Is the Furbo Dog Camera Really Worth it?

Is the Furbo Dog Camera Really Worth it?

Is the Furbo dog camera worth buying? I’ll try to help you decide in this video! Thank you for sponsoring this video Furbo! Furbo is having their BIGGEST SALE of the year right now!! Click here: to save 46% on Furbo Dog Camera!

How I introduced Inertia to the Furbo:

Today we’re gonna see what’s new with One of the most interesting pieces of Technology in the entire dog world the Furbo dog camera if you followed me You’ll know that I’ve been using frobo Dog camera for many years now I consider It one of the most valuable tools that I Have Furbo is a camera that lets you see And actually talk to your dog anytime You want to you can give them treats Remotely and you can get notified when They’re barking it actually knows the Difference between howling crying Barking and continuous barking it can Alert you if a person is in the house if Your dog has been active for a while if A smoke or a carbon monoxide alarm is Going off and basically automatically Notify you of everything important that Happens with your dog throughout the day And what fascinates me is how do they Get this thing to do all of that to me One of the most stressful Parts about Having a dog is not knowing exactly What’s going on with them when you’re Not there Furbo really does solve this Problem better than any product I’ve Seen so far they gave me an awesome Offer for you guys I’m going to have it In the description below let’s look at What differentiates Furbo from other Products on the market and you can Determine if it’s worth it one of the Most obvious benefits of Furbo is that

You can give your dog a treat from Anywhere when you’re not whole at one Note when you first introduce for a boat To your dog you want to do it very Cautiously and at a distance to really Get your dog familiar with what it does So they don’t have treats shooting at Them from the sky all of a sudden I’ll Have a video below where I showed you How I introduce Furbo to inertia now you Can put any kind of treats in here so You don’t have to use some weird Proprietary treat I actually like to put A mixture of things I have like kibble In here and then I have some Freeze-dried sweet potatoes I like to Mix things up in a nurse’s case I really Like her to be extra surprised you’ll Notice too that sometimes Furbo shoots Out one treat sometimes it shoots out Two or three treats or even more to Really keep things super random for your Dog Randomness is very effective when You’re trying to get your dog to like Something this is how it works you just Launch the Furbo app on your phone we Actually have two furbos we have one in Atlanta at our place there and then we Have one in New Orleans which is right Here so you can see there we are You just tap this right here and it’ll Launch treats And you can see naturally inertia is Quite interested and inertia loves it

When like four or five small treats come Out and you can easily talk to your dog Here through the app which is cool so I’m gonna go around the corner I’m going To call inertia and I’m going to reward Her for coming to the Furbo all right This is cool inertia come So you can see she comes running let me Go ahead and reward her for coming when Called And I can just Watch it At first glance the camera and the treat Tossing ability really shine as standout Features of the Furbo and they are but Honestly the real-time smart alerts to Me are what set the Furbo apart with a Traditional webcam for example what do You have to do you have to like pull out Your phone and manually check in to see How your dog is doing but Furbo is Watching even when you aren’t in Particular the bark alerts are very Useful we would know wouldn’t we inertia Don’t look like you don’t know what I’m Talking about dogs bark and some More than others you guys know that this Has been one of my dog inertia’s biggest Issues while I was able to get her Barking under control when I was with Her she really struggled to relax Sometimes when we were away from her and This has been instrumental in making Progress on that issue Let’s test The

Barking alert inertia speak That’s very good Speak again So right there you can see it just came Up See that I mean that’s pretty good I Like that I get it on my watch too so if You have a smart watch that’s pretty Neat it’s one thing to be notified when Your dog is barking and that’s extremely Useful but on top of that Furbo allows Me to actually train inertia how to be Quiet by reinforcing moments of calm Quiet Behavior which is the real trick To resolving unwanted barking so when Inertia is playing around the house and Being quiet I can offer her a treat so That she’ll learn to equate that Acceptable quiet Behavior with a fun Reward so this really makes Furbo Invaluable the artificial intelligence This has is extremely impressive I mean You can tell the difference between Barking howling crying or continuous Barking I think it’s great that they Distinguish between these different Types of vocalizations because every one Of those sounds can mean something Different if your dog is howling or Crying this might indicate that they’re Feeling more anxious than normal which Can help you identify potential issues Like separation anxiety it’s also really Helpful to see which things are more

Likely to make your dog bark like Passing job for example learning what Triggers your dog helps you address Things like barking much more Efficiently when you’re training I’ve Been using verbo for years now and I Love how they take all of their user Feedback into account and they’re Constantly making improvements by adding New features because of regular software Updates Furbo just continues to get Better the longer you have it so it’s Basically future proof and I really Appreciate that because not a lot of dog Tech does that let’s go over the dog Activity alerts it can be very valuable To know how active or not active your Dog is while you’re away if your dog is Getting active and getting the Zoomies All day as inertia sometimes does it’s Very nice to know that so this can help You know if you’re giving your dog the Right amount of exercise before you Leave or if your dog is acting unusually Tired maybe that means that they’re not Feeling well and might tip you off to a Medical issue an interesting side effect Of this device is that lots of pet Parents have already been notified that Their dogs are moving around only to Discover that their dog got access to Something that could be potentially Dangerous getting alerted right away in Those situations can be very important

One of the really neat features about Furbo is that when your dog gets really Close it’ll snap a selfie of them so You’ll get selfies throughout the day And who wouldn’t want that it’ll Actually notify you as well when a Person arrives at your house one thing You might not expect from a device like This is that it can identify the Difference between a dog and a person so It has the added benefit of being a Security camera too just in case you’re Not expecting a person to be at your House at a given time also sometimes It’s really reassuring just to know that A family member or dog sitter has Arrived to tend to your dog I’m Expecting Furbo to come up with a play Dead alert any day now you can even have It give you a daily highlight video so That you can quickly see what your dog Did throughout the day so it’s a really Good way to get a quick Glimpse and see How your dog got along while you were Away that’s their doggy diary feature It’s really cool when your dog is at Home and you’re away their safety is Obviously always our biggest priority And concern if a fire alarm or a carbon Monoxide alarm goes off Furbo will even Detect that the smart alerts have saved The lives of over 500 dogs around the World already and ferbo is always adding New things I was just reading on their

Website that they’re going to be adding Dog emergency alerts which are coming Soon apparently that’s going to include Choking alerts vomit alerts seriously And seizure alerts too The Barking Alerts we talked about always going to Be free and you’ll get a free 30-day Trial of all of the other smart alerts After that it’s only 99 Cents for three Months so that you can get a really good Sample and determine if it’s worth Taking advantage of those features then It’s only 6.99 a month or 69 a year so They really give you a chance to use This service extensively to see if it’s Right for you the bottom line is that Frobo provides you with a mountain of Data and information so that you can Make decisions that are best for your Dog so this is a way that you can Actually be virtually with your dog no Matter where you are and make sure that They’re happy and safe no matter what is Ferbo worth it ultimately you’re gonna Have to decide that but I think it’s one Of the must-have products for anybody With a dog if you want to try Furbo out They offer free returns for 30 days so There’s absolutely no risk at all Furbo Is having their biggest sale of the year Right now I’ll have my special link in The description where you can save get This 46 off of your Furbo dog camera if You have a Furbo tell me what the most

Interesting thing that you caught your Dog doing when you’re not at home in the Comments below enjoy and we’ll see you In the next video

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