My Dog Listens at Home, But Definitely Not Here!

My Dog Listens at Home, But Definitely Not Here!

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I don’t know how to get down so she’s Barking because she wants to get back Here I’m Zack George I trained dogs and This is my new dog inertia I’m taking You along as I train her from day one You can start from the beginning or pick Up anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience Today we’ll see what it’s like living on The road with a four month old puppy Having a new puppy has reminded me how Important it is not to ever run out of Puppy food and it always seems to be an Inconvenient time every time you run out Of puppy food get your pets food the 21st century way by going to pet Flo all You do is choose your pet’s food and Tell them how often you want it Delivered that’s it and you eliminate All of your emergency runs to the store To get your dog’s food to make the Service easy to try enter code Zac 30 to Get $10 off your first three automatic Shipments I’ll have a link below today Is an exciting day because I’m going to Take my dog inertia to Atlanta that’s my Hometown where I have lots of family Because my family hasn’t seen my dog is A puppy yet So I thought this was a good opportunity To show you guys kind of how I prepare For a road trip the things that I bring In order to keep inertia happy I’ve got Some different leashes this is a 15 foot

Leash to give me some options because I Don’t want to let her just have the run Of the house and houses that she’s never Been in before I’ve got a 6 foot leash When I need to keep her more contained And assuming we can find a nice park to Work at I’ve got a nice long retractable Leash to give her some free roaming Space on those longer walks to where she Can just check out the environment and Explore two bowls one for food one for Water a nice fun unconventional ball one Of her favorite plush toys I think she’s Ready to go right now I’m just going to Ignore that barking for now she heard The squeak can I have a saddle excuse me While I try to get this barking under Control Relax good girl since she’s just under 4 Months of age she’s gonna need lots of Things to chew on so I’ve got this I got A little plastic thing I’ve got these Deep tendon shoes so she should have a Decent variety as far as currency goes For food I’m gonna be bringing cheese Can you settle thank you the good thing About these little packs is that they Keep well for traveling whereas keeping Real meat with you Might be kind of tough I also have some Other dog treats that you might like of Course I’ve got my clicker got a brush Here to make sure she looks good for Everybody got wipes for to keep her

Clean of course if she has an accident We have to be fully prepared for that so We’ve got stain remover and paper towels And a couple of ways to transport her Water so a bigger water jug and one of These these are great right here you can Squeeze it out and you have a bowl of Water everywhere you go and of course We’ve got her food too so that’s it I’m Ready to get on the road in my personal Experience most dogs tend to really just Get infinite eyes by the road and go to Sleep inertia has been sleeping pretty Much the whole time we haven’t heard Much out of her at all and the reason For that is that we’ve exercised her She’s had some training today and she Probably feels content hopefully she’ll Sleep through the night then that’s Gonna be interesting we’re at a Tesla Supercharging stop right now and I’m Gonna show you more about how we travel With a dog We have inertia back here you can see That she is in her travel carrier this Is how I feel safest transporting a dog Having a dedicated crate for them is Especially to the puppy the way that I Like to do it waits the nurse has been Doing really good on wait at the crate Okay come on good girl now you’ll want To make sure that your dog’s harness is Super secure on them because you don’t Have the safety net when you’re

Traveling we double-checked hers to make Sure it is there’s not a fenced area You’re often by an area where there’s a Lot of cars good girl she went pee That’s good we’re stopping every couple Of hours because we have a dog that Isn’t quite four months old yet you want To give them ample opportunities to go So every couple of hours is pretty good If you have an older dog you might be Able to travel for longer periods of Time when you’re taking a road trip you Have a lot on your mind and maybe it Might be easy to forget to give your dog Some water so pack extra water with you And offer it to them at every break some Dogs get carsick and they get kind of Queasy when You travel if that’s your dog give them A light meal so that there are less Likely to lose their breakfast I Exercised inertia before the trip but if You have a high-energy dog or a fairly Energetic one its if at all possible do Some playtime with them at your stop Maybe some fetch if you can find an area Or certainly a short walk might be a Good idea that’ll also encourage better Behavior on the trip if they tend to get A little antsy in the car she’s still Under that critical socialization age of Eight months of age so every new Experience every new place is a welcomed Opportunity when you have a dog this

Young today we stopped two or three Times that’s two or three new places in One day all right put her back in there And she’s gonna go back to sleep it Looks like nice and comfy so I’m gonna Be staying with my dad and his whole Basement is available for us hopefully That works out I’ve never stayed in this Basement [Music] Okay we’ve made it to Atlanta and my dad Is extremely anxious to meet inertia for The very first time however inertia not So much she looks a little nervous of my Dad right now she’s like why is this guy On the ground over here I’m trying to Encourage my dad to be calm as his Enthusiasm is met by skepticism from Inertia turns out dad training is Tougher than dog training let’s go when You get down that throws are off I think Your excitement really makes her nervous It looks like you really want to say hi Dad’s more excited than she is look just Let her come up and smell you show there She goes that’s good she’s jumping while I generally discouraged my dog jumping On people in this case it’s a sign that She’s more comfortable always consider Its context when your dog is behaving a Certain way she’s good she just needs a Minute sometimes okay she loves her Grandpa chef now let me introduce her to This new place a little bit more

Formally maybe we should give her a Bigger leash right now to explore since She’s been cooped up all day this is Very encouraging she’s playing fetch in A new state usually dogs are too Preoccupied in new places to focus on Games like fetch which would be just Fine but this shows she is capable of Focusing on me in some new outdoor Places that was pretty good cuz I mean She’s never experienced grass like this I mean even small things like a Different species of Atlanta grass can Be distracting factors in your training The first thing I really want to do is Show her the proper place to go potty Which is either out here But she’s gonna be going in the back a Lot so let’s go there – this is her Potty area back here and I’m gonna let Manure get familiar with it smell around She seems to be really interested in the Smell of the tree and rather than Waiting until you think they absolutely Have to go it’s a good idea to get them Nice and comfortable when you have some Time to show them okay so she’s doing Well outside let’s go see what’s going On inside this is a nurses sleeping area Over here I’m just kidding are used to This crate right here because it’s Smaller than the one that she usually Uses it’s really important to make sure That you control your puppy’s

Environment all of the time but Especially in new places you can think Of a crate like this as a crib for a Baby it keeps them safe and out of Trouble but we’ve set it up really close To where we sleep so that we can keep an Eye on or obviously keep her from waking My dad up upstairs and you might also Notice that we’re right by the door so I Can easily let her out in the middle of The night if I have to or first thing in The morning or whatever she has to go Out but I want to be mindful in the Amount of time that she’s spending in The crate as well even though I’m out of Town I’m here to visit family I can’t Forget about her I’ve got to make sure She’s getting her exercise I can’t just Leave her in here while I go off and Visit I’m hoping to give her lots of Exposure to people and also get her Comfortable in the crate when I Definitely need my own time but so far She’s doing a great job good job okay Come on I’m about to take inertia on a Walk but I want to do some warm-up Training drills with her we’ve been Working on heal indoors she’s not ready To do this outside I love how she’s Looking at me they’re here I’m simply Proofing getting her attention a basic Look at me is a great way to measure if She’s in a teachable mindset leave it Yes this way yes

Look at me good yes yes notice how she’s Holding that stand we’ve been working on That and she’s not automatically going Into the sit look at me we’re not Focused on heel now now I’m just focused On making sure she’ll walk on leash in This new place doing a good job Things are looking so good in this new Place it’s wonderful not having these Additional family distractions around Right now hey Dad how are you yeah come On come say good morning to YouTube and Now she does tend to pee when she gets Excited yep right there we’ve been Dealing with this excitement urination Right here inertia has been struggling Struggling with excitement urination It’s really common with puppies when They get excited they just can’t control Their excitement they start peeing Everywhere That’s something typically dogs will Outgrow but in the meantime you can take Them outside before they’re likely to Get excited encourage your readers to Greet them a little less excitedly of Course my dad doesn’t listen to me at All But it’s not really a potty training Issue because the behavior is completely Involuntary no doubt having dad here is Making my training more difficult for Inertia as she is distracted but this is The real world so let’s take advantage

Of having this distraction present have Enough – can you turn out here oh well He loves a grandpa there’s still work to Do let’s go out into the wild and do Some training now I’ve driven to a local Park here to give inertia some room to Walk and check out the new place this is Less of a training walk and more of a Explore and have a good time walk hence The retractable leash over here if you Are gonna use a retractable leash don’t Be obnoxious about it when you know that There’s gonna be people around make sure You shorten it so your dogs not just Running up to people oh there’s a dog Coming up over here so let’s go over Here because I don’t want to create an Excited situation but this is nice and Shaded this gives her room to explore Ready go get it Her playtime outside is still quite Intermittent it really just depends on Her mood I expect that to change with Time though that’s really typical of Dogs regardless of age early in their Training with fetch they’re less Interested in it than they will be in The future when they start playing fetch So their interest slowly intensifies Over time assuming that you continue Try and work with them if I catch her in A moment where she’s feeling playful Then I’ll try and encourage her to play Fetch otherwise I’m happy for her to

Just explore the great land of Georgia I Found a basketball court here that’s Nice and fenced in would have closed This door see if I can get her running Around of course this is a rough Pavement so I don’t want to encourage Rough play too much inertia come on What’s this get it come on you want to Play okay so I thought I’d try and play In here since we have this enclosed area But look still doesn’t want to play at The toy when we say dog is Overstimulated this is what we’re Talking about they’re just really really Interested in everything around them and I can’t underestimate the importance of Really satisfying your dog mentally and Physically when you’re out of town with Them because remember the most Significant way that you can throw off a Dog is to dramatically change their Surroundings and environment and when You go to a new house and a new city With new smells and new people and a new Routine and everything that can really Cause a dog to act unpleasantly Uncharacteristically by letting her Explore by getting her energy out that We keep her training routine up she’s Likely to adjust much better we have a Bit of a spark here she’s taking an Interest in a tennis ball so that’s Exciting good sometimes switching up the Toy health the goal is to be able to get

Her to play fetch anywhere at any time And time will tell if we ever get there Good yes ready go get it people so we’ll Stop before she gets bored we’ll Continue on our walk now so these walks Are kind of a combination of walk Explore let’s see if you want to play Check out new things new dogs new people At a distance there’s just a lot of Things to kind of consider on these Walks I think so she’s doing really well With that weed whacker a few weeks ago She was really scared of those that’s Encouraging yeah now that she’s like Taking a walk she’s kind of gotten some Energy out this is a good time to work On some of her basics let’s see how Responsive she is in this new highly Distracting place remember we don’t have Pine straw like this where I’m from Every little thing like pine cones Completely new variable to her and They’re quite fragrant to us I can only How she smells and processes these Things but I do know one thing I do know That when we give our dogs exercise and Attention that they’re more likely to Pay attention to us than if we don’t What’s this you want to treat can I have A sit Oh very good so I love that I love that We’re getting a sit out here in a public Environment okay come here right here I’m just doing some of the more easy

Things that she knows like sit and calm I’m having to use a treat right now I Think if I weren’t using treats she Wouldn’t be very responsive it’s Important to use a good currency for an Extended period of time let’s try that Heel in this outdoor environment see if I can get her into that heel position Come here What this yes good holding the stand all Right yes good very good Look at me okay yes all to far too far Come here wait Do it wait okay yes Look at me yes Look at me yeah sit good actually ask For the sit now so really good this Might not look like much but just taking These small steps in this environment Keeping her on my left side doing this General training is a really good sign For a dog that isn’t even 4 months old Yet and with the weed whacker in the Background too it’s time to go catch up With my sister’s boyfriend upon arriving A nurse I had a barking outburst that Was pretty challenging to quell so in This case I elected to manage her by Simply picking her up and carrying her Inside rather than dedicating a full-on Training session to this we finally made It inside we got inertia quiet I’m Hanging out over here at my sister’s House and just really trying to show

Inertia how to be good and behave well When in new places I love this position I love that she’s relaxed here so I’m Gonna say ok give her a piece of meat And I’ll just continue to acknowledge The calm ideal babe this is my sister’s Boyfriend He likes to periodically we’re dead cool Mask whatever to each their own oh look At that Yep that’s a mask okay an Ursa is thrown Off by that can you give me a sense why Don’t we take the mask off for a second And then let her see that there’s a Human in there that’s gonna trip her out Look at that okay I know not much Different huh and now maybe walk over Slowly see if she reacts no she yeah She’s like I know you I remember you From me a few minutes ago she’s okay When he’s not wearing the mask putting On in front of her and let’s see what That does so interesting and now call Her over yeah make some move your usual Yeah exactly I mean just like that okay So now it’s like oh I get it sometimes Humans wear masks right right and here I’m gonna tolerate the jumping just Because she was scared I like that she’s Not scared that is more important to me Than the fact that she’s behaving a Little wildly so if you ever want to Take your dog to a convention and you Want to socialize your dog with people

Wearing masks maybe you’re at cosplay or At Halloween or you want them to be nice To burglars oh is that not right they Fun visit with my sister now we’re on The way to North Point Mall to see my Dad my dad has a jewelry store I thought This would be a good opportunity to show Inertia An indoor retail environment so we’ll See how she does I’m gonna obviously Give her a potty break before we go into A shopping mall because it’s no fun if Your dog is peeing or pooping inside of Them all now that I’ve instructed my dad To be nice and calm when he greets Inertia since she pees when excited We’ll see how that goes There’s the pee look at that okay so That didn’t go quite as planned oh well We’re coming in the back way you know Through the secret entrance into the Shopping mall here’s a great opportunity To introduce an Ursa to the staff you Understand hi yes I like how she’s Settling kind of quickly so that’s good Yet another new place a completely Different environment and she seems to Be going into her settle after just a Few moments so I want to reinforce that Give her a little bit of meats the idea Is you take your dog to so many places That they all just become normal like New places or just the normal thing we Do so there’s no need to act really

Crazy just cuz you go to a new place Environment causes dogs to act more Uncharacteristically than anything else Just about and so now we’re gonna go From this back area into the pretty Jewelry part and see how she does so Yeah you can see how she’s uninterested In my dad all of a sudden there because There’s new smells new things let’s go See what else we can see look at that Good I love the way she’s reacting just Because we’re out here it’s not the same As back there everything’s a little bit Different she wants to check out all of The new stuff going on let’s see if She’ll do something basic like whiteout Good so that’s a sign that she’s not so Overwhelmed that she can’t pay attention To me good Nice can you give me a leave it’s good Inertia is really adjusting well well She was but that’s gonna be normal for Puppies they’re going to relax they’re Gonna get up they’re gonna smell around But as long as her overall behavior is Decent and she’s behaving politely I’m Happy let’s go check out one of my Favorite spots in Atlanta today I wanted To take inertia to Piedmont Park Piedmont Park is one of my favorite Parks in Atlanta real sentimental to me It’s a wonderful place to spend time With your dog that person is just Running come on this way she’s getting

Thrown off less and less by like joggers And bikers and things but she still Reacts here and there and that just Underscores why it’s so important to Continually get out there and show your Dogs lots of different things so they Get a broad sample and get a clue as to How the world works You might notice I have her on the Retractable leash today I have it really Restricted but since we’re in a pretty Open park I want to give her lots of Room to explore I use a retractable Leash in a very specific way not for Leash training or anything like that but I’m trying to get her just into an open Grassy area to smell run around in you Know that sort of thing she’s pulling Right now I’m not too concerned with That as it’s more important that she Explore this big lawn back here was the Site of a frisbee dog competition I did Years ago every time I look at this lawn That’s what I think of you’re not Technically allowed to play frisbee with Your dog over here but I used to do it All the time you know dogs are supposed To be on leash which is a good idea but My dog was really trained and she Listened to me and she didn’t go up to Other dogs and bother people the most Wonderful sight to play frisbee with Your dog in all of Atlanta and Unfortunately you’re not allowed it’s so

Far as much as playing frisbee with my Dogs was a big part of my past with my Dog something I really love doing I Haven’t done it with inertia until this Very moment really I’ve shown her the Frisbee before but I’ve not really done A lesson or sugar how to grab the Frisbee and right now I’m loving this This is great because she was tuning out But she looks so into it right now it’s Like she can detect she’s in frisbee Playing territory so let’s have a little Impromptu lesson here now I do have to Admit that if I had planned this frisbee Lesson for you guys I would have her on A 15 foot lead rather than trying to use This retractable leash but it’ll work For a brief lesson the first thing that You should do when you’re teaching your Dog to play frisbee is teach them how to Grab it from the rim we call it a take So let’s see what’s this See how she’s not grabbing it at the rim She’s going above she’s like trying to Grab it here she’s like how do I grab This thing yes good very good It’s not necessarily intuitive for a dog To just bite it like that look look how She’s trying to get control of it by Putting her head under it doesn’t quite Know what to do what’s this but I don’t Want to release interest yeah God what is this seed eating it up from Underneath is that how I do it

So she’s not really feeling the take it I don’t want her to lose interest in the Training session by dwelling on take it She wants to chase something so I’ll Adhere to her desires right now it’s so Rolling the frisbee like this can also Encourage her to grab it by the rim as Well because dogs don’t know how to Catch a frisbee out of the air just cuz We think it should seem illogical I Can’t even tell you how happy I am that We’re doing her first frisbee lesson Right here if we didn’t plan it that way But I can’t resist what’s that Youko good notice how I’m also keeping Her short range I’m not throwing it Across the field nice work good so she’s Chasing it now let’s see if she can Chase it pick it up and return it again We’re not gonna throw it yet she’s not Ready for that Hey inertia good looks like she lost Interest in it she’s distracted by a Runner coming up this is completely Normal especially in a distracting place Like this looks like our Frisbee session Is getting invaded by helicopters and More pedestrians and dogs walking by I Know what is that those are people Working a letter satisfy my curiosity a Little bit see her pilo erection see her Hair standing up just means she’s unsure She’s caught off guard she’s like I Wasn’t expecting all those people to

Come over here right now overall even Though she’s barking she doesn’t seem Too concerned she’s kind of taking steps Towards them and everything this is what I like to refer to as sparking the Flint When you’re teaching a new game like This we’re really trying to get a big Fire going but she loses interest when We’re sparking the Flint therefore we Have to take a step back and try again Later we’ll take a five-minute break We’ll see if she wants to revisit it or Not okay it’s been a few minutes let’s See how things are going now Oh oh you see that introducing it a Different way You know sometimes makes a difference a Really good attempt right there see it’s So frustrating to pick up for a dog in The beginning oh look at that Yes good come on that’s what I’m talking About there we go good war and if she Wants to play tug I’ll reward her or it Looks like she’s really into the chaser Aspect of the game right now so I’ll Give her that look at her try to pick it Up good yes yes good yes come on good Girl go get come on come on okay good Job take a break so general interest in The frisbee is well within range I’m Happy with this and we sought to teach Her how to do the take it she’s showing Promise there but I like that she’s Chasing it in the future I’m sure we’ll

Cover her catching it in the air but She’s not ready for that just yet Good job inertia this was a great Session meanwhile back at the house There’s more training to do inertia has Yet to have a formal lesson on going up And down stairs when you travel what They’re going to families house or Whatever you’re going to encounter Things that you realize hey I didn’t Anticipate that with inertia here’s a Good example this is a fairly steep Staircase for her she checked this out And she was like you know I don’t know About this this looks a little weird my Goal is to show her how to go down these Stairs comfortably so we’ll see how she Does you can see she’s like whoa I don’t Know see how she took a step I don’t Quite know how to handle this this is Weird wait a minute come back here I Don’t know how to get to you my Intention is to walk her through this Rather than starting up here I think it Might be smarter to start down at the Bottom of the stairs just so she can Kind of get the muscle memory intact and Understand how to do stairs so let’s go To the bottom of the stairs and see if We can get her taking the stairs like a Champ I’m just gonna lure her yes good Job you got it so She’s good at putting two paws up can we Get her up here is he going up the

Stairs she’s a little bit more Comfortable oh look at that I mean so She’s going up she’ll go all day long But inertia what about you gonna come Back down I don’t know how to get down So she’s barking because she wants to Get back here good very good so I’m Starting at the bottom because I think It’ll be less daunting and here I’m just Lowering her with the treat come on What’s this yes good she kind of did a Step in the right direction there so I Don’t let her know that I appreciate That okay come on yes look at that she’s Gonna go real slow what you don’t want To do is force your dog yeah good girl You did it that was great Are you gonna give her a big reward so She took like the bottom two stairs Nice and easy yeah good job so it’s kind Of like when she’s really at the top It’s overwhelming but my hope is wife Taking the time to do this one step at a Time that shall come to adjust to it Good and see I’m here to spot her in the Event she slips you know you do have to Be careful it is a new movement for a Puppy to be going up and down stairs This is where building trust really Comes in with your dog you really want To build trust with them so they know They can trust you you’ll find that when You prioritize building communication With your dog they catch on to a lot of

Things like this really quick because You have this common language and the Trust that you focus on building with One another really compounds to give you Success on lessons like this I think We’re ready now to see if she can take The whole staircase let’s see how it Goes oh look at that boys she can haul Up them alright good girl no can you Come down come on yes Good yeah good girl Did you see how methodical she was she’s Just learning inertia that was awesome It may not look like much but dogs don’t Automatically know how to go up and down The stairs I think this was a really Productive lesson I’ll continue to Monitor her and make sure she does it Safely That’s your leash you don’t want that Staying in a new place also gives you The option to train in a new environment And it’s still an indoor environment so It’s pretty easy but it’s one that she’s Not used to training in so I’m gonna Work on some of her basic training I Know we’ve been hitting settle quite a Bit in these episodes but that’s because I want her to be able to settle tune out And relax on hue in future environments In future new environments I should say Good so I’m working on that right now She’s on a long lead just so I have General control look at me good job

Settled so I’m gonna turn my back on her Very often when you turn your back on Your dog like that they’re like oh gosh I better go chase them I’ve been really Focusing on assuming a lot of different Positions good I’m gonna reiterate Settle to her just in case there’s some Confusion I’m gonna go up to her and Then go back down the hall over here Good job Pretty reliable in this calm nice easy Setup training session let me try out of Sight right here real quick settle oh Did you see that out of sight we haven’t Done what’s training with that so that’s Something we can work on settle Oh Oh wow so she’s really sensitive the Moment I go out of sight that’s cuz dogs Like to be nearest saddle and to slow Down my pace a little bit The reason I’m being so deliberate right Here is I’m sensing the early stages of Frustration from her cuz she’s like what Did I do wrong I don’t understand Look at me wait you need to focus on her Now I’m just gonna watch her I’m not Gonna turn my back on her because that Makes it harder easy Wait okay I need to take another step Back so I’m pushing it way too much set Settle sometimes you have to break down Your training into smaller goals than You originally plan for here I’m Pre-empting likely failure points by

Acknowledging success before she breaks Her settled settled yes nice work Look at me settled turning my back this Time settle Yes so Yes okay good job very good she got Excited I got excited there so that’s How we start like out of sight settles Basically I believe that was an extra Potent training lesson because it does Take place in a relatively unfamiliar Environment for her so take advantage of New places especially when you’re Traveling to train your dog it’ll go a Long way because if they get in the Habit of listening to you in unfamiliar Places well that’s pretty amazing it’s Been a great family trip here in Atlanta And we’re about to head back to New Orleans so I want to make sure that Inertia goes potty and get some exercise Before we go there fetch is getting Better and better she’s loving this yard Here where she can really run we’re Gonna get her plenty of exercise before This trip so she’s likely to relax and Sleep and just be a really good dog the Whole time Since you’re so busy training don’t Waste time going to the store to buy dog Food either set up automatic pet food Delivery at pet flow and get $10 off Your first three automatic shipments When you enter codes act 30 all have a

Link below follow me on Instagram and Tick tock to get even more videos Subscribe and click that Bell Notification to get my newest book which Will help you with everything dog Training it also has a five-star rating On Amazon in our next episode an Ursa Will be back in New Orleans and will do Her first formal training walk in a Neighborhood setting instead of a Wide-open part let’s just say that Things don’t really go smoothly we’ll See you guys next time I know should come full unsuccessful There

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