It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks

It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks

What can you train a dog in two weeks? I’ll show you the most important things that I focused on during my time with Moira the German Shepherd. Thank you Bark! for sponsoring this episode! Get a free BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or both when you sign up for a subscription: or

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This is our final episode and i thought It would be a fantastic idea to recap Every single thing that we’ve taught Moira in two weeks One thing that makes a huge difference When you’re working on a project like This is always having the best toys and Treats available Two boxes today bark box for dogs that Are not that hard on toys Or super chewer for those really tough Dogs moira definitely more of a super Chewer dog Bark makes the most dynamic dog toys on The market Period the sea turtle is awesome super Dangly too You know some of those dogs like the Dangly toys different textures awesome Design Lots of super premium treats brie is Telling me that if this toy gets Destroyed there’s a surprise on the Inside Yes check it out i think i will In the name of dog science i’m doing This to this poor little sea lion Oh because he ate the penguin so there Ah well looks like the penguin has the Last laugh So this is what i mean barkbox is super Creative super innovative with dog toys We Love them and for our super chewer dogs

It’s barkfist in bed You’ve got we got an awesome Fried egg really tough these are Dishwasher safe too Check out the bacon these are much much Tougher tougher toys right here you get A couple of bags of super premium treats In every box from bark we get lots of Awesome chews after all it’s a super Chewer box Get a free bark box or super chewer box When you sign up for a multi-month plan At Dog training and dog Training i’ll have a link below If you’re really serious about training Your dog you really should watch this Entire series but today I’m going to give you an overview now That everything is complete You’ll recall when we first got moira She was completely untrained with the Exception of sit She didn’t know how to sit and my goal Was to build enough communication with Her Over the two weeks that i had available So that she would have a basic Understanding of how to communicate with People as a whole At least at a basic level but it was Completely evident on my first day with Moira This was going to be a lofty goal i had

No reason to believe that this was going To be A smooth process you’re crazy i will let You hold this bag You can just set that on the ground Sit you taught her down you said i just Sit oh okay Sit very good oh she’s perfect she’s Great Now going into this project me and brie Were so excited and i knew There was a ton that i wanted to Accomplish but i also knew That we didn’t have forever to Accomplish those goals with that Preliminary time that i had initially Met moira i could tell she was going to Be extremely challenging Good girl do you know how to let go But i could also tell that she was a Very Sharp cookie and she would prove me Right on that point throughout this Series So on day one we had our foster mom drop Her off and immediately she was all over The furniture she was obviously very Excited That’s why we filmed okay you need to Work on your furniture Jumping i see and then after she got Settled a little bit i took her On a walk and things got interesting Okay moira is so

Worked up bree and inertia are down There but moira is like Really really wound up So you can see we’ve got a lot of work To do here And i knew that moira had killed a Couple of chickens in the past She had this strong desire to approach Birds Oh my gosh gosh Girl no ma’am come on over here So what i need to do is i need to create Distance right there i was definitely Concerned about this but my best Hypothesis So far anyway was that she was just a Dog that had a lot of drive She liked to chase things run after them And yes bite them And so she needed some guidance on how To constructively fulfill her inner Drive And that’s why the first thing that i Decided to teach her was tug of war Before i go to bed tonight i’m going to Get her a little bit more tired by Playing She’s also getting me a little more Tired as well boy you got to watch that Bite right there You want to be careful when you’re Teaching an adult dog like this how to Play tug-of-war Because their aim isn’t always the best

I really wanted her to understand Yes you can play vigorously yes you can Bite things Certain things that is and yes it’s Going to be a lot of fun when you Interact with me We had a pretty reasonable first night And moira did pretty well but i remember Thinking like Holy cow there is so much to do what Have i done I have to be totally honest with you i Am feeling a little bit overwhelmed she Has a lot of bad habits that A lot of people don’t want to deal with I mean this is one of the issues with Rescue dogs very often they have a History of getting away with things Jumping on people or Running after wild animals or anything Like that That can be really difficult to manage Once the habit has been established on Day two it was clear i needed to shape Up and i needed to do it fast because This dog was going to get out of control If i didn’t start giving her structure Immediately Moyra’s tied to me now why you asked This is why so much for the tie out huh I could not believe how fast moira went From not understanding the leave It look at me combo leave it Okay so she didn’t listen to me to doing

A Super impressive version of leave it and Look at me In her first training session leave it Look at me yes that was a magic moment Right there This was further illustrating how smart And sharp this dog really is if you Haven’t taught your dog the leave it Look at me combo do it it is so fun And so practical for other areas of Teaching them training a dog like moira While also Producing a series and currently filming A series Is definitely a couple of full-time jobs Believe it or not so it was Really important that we were able to Work in downtime For moira while bri and i did our day Job right now we Are previewing a video making notes While also you may notice filming a Video It’s funny because you’re wearing the Same outfit so it’s like Zach and a red hoodie stacking a red Hoodie and a cam over there Real life sack still in his red hoodie i Cannot even handle all the universes That are touching right now Simultaneously it’s messing with my head Looks like she found a toy to play with My communication she’d be okay and

That’s something we’re really trying to Do with these series moving forward Really show you what training a dog is Like in day-to-day life Not just having a dedicated training Lesson and moving on to the next one and I was so anxious to get into training Moira but she obviously had some Other leftover puppy habits that really Had to be dealt with and probably the Most significant of those that was Immediately apparent is that she would Bite All of the time i mean those puppy teeth Are long gone those are actual Grown up german shepherd dog teeth this Is exactly the kind of behavior that can Scare a lot of people so even though This hurts it is just play biting But a german shepherd even play biting Hard can still have Unwanted consequences so many rescues Have this issue of adult puppy fighting Because they don’t always have someone Who is there to show them exactly the Right things to bite on So with moira i really focused on Redirecting that desire to play into Something More productive like a training session Or maybe even tug of war Some type of game which also had the Added benefit of being able to show her How to better interact with people

I want to let her know biting is okay But only with permission and only with Approved items i immediately got to work On teaching moira how to sit Lie down and stand up this basic Training is something that you can teach A dog Really quickly it’s also another great Way to redirect their Puppy energy when they start biting on You when she gets it she Really gets it and night two was a lot Rockier with moira than the first night So she was definitely more restless and I also knew i was really throwing a lot At her In terms of asking her to learn new Things given that we have such a limited Amount of time together I’m gonna try one more thing i’m just Gonna ignore her for five straight Minutes And if after five minutes she’s still Feeling frantic i’ll probably adjust my Strategy Let her sleep on the tie out next to me Where she has a little bit more room But i don’t want her to continue to Stress though i mean if you’re wondering Why i’m doing this It’s because a crate can often make it Easier to manage a dog And i like to use really oversized Crates so for a crate this is pretty big

But the more and more that i’m watching Her the more i’m realizing That a crate really might not be for her I just let her out so i don’t think she Has to relieve herself Five minutes can seem like an eternity When you’re timing things like this All right i’m gonna call it and we’re Gonna tie her out But part of training a dog is having a Comfortable well-rested dog Too and moira just was so at Ease when she got up on the mattress and Laid down next to me So i committed the ultimate dog trainer Sin and had her sleep next to me In my bed for the next couple of nights Number one dog training channel on Youtube Right here and over the next several Days i would discover that she had some Issues with the crate So i graduated her to a Safe area for her to be in that wasn’t Quite as enclosed as a crate and she did Really well with that Part of being a good trainer to your dog And good teacher to them is being Flexible and always being able to change Your game plan Moira is throwing so many curveballs at Us i’m having to Change protocol all over the place to Adapt to her of course overnight wasn’t

Our only Issue maura did surprise me with some Rather robust barking Outbursts in her first few days with us Even if i still was in my pajamas I don’t want a cave i just go over there This is really like Demanding A fraction of quiet and then i’m gonna Go acknowledge the fight yes Fraction of quiet quiet good girl okay The jumping is another thing We’ve got to work on yes good girl So i’m gonna reward the quiet there good Girl That’s how i looked yeah gosh of course I wanted to make sure to work with her Extensively On one of the most important skills that Every dog should know Stay and so we really broke down stay Into three categories Stay for a period of time sit Good you can see her focus is good let Me let me just test look at me look at Me Yes good took her a second there but That’s good i just wanted to measure Stay while we walk away i’m gonna walk Away Then i’m gonna come back here see how Our attention was waning there Good girl stay walking away Notice how i’m not releasing her from

The stay over here she’s doing really Well with this Very good i’m coming over here now i’m Gonna say Okay come on yes good And then stay while distracted which was Definitely Easier said than done with moira she’s a Very distractible dog Let go easy sit stay She’s looking Look at me Yes okay good girl very good in that Example you could see how she held her Stay while something she really wants Was nearby but did you also notice how Delicate I was i didn’t make the distraction Super crazy we want to work up to that So to this point we’ve seen moira Display a number of different issues From Anxiety in her crate to pulling and Lunging on her leash To barking outbursts and more there’s One Absolutely critical component to dogs Who behave Like moira and without it you have Almost no hope of having a well-behaved Dog and that component Is exercise well exercise that involves Interacting with a person And moira loves to play so again

Channeling that desire to play Into a polished game of fetch is a game Changer for her So i’m going to run around a little bit Here see if she comes towards me Good and i’m gonna she backed away a Little but i’m gonna hold the ball Let go it was a really good let go yes Since i said yes i’m gonna follow it up With a reward Good girl yeah what and you can see My energy caused her to come bolt Towards me yes This is also a very fun way to solidify Come when called And obviously when a dog loves playing Fetch this much i can’t help but check In to see how they like frisbee the Really cool thing about teaching dogs How to play like this besides getting Their energy out on your terms and Schedule Is that you get your dog in an amazing Mood so you can actually start to Practice Their everyday obedience training while They’re in that optimistic Fun frame of mind let me throw in a sit Sit yes good so now she had fun Because she took direction for me you Can see how this can really spiral in a Good way For your training yes i mean getting Your dog to listen to you when they’re

In that excited mindset can be very Powerful And of course for your dog to be really Proficient at fetch they have to have a Very good Let go clearly that was something that Moira and i needed to practice A little bit more yes good girl you can See she’s really Getting it here it was also becoming More evident that moira was more of a Physical train in that she was just a Rough and tumble dog you might notice With moira with her being so energetic And strong I’m a bit more physical with her than i Have to be with other dogs I have to block her from jumping on me Or getting at my face i’m really hoping To make it out of this series without A broken nose i hope i’ve been watching Cobra kai I can like block a little while later we Were outside and a dog appeared behind Our yard and surprised All of us this was moira’s most Significant reaction to date And since the dog was moving by i did my Best to just hold my ground and try not To drag moira away which i think could Have frustrated her Even more making this issue even worse It was clear we had some very Significant issues here that we needed

To work on with moira Aside from some of these more extreme Reactions to other dogs jumping on and Scaring away potential adopters Was another one of moira’s significant Issues so we got to work on that right Away So generally when i’m teaching a dog how Not to jump on someone i’ll teach them How to Not jump on me first and then later Start working with them on not jumping On other people Because they really are different issues Aren’t they okay Girl see what i’m saying she just gets She’s like give me that food Yes the fact that she offered to sit Right there Means i’m gonna okay girl all right sit Yes this is also a great time to use Their meal Uh-huh see there she made no contact you Gotta watch them It’s a great time to use their meal for Training i want to intercept it before The jumping sit Yes and the next day we officially Started moira’s Lease training session albeit indoors And even there It was clear i’m gonna have a tough time Here see Look at that she’s pulling towards the

Toy if that was a dog She would be like i’m not paying Attention to you i’m paying attention to That i’m trying to guide her away from The distraction and Man this is going to take longer than Two weeks If she can’t leave that toy burrito Alone there’s virtually no chance she’s Going to disregard a dog Anywhere within 50 yards of her i’ve Decided to upgrade my treat here To real chicken do you want this Look at that it can be a little Frustrating when you’re trying to teach Your dog how to leave a toy alone For a leash training session like this But i mean Real chicken you want this instead put It right on her nose look at that She’s saying i would rather play with This toy than eat that chicken the fact That moira turned down Real chicken right at her nose in favor Of that toy Is a pretty big deal on one hand she Gets so focused on something and it’s Hard to get her attention on me even When i have a good currency but it also Tells me That okay hey i can probably use that Toy to motivate her to do a variety of Different things moving forward Her true personality was really

Beginning to emerge we started to see More instances of demand barking As well as her starting to get very Interested in my shoes My new classic reeboks why is this on The floor You can’t have these that would be Tragic fortunately My shoes made it out alive around this Time she was also making a lot of Progress when it came to settling down Inside the house So that was a win now after several days Of really focusing on these fundamental Skills It was time to take our training out Into the real world and start Implementing some of these skills So the first place i took moira was to a Very unpopulated public area but there Wasn’t much around and she nailed it she Did pretty awesome She’s very interested in people there’s Someone crossing the road over here And she’s giving them a look which is Fine but Let me practice getting her attention While she’s mildly distracted by someone In the distance Moira here look at me Yes good Here yes good and Okay good and now i’m going to let her Satisfy her curiosity for a minute and

Because she was doing so well i was like All right let’s move on to our second Location which has a slightly higher Concentration of dogs and people in the Distance And as soon as we got there it was clear I was going to have to be very focused And very disciplined about training Moira I mean that dog is very far away and Moira is already over threshold Before this gets any worse i’m going to Help her out by moving her farther away From the dog And this is good she doesn’t need much Coaxing to come along with me when the Dog Is that far away that’s definitely a Plus since we have a lot to work on here And here’s another dog already that has Walked into moira’s detection zone And it’s more the same she’s definitely Not willing to voluntarily give me her Attention if she can see A dog at all even when i call moya’s Name and i ask her to sit she’s Completely non-compliant I mean moira became very reactive to People and dogs and basically anything She could see Anywhere so we were in over our head Here and so then the next day i was like All right we’ve got to get really Serious not only about her basic

Training here but we also need to focus On this reactivity every moment that we Can while we’re together but i don’t Have the luxury of only focusing on that So we decided to focus our training Efforts on the field right behind my House where i can control the Environment pretty well And i’ve got terrific visibility so i Can see dogs and distractions coming and Going Nonetheless this training session and The next few would still be very rocky i Would definitely encounter some Significant Outbursts from moira we have a couple of Dogs coming here Oh go get it maura can’t focus on me Toys treats or Anything else if she detects a dog Anywhere On planet earth the other dog is quite Excited as well so i want to make sure i Have a good grip on her Want to keep full control when you’re Doing early leash training sessions with A dog like this the process can be Very bumpy to say the least it’s hard to Keep your dog’s sustained attention at Times for sure You can see me trying here and failing Miserably at times but i’m not gonna Give up But let me be clear i am making a

Sincere effort to minimize These outbursts and i’m doing that by Being very far away from potential Triggers that moira can see i’m going to Try and create some distance Let’s go come on girl I mean some dogs are more sensitive than Others but moira Is particularly sensitive whenever she Sees a dog In between our outings to work on Moira’s reactivity we had a lot of other Things to work on too i focused on Getting her more comfortable with some Basic grooming practices and there were Some bumps in the road Yes okay sit She did not like that at all but Training is all about being flexible so We shifted our game plan and moira did Incredible So here we’re counter conditioning her Like getting her to be more tolerant of Something that she typically isn’t And she’s getting a good experience of Eating that peanut butter at the same Time and she’s like hey i don’t mind This so much so we’ll cater our approach To her because her biting and jumping Still needed some work i really wanted To diligently focus on resolving that Too Though this is going to be crazy you Want to go say hi let’s go say hi

Good okay so right there that’s why we Have them on leash say hi Hey little good girl okay come see that So we’re interrupting the behavior Before It occurs the next day was just magical Well mostly at this point i really felt Like i mean me and moira were starting To connect and understand one another And had some really solid basic Communication So as you’ll remember one of her big Issues was Being tempted by birds so i figured we Would do some training around birds Lots and lots of birds i mean if i Remember correctly she had a little bit Of a tough time At first but for the most part she Showed extreme focus In the presence of thousands like Literally Thousands of different birds let’s see How all of her steps of fetch are Looking Interesting toy check that’s good let go Let go okay better than it was sit Stay okay yes go Good girl chasing it returning it in a Straight line let’s see Come on yes good Eagerly let’s go and awaits the next Throw let’s find out let go Stay eagerly awaits the next throw

For sure okay so i’m really satisfied That my strategy here was working of Teaching her to run And chase after something and bite it And bring it back to me aka fetch was Really satisfying that desire To play and interact with her world i Mean moira Was just firing on all cylinders and it Was at that moment where i was like We are turning this corner that is just Incredible she is looking so good on Heel i love the way a german shepherd Looks when they heal but i would be Reminded that progress when training a Dog is very rarely Linear after what had been an enormously Successful day of training Moira had her single worst outburst In my custody to date all right moira No ma’am come here Come on back here let’s go and of course I want to take responsibility it was my Own fault for moving Too quickly and putting her too close to Other dogs it goes to show that just When you think you’re having a major Breakthrough Dog training really does keep you humble And just like i talk about in my books Link below and throughout my youtube Videos you always have to be prepared To take a step back whenever the Situation dictates

So the next day it was off to try and Solidify Moira’s obedience when she sees other Dogs So you can see straight away we’ve got Some dogs here So my overall strategy here was Basically to manage her should she Become overwhelmed when in the presence Of another dog Though ideally i’m trying to prevent That from happening at all from this Point forward And i was definitely not perfect at that Episode 9 though was Really a breakthrough day it’s like She’s really seemed to start To understand what we’re going for here She started paying attention to me A lot more reliably when she would see Other dogs Moira come yes much better very good On that day she made some incredible Leaps forward on her obedience she did Her Longest ever stay which was impressive To watch Okay come yeah i love that look at that Sprint Her heel was starting to come together Something we had just basically started On Moira also had her first bath with me Which is always an

Interesting experience We had our ups and downs and bottom line She did get pretty clean And neither one of us were too Traumatized in the process when you’re Working with a reactive dog like moira You’re looking for Sometimes tiny examples of success even Those tiny successes are important to Celebrate though but the success that Moira had on this next day Was just huge and it was so satisfying To see this We were just shooting some photos with Moira and both of us noticed holy cow There’s a dog Coming and we know how delicate she can Be with dogs so i quickly escorted her Down Here and a beautiful thing happened I was able to keep her attention almost Exclusively on the ball playing fetch With that dog at By her standards extremely close range She still showed a lot of interest but i Was able to get her back which was The really encouraging thing to me There’s hope moira you can do this It’s hard to resist a barking dog i Understand She’s running around from excitement let Me see if i can get her back on the ball Here we go i’m not insisting on Perfection i’m just trying to get her

Attention loosely on me right now Because we know she’s really excited You hear the dog barking still there She’s still excited about the dog but She’s still picking that ball up so it’s A really Effective currency and even though she’s In and out right now they’re in and out Before they’re all in but that’s fine For now that’s where you start And that’s the goal of this series to Give you realistic places to start not To try and Make me look good like i can train a dog Like a wizard But to really just show you the actual Steps i go through to try to get a dog Compliant over a more extended period of Time Keep in mind my overall goal with this Project is to make sure Moira is as prepared as humanly possible For her new home so that also means just General good behavior in the house like Not stealing things and how to just Chill out and relax sometimes Plus training sessions like this always Help deepen your mutual communication With your dog as evidenced by how hard Moira tried to convince me that she Really didn’t have to leave that chicken Alone i think this is our first actual Argument as a dog and trainer team and You can’t have it really

No i’m sorry here Come on over here leave it come Nope come good girl yes sit On my last day of training moira i could Not have been more proud I mean she was listening to her basics Like sit stay Come and heal she showed incredible Restraint with other dogs Very close by look at this loose leash Right now that’s pretty good So this is really impressive here come On Good girl and i was satisfied that there Was a strong foundation in place for her New mom to take over I took moira on one last walk with just Me and her And she did not have a single outburst On our entire walk Moira you’re going home with your new Mom today I’ve really enjoyed working with you i’m Going to miss you Tremendously you’re a very special dog Do you think she can understand any of This she’s wonderful Very smart girl Really curious about her world not one Outburst on our final leg Proud of her now i don’t want to make This look like oh moira will never have Another outburst again I think it’s still probably going to

Take several more months of doing a lot Of repetitive training As we’ve done over the last several Episodes of this series And that’s okay real behavior change Takes time there’s no way to skip over Life experience for our dogs This series was really focused on those Beginning steps that you need to take so That you And moira’s new family could hopefully Learn where you can Start to get traction on a complex issue Like this I’m so proud of moira and this is Definitely going to be My favorite moment of the entire series You’ve been waiting for it i’d like to Introduce you to moira’s new mom Arena hi i’m irina i’m going to be Maura’s new mom I met moira a few weeks ago and i wanted To be considered for adopting her And since this project began with zach I’ve been accepted i’ve been searching For a dog for a while And of course fall in love with every Single dog but when i saw her I fell extra in love i’m not planning on Getting any other pets for now as far as Training it would be nice that she could Understand basic skills things like sit And stay and how to come and not pull on Her leash i understand she’s reactive to

Other dogs so i’m hoping to work on that Over time i know that moira has to get Used to working with me And that none of these skills will stick Unless i continue to work with her but I’m really excited that she’s had this Time with zach Once arena and moira got united i went Over the things that we taught moira Of course moira was so excited to see Arena but she could hardly contain Herself there’s always a learning curve When it comes to teaching a dog to Interact with a specific individual but I think they’re going to have plenty of Time to get to know each other better Sit good job stay Stay and look at me now look at me okay Come to me okay come On perfect good girl happy with that Sit we’re working on hand signal with Down so no treat no lure Uh-huh here look at me up stand stay Good so sit down and stand are the three Positions we’ve been working on with her It was really a lot of fun to help them Work together for the first time Arena found a really great dog and moira Was so lucky to be able to find such a Committed person I can tell these two are going to be an Awesome team this was a fantastic Experience and you guys really seem to Love it and i can’t wait to show you

The next dog we’re featuring because You’re gonna love him too All of you can get a free super chewer Box bark box or both when you sign up For a multi-month subscription And if you want all the information in This series and so much more Get my book guide to a well-behaved dog Be the first to know Every new dog i’m working with by Following us on instagram tick tok and Facebook Too we’ll see you in episode one of our Next series

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