I trained this dog to STOP PULLING on leash and he JUMPED OFF OF MY BALCONY

I trained this dog to STOP PULLING on leash and he JUMPED OFF OF MY BALCONY

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The single worst thing that has ever Happened in my dog training career Just happened This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode We’re still inside that three-day window Where It really takes a minute for them to Open up i think we saw some of that Yesterday when we were at the park with Him and he was pretty tough to manage at Times but still a smart guy he’s just a Curious guy that’s all chuck has no Leash skills and we have a long way to Go but eventually i’m hopeful that he’ll Heal when i ask him to I’m on record now is saying that that Means we have to teach it doesn’t it Yeah yep let me show you what i’m hoping To accomplish with my own dog inertia so A heel looks like this inertia heal Good girl heels where your dog stays on One side of you they’ll move with you When you move they’ll turn with you when You turn and ideally they’ll stop when You stop in other words you want them as Glued to your side as reasonably Possible we do heal in short-term Situations like on a busy city street or For a good training exercise it’s not Necessarily reasonable to have your dog Heal at all times whenever on leash as It requires a lot of focus and it’s

Important for dogs to have experiences Inertia is happy to do anything in Exchange for this toilet paper toy and Like you’ll see with chop with inertia Having a really powerful currency to get Them to look at you at first can really Work well look at this Good yes for those of you that saw my Series with inertia you’ll know that i Love bark toys and they were so powerful And teaching her so many things barkbox And super chew are monthly subscription Boxes you get the most original toys Imaginable and really high quality Treats and shoes for your dog every Month barkbox is for dogs who like Plushier toys like this and super Chewers for dogs who need tougher toys Like this eyeball Somersault stay Okay good yes barkbox’s theme is Centered around halloween pranks here we Have a bag on fire clearly they’re Indicating like there’s some poop in Here that’s on fire so when you open the Door you stomp on it That’s clear to you There’s something in there Ah What Are you kidding me seriously i cannot Recommend these enough guys go to Barkbox.com dog training or Superchewer.com dog training get a free

Extra box when you sign up for a Multi-month subscription So we saw recently how poor chops Manners were in public so it’s very Clear i have to teach him good leash Skills so we’re gonna start really basic Here in my neighborhood The thing is there are definitely Black bears and brown bears in great Abundance in these woods Right here we’ve seen them we got on Camera at our house so we don’t usually Go this unprotected out here but i need To train a dog how to pay attention in Public we do have bear spray so i mean We are prepared i am not because the Most recent bear video Of many That was shared with me by our neighbor Right there Of the street that we’re about to train On yep was a mom bear with two cubs and No thank you that is not the kind of Bear that i just i do not want to Encounter a mom bear that’s the scariest Kind of bear in case you don’t know what Bear spray is it’s concentrated pepper Spray just like human pepper spray it’s A non-deadly way to get rid of bears i Have a new hypothesis about chop and i Think he might be an anatolian shepherd Mix and if he is then he will maybe Genetically be predisposed to help me Not get eaten by a bear today and that

Would be great so i really hope that’s True we would probably get a lot of Subscribers My general goal here is to work in a Small area and see if i can gain Traction by getting him familiar with a Small area see one of the problems with Trying to train your dog when you’re on A normal walk especially with a dog who Can pull like he does is that you’re Trying to get somewhere it’s just not Realistic to teach them to slow down in That particular context because when You’re constantly encountering new Ground and new smells that can be Overwhelming to a lot of dogs so if my Hypothesis is correct as we walk down This patch here he’s going to be pulling And very distracted by all the plant Life and everything else around here and Then by the end of this training lesson I’m hoping that i can Have him walking nicely and if things Are going really well i hope that i can Do some heel training out here in this Environment uh but i don’t know if we’re Gonna get there let’s see how bad it is All right so i’m just gonna walk So you can see how he’s Pulling Here I said here getting no response from him See Here is something that means give me

Your attention i’m also looking out for Bears all right Good man let’s go So we’re gonna walk back here Now this is interesting do you see how Immediately on the walk back He’s slowing down he’s like we’ve Already been here it’s not perfect but You saw an immediate difference here Let’s try So he’s like all right i guess we’re Going back now Oh yeah i remember that smell that’s Interesting There’s a lot of toxic plant life to Dogs here so i want to Be very careful about that Not doing any treats yet because i’m Really more focused on just letting him Walk here and explore i don’t really Want to distract him with treats i want Him to have a genuine experience with His environment too So I’m not asking him to do anything as Much as i am just seeing what he does on His own good man I’ll say good to let him know you know i Like that whereas i’ll say yes to mark a Behavior and follow that up with a Reward so they’re similar but a little Bit different And i mean already better Than he was just a moment ago you see

What i mean this really underscores How dogs Once they satisfy their curiosities They tend to be relatively good It’s a spectrum of course not every dog Is this compliant i love how he’s Looking up at me i haven’t marked those Yet because i’m still really just trying To prime him for this lesson rather than To train him but in a moment i’m gonna Start marking these behaviors once i Feel he’s really adapting i think maybe One more lap now of course in the long Run you’ll want to be able to walk Virtually anywhere with your dog but While they’re learning we need to break Things down into smaller steps If he looks up at me this time i’ll mark It In fact that’s what i’m going to do i’m Going to wait for him to naturally look Up at me and then i’ll mark come on Let’s go Yes there we go that was the glance i Was waiting for Good boy His loose leash walking is looking Really good right now that was my Expectation so we’re on schedule but He’s not completely focused on me he’s Not staying by my side i would like him To at least know what a heel is even Though we don’t expect him to heal 100 Percent of the time when on leash but

Heal is a great communication building Exercise hey you ready to heal come here First thing i want to do is make sure That i can get him right in front of me And i can get his attention Unlike that come here Sit The way he’s shaking his head a little Here could be a sign of a bit of stress So i want to take note of things like That and do my best to not frustrate him Too much here i really really want to Keep him optimistic about training in Our living room he would do great with This i’m going to take a step back i’m Going to show him a treat we’re going to Lure sit Good man yes just to give him a reminder Trying to get him to follow my hand as a Visual signal yes Good Here Yes so now i have him looking up at me In the heel position here i’m having him Heal on the right today i find a right Heel is often more practical and natural For me but keep in mind you can teach Your dog how to heal on either side of You like i’ve done with my own dog Inertia here Yes Did that one intentionally With the car coming i wanted to see if i Had his attention here

Chop Yes I’m periodically rewarding for his General attention when i ask for it and I’m also rewarding him as he stays near Me while we’re moving Yes I love how he’s stopping when i’m Stopping we’re really tuned into each Other right now Here yes Putting my hands behind my back so now I’m not saying here right i can go here Yes I want to be able to have my hands on my Hips and say here yes Or even Here Yes that’s how i’m verifying that he’s Really paying attention to my head we Communicate with each other really well People and dogs through our eyes Yes So i use his name i’ll use here He needs to know both of them yes Rewarding the automatic look for sure Because that’s what you want them doing Really also on a reward back here can You see that like over here before he Gets ahead in other words i don’t want Him to say yeah good boy and reward over There let him know that’s where the Rewards come from with heel training i’m Gonna try and get in more steps now

Yes Here I cover teaching lessons like this and Everything else you can think of in both Of my books i’ll have links to them Below yes I’m gonna wait so i have a reliable look At me Let’s here So i’m getting a successful response From him sometimes but sometimes i’m not I’m gonna stop because he didn’t respond Does he Correct himself and look up As if to say what i do chop is really in And out here he’s not exactly inspired To pay attention to me when there’s so Much to look around at so i’m gonna see If i can brainstorm some different ways To get him really into this training Session because i’ve noticed that Sometimes when a dog isn’t that Interested in me there’s probably Something that i can do better maybe if I pick up the pace that might get him a Little bit more excited about me let’s See Chop here Oh Here Yes Much more confident trot there like That chop Here

So is he always looking good but this Other dog thing is a bit of a problem Yeah dog just quickly ran by here with His person and you can see chop Immediately became less responsive so That’s still another thing we have to Work on i have to get him in the Presence of dogs in a distance moving Forward Oh boy Okay he definitely still appears to be Excited at the sight or detection of Other dogs he’s next to impossible to Communicate with when he sees a dog most Of the time and in this early stage that Has been one of our greatest challenges So far now that the dog has cleared out I want chop to still get some exposure But at a great distance here so this is A way to kind of let him satisfy that Curiosity you can see him sniffing where The dog walked i mean he gathers a lot Of information this way we’ve got a lot Of work to do on teaching him how to be More civilized when he sees dogs in Public i still think that there’s got to Be a better way to get chop even more Interested in this training session at Any given time dogs find different Things reinforcing and those things can Change based on circumstance and context Let me try and switch up his currency Look at that yes Good man and so

Instead of the food this time i’m using A toss of the ball as a reward it can be A little clunky but it can be well worth It this is interesting Here Yes So i’m get the focus here is getting his Eyes on me let me see if i can get his Attention for just a second at a time And reward him with the ball then i’ll Try to get a few steps of a proper heel In exchange for a toss of the ball Come on Yes So i got like three or four steps right There that was awesome we’re gonna bring Him back here Look at how i’m able to steer him so Well often when we think of luring a dog We think of luring with a treat but you Can also use all kinds of things that Your dog loves in order to lure them for His heel training in general my goal is Going to have him to look up towards my Face while we’re walking luring with the Ball can help me get him into position And just like with treats i can focus on Shifting his attention from the ball Onto my actual eyes over time oh now he Remembers it yes So you can see an immediate difference In his energy Yes Good

Come on let’s go i’m gonna let him chomp On that ball for a second since he’s Doing so well so you might notice Sometimes when i say here i’ll say yes Afterwards and sometimes i won’t that’s How i would phase out treats later on as I continued his training chop Yes so i’m gonna cheat a little bit here Get his attention on the ball and then See if his glance holds once i have eye Contact and get that ball out of sight Easy i’m also starting to introduce the Word easy in context in other words as He’s walking slow he’ll learn that easy Means pay attention to me and slow down If he slows down yes Not a perfect heel but Pretty good focus and if we can just Refine his position a little bit look How wild he is Here Good let’s try and turn Oh see how he got thrown off when i went To turn Here Yes You see that did you see how he took one Step that way i’m gonna steer him with The ball since he’s a little confused on That turn So come on Got to be careful of those teeth though He can accidentally get you good man i’m Gonna hold the ball up to my eyes again

Just to make it real easy look at that Here come on Good What Here Yes Good man all right good catch it’s a Pretty nice day so bree’s gonna take the Car with the equipment home and chop and I are gonna take a walk or hopefully Something that resembles one And talk about a completely different Story the moment we left that small Patch that we were practicing on chop Was off to pulling like crazy he Immediately became super stimulated in The new setting albeit just 30 meters Away from where we just were this is Clearly evidence that the progress he Demonstrated earlier with his lease Training has not been generalized to all Or even most contexts sometimes when People see me a professional dog trainer With a dog pulling like this they think I should use a special training collar And deliver corrections in these moments It’s worth briefly explaining why i Don’t use that strategy though i want to Avoid creating a negative emotional Response when he encounters other dogs Like this when we’re out and about later So instead my strategy is going to be to Look for opportunities when he’s Succeeding and try to set him up to

Succeed and build momentum during those Moments and the science seems to Indicate that this is At least as fast if not faster so in the Meantime when i do encounter dogs in the Wild and he becomes overwhelmed and Reacts to them i’m really gonna have to Make sure that i manage him for now and If you’re ever going to take your dog Out into the real world you are Guaranteed to encounter things that you Can’t control and speaking of which Here’s an example there are a couple of Dogs that we encounter at pretty close Range this can be a stressful Challenging situation for you and your Dogs Actually doing really well I know these dogs and i know they’re Really friendly and they won’t run into The street so my focus is completely on Chop right now so my game plan is to Manage him and quickly move him past the Dogs while keeping him very secure my Goal isn’t to actually teach him how to Behave in moments like this instead my Goal is to reduce the odds of an Exuberant outburst because chop is not Yet prepared to act calmly in the Presence of other dogs like this at Least at this point in his training yeah We were just walking Past Our neighbor’s house the dogs got

Excited and wanted to say hi and he was Polling but he actually did pretty well Considering how excited he typically Gets by dogs but yeah he did not walk Well on the way home to be expected i Mean you got to do these lessons like we Just did you have to do those a whole Bunch now that chap has had all of that Physical and mental stimulation i’m Going to let him get some rest and we’ll See how he does when we actually leave Him alone for the first time gonna leave Him with some water and see how he does I think he’s gonna do pretty well for Good measure i’ve closed these blinds Over here uh and i have inertia in the Bedroom over here so i’m trying to Minimize distractions while we’re gone So i just kind of wanted to be a boring Quiet environment for him as we leave We’re not gonna make a big deal out of Anything we’re just gonna walk out we’re Not trying to alert him or anything to The fact that we’re leaving we’re just Gonna go so we stopped to grab some Dinner real quick and I want to check on chop and see how he’s Doing Thank you very much Wow What a man look at him i can’t i got it I know i know but I just have to give him a treat there Guys

Hey that’s how he likes to be woken up Me too yeah exactly How good is he being good boy Let’s keep in Free do not We were talking about How much we already love him So it’s like here we go again he was Doing so well when i was working with Him on heel and he’s starting to pick up Sit all of a sudden as of this point of The filming of this we have not Announced that indy has left us she went Unexpectedly she had organ failure that Came on very suddenly we actually Monitored her blood um like every three Months because i’m a very paranoid pet Parent and so it was truly a sudden Event but i’m happy for that uh in a way Because i didn’t want her to suffer Either and she didn’t but she’s been Really hard it’s really hard to not have Her here it’s really hard to film this Series without her It’s really hard to not want to keep Every dog i see too yeah i know It’s been a tough time i say this Because we have the benefit of inertia Being able to have a friend to play with I mean i’m sure inertia misses indy So he is filling a certain void of Course nothing compares to Well i can tell inertia’s been sad and i Think she also can tell like i’ve been

Really really sad and i think she Obviously knows that i’m just really sad I really miss indie you know losing a Dog that you love is really hard It’s tough man Dogs are amazing So it’s nice for her to have chop around And you guys know about the two dog rule And so zach’s struggling a little bit Now it really appears that he’s just had No exposure to like A traditional pet life up until now and So there’s all these things like today It really felt like chop started to Understand that humans do a lot more Than just bring him food and give him Love like we can actually try to Communicate with him and we can Show him what we’d like him to do and Then reward him when he does it and i Feel like it was A cool light bulb moment for chop it was Fun to watch it’s not exactly exactly it I want to go see him we’ve been gone oh Look i wanted to show you look at him Still sleeping or is he just chilling He’s chilling And now we’ve just gotten home he’s Being good i’m going to actually ignore Them one of the ways that i like to Prevent hyperactivity when you come home It’s just by ignoring the dog for the First 5 10 15 minutes whatever no need To get them excited they’re probably

Already a little extra excited So we’ll just ignore them for a minute It’s very hard though oh yeah then we go Love them extra later absolutely Chop’s house training still needs work He will still lift his big old leg up And try and pee on some furniture when You’re not looking i mean fact is he’s Been an outdoor dog until just the last Three days of his life so i should be Understanding of this so i’ve really got To do a better job of supervising him Being one step ahead of him because Potty accidents with him are like much More Impactful so i have to really do a Better job of letting him out for potty Breaks often or let him hang out in a Place where if he does have an accident It’s very tolerable because you can just Clean it up i mean our deck meets that Criteria perfectly i mean my own dog Inertia she spends hours out of time out There she loves the sunlight and just Chilling and from what i’ve seen so far It seems like chop does too so now that He’s had a potty break i’m gonna let him Spend some time out on the deck while we Keep an eye on him from the living room The single worst thing that has ever Happened in my dog training career Just happened As you guys know we’ve been using this Back area to contain chop as an

Alternative to just having him in his Crate or just having him walk around in Here you know it’s nice out there the Weather’s beautiful this time of year He’s getting fresh air and for the first Several days he’s been doing really well Out there so he’s out there by himself But we have all these windows and one of Us is always in theory keeping an eye on Him i was sitting right here and then i Looked back And i saw him jump up on the railing Balancing there precariously and i tried To explain to him to stop but he wasn’t Able to regain his balance and he just Plummeted It’s one of the scariest sights i have Ever seen in my life he appeared to be Completely unscathed I mean he didn’t so much as show a limp He immediately trotted over to the fence And peed fortunately the ground was very Soft where he landed we’re installing a Lawn right now so we have like fresh Topsoil i actually did extra topsoil Because it was going to be softer for Dogs when i eventually train out there For like when i’m doing fetch training i Want a nice soft lawn for them so lucky We got so lucky we ran down there we got Him i mean he was totally fine i’m not Proud of the fact that this happened at All uh this was My fault it should have never happened

We really wanted to share this with you Because we wanted all of you to learn With us with this mistake here never Underestimate how smart and determined Dogs can be to push the limits they are An incredibly smart species and this is Just a fresh reminder of that for us i’m Glad he’s okay it could have ended up a Lot worse i just played with him and Fortunately he’s a pretty athletic guy But i will not let that happen again This is all the more reason that i have Got to prioritize my training with him All of his basics say he had gotten out And he hadn’t landed in the fence and he Had landed on the other side of the Fence and started running off i’m not Certain that he would have come to me When i called him in fact i think he Probably would not have he still could Be like loose in the bear wilderness now There’s like wolves out there coyotes Bears wolverines porcupines definitely No people that will catch him i mean it Was a nightmare no matter what the Outcome it was a total nightmare he’s a True escape artist though i mean we know That at his foster home before he came Here he was staying in like this outdoor Kennel area and he had dug underneath Trying to potentially get out which Makes sense for a dog who’s born here he Tries to dig at the fence out front but I’m always supervising him so i’m able

To intervene to keep him from doing that Just another reason to make sure that i Can instill a strong recall and get all Of his basics very tight and build that Communication with him so that whoever Ends up with him is going to end up with A dog Who knows how to speak human this is Reality dog training go to barkbox.com Dog training and superchewer.com Dog training to get a free extra month When you sign up for a multi-month Subscription follow us on instagram Ticktalk and facebook and get a copy of My books too i’ll have all of the info Below

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