My Daily Routine With My New Puppy!

My Daily Routine With My New Puppy!

You asked for it! Here is my daily routine with my new puppy!  This video is sponsored by Solid Gold Pet. Go here to get 30% off of your order:

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I’m Zack George I trained dog and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I train her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience At this point in the series so many of You have asked me to detail my daily Routine when training inertia in today’s Episode I’m gonna cover what an average Day of training looks like with a three Month old puppy like inertia obviously There are many of you watching who have Lots of different types of dogs with Different needs so periodically I like To discuss super premium dog foods with You guys Solid-gold is a brand of food that’s Been around for over 40 years And people who use solid gold with their Dogs swear by it Choosing a food that’s perfect for your Dog is pretty tough but one good place To start is to make sure that your dog Food has really good ingredients and Immediately when I look at these top Ingredients you have lamb lamb meal Brown rice there’s a lot of great Quality protein and healthy grains in This food there’s over 20 superfoods in This formula things like carrots pumpkin Blueberries broccoli almond oil and more So you can tell solid-gold puts a lot of Thought into a food like this all solid

Gold dry recipes have ocean fish meal For fatty acids and egg protein for Muscle growth and metabolism this solid Gold sea meal is really innovative it Supports skinning Cote digestive and Immune health – I also like these meal Stoppers so maybe if your dog is a picky Eater or you’re trying to give them some Extra nutrition these bone broth meal Stoppers are awesome nice short Ingredient list and they have these in a Few different flavors too right now Solid gold is gonna give you 30% off of Your first order by visiting solid gold Pet com / – Zac I’ll have a link in the Description solid gold is available Worldwide – I thought it would be a Great idea to take a step back in our Series right now and really just cover What a day of training actually looks Like with a three month old dog for me It works out to break the day into three Rounds or three sections I’m in the Habit of getting up pretty early in the Morning in general but when you have a Puppy that can be extra important so I Get up typically around 5 a.m. or so to Let inertia out to do her business and Just kind of wake up and when she does Have those successes outside and does Her business and goes pee and poop I’m Really in the habit of praising her and Letting her know I appreciate that Following it up with some playtime maybe

A Reward potty training is still far from Over my mindset isn’t even like is she Getting close to being potty trained I’m Still like okay she’s nowhere near being Potty trained now fortunately the good Thing about having an attitude like this Is that she has not been in a position To have many accidents at all lately I’ve been really good about controlling Her environment making sure she’s got Her little puppy bedroom which is the Crate and exercise pen combo she’s been Really great about not having accidents In her little bedroom area my preference Would be to take her on a short walk but She’s too young to go on walks and Neighborhoods were the park behind our House because a fair amount of dogs Frequent those areas and she has to get Her final round of vaccinations before We can do that so in place of that I’ve Been letting her do a lot of free play In the yard and just letting her explore The world and if it turns out that she’s Like in this extra playful mood I’ll Encourage her to play with me and we’ll Do some basic fetch or some type of Training like that or maybe I’ll try and Get her to chase me just to really try And move her towards this fluid game of Fetch that I’m hoping to train over the Next few months with it so it’s usually Only about an hour so that I let her

Kind of play around get some of that Energy out and then I’ll put her into Her puppy bedroom and give her some Breakfast and then she usually passes Out for like hours so I really take Advantage of this still morning time to Let her sleep so I can get my work done Because I do have a job outside of Training her contrary to what many People might think I know a lot of People with full-time jobs where you Have to leave your house who have a new Puppy can get really stressed out and Overwhelmed because they think they need To do so much but you know if you’ll Just get up approximately one hour Earlier which I understand may be Inconvenient but if you got a puppy you Got to do what you got to do right but If you’ll spend that hour with them just Doing some play and general training With them whatever you’re working on you Should find that most puppies especially That young will sleep for many hours so You can go off to work knowing that They’re probably content until about Lunchtime so when she wakes up a few Hours later around midday say twelve O’clock or so that’s when I’ll do some More formal training with her either Focusing on things that she’s already Learned and trying to get those to look A little bit better I also take Advantage of this time to introduce

Introductory training exercises to new Things that I intend to teach her later Maybe a trick like play dead or rollover You know something like that You Julie inertia his attention span is Around 15 minutes or so if she’s really In the mood I might give her a 10-minute Break after that 15-minute session and See if I can get another one out of her But that really depends on how she’s Feeling on that particular day I’ll also be sure to give her some General outdoor exposure because you’ll Remember that getting your dog used to Paying attention to you while outside is One of the most challenging parts of Getting a dog to listen to you by Desensitizing her and just getting her Used to being in the world without being Asked to do anything and allowing her to Smell around and just take everything in Is a huge part of training and it’s Pretty low maintenance on my part she Does her thing I do mine everyone’s Happy If she does indicate that she’s kind of Interested in paying attention I might Do some very light training on stuff That she understands very well at this Point like sit and lie down with a lure For example but if she just wants to Completely tune me out and ignore me and Just sniff the ground that’s ok too

Right now so for those of you with a Traditional full-time job it would be Ideal to come home during lunch and Spend anywhere between 30 minutes to an Hour with your dog if possible if you’re Unable to do that though maybe you have A family member that can help out and Also doggie daycare can be a wonderful Option for many of you as well so once I’m done doing that I’ll probably bring Her inside let her just have some casual Time in the house she’s been really Enjoying playing with our older senior Dog Indy a lot and Indy’s been enjoying Her a lot too so they’ve been having a Lot of bonding going on so I’ll usually Let them play for a little bit and then I’ll put inertia back up and encourage Her to settle down and she usually yet Again goes to sleep almost immediately It is incredible how much young puppies Sleep once inertia finally wakes up it’s Time for her final round of the day with Inertia being as young as she is we’ve Been taking her to a different place Virtually every day just to really show Her that there’s lots of things to see Out there now of course the catch is as I mentioned earlier she hasn’t had her Final round of vaccinations so those Places typically tend to be dog friendly Bars and restaurants where a ton of dogs Don’t really go I found a couple of Sports fields that are pretty well

Capped so we’ve kind of snuck into those To try and give her some time to run Around and play it’s also been great Taking her to a lot of our friends Houses some of them have dogs and as Long as those dogs are vaccinated as our Friends dogs are then It’s cool with her to meet with those Dogs and interact with them so at this Point you know we’ll return home and I Might do one more of 10 to 15-minute Training session with her that’s Dependent on again how she’s feeling and If she’s tired or I might let her play With Indy it’s just kind of this Flexible time that I have for her that I Utilize in a way that makes the most Sense for that given day after she’s Done with all of that I’ll feed her let Her digest her food for an hour or so Take her off to do her business and then I’ll put her up for the night and I’m Careful to make sure that she has lots Of good chew toys that are safe for her Water to drink things like that and Inertia has been so fantastic about just Passing out and sleeping to the next Morning where we’ll do it all over again Now as she gets older she’s not gonna Sleep quite so much so there’s going to Be additional challenges moving forward There are some additional things that I’d like to bring up too that you can do Throughout the day for example I’m very

Careful to make sure that when she is Awake maybe she hasn’t passed out as Quickly as she normally does I’m careful To make sure that she goes out and has Potty breaks every hour that she is Conscious I’ll also focus on reinforcing general Training throughout the day too for Example I might do a very casual come When called training session when in a New public place when we’re doing our Socialization sessions or when she’s Playing with Indy I might work on settl Training between rounds of play so there Are plenty of opportunities throughout The day to implement spontaneous Training sessions that just last a few Seconds or so maybe you’re trying to Practice a real life leave it and you Throw a sock in front of your dog and Have them leave it so there’s a lot of That type of thing that goes on during The training process right now and Remember for those of you looking for a New high-quality premium food check out Solid gold I’ll have a link in the Description and in order to make it Extra easy to try solid gold is going to Give you 30% off of your first order Just go to solid gold pet comm slash Zack I’ll have that link below I want to Extend a sincere thank you this series With inertia has exceeded all of our Expectations and you’ve made us very

Happy with all of your warm comments and Engagement you’re gonna love the next Episode watching an Ursa learn the Things that she’s gonna learn next are Just best See you guys You

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