I’m Training My Dog in the WILDERNESS! Stuff Goes Wrong!

I'm Training My Dog in the WILDERNESS! Stuff Goes Wrong!

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Today we’re gonna get out and about in Alaska what could possibly go wrong I’m zach george i train dogs this is my New dog and i’m gonna show you how i Train her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly You can start from the beginning or you Can pick up anywhere subscribe and hit The bell notification so you never miss An episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Okay spoiler alert this video does Contain our most intense fall hike Of all time you’re kidding me it’s a Fall hype themed super chewer box How appropriate for today’s lesson go Get it so if your dog is the kind of dog That tends to destroy normal dog toys Super chewer is for you they’ll send you Two crazy tough toys for your super Chewer dog Every single month and if your dog ever Does manage to destroy a toy they’ll Even replace it with something else You always get top-notch treats and Shoes too so i’ll use these throughout The month To train inertia who knows what if your Dog tends to like soft and fluffy toys There’s nothing like a bark box barkbox

Is a monthly subscription box too And they have the most awesome creative Plush toys you’ve ever seen There’s a whole scene on the bottom of The shoe but it’s not just a boot It squeaks go get it oh she’s going to Love these And you get one shoe in your bark box Too and maple syrup That’s cool okay go get it All of you can get a free extra month of Barkbox or superchewer by going to Barkbox.com Dog training or superchewer.com dog Training I’m gonna have links below okay i get The point go get it Today’s a pretty exciting day because we Are going to take a hike into the rural Wild mountains of alaska this is going To be a one-of-a-kind hike For bree inertia and me my big question Is which Inertia are we going to get today are we Going to get the very well-behaved Perfect angel Inertia or are we going to get the wild And crazy inertia Who’s just like i’ve gotta i’ve just got To do everything at one time That one second one you think so yeah I mean that kind of inertia is pretty Fun at least yeah so we are In like the deep interior of alaska

You might remember recently we took a Long free walk on the beach Because i was able to keep inertia on a Really long lead and i was able to Pretty much let her run around and Explore Wherever she wanted to and so today i’m Not really comfortable using the very Long lead because we’re in Pretty wild terrain out here i mean this Place is teeming with bears and moose Everywhere so i want to keep her a bit Closer to me so i’m going to be using a Six foot leash instead so that’s why This is kind of a hybrid walk i still Want her to enjoy herself have a good Time without her having to focus on Strict rules more or less so that’s kind Of the goal today it is late august And we are cold there’s actually like Ice forming Being born and raised in the southern United states i can Really appreciate this this is nice Today we’re equipped with bear bells And bear spray to try and keep the bears Away So inertia still has to have some level Of leash manners today but we have to Balance that with also Letting her check everything out here It’s clear that inertia is distracted by These dogs nearby so i’m going to let Her check them out and satisfy some of

That curiosity but once she’s had a Chance to get a good look and a sniff I’ll still attempt to call her back to Me this is a great chance for her to Practice resisting those urges And paying attention to me when Distracted come Good stay i know so curious There you go good job all right let’s do This you might notice there’s No trees around us we’re too high for Trees to grow Come on switch back walks like this are Great for quality of life for your dog Because dogs seem to find Wonderful gratification when they get to Smell and just be in new places Seeing a new place is fun for a dog just Like it is for us humans I say it all the time but it really is Important to train in a variety of Settings often inertia come here Good okay you can see how she smells a Different type of plant life over here All the other dogs maybe a bear or a Moose who knows what she’s smelling but She’s enjoying herself And since i don’t want to completely Throw my training out the window we’re Gonna practice come when called while She’s distracted by a ground scent this Can be one of the most difficult things To call your dog off of if they’re Really into ascent

Inertia hey come Yes good job so that’s good you know Just throwing in this little test i Don’t want to do that constantly with Her on this walk but I want to know that she comes to me when She’s distracted by a ground scent Even walking on these narrow trails like This requires a lot of team building and Trust i mean there are literally parts Of this trail Where one wrong step and you could fall Down the mountain and It not turn out very well we have to Really be able to trust each other And this is a great way to build that Teamwork between me and inertia so i Appreciate this opportunity this is so Weird we found a lake in the middle of a Mountain this is an alpine lake What’s an alpine lake means i think it Just means a lake in the top of a Mountain Oh okay let’s go check out the lake it Has that like bluish hue to It is that because it’s glacier water Yeah It’s so clear look at all that hail in Your fur I know can you shake off you’re getting All wet There you go good i knew shake off would Come in handy Hail in august no okay so we got

Rained out a little bit we thought the Weather was going to be better it Happens but We’re worried about the trails becoming Unsafe on our return because of all the Moisture And it’s a dirt trail so we didn’t want To be slipping off the mountains When we got here i swear that mountain Was green and now it’s white That is trippy she doesn’t care at all That it’s raining No she’s like let’s go keep hiking why Did we stop i know Looks like the rain’s letting up and There’s some more area for us to explore So we’re gonna go check it out And you might recall that we’ve given Inertia a chance to explore so many Different types of environments from Alaskan beaches to the gulf of mexico Dense city environments in atlanta and The french quarter in new orleans Pumpkin patches river banks and on and On once you’ve taken your dog to a few Novel places you might expect them to Always behave the same way in a new Place but in order to really teach your Dog to be reliable you’ve got to take Them to so many dramatically different Places And that’s one of the many things we’re Showing you how to do first hand In this series come here heal come here

Muddy dog oh my gosh Good switch good lie down Good stand i’ll tell you what why don’t You drill us and give us some random Stuff that we can do here Okay high five hey inertia come Good switch stay high five Yeah there we go Good job uh you did stand i’m gonna give You a treat for that get your tail Hey inertia get your tail Yes ah she’s trying get it get your tail I’ll take it she struggles with that one But i think that was a pretty good Effort Good girl look at how dirty she is i Know Adventure dog i’m trying to avoid one’s On the ground Hang on a back stall stay stall Stay Yes okay good job Wow good all right let’s put your leash Back on let’s quit while we’re ahead Right It’s only been in the last few weeks Where i’m even comfortable enough to Take off her leash to do a trick like That But i’m still doing it in moderation i Mean With this being alaska wilderness I want to be extra careful with her Right now but in small chunks i’ll test

Her off leash when i’m really confident She’s going to listen to me and since i Know her so well i was pretty confident She’d listen So practicing your training in new Places like this makes it more likely That they’re going to do These types of things when you ask them To do them elsewhere right so that’s the Whole point of practicing So many places as often as you can Really so what i’m hoping you get from This Is that it’s normal for it to take time For dogs to be Highly obedient in new and interesting Places We have got to tell you guys something That happened yesterday to us And it was one of the most interesting Alaskan experiences i’ve ever had i was Playing frisbee With inertia in a baseball field near Our airbnb And brie is still in the car while i’m Practicing on the baseball field And all of a sudden i hear zach grab Inertia so i don’t even look right i Mean i hear grab inertia And that urgency i immediately got Control of her and then i looked behind Me to see what it is And i could not believe it it was a Runaway moose

It seems the moose had run into an American flag and it got draped over his Eyes So he couldn’t really see anything he Was panicked he was freaking out so We’re in the presence of a panicked Moose which if you know anything about Moose is Not a good situation at all as i’m Trying to take cover i yell debris hey Bri Film that of course he did and that’s Where this picks up We definitely felt terrible for this Moose because he has no way to get this Flag Off of his head but he’s just walking Around the parking lot at this point I’m taking cover with inertia here and He starts walking directly At us i’m taking cover in the dugout Which you’ll see here in just a second Now bree’s keeping safe And then he bumps into the fence i’m Behind this wall right here that you can See And i’ve got inertia and i’m holding her Trying to keep her quiet and she was Really good And it’s completely covered i can’t see A thing but all i hear is Like a trotting horse or something but It sounds like a really big horse And so then he continues to walk but you

Know he’s still unpredictable Then he’s going to bump into this little Barricade here Yeah he just kept bumping into stuff Which was scaring him of course because Then he was like oh shoot what is that Yeah i couldn’t see where he was going And then he kicks the fence there Because he bumps into it what we did Find out is they did call the police a Neighbor did he follow Up with us a little bit later so that’s The last i heard is they were trying to Find him in order to help him out there While we were in the area though we did Warn a few other people that there was a Moose Apparently that’s good etiquette here in Alaska when you see one By the way that was the tenth moose i Saw on our trip here and in general Moose are going to leave you alone i Mean they don’t bother you but again This was An extraordinary situation in that the Moose was in a heightened state of Panics Right and blind so he was just running Around getting into stuff I can say that right before i grabbed Inertia i said inertia stay Picked her up and then you know took Cover in the dugout well yeah cause a Lot of people do

Ask about what to do with their dogs Right in a wildlife encounter I can tell you practicing that emergency Stay came in really handy It’s a shame we weren’t able to get it On camera but we had bigger priorities Like staying alive but that emergency Stay came in handy practicing come when Called is something that you can do in That case i didn’t have to because she Was close enough that’s why you practice With distractions i mean i can’t help But think that some of that training we Did in the french quarter in new orleans With the mules oh yeah the with the Mules You know smart yeah because if i hadn’t Trained around that she would have Likely totally freaked out i mean we’ve Done our affair of ungulate training Giraffes mules now moose just need to Throw some elephants in there and we Should be good Looks like we’ve got some precipitation Coming back so i think we’ll quit while We’re ahead here And end this lesson it started off like Oh gosh i don’t think we’re going to be Able to get much done but i mean from a Training perspective i’m thrilled with Her and from a personal Perspective i just can’t believe how Amazing it is out here All of you can get a free extra month of

Bark box or super chewer by going to Barkbox.com Dog training or superchewer.com dog Training i’m gonna have links below Subscribe to this channel and get a copy Of my book guide to a well-behaved dog Follow me on instagram too i’ll have all Of the links in the description below I can’t wait for our next video see you Next time You

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