I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!

I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!

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It’s just Oh what are you doing What was this I’m Zack George I trained Dogs and this is my new dog inertia I’m Taking you along as I train her from day One you can start from the beginning or Pick up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In today’s episode you’ll see exactly Why you really need to be on guard every Time you take your dog someplace new Today we’re on a road trip to Corpus Christi Texas we’re coming here to see One of Brianna’s closest friends and We’re bringing inertia with us as well So traveling with your dog can be pretty Tricky sometimes lots of training Opportunities present themselves hey can You not dig did please don’t dig that no Inertia I’m always looking for the most Dynamic unique chews and treats to use When I train dogs and that can be Surprisingly hard to find this is what Really sets pup firts products apart I Use them all the time in my training These are items that you just don’t find Everywhere pup firt has really gone out Of their way to find items that dogs are Very interested in instead of the same Old same old They have some of the most unique Options on the market like free stride Sweet potatoes maybe you don’t want to Give your dog protein all the time for a Really special treat sometimes I’ll give

My dog’s a salmon skin shoe or beef Tendon chew their chicken jerky treats Are gonna be loved by just about every Dog on earth and a favorite around here Amongst our dogs are the Himalayan yak Cheese choose the best way to try out Their entire line and get the most bang For your buck is to get their pack deals Which bundle their products together so That you can try them all and save money While doing it it’s a super simple way To get every type of reward your dog Could possibly want in one purchase I’ll Have a link in the description where you Can check out all of their different Bundle deals hey leave it good girl That’s perfect no don’t stop eating Plants we’re staying at an Airbnb house I’m gonna have to introduce her to a Brand new house and make sure that she Doesn’t destroy the place fingers Crossed I feel pretty confident I look Forward to doing these types of trips Because it allows me to train in places And new settings and the more reliable I Can get her in those new places and new Settings the better there is so much That a dog has to see in the A couple of years of training and my First book dog training revolution I Give you a complete overview of the main Things you need to consider when raising Your dog I’ll have a link in the Description if you’re looking for a more

Detailed book specifically on the ins And outs of dog training I’ll have a Link to my second book in the Description below – we’re here in Corpus Christi right now at our Airbnb it’s Right on the coast really cool place and It’s got this nice big fenced yard so One of the first things that I want to Do is introduce inertia to this outdoor Area this is where she’ll be taking her Potty breaks this is where we’ll be Doing some exercise and I want her to Really get familiar with it and Acclimated with it and I really want her To explore it let’s do what most people Do in this situation I’ve inspected the Perimeter it all looks secure they’ll Take the leash off they usually don’t Have treats ready and they’ll say go Check it out go run around so let’s see What happens when we do that with Inertia I mean what could possibly go Wrong right weights okay good go look Around so just let her sniff around for A bit so she’s looking at me I’ll I’ll Walk with her just to encourage her to Look at things I like that she looked at Me just there that was cool She’s like you come in I’m like okay in General I don’t trust dogs off leash in New places until they’ve shown me that They’re extremely reliable for many Months while on leash first one of the Best ways to start introducing off leash

Training to your dog is to bring them to Brand new places like this that are Secure but just because it’s secure she Doesn’t realize that so it’s a good time To see how likely they are to come to You how likely they are to stay and Listen to you and what they may view as An uncontrolled environment but you know That you have control of I mean right Off the bat here I can’t have her Jigging I need just oh look at this Did you see that I came over here to Limit her access to the yard look oh my Gosh she’s running from me right now you See this inertia come here what was this It inertia come let’s say right now I Wasn’t in a fenced area would you want Your dog doing this in public Hey inertia come here yep huh you know And the thing is when your dog gets away With running away from you like this It’s very reinforcing to them I mean to Her it appears to be a whole lot of fun Right now and I want her to have fun but I don’t want her to ignore come when Called so this is something that really Needs a lot of work I had a hunch this Would happen because I’m getting to know Her but I think it’s important that we Realize that we don’t want to give our Dog too much freedom in new places until We’ve adequately done some training and This is a really good example of why so I do need to manage regaining control

Over here my first step here is going to Be once I finally do get control of her Is to put her on a long lead when your Dog is playing chase with you like this They’re having a blast they really enjoy It and they’re just looking at it as a Game probably but it can be a really Dangerous game if it happens at the Wrong place So don’t engage in a game of chase like This with a dog this young in a nurses Case pretending to leave is usually what Gets her to come to me pretty reliably So let’s see if she’ll call my bluff I Think the best way to put this game of Chase to an end is to quit engaging in This and trying to capture her so I’m Just gonna go walk away and look at that I got control of her because she came to Me so we’re gonna try this again I’m Gonna regain control of her environment But still give her lots of freedom with A 26 foot retractable leash and this Time I’ll be using treats and we’ll see If we can teach her how to behave a Little more ideally than what we just Saw the reason I’m using a retractable Leash in this situation is I like that It’s really difficult to trip over so it Really stays above their body and it Doesn’t get tangled as much and I feel Like in an area like this 26 feet in any Given direction is something I can Tolerate while I’m training her inertia

Hey alright so you can see she’s digging Right there let me see if I can stop That in her she’ll leave it alone You want this c’mere Sit oh when you look at that and so when They’re young like this you get Behaviors like this anyway you can even If you have to give them a treat because You’re still teaching them to go through The motions and think and once this Becomes this commonplace for them and You’re really consistent they just come To accept okay I don’t dig at the yard I Pay attention to my mom or dad when they Ask me to and that’s just how life is All right so we’re off to a good start So let me let her explore let’s go so This is a good opportunity to practice Calling her getting her to follow me Good girl come here come on Good oh I love that and she’s a little Bit more inspired to come to me since I Have a really good treat I’m using Freeze-dried beef liver treats from Puppet right now inertia come on little Slow but she came to me on the first Request inertia leave it come good girl Come on let’s go good little peppy here That time good work the biggest mistake People make with young dogs like this is Too much freedom too early and I am in No rush to have her off leash I’m going To be very methodical about teaching her How to listen off leash by simulating

Off leash conditions with long leads Retractable leashes like this and going To new places often alright let’s go Explore the Airbnb now come on let’s Explore let’s look let’s look around What do you think come on My wife was eating popcorn over here a Moment ago dropped it and inertia went To go for it so I’m gonna do an Impromptu real life leave it hey see This popcorn leave it alone Leave it see okay good job so that’s Like 15 20 seconds of training to really Solidify a real life leave it to your Dog take advantage of those moments good Job now I’ve got a reward here I’m just Gonna let her continue to explore the Environment in some situations were Close to phasing out using treats to Reward a real life leave it because we Practice it so much that it has Seemingly become second nature but if She leaves something really tempting Alone I will reward her I don’t you know Sometimes I do it just because but I don’t think it’s required in most Circumstances but that still depends It shouldn’t jinx myself too much there This is the kitchen good it sound like How she keeps looking to me too let’s go Out back here there’s a lovely porch That I’d like to see let’s see how she Does there one of the first things I Really like to do in a new place is

Insist that my dog stay at doorways Leading to the outdoors so we’re gonna Have a refresher course on that to make Sure she listens to that this is a Doorway she’s never had to stay at Before so I’m just further solidifying Here’s another instance of a doorway That you need to stay at let’s see what Happens if I open it here she just Walked out in other words it wasn’t her Default to stay there so I need to Change that inertia I come here and of Course I have her on leash so she’s not In a position to go and just run around Out there you can see she’s really Curious about this sit stake Look at me not getting eye contact Quickly but she offered it there good This time I’m gonna use the environment As the reward instead of at regrets oh You know that’s a really handy thing you Can do there’s a moss over here that’s Got a got our attention I don’t know if You can see that but you know here’s a Real life distraction she’s responding Well wait okay let’s go all right And so you can see her nose gets to work Immediately out here She likes to smell and see what’s going On these are some beautiful plants but I Have a feeling I’m gonna be distracting To inertia and I don’t want her getting Into those but right now it’s just oh Inertia what are you doing

Okay we’ll need to clean that up and That’s her first accident and I mean Months but you know this is an outdoor Kind of feeling area I mean that’s a Porch so maybe she hasn’t yet equated Okay I can’t pee everywhere that feels like Outside she doesn’t know that yet this Is also a dog friendly Airbnb so who Knows if there are sense there from past Dogs but we brought an enzymatic cleaner With us just in case and see if she had Been off leash I might not have even Noticed that body accident really it’s Vital to have them on leash and under Control when introducing them to new Places particularly when they’re young Or untrained leave it and this has Thorns on it too so I’m gonna give her a Good reward there for paying attention To leave it okay come on much better Good look at look at how I have her Attention now that’s very good I like That a lot so she’s doing really well Being introduced to a new place like This she smelled around she had an Accident got into a plant but I was able To get her focused on me and that’s the Important thing She looks relaxed and adjusted here Let’s go check out the deck and see what She does okay no show come on all right Here’s the door wait Loose leash this is not a controlled

Environment out here uh-uh Wait good Yes I’m definitely gonna reward that Because that’s the first time ever in Her life that she’s encountered this Door she honored it on the first request So very important wait And her so look at me I want to get her Attention yes now we’re gonna use the Environment okay we’re gonna use the Environment to say hey I’ll let you Check out this area now there’s so many Awesome Birds there’s a lizard right There I don’t know if she sees it or not And I’m not rushing around not Immediately asking her to do things in This particular instance though I may Want to do that in the future because Just because you go to a new place Doesn’t mean that you don’t want your Dog to listen to you it just takes a lot Of time to teach that particular skill So in this case I’m just gonna skip the Whole frustrating thing oh hey pay Attention to me and just again let her Check out this new part of the world That she’s never been to before Nor have I so it’s pretty interesting Opportunity for both of us move stairs She doesn’t encounter a lot of stairs Look at that see how she’s a little Rusty on the stairs it’s a new set of Stairs good girl Yes and we’re near water’s edge so I

Ought to keep her on a real short leash Come on yes Come on let’s go come on Good girl and see she wants to walk Right up to that edge I’m not gonna let Her do that Let her go up to write about their stay Would she jump in I don’t think so but I’d rather not find out right now so She’s acknowledging this dogs across the Way over here but both dogs are being Really good all right so this is pretty Much what I expected here she’s Interested in the area but she’s Reacting within an acceptable range She’s not barking or going nuts or Anything so that’s good let’s see if she Can go up the stairs come on oh the dog Is barking it’s like another dog over There it’s barking there’s a plane above Okay come on let’s go whoa this way come On at our house she’s not allowed up the Stairs so she’s still a little weird About going up the stairs you want some Turkey oh there you go Yeah that’ll do it okay come on let’s go Inertia come let’s go what this yes good Job you got it easy right okay so let me Give you a brief tour of some of the Things we brought of course frisbee just Because I mean you got to bring the Frisbee with you I’ve got freeze-dried Sweet-potato treats from pop Burt I’m Using beef liver treats also from pop

Verge these are Himalayan dog chews that I’ll give her when she goes in her crate To keep her occupied as well as these Beef tendon chews got some of her Favorite toys in the world she like Likes this one it’s got a good squeaker Nice and tough toy this is still like Number one it is disgusting it’s been Washed like one time but I think it’s Due for a second wash she just loves This thing I’ve got cleaner just in case Of any accidents even when dogs are Potty-trained when you take them to new Places all bets are off And you have to really assume that They’re gonna be a little confused at First we also brought some food puzzle Toys right here with some peanut butter So I want her I want to have a lot of Different interesting things based on Whatever her mood might be at the moment To keep her really engaged while she’s Put up what Look at this she jumping on the counter Inertia you can’t do that her jumping is Slight getting a little tough to control Right now so I need to really be focused On that whether it’s jumping on the Counter jumping on people or whatever Lots of things to train so I want to Show you her sleeping area now and where She’s gonna be crashing tonight this is A nurses sleeping area over here we have A crate and her bed I’m gonna put some

Water in there and some food later on But I haven’t kind of over here I’m Still getting her used to sleeping alone I’m intentionally not putting it in the Bedroom because I’m really trying to Encourage that independence out of her And getting her comfortable with being Alone and at the end of the day of Training and exercise she’s likely to Just pass out and there and that gives Her this this association about man this Is a comfortable place to just check out For many hours and go to sleep Like I want her thinking of her crate Like that the obvious variable here is At our house we cover in a much bigger Area with an exercise pen but here this Is a smaller crate because it was easier To travel with she’s stayed in the crate This small a couple of times but again She only goes in here at the end of the Day when she’s very tired and she goes Right to sleep hopefully we’ll see what She does here but typically when I have The space I’ll give a dog a very Oversized area so this is smaller than I Usually use but I think she’ll be okay I Want to see how she does with fetch in This new yard I like that she’s into this is she into This all right I’m gonna bring out all Three of these toys and we’ll see which One she wants to play with today so I’m Gonna drop the leash but this will be a

Lot easier to get to her if she gets to Zoom he’s on me let’s try that go get it Oh she went right after that I like that Ready and go Good get it come on let’s go come on Let’s go come on You can do it good girl all right wait Yes yes ready and go Good you want this like that one see not Into the frisbee but into this toy a Little bit so in this new place she’s Like I do not know how to play fetch This is a really good illustration she Will not bring it back to me right now In this brand new place that’s normal by The way just means I have to work with Her and right now she doesn’t seem too Receptive so maybe we’ll try again later I’m checking it right now on inertia and She’s still passed out in her crate so This is all good news I’m glad that She’s not experiencing anxiety or Anything like that and she’s just at Peace I think our training is working on Minimizing anxiety so far this is why it Pays off to really give your dog Experience with being left alone Overnight as well when you leave for a Meal or something if you ever find that Your training isn’t going as fast as you Like remember to mix up your currencies Puppet has a fantastic deal right now on Their bundle packs they have some of the Most unique treats available for dogs

Anywhere I’ll have a link to their pack Deals in the description below follow us On Instagram and tik-tok to keep up with Inertia and our training in real time Subscribe to this channel and get a copy Of both of my books for a complete guide To training your dog in the next episode We’ll attempt to teach inertia some Leash manners around some crazy Texas-sized distractions [Music] [Music]

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