I’ve Had My Puppy 6 Days and She’s NOT TRAINED! (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 5)

I’ve Had My Puppy 6 Days and She’s NOT TRAINED! (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 5)

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Ouch that’s too hard Oh OOP oh boy They’re falling out I’m Zack George I Trained dog and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I Trained her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll keep working on Inertia’s puppy biting we’re gonna take Her to the vet to get her very first Shots with me hopefully we’ll take crate Training to the next level as well as Give her lots of brand new experiences Which are critical to raising a puppy Let’s talk about puppy food I’ve talked To board-certified vet nutritionists all Over America about what’s best for young Dogs like inertia now I know many of you Might be interested in trying a special Diet or a homemade diet for your dog but All of the research that I’ve done so Far indicates that puppy hood is not the Time to experiment with a diet like this Puppies have very specific nutritional Needs and every vet nutritionist that I’ve spoken with recommends a commercial Diet that is specifically formulated for A puppy’s growth if you’re the type of Person that insists on feeding trials Which means that they’ve actually tested The food on puppies and then measured to Make sure that it was meeting all their Nutritional needs then look for the

Association of American feed control Officials for a statement on the label Which states the food has undergone Feeding tests or feeding trials that’s The sign that the diet has been tested And is balanced and complete for your Puppy this doesn’t mean that these are The only good foods out there they’re Just the only ones that have undergone Food trials by the AAF CEO or sponsor Pet Flo has all of the brands to choose From and they specialize in getting your Pets food to you on time and Automatically you can get $10 off your First three automatic shipments when you Enter code Zac 30 I’ll have the details Below in the description so this is day Six with inertia she’s just woken up and Kind of the routine we’ve been getting In is I’ve been letting her play a lot We’ve just been wrestling a lot of free Play that’s what we’re in the process of Doing right now it seems it’s easier to Flip her on switch what I mean by that Is just get her playing on cue I mean She’s still intermittent with it but Getting your dog to play on cue can be Very valuable if they’re that kind of Dog and I still don’t know if she’s Totally that kind of dog or not but so Far this is pretty intense play I like It working on the beginnings of bets Oh you forgot your toy but that’s okay I’m still gonna play with her even

Though she didn’t bring it back because Hey she came to me and that’s always Awesome go get that toy yes I didn’t see That veering off that’s why you have Them on leash Another reason I’m exercising her this Morning is since she’s going to the vet Getting a lot of this excess energy out Might be helpful her play biting is Really taking its course here in the Form of items shoelaces flesh all of That we’ve been really working on her Bite inhibition and really showing her The appropriate force to bite it’s okay To bite this hard but when it comes to My flesh ouch that’s too hard she left a Little mark there yes And see I’m actually letting her bite Here because she’s fighting soft it’s Okay to bites off give me a look whoa Damn cat good job that was good did you See her jump into my arms what are you Saying Little let her walk here since I’m Really supervising her just let her Explore and interact with the world kind Of on her terms to a degree just so she Can get to know things and learn about What this world has to offer I put down A couple of area rugs here so we have Lots of room to train and for her to Keep traction since she’s a clumsy puppy Oh poop oh boy they’re falling out at Least we got our fecal sample for the

Vet during early vet visits do your best To make things enjoyable for your dog We’re gonna put some dogs squeeze cheese On the table here to keep her Preoccupied while she gets poked and Prodded a little bit she’s doing really Well that’s keeping her attention see That and the perfect reaction there She’s like whatever Good job inertia very nice [Music] So this is yeah first shot since I’ve Had her Wow look at that she’s not even Good didn’t even know a nurse has really Been taking to the clicker she Definitely understands the click means She’s getting a treat oh good great [Music] Inertia just did so amazing you can see How dr. Abby really made that extra Effort to keep her content and just Really wanted to create that wonderful Association with being at the vet early On during this time I’d say we’re Succeeding so far keep in mind that I Cover how to get your dog comfortable With a vet and everything else dog Training related in both of my books I’ll have links in the description we Saw an opportunity to do some Socialization you know exposure to some Fish and new smells and environments I Can’t put her on the ground yet because She’s not fully vaccinated you don’t go

See the kitty cat let’s go over here Make sure the cat reacts well I don’t Want to stress out the cat either the Vet visit and social time went pretty Well so let’s continue some crate Training we’ve been working on crate Training and getting her to go in Voluntarily at no point how I put her Into the crate physically at all now if You’ve done this with your own dog it’s Not a big deal just take a step back it Might take a little bit longer the rule For us right now anyway is that she Needs to go in the crate on her own this Has been a fun exercise in building that Connection with the clicker every time I Click she gets the treat therefore she’s Motivated to go into the crate I’m gonna Actually take her off leash since I’m Closely supervising her because I really Want to introduce closing the door Finally see up to this point at least One door has been open on this two door Crate and right now I’m only clicking Because she’s voluntarily staying in the Crate with all four feet she’s free to Come out and if she does come out I’m Just gonna wait for her to go back in Maybe I’ll encourage her to go back in With treats so here you can see she’s Come back out of the crate let me see if I can get her to go back in nice good Job do that there you go see it’s really About timing here you don’t want to

Under click when you’re at a fragile Moment like this and this is her Breakfast I have the opportunity to be Super liberal unrewarded yes good job And it’s worth mentioning with puppies You can get by with rewarding them with Tibble generally I would use Value currency but right now she’s only Eight and a half weeks old so we’re just More trying to get her comfortable with Things yes good I’m gonna give her a Little jackpot reward there for lying Down and settling on her own Did you see right there huh she was Thinking about getting up when I close And I just opened it Leave it partially open just letting her Know that you’ll get rewarded I’m only Keeping the door shut for seconds out of Time right now so that she’ll understand That sometimes the door is open and Sometimes it’s closed you’re doing so Good so she’s really starting to Anticipate what’s working let’s go ahead And keep it closed for a minute and Reward her through the right here like This I’ve also taken the divider panel Out because she’s been doing very well In potty training so far she hasn’t had Any accidents in the crate I’ve been Letting her out in the middle of the Night if she hits a settle and lies down On her own that’s awesome I’m not gonna Require that right now but that’s kind

Of what I’m looking for I want her in That relaxed frame of mind in the crate I want her comfortable being alone in a Controlled environment and a crate so I Can go take a shower get some work done Provide enough exercise for and given Her her training and all that her Tendency is to whine a little bit after She goes into the crate I’m gonna walk Away okay see right there she starts Whining the second I walk away I’m gonna See if she’ll settle down for a second You know I’m gonna go ahead and reward That sit because it’s like hey come back Here I’ll sit I’ll behave so I’m letting Her know that I expect her to behave and Relax when I walk away we’re trying to Slowly phase out that whining and it has Been less and less as we’ve moved on After five and 10 minutes she tends to Chill out and relax now that we’ve given Her an idea that sometimes the door Closes and I walk away let’s take a step Back and work on the first part of this Exercise for a bit training isn’t linear Like that not gonna reward her right now Because her feet are outside of the Crate you see how she’s making her Decisions right there how we’re shaping Her to really understand that when you Decide to go into the crate voluntarily That’s where you get your rewards here I Owe Good job I was gonna put her on leash

But I didn’t need to just then she was Going to the crate Good job inertia Did you see how she’s not stressing as We close that door Nice job there’s no need to correct and Be like no get back in the crate here Instead we’re just going to withhold the Kibble here that’s what she really wants Right now is the food that’s what you Got to be patient for by going the extra Mile here and just waiting you’re gonna Get your dog voluntarily doing things It’s gonna make puppyhood in theory a Lot easier another very successful crate Training session and we’re gonna Continue to work on this exercise Several times a day Good job inertia we have an older dog Indy and I’ve still not had them Interact directly because in the past Well Indy’s had unfavorable reactions to new Dogs occasionally this is day six now of Having inertia and we’re only just now Doing this and that’s very much by Design because the nurse was still quite Young and she may also be more prone to Getting scared she’s been pretty Confident I have to say especially the Last three or four days more so than the First few days so that fear period is Lightening up a little bit it seems but We’re still gonna be cautious you can

See a nurse is like oh okay client looks Normal to me and he’s like whatever That’s good I like this so I’m not Rushing to introduce them by any stretch Especially with the young puppy like This because sometimes puppies might View something as scary and when they’re Young that can really make an impression On them the ability to smell one another Is also quite important to dog born so Much through smell that’s really all I Wanted to accomplish with this Particular training session here just Get them close together I’m also giving Them treats so again they have that Association of being with one another Equals them getting cool great stuff Especially when they’re behaving like This I’m fairly confident that if we Introduce them slowly over the next week Or two that things will be much more Likely to go smoother we take a lot of Pictures around here so I want to Prepare inertia for future photoshoots This big giant flash we have can be Off-putting to some dogs so I’m gonna do My best to keep treats and play Happening while the flash continues to Go off remember that your dog is the one Who chooses what is reinforcing to them I wanted to train her with treats just Now but inertia wants to play instead That’s fine with me The point of this training session is

This Simply expose her to something new while Going out of our way to provide Desirable outcomes around this unusual Thing called a giant camera flash Socialization is critical at this age For inertia but I have to limit her Social experiences to areas where many Dogs don’t frequent due to her Vaccination status also since she still Had a delicate point when it comes to Being socialized around other dogs I’m Prioritizing exposing hurts and new Settings people and dogs at a distance You won’t believe the amount of Opportunities that come about in a place Such as your front yard right now we’re Just hanging out in the front yard There’s lots of bikers and walkers Driving by and you know inertia still Isn’t at the point where she listens Reliably outside so I’m just doing some Desensitizing out here goes without Saying but she should be on leash to Clarify in this case desensitizing is Simply giving your dog low-level Exposure to new stuff you might have Noticed I didn’t click and treat when That biker went by because she’s not so Responsive to treats right now if the Outside is pretty enticing even though She’s just chilling out she’s really Kind of overwhelmed by the ground sense So I want those ground scents to become

Completely normal to her that’s why We’re just sitting out here doing Nothing let’s see she did take a treat There she wasn’t taking her treated Earlier now she is so that indicates That she’s maybe a little more Comfortable That’s good that’s progress I wasn’t Expecting that let’s say your dog was Not themselves at the park or any other Place that you went to they won’t take Treats they’re just so distracted by Their environment this is how you get Past that you spend a significant amount Of time in those environments where Those environments are normal cheer dogs Got people walking by in the distance go Ahead and see if they’ll take a treat With these people coming by ideally I Like the Kombi havior when people are Around I’m not sure how long that’s Gonna last in this situation you can see She’s being very calm nice job I don’t Expect that to stay that way I’m gonna Try to keep it that way but as puppies Get older they get more inquisitive more Curious only time will tell how she’ll Do on that long-term got a car all sorts Of action you might not think of being Outside in your front yard is being very Exciting to you or your dog but dogs are Learning at every moment being outside And observing the world is no different She’s an eight and a half week old puppy

Who really does need to explore and kind Of learn This texture and see how that works I Mean this is her probably her first time Ever seeing cedar chips like this it’s a Fine line though on one hand exploring New things like wood chips is necessary But on the other hand well it’s not a Good idea to chew on or ingest wood Chips either these are the nuances that You have to face when raising a new pop How can I get you off these cedar chips See I really don’t want to pull her away But I also don’t want her digging up my Yard let’s see if she’ll be responsive To a war okay I’ll click that step in The right direction Good job nice job isn’t that weird she’s Reacting there see that she’s like where Is that coming from nice she sees it That’s cool oh look she got look at that Okay interesting look like she got a Little anxious I couldn’t tell there who Could blame her you know there’s a big Helicopter flying above it’s loud that’s Weird I do have some training sessions planned With the drone in the not-too-distant Future so that might transition and help With the helicopter training I’m not Sure so far so good but there’s still a Lot to go through this is why getting Your pup out and about is so important You never know what will happen and

These random experiences will help Prepare your dog for the real world the Important thing to remember as well is That just because she’s doing well now Doesn’t mean that in two weeks she won’t Completely revert in fact in my Experience she’s likely to get more Inquisitive and start wanting to lunge And play and get more active with dogs And investigate things that come by I’m Hoping to minimize that type of rude Behavior by doing exercises like this Every dog is completely different so you Just never know how it’s gonna go you Just do your best to put them on the Right course if your dog shows signs of Adjusting and acting normal and new Places attempt to do some light training If they’re open to listening to easy Stuff you’ve previously gone over then This is a sign that they’re at ease in The new environment but by default most Puppies won’t focus intently in new Places that’s normal he will work on a Roll over there we go Nice job is it a puppy good job I don’t Mind that she’s looking at the puppy so I’m not insisting that she pay attention To me I’m just clicking the fact that She’s acting civilized good job not Waiting for react – then correct her but rather Acknowledging that split second where She’s good I’m sure we’ll do many

Desensitizing exercises like this in Various places over the next couple of Years really While inertia was taking a nap in her Crate the yard guys came by I completely Forgot about this motorized sounds and Space aliens walking around with strange Leaf blower backpacks and riding on Machines is bound to seem out of the Ordinary – a puppy man he was doing the Leaf blower right here by the window Right next to inertia and she was Reacting well she perked up a little bit But that’s one of those examples where You have to snap into training mode rush Over here immediately grabbed a clicker Or if you don’t have your clicker at Least be prepared to give them some Encouragement for acceptable behavior in This case not barking not going crazy Let me see under that and fight her out Here but she’s not allowed to just rush Out she has to hold a sit or down we’re All get a letter out Oops alright see that was my mistake I Got a little clumsy let’s see if I can Hey mmm see if I can get her back in see That’s damage control right there since I made a mistake see the mistake was not Intervening quickly enough to shut the Door before she rushes out got a Lawnmower going buy more new sounds Coming from out that reacting well in Fact she’s in normal training mode which

I love is I’m actually working on Teaching her not to run out of the crate Just because it opens okay come on and Just to give her the opportunity to let Her know it’s okay to come out when I Say okay in our next episode we’re gonna See where inertia is after her first Week of training plus we’re gonna cover Teaching her her name leave it come when Called some more and her first leash Walking session for those of you who Want to see more infrequent updates with Inertia follow us on Instagram subscribe To my channel and click the bell Notifications we’ll see you guys in the Next episode I’ll have links to Everything I talked about in the Description below

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