excited about this particular training Session Yes very good you’re doing great Well done here Girl kona Come here Yes i’ll give her a treat for that one

That was a nice long heel right there I didn’t have to use treats the whole Time kona come Good and yeah just that’s the thing you Really want to be sure of that you can Call your dog back to you She’s so responsive to that kona come Good girl i’d like to get her warmed up With some sit stays here Sit stay Well done okay Love how she waits for that release too Isn’t that nice good work So it would be great if i could get her To do a sit stay around a dog she’ll do Is Stay around a barking dog which we hear In the background Stay At not even eight months old kono was Able to sit and hold her stay as a dog Just feet away Walk past her Stay here look at me yes Okay let’s go and she was super Compliant when i asked her to walk away At the end may all of your dogs be this Easy to teach Or not because then you won’t watch my Videos Okay but i really want to see how she’s Doing on frisbee in this very public Environment Right next to this path right here it’d

Be great to see if we could get her to Make another catch before the day is up Good girl i’m just trying to get her Warmed up with tug i love that tug All right let go yes good Yeah good she just needs a little bit More confidence with Biting the frisbee oh good That always gets me excited when the dog Will focus on play Over another dog that’s nearby kona come On girl Yes good Good seeing tug really encourages them To be more confident Let’s go she is such a klutz Yes anytime she goes for it we praise Her as though she actually caught It good go yes good girl Yes there you go what is that four Catches today her attention on the Frisbee right now is fantastic If you can get your dog really paying Attention to you for a toy This intently in this type of Environment you can Really use that to your advantage in so Many different situations moving forward Go to trinom.com zac to get 50 off of a Two-week trial of nom nom Subscribe to this channel and follow us On instagram facebook and tick tock get Both of my books And click thumbs up for kona she did

Awesome i’ll have all of the links below Good job kona You

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