I wish this was never filmed [Reality Dog Training Ep. 7]

I wish this was never filmed [Reality Dog Training Ep. 7]

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I’m seeing a different dog here all of a Sudden i mean he’s been doing So well in so many training sessions and Now holy cow Gosh i’m zach george and this Is george no relations george has spent The last four months living in an animal Shelter with minimal contact with other Dogs or people And it’s my job to transform him from a Wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about fostering a dog You fall in love with them This is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode Good morning we’ve just woken up it’s Bright and early um I can’t wait to get started with george Today on doing some training i’m excited I’m gonna go out in public with him Again just to continue to see how he’s Doing However today i’m hoping to make things A little bit more challenging for him

Including introducing more artificial Distractions and training To better prepare him who knows where This day is going but the way this dog Learns You never know what’s going to happen Before we go out i’ve got to make sure George has some brain fuel Just like people dogs learn much better When they’re eating super healthy Nom nom prepares really fresh Nutritionist designed meals and Automatically ships them right to your Door each meal is pre-portioned Just for your dog so literally all you Have to do is open a recyclable packet And put it in a bowl as someone who Really appreciates when things are quick And easy I absolutely love this nom nom is so big On quality control that they can Actually tell you which of their chefs Prepared each of your dog’s meals too if You think your dog would love nom nom You can get 50 Off a two-week trial at my special link Trinom.com Zack i’ll have that link in the Description yesterday’s training session At the park reminded me that george Really needs to learn how to stay when i Open this great door In a context like this you have cars Driving by here

And a situation can get out of control Very quickly If he doesn’t have that basic stay Understood In a variety of context not just because We’ve been practicing stay in a very Deliberate way Does not mean he’s generalized this in Day-to-day life in fact he has not We want to be extra careful and really Make sure that we are controlling the Variables around Our dog to make sure that they cannot Get away so i’m going to go in here and Grab this leash before i let him out Just to make sure And you can see he’s immediately trying To rush out of the crate Okay clearly george needs some work on This I’m gonna open the crate but if he Rushes out i’m gonna immediately close It Actually i’m going to go ahead and let Him know i like that stay right there Yes Stay Yes notice how i’m not waiting for him To fail to attempt to rush out i’m Really just trying to walk him through This In slow motion what i love about Training this is that it’s a good Example of how going slow can yield

Lightning quick results rather than Opening it and saying stay And then repeating over and over and Failing just go real slow ease them into It so they understand i mean Don’t we as people learn the same way When we’re kids our teachers our good Ones anyway go very slow in teaching us And i mean there you go there’s a real Life example the crate was wide open He could have jumped out there was a car Coming by but instead He listened to the stay oh we have dogs Over here he’s starting to bark at dogs Here Hey george yes there a couple dogs are Walking by Hey george here yes i love that i’m able To get his attention i mean he’s barking Because he’s alert and he’s noticing Them But as long as i can get his attention Back on me that doesn’t bother me much At all Let’s proof this a little bit let me Create some distance here Stay oh Nope right here breakdown in our Communication there So i had to physically put him back in There just for his general safety But that’s a good example you see how He’s doing really well for stay for a Period of time when i’m close but the

Second i get far away he’s like does That still mean stay That’s why we always want to break down Various components of our training like Stay for a period of time stay with Distance stay with distractions into Separate training sessions In the beginning which we’ve done with Them but now we’re trying to do them in Different applications In the crate on the side of the street For example stay Okay yes very good i wanted to give him Kind of a neighborhood training Experience today because that’s an area Where of course we want our dogs to Behave and pay attention to us and Neighborhoods are An interesting set to train in because On one hand you don’t have Excessive distractions typically but you Do have people walking their dogs you Have pedestrians in this neighborhood You have cars driving by And so i just generally want to make Sure that i can get him to be an Obedient dog around here And of course you know i’ll give him a Few minutes before we train just to take It all in look around Kind of see where he is see if he wants To pee you know that kind of stuff Before i start any training session i Like to test for compliance here so

Let’s see if i can get his attention George yes that i can He’s offering the sit i’ll take that i Like that a lot good boy I’m being really careful to reinforce Virtually Every single time he comes to me in his Time with me because there is nothing More important Than come and stay life-saving skills Come when called doesn’t do us Much good if he won’t do it when he’s Heavily distracted you guys have seen How crazy he goes over toys right but i Need him to understand That he’s got to come to me no matter How distracted he is I’ve decided today to use one of the Ultimate distractions We know that george loves the frisbee Right i mean he’s done so well with Frisbee I’m even gonna get him warmed up by Letting him play a little frisbee in Place here let him see that it’s fun But let’s say in a hypothetical i threw A bad frisbee throw as happens more Often than i’d like to admit It goes into the street he needs to be Able to resist That type of distraction even though We’re going to work on with Distractions i also want to prove Stay with distractions they’re pretty

Related stay Look at me i’m gonna actually use food In this case to reinforce the good Behavior stay Okay yes i’m even gonna use the toy to Reinforce in this case Now the obvious criticism that i will Get from some here Are zach you’re killing his drive for The frisbee he’s doing so well with that Honestly his drive for this frisbee is Going nowhere but it’s really important That i’m able to control this pit bull’s Throttle In terms of his drive right there we’re Gonna lay off the gas a little bit good Job Stay Stay look at me Now watch this george come that’s really Special he’s very in tune with me right Now i haven’t done What i’m about to do i’m going to walk Past the frisbee and see if i can get Him to just ignore It hey leave it alone george Come yes Good just that frisbee laying down there Is a temptation for him even though it’s Not moving Let’s confirm does he still want to bite It here what’s this okay Good get it good boy all right See so it’s not as though he’s lost

Interest in it just in case that’s what You’re thinking you might have noticed Like so far Come very good i’m putting it off to the Side to make it a little less tempting For him but let’s see if we can get him To like Literally walk straight past it while It’s in his path while coming To me by the way i’m using a 10-foot Lead today to give me a little bit more Room to work with Stay come [Laughter] George come on man you’re making this Look too easy and guys i have to Emphasize this About a week ago he was sitting and Living in the shelter for the last Several months Literally the only thing i could get him To do when i first met him was to get Him to sit wouldn’t let go of a toy Wouldn’t stay wouldn’t come wouldn’t do Any of that You can see here he’s a little Distracted by a pedestrian And this you know i don’t mind this but Again i want to be able to get his Attention back on me George come ah Spoke too soon that’s okay though he did Not as prompt as i would like there George here

No come yes there i use the word no to Let him know hey that’s not right i did Not use the word No in a way that was threatening or Intimidating to him though And then when he did come i did say yes And that’s where i really want my Training to live where possible Around the word yes let me just Freestyle a little bit here and see How good we can get this stay and come With the frisbee as a distraction Come come up a little tougher that time Did you see that he was looking at he’s Like wait a minute you want me to come With that thing moving I’m the first to admit this is a little Confusing to him nonetheless We have to teach our dogs how to work Through confusing moments like that Because life is Full of exceptions to the rules and we Have to really make sure that they know How to behave in those situations Watch this i’m gonna give him permission This time okay Good boy come on okay I’ll take that yes One george Let’s go come on let’s go a little Quicker yes Stay let’s go Stay we’ll take it he’s Pulling off to the side but that’s okay

It’s a new concept George come Look how look at that look how he’s Spinning into heel that was so awkward In the beginning and he’s really getting That muscle memory She’s a dog here george look at me Okay extra distracted let’s try again Yes didn’t need to say no or anything There just took him a second And that is the fine line with training A new dog you’ve got to let them Understand their environment all right Let’s do some heel work Look at me let’s go heel come on Here ah this way right turn come on Fast come on let’s go easy Turn come on let’s go fast fast fast Fast fast and slow down Yes okay good look at that look at that Speed variance he’s demonstrating really In tune George i’m really using Those treats to lure him to kind of spin Around here so he knows how to use these Back legs a little more efficiently Come on back up [Laughter] Good boy you’re doing great You’re doing so well so with george i’ve Been teaching him like an average of at Least one new trick a day and he’s been Incredible hey how’s your sit pretty Looking and then we’re going to teach a

New trick but i want to see Yes yes he’s trying there you can see He’s still trying But that muscle memory is still Happening so he can really find his Center of gravity which if you’re Designed like him Is quite the challenge how’s your Rollover doing he just started learning Rollover yesterday See how that’s go look at i mean look at This do you see how he’s getting it Almost no lore that time that was Incredible but i think george has Potential to learn how to crawl When we ask him to so let’s see again We’re gonna Focus on luring him we’re trying to keep Him in a down position As he advances forward that’s Essentially what a crawl is yes i’m Gonna reward Ever uh yes second his butt comes up Since i’m not working on bound now i’m Gonna withhold The reward which is enough to Incentivize him To put his butt down it seems don’t want Him grabbing on to me there Sit real throw it off by the bikes there Yes i mean for him look at that focus How we got it right back yes Yes yes You see that little half crawl little

Half steps that he’s doing Yes i’m very deliberately removing the Treat the Instant his butt comes up off the ground See how he’s getting it though when i Pull the treat away how he puts his butt Down Come on and that makes the tree kind of Come back to the lower position Really watching that butt sentences i Can only get away with saying while Training a dog Yes Ah yeah okay fine Yes yes Okay good so slow start to crawl but Still very promising George how is it possible that you have Not learned shake yet I bet this is gonna take five seconds i Don’t know it’s tough to say I don’t know how to get him to shake yet I mean i can touch his paw let’s see Does that make him like Paul what if i put my hand out with Treats in it i’m trying to brainstorm in Any way that i can to get him to lift up A paw there you go yes okay there you go It’s okay we’re vaccinated now we can Shake hands it’s got a scent distraction In the air there’s some people taking a Walk this is why we’ve chosen this Environment to Train in mild distractions all around

Them for some dogs these may be major Distractions it depends on your dog But for him i like him learning in a Mildly distracting environment i’ve got To give myself a little bit of a Challenge with them right like with Moira for example i wouldn’t have Attempted to train her a trick like this In a really public environment because She had other issues we were working on Every dog is different Almost no dog learns shake exactly the Same way Yes good there you go Yes so he’s like wait what is that what Was that thing i just did you can see How the word yes Is resonating with him he’s like oh that Made the buzzer go off it means i won Something you guys asked me about Phasing out treats all the time here’s a Good example i’m gonna fake him out Yes there’s no treat there he’s like Wait a minute i’m still gonna give him One Right in the in the beginning we do that Before we phase them out completely The most important thing is that we mark That yes We can take our time on getting the Treat to him here Yes i snuck in a handshake there because He’s been pawing my wrist Yes notice the hand signal when i do

That he’s like yes He understands but if i do this He’s like huh i mean those those little Subtleties make a difference so That’s what you have to figure out with Your own dog rapid success with shake Crawl will need a little bit of work sit Pretty roll over Bow all looking very good yes there he Showed the initiative you can see Without me Prodding him and asking him for it Really shows you that he’s brainstorming One thing though that i’ve neglected to Mention here is george isn’t really good About using his hand sanitizer so maybe An elbow bump would be a good thing for Him to know Yes yeah I love you sir you’re great be sure to Inject that training with lots of Authentic Genuine appreciation and love with your Dog they love it look at that body Language look how happy he appears to be Still want to work on that sit pretty Because my wife has mandated that he’d Learn a good sit pretty for a photo So that means he’s got to hold it for a Sec yes stay Stay good boy here yes Good yes Yes that’s a good example you can see How i’m rapid firing those treats there

Yes When he holds it almost Doing well sir yes yes yes Okay you can see i’m trying to keep my Arms out of the way so that he doesn’t Continue to rely on those for balance During the trick Stay yes good one Yes yes man I am never gonna get tired of saying yes And i don’t think i’ve said Yes this many times in a training Session in eons he makes it so easy Stay yes yes good okay Good so that’s a nice breakthrough on Sit pretty there i got a significantly Longer hold in that position so that’s What i had on the training agenda for Him today but i do want to continue to Play frisbee with him because i just Love playing with this dog Let go no let go Good yes and really i’m still focusing On getting that rapid release Catch it let go yes good Ready catch it let go yes Let go yes let go yes Good boy very good so those multiples Are definitely getting there i’m proud Of them so as i often like to do with Training sessions like this i like to End them with a free walk let them just Kind of be a dog so he doesn’t have to Be on

All the time we’re gonna let this Lawnmower pass one of the benefits to Training in public is all the exposure Your dog gets to random things like huge Lawn mowers yes and i’d say there’s no Question george has associated My yes with a reward at this point You want to keep walking let’s walk George So his leash pulling is by no means Resolved and may not be resolved for a Little bit but it’s a fine line there Between Making the walk miserable for your dog Because you’re insisting on perfection And being tolerant there is a period of Time where you just have to be tolerant Of it to a degree We have a barking dog in the background That he’s noticed keep moving buddy We’re gonna go right past that barking Dog good boy Yes here you want this George here Come sit See how he’s so he he’s so reliable on Sit but in this case here Come come on Sit you can see how flustered he is with His ears Stay george really seems like he’s Trying even though he’s clearly So curious about what’s happening around Him so i’m choosing to ignore the

Tension on the leash here for now Training outside of your typical sterile Environment of your home Is really essential where else is your Dog going to encounter A crane and roof work being done or dogs Suddenly barking or Walking past you as we see here so There’s a lot going on there Good job george so you can understand Why he’s a little excited here in Polling All right but here the polling is Getting a little excessive he’s pulling Towards the road there that’s no good We have a line of traffic after all Another car is coming I gotta be able to call him back off Those things george Come good give me a sit Stay for good measure Let’s throw in a leave it look at me Yes good Good boy okay let’s continue Good job i know that’s so hard isn’t it You’re doing very good around that Barking dog now So on our second pass much better there With the same barking dog By giving him several minutes there he’s Recovering quite well from the leash Pulling Good job and so the more these free Walks you do the more he realizes

Slower walking works for him a little Bit better i don’t think he’d know how To jump in yet do you He’s a frisbee oh boy Here we go All right stay so let’s practice his Stay as i take off his leash And so far he hasn’t chewed it so that’s Good stay Off leash here we go well done sir Very good everything went so well in That training session so we were Definitely not prepared for what was Coming our way at the park later that Day Sees the ball right there they Anticipate that he would be distracted By people playing tennis of course it Makes perfect sense Hey george what’s this Here what’s this come on come on buddy Let’s play with this Since george was so intrigued by those Tennis balls i Can obviously see that’s something he Needs some desensitizing to you so i’ve Just kind of parked over here you can See like tennis balls bouncing here and There on the court We basically found ourselves stay in Ball central right now There’s baseballs and tennis balls Everywhere and george is intrigued by Anything round it seems and i’m seeing a

Different dog here all of a sudden i Mean he’s been doing So well in so many training sessions and Now I mean he’s way too intrigued by these Balls this is a pretty intense Screensaver training for a dog like George Screensaver training is basically where We park in one place And let the world happen around us and Let our dog just make their own Evaluations Stay seems to be registering stay Reasonably well let’s go too soon Come here good boy good boy Desensitizing your dog to things that They find Extremely exciting and intriguing is An important part of training a dog you Have to block out time to do things like This i wonder if he’ll play frisbee Because a minute ago he was like i’m too Excited to play frisbee in this Environment so let’s go test and see how He does Seeing if your dog is interested in Something they typically love at home Like a favorite toy or treat Is a great way to test how distracted They’re feeling by their surroundings If they don’t love their treat or toy as Much as they normally do They probably need some more time to

Adjust and take in their environment I’m really hoping to build his drive Around Distractions like this so that i can say Hey i’m more exciting if i can break out A toy or something In the medium term eventually you hope To not have to use a toy or a treat to Get your dog focused on something else But it can be a bridge george is Moderately interested in this frisbees Which is a great data point but i want To move around the park and give him Some more exposure to new things if i Can As far as unique experiences go in my Dog training career today definitely is One for the books Just walking past it and he just Immediately recognized there was a ball There look at that Are you kidding me he really likes bob Hey Holy cow you might have found his Hundred dollar bill yep Let’s go i mean that’s an example that’s Insane come on no sir no Come on let’s go come on leave it alone Let’s go As i was walking and the kids were doing Their batting practice they were Starting to gather their loose baseballs And i saw this one Young man pick up the ball he looked

Right at george And he went like you like the ball i Mean it was innocent enough don’t get me Wrong He didn’t know any better but that’s When george just lost It gosh The shot gets a little messy here Because my camera person was afraid that George could actually get away from me Here And that like never happens this was a Very Serious outburst i never thought i’d Find myself in a sumo wrestling match in Public With a pitbull type dog over a baseball I have to tell you as this was happening The one thing i’m thinking is if someone Whips out their phone and they record This That this could look really ridiculous And then i look up and i realize My wife is filming this and this will Definitely end up on the internet I don’t think this is unique to Baseballs I think george is just incredibly Intrigued by anything that’s a ball But knowing that a training session can Be derailed that easily Just by the side of a ball is a pretty Big issue At this point so i grabbed one of the

Baseballs not really thinking and then i Realized i probably just stole this ball From those innocent kids But hopefully it will be worth it I’m determined to do better with george I’m going back to the scene of the crime Tomorrow morning and picking up right Where we left off wish me luck Go to trinom.com zach to get 50 off a Two-week trial of nom nom subscribe to This channel and if you’re working on Teaching your dog you’ll definitely want To get both of my books too We’ll see you guys in the next episode Unless you follow us on instagram tick Tock and facebook then we’ll see you Over there in the meantime I’ll have all of the links in the Description see you in episode 8.

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