I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.

I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.

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We’ve got to get serious about our Training today this jumping and biting Is one of the main reasons that moira’s Had a difficult time getting adopted These habits must go this is moira and I’m zach george Moira the german shepherd dog is looking For a home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she Definitely pulls on leash and uses her Teeth to interact with the world A little too inappropriately i am Feeling a little bit overwhelmed If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me she getting trained this is Reality dog training As promised we’ve got to make up some Serious ground here because we are eight Days into our two week training process Do you know we could not find a full bag Of puffer treats anywhere in my house

Which is crazy because we get them for Free and i get them shipped to me All the time puffer treats do not go Unused in my house Look at the sweet potato treats i like Using them to get a dog to go into a Crate voluntarily so i’ll take a small Handful and just toss them in there to Mix things up throwing in freeze-dried Salmon sometimes can be really effective In my training These are just straight up freeze dried Meat when you’re serious about training You want to have those high value Currencies on standby everywhere if you Decide to check out pup retreats use my Link i’ll have it below in the Description I just love this dog and how awesome her Personality is but holy cow This biting we really need to get this Play biting under control i mean Seriously this is a huge problem with Adult rescue dogs it’s leftover puppy Biting but since they didn’t have a Traditional family to raise them during Those first few months of life they have To understand that they can’t interact With the world With their mouth in the way that they Might want to and like we’ve established Before Dogs use their mouth like this because That’s how they grab things i mean they

Don’t have hands like we do so we have To show them how to behave Stopping clay biting 101 is about Redirecting your dog’s attention onto a Treat or a toy as we’ve done Many times in the past but there’s more To stopping play biting than just that So today rather than focusing on Redirection Constantly i want to kind of teach her a Little bit about bite inhibition She does love being pet but as we just Saw you can’t pet her without her Going a little crazy so that is the Thing that i really want to address Her pursuing a human hand with her mouth Open With adult clay biting sometimes it can Take a little bit longer Because it’s more habitualized they’ve Been doing it for a longer period of Time So it can take a minute be patient with Them i’m also hoping to desensitize her To the human touch So that she doesn’t feel the need to Just say hey let go of me every time i Grab her harness or something Sit nice see that Sit and granted you shouldn’t rush up to A dog to do that but Doesn’t mean it won’t happen from time To time and Teeth on human flesh from a dog that

Looks like this can very easily get Misinterpreted by a lot of people So i’m gonna break out the chicken here Number one just to get her In food mode when dogs are in food mode They’re a little less bitey They tend to be a little more licky so I’m gonna use some treats here and Look how good her behavior becomes when These treats are out that’s really a Good start Good girl now we’re not gonna have to Use treats all the time this is just to Motivate her in the short term to Understand what we’re looking for here Sit Lie down good girl hey that lie down’s Looking great That’s something she didn’t do when she First came here very good so what Yes very good i want to be able to touch Her right here under her chin without Her being chompy Good girl that’s a good start Yes i love the lick that’s what i’m Looking for like anytime she’s licking Where she was otherwise biting i’m gonna Reinforce that Say a three-year-old comes up to her Head uh-huh Yes i like the licking that’s what i Want to see yes good girl And dogs don’t like being pet in the way That i’m doing here but she still needs

To be very tolerant of that no matter What So i’m just trying to get her Comfortable and short bursts Of aggressive human touching because That really is what gets her going when You start roughhousing with her or Petting her vigorously she can get real Bitey sit Yes just giving her very small treats Yes very good What happens if i grab her foot yeah i’d Rather you give me your foot Here she knows shake we’ve taught her That Good do you see the licking she’s Starting to get the picture but it’s Hard for her to resist the biting Let me see if i can get her on her back For a belly rub Yes good Girl see look that look at all this Licking that’s happening There’s still a little bit of biting There but it’s starting to shift towards Licking and i’ve got her on her back Here because i’ve noticed this is when She tends to get the most playful You touch these feet this is actually Quite relevant right now Because i’m going to be trimming her Nails hopefully successfully In a moment that’s why i wanted to do This exercise first so she doesn’t

Become bitey But look how i’m able to like touch her Feet right now i’m kind of distracting Her with the treats Just to make sure she’s really into it But now let’s do it separately Yep that was a lick as well she Addressed my hand but she didn’t put Teeth On my hand that’s really what i’m going For here yes i love the licking And so this is just kind of an example How a very quick Training session might look when you’re Trying to address the biting in those First few weeks of having a dog whether They’re an adult or a puppy or whatever This doesn’t get resolved in one Training session this is something i’m Gonna do with her over the next week and Hopefully we’ll cut way back on it And of course as a reminder it’s okay For your dog to bite with permission too Right so she loves playing with plush Toys like this And that gives her a satisfaction of Biting so it’s okay for dogs to bite Only with permission and in certain ways Do you see what i mean Let’s just do a quick check in on her Let go i’m so proud of her let go Let go Yes good girl so super proud of that Good

Teaching maurya how to conduct herself With her teeth is super important but Also important is her impulse control Especially With a dog with some serious play drive Like moira i want to continue to Surprise her with artificial Distractions Regularly i’m also trying to keep her Pretty sharp with her surprise Stays that is stay on short notice when She’s really excited Okay you can do it okay sometimes she’s A little confused on okay Oh wow i’d even landed in the crate love That she went in the crate to get it This is the kind of thing you just do All the time with the dog in many Different ways Stay and then Okay come getting her to come to me i’m Gonna give her a treat for that Yes at some point in the future i’m Hoping to Make her recall a little more advanced By having her come Right past something that she’s Distracted by to me but if there’s Something that she likes and it’s Between me and her she’s very likely to Choose the thing i mean Yesterday i work on calling her away From a distraction which also has its Whole host of benefits but i still want

Her to come to me even if she’s gotta Pass something that’s an inch away from Her Between her and me stay Okay come not quite see it’s hard for Her she’s like i’ll get to pick up this Thing that i like on the way But we don’t want that that’s a Distraction let go Sit stay Okay come yes trying to lean her away From the distraction The problem seems to be when it’s like Directly in her path if i have it Slightly off to the side it’s a little Bit easier for her but i want A cat to be able to run right in between Us and her come to me instead Okay clearly we’re far away from that Okay thank you i appreciate that she’s Like i’ll just go get another one So this is a nice distraction i like This one she’s into it look at that Moira is even more intense about this Toy which means she wants it even more Than the last one and it would be really Nice to be able to call her attention Off something like that that she’s Really excited about as we continue to Work up to getting her attention Off of dogs in the future so basically We’re trying to get her to come to me While drawing on that Leave it experience she’s had in the

Past in a few different contexts okay Come Ah sit stay Okay you can see this is extremely hard For her we’re having a tough time right Now i thought i’d be able to get through To her on this Let me make a little bit easier for her Stay Uh-uh here like she’s into that look at Me Okay come i’m gonna do it a real short Range right here all right so by getting A little bit closer to her She’s more likely to listen to me that Supports the hypothesis of the small Training bubble so that is the closer You are to your dog the more likely they Are to listen to you at first Let’s give this a shot again look at me Okay Come yes much better that’s so good It seems when i really break it down for Her and i make it extra easy she’s much More likely to listen to me let me see If i can get a couple of successes here Sit stay Okay come yes just using different body Language there Very obviously showing her that i wanted To come in this direction Slightly away i mean it makes a Difference Stay

Okay come much better all right so we’ve Got some work to do there But she’s starting to do better with Coming to me when there’s a distraction Between us i want to set expectations And make it clear That teaching your dog to come and stay With heavy distractions in a variety of Contexts Is something you focus on for the first Two years you have them the idea is that You get 80 there in pretty short order and then It’s that last 20 Where they’re thrown wild cards in Various situations that you have to Really Make sure they’re prepared for and we do That by having them on lead controlling Their environment making sure They’re not in a position to get away From us that’s why we’re always Practicing in different settings and Situations It’s time to give moira a quick break so I want to give you guys a quick update On how moira has been doing when i leave Her alone you’ll remember that we’ve Been working on moira’s separation Anxiety and so far that anxiety seems to Be Limited to crate anxiety so i’ve been Leaving her alone in a larger enclosed Area

That has an open crate in there that Seems to be helping her stress levels Remain low while also desensitizing her To being alone let me show you what i do That’s been making the process A little bit easier i’ve got some kibble Here And so i’ll just pour like a quarter cup Kind of just on the floor there just to Get her focused on Being comfortable in here she’s come to Look forward to this for the day so She’s pretty preoccupied there Then i’ll keep an eye on her i’ve got a Couple of cameras in there We’ll see how she does this might be one Of my favorite devices on earth if You’re looking for an Excellent dog camera that also allows You to give your dog treats then you Need a furbo It’s super advanced it has tons of smart Alerts like barking alerts and even Safety alerts so it keeps you updated on How your dog is doing even when you’re Not Actively looking at them on your phone I’ll have a link in the description Where you can check out verbo dog camera By the way Pupford treats fit perfectly in here Moira jumped on me This morning and i was noticing how long Her nails were we’re going to talk more

About jumping later but Getting your dog comfortable with basic Things like a nail dremel can be very Important if this is how you choose to Maintain their nails there’s a motorized Sound in here it can be a little Ticklish or Off-putting to them so i’m hoping to Introduce her to this right now Very good see i’m just letting her smell It see that Yes so i’m going to show it to her give Her some chick She’s so sh so far she obviously likes It maybe a little too much I’m going to turn it on real quick just For a sec stay Here sit no Okay a lot of dogs get really frightened Over that moira so far is very intrigued By it why am i not surprised Come here girl sit stay Leave it uh-uh leave it nope Leave it alone yes with her it seems Pretty effective to have some treats Right here Easy i like that she’s licking not Biting too hard Yes so here i can have it on high She’s still interested in the treats Whoa easy you remember Lie down let me see if i can put her Into a more stable position here Good girl

Yes good i i like that she’s not scared By it Remember shake Shake yes See here now i’m going to touch it to Her nail leave it alone leave it Lie down yes uh-uh Leave it all right i need to take a step Back here we have to work on leave it Leave it yes Here look at me yes Leave it alone look at me yes Leave it alone here look at me Yes come Yes very good i mean just connecting the Dots here Stay yes Good girl leave it Yes good Yes oh boy okay sit She did not like that at all so i’m Gonna stop right there because i think We’re gonna make it worse i barely Touched her with it i thought she was at That point because she was leaving it Alone she was behaving acceptably While it was off i mean who knows what Her background is on this but clearly She has a ways to go on the dremel so I’m going to hold off on that for now And these are the critical moments i Mean when you see that your dog has gone Too far with something give them a break Take a step back and reevaluate so

That’s what i’ll be doing with the Dremel what i don’t want to do is force My way through and neither should you Because you don’t want to make An issue that’s potentially bad even Worse so i’m going to introduce her To these instead some more traditional Nail clippers come here girl We’ll see how she does hopefully this Will get a little more smooth see this You want to smell these She’s like whatever good Good touching our nails here notice i’m Letting her nibble on the chicken a Little bit here too Good sit Shake good Nice all right her foot’s a little bit Sensitive let me try Something else to make this even lower Stress for her we have this mat here From pup bird which is really great for Things like this i’m hoping this might Help us There’s some peanut butter spread out You see all these grooves so it makes it Last a longer time so Hopefully this will get her a little More at ease with having her nails Trimmed So far she’s doing really well and since She is so Focused on this peanut butter i think I’m just gonna take my chances and dive

Into it here So here we’re counter conditioning her Like getting her to be more tolerant of Something that she typically isn’t And she’s getting a good experience of Eating that peanut butter at the same Time and she’s like hey i don’t mind This so much so we’ll cater our approach To her You’re doing so great yes Her back ones look pretty short actually So i think we’re okay there But really good first nail trimming Experience for her Some dogs are gonna be more comfortable With certain approaches versus others i Mean that’s the lesson we’ve learned Here right the dremel Too overwhelming for her but the Traditional nail clippers she was fine With those so we’ll take it Good job girl i’ll have a link to the Pup for lick mats in the description We got a dog right out here okay we Gotta jump into a secondary training Session she’s dog reactive but i’m in a Golden opportunity here to make some Progress on this Because i’m inside the dog is outside She’s likely not going to be as Stimulated as if we were on a walk so It’s kind of an In-between session where i might be able To get a victory let me see if i can get

Her to come to me when i call her while That dog is out there that would be huge Laura here yes good Sit yes okay you want to go look let’s Look I don’t want her totally repressing her Desire to check out the dog Okay moira come yeah good girl Nice job okay good Good moira come yes That’s a good example of a secondary Training session where you just have to Snap into training mode okay Um and really address the issues so Right there i saw it was a great Opportunity to practice a strong recall In the presence of a dog albeit A lot easier for her see we’re in here Right now if we were outside Inches away from the dog it wouldn’t Have been as easy but you have to get it Right here before you can get it right Out there This is a good example of being Consistent and you want to do this Wherever possible And just as a reminder we don’t want to Rely on training sessions like this To completely train our dog these are Just supplementary we still have to go Out of our way to do training sessions And the presence of dogs in the distance Much like we did just yesterday with Moira but

That’s very good she is getting smarter Exponentially by the day As far as her jumping goes that’s Something we really want to get under Control she’s doing really well with me Because We’ve been working together a lot and Right now she’s pretty into the training Session but you saw just a moment ago She was really excited right now i’m Giving her a treat to really reinforce The calm behavior so i like that A lot i mean if you think about it at Its simplest Teaching a dog not to jump on you is Just getting them to sit and stay when They’re excited right I’ve done a number of those drills with Her throughout this last week or so But when she sees someone new it’s a Little bit more tempting and you might Remember that brianna’s mom Was over here pretty recently and moira Was just a little too out of control for My liking she’s coming over in a little Bit i’m hoping we can use her as a real Life training distraction This is something that most of you can Do as well if you’ve got a friend of the Family or a relative or Anyone who can come over to help you With teaching your dog not to jump On other people that’s always nice Hoping to make some progress with her

On that teaching her how to sit and stay When genuinely excited By someone other than me i have two main Tips number one Exercise your dog literally just before They come over You want your dog tired and preferably Panting As your guest walks up to the door so They’ve had some recent fulfillment Secondly have your dog restrained or on Leash So that you can easily manage them if They are a little too Out of control so i’ll be doing that With her as well as we go through this Jumping lesson The goal is going to be to have bree’s Mom my mother-in-law Pet her without getting jumped on you Think you can do this Not really sure how this is going to go I don’t know if this is a good idea Moira please be nice to her i really Need her to like me okay There’s chicken in it for you if you do Well okay come on in deb Oh this is gonna be crazy you wanna go Say hi let’s go say hi Good okay so right there that’s why we Have him on leash and see Is deb a pro or what she knows exactly What to do It’s as though we’ve known each other

For almost a decade Good girl back here so i’m gonna Actually back off a little with her and You can step back Maybe just a little bit very good good Girl but you can see her Desire here is to immediately jump and Greet her at the face You’re a big scary german shepherd Though you can’t do that The bottom line here is that they are Going to get the attention they want As long as they keep all four paws on The ground and if they jump Then whatever it is they want whether It’s treats the other person A toy or anything that goes away that’s How we provide an Unpleasant consequence to undesired Behavior but we don’t have to be overly Harsh about it That’s usually good enough alright so Why don’t you try and come in slowly To to pet her under the chin and if she Looks like she’s about to jump just back Off Yes i’m going to just go ahead and Reward if she’s not jumping yet Yes good yes good i’m trying to prevent The jumping Yes from happening this is really good Look loose leash Let’s quit while we’re ahead i’m gonna Have you back away now yes

Good girl even got it down there but you Can see How delicate that stay is in that Situation I’m having to keep that treat right at Her face but let’s see if we can improve That a little bit having fun so far Yeah doing a great job thank you stay Okay you want to say hi we say hi gently Yes and moira okay come All right that’s what i’m gonna do this Time before she starts jumping i’m gonna Call her away so she has some experience Of being called away from something Exciting Say hi hey good girl okay come See that so we’re interrupting the Behavior before it occurs When you have company coming over if you Don’t feel like going through all this Have your dog in another room And then bring your dog out once Everyone is settled and say look i need Like five minutes to train my dog and See if you can get someone to help you Out like this but if your attention Is divided then you can’t really hope to Train a dog Even better i’ll take this behavior all Day long so here she is Flopping on her back hey sweetie yes if You have a willing guest who’s willing To help you then they might be able to Achieve some results as well but i want

To make sure that you Know how to deal with this because Ultimately it’s your responsibility your Dog to keep them in a sit stay Stay yes Yes yes So there i was able to reward a little Less frequently than the first time Where i had to be constantly there but Still pretty rapid Just to get the point across yes Sit stay Don’t jump yes that’s good i’m nice Good stay good girl you’re being such a Good girl Yes you can see it in her eyes she’s Like i want to jump but i really Also want that treat right there if You’ve got an exuberant jumper This is exactly why you want to have Them on leash i know it’s weird having Your dog on leash inside the house but It’s even weirder to have your dog Tackling your guests What you’ll find with most dogs is they Will eventually settle down after just 10 20 minutes tops so if you can just kind Of be on them and teach them for that First few minutes There’s a very good likelihood that They’re going to chill it’s just that Real initial greeting When most dogs meet other people where

They just lose their mind so try to Avoid having your dog Up in a room too long give them the Opportunity to experience being around People where possible If they tend to be excessive jumpers I’ve got a real Stable down stay here let’s see how Stable it is I’m giving her little treats here just To encourage the duration Again by being low to the ground we’re Discouraging jumping Stay So look at that and this is great but I’d still like moira to be able to Sit politely while being greeted while Deb stands Yes nice job And so very good i’d say a lot of Progress here nice job moira Good girl that’s how we greet people It’s how we interact with them by not Jumping you’re such a good girl you stay A little more exuberantly such a good Girl Yes oh i love you baby Can you switch your shoes moira’s not Only sitting politely but she’s also not Play biting either And those are two things she definitely Would have been doing just a few hours Ago Okay come i’m gonna quit while we’re

Ahead there to make sure we end On that successful moment because Training dogs is all about getting those Minor moments at first and then building On those this is her first formal Training session On not jumping on other people outside Of me So i think she did pretty well we’ll Continue working on this clearly this Isn’t something that happens in one Training session but this is what you do Over and over and over until your dog Starts to realize oh Okay i guess these are the rules thumbs Up for deb check out puffer’s Exceptional training treats and furbo Dog camera too Subscribe to my channel follow us on Instagram tick tock and even facebook Get a copy of both of my books too i’m Gonna have All of the links to everything we talked About in the description below We’ll see you in oh my gosh is it Actually time for episode 8 We still have so much to do i gotta go You

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