My 8 week old puppy won’t listen! What should I do?

My 8 week old puppy won't listen! What should I do?

I’ll give you dog training tips on teaching your dog to stop chasing cars, the right way to use treats, getting your puppy to listen to you, training an adult rescue dog and more!

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You’re handsome don’t know that I would Say yes we have the most adorable French Bulldog coming over he’s 7 months old What is your dog really good at and the Answer on here is partially listening Describe your dog’s personality in one Sentence Feisty that’s my kind of dog so his Registered a KC name is experiment six Two six sit good and look he’s already Starting to anticipate I love it this is Such a great communication building Exercise leave it and look all winds Sustained eye contact okay those eyes Are ridiculous I know he really does Look like stitch it’s important to phase Out rewards once they’ve really mastered The basics in various environments of Course yes yeah yeah look at that so we Saw that stitch is really good when You’re using food as a currency but how About play that’s what I’d like to test Him board okay I mean he’s very fixated On this squeaky ball how did you do that We’re gonna take some of your questions Right now from YouTube our first Question is from Maria Gambino and it’s Actually on bb8 video when the puppy was Biting you and you distracted him was it With food I would assume that Distracting with food can get confusing Because it looks like a reward can you Speak on that okay so that was probably On one of our puppy biting videos or

Something like that sure that makes a Lot of sense I get that a lot and I can Understand that when you’re trying to Interrupt undesirable behavior using a Treat can be really good to get your Dog’s attention but in general you don’t Just reward with the treat the moment They pay attention to the treat you you Take advantage of the fact that they’re Looking at the treat to bring it up to Your eyes to get them looking at you Then ask them to sit and stay and then Reward them so really what you’re doing Is you’re rewarding for the the Subsequent compliant behavior after they Stop doing the thing like biting or Barking or jumping or whatever Haley Tran says can you do a video on How to stop your dog from barking at Cars that pass by oh yeah well I have Done a video on that and yeah it can be Tricky I mean there are some dogs who Have really established behavior Saying lunging and barking at cars it Can definitely take some time to get Past that the more established a Behavior is like that the tougher it is To overcome but the short answer is you Really want to adopt a strategy of Desensitizing your dog two cars passing By as well as providing positive Consequences when they do behave Acceptable around cars exercising them Just before those training sessions is

Probably required for the vast majority Of dogs who have that because I mean you Want to get as much of that energy out Of them as possible before then asking Them to just be good around something That they’re accustomed to barking and Lunging at it’s normal for that to take Weeks two months of training and you Really have to dedicate time to it but I Do have a great video on that and I’d Recommend that you check that out Aiden who says I can’t get my dog’s Attention he’s only eight weeks old and He seems to be in his own world right Now what should I do Yeah I mean if you can’t get your dog’s Attention in eight weeks you’re fine There’s a lot more important things to Be focusing on with a dog at eight weeks Old when you first start teaching a dog Especially a really young puppy you have To be really cognizant to the fact that They’ve just been taken away from their Mom and their litter mates they know Nothing of this world at all so if you Get any compliant behavior that’s great But it’s unreasonable to expect Sustained focus even if you do Everything in my videos perfectly Because what your dog is lacking is life Experience and if you’re a new pet Parents then you’re also lacking the Experience of teaching a dog so there’s A learning curve on your end and on your

Dog’s end as well so be understanding of That there’s so many things that your Dog has to experience and the only thing That can give them that experience is Time ssj3 wants to know how do I train And adopt it or rescue dog who’s an Adult same way you tried any other dog Every dog who has their individual Things that you have to work on that’s One thing but that can be from a puppy Or an adult dog or whatever but bottom Line just start at the beginning really Focus on building your relationship and Your communication together and bonding With your dog I mean that’s the fastest Way to success with any dog is Prioritizing the connection you have With them and really getting them Interested in you and you have to be Genuinely interested in them but a good Question nonetheless you can certainly Teach older dogs new tricks yeah tell me If you’re enjoying the questions click Thumbs If you are so that I know make sure You’re subscribed to my channel I want To thank all of our patrons for Sponsoring this video see you next time

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