My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!

My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!

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Remember when inertia was resource Guarding we’re going to see how she’s Doing today and i’m going to show you What to do if your dog is a resource Guarder or You want to try to prevent them from Ever becoming one i’m zach george I train dogs this is my new dog and i’m Going to show you how i train her from Day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Have you ever found training your dog to Be difficult at times It’s important that you have everything You need when you’re training your dog By the way This is more than just a box because With every purchase you make Peplo gives a bowl of food to a pet in Need Things that we routinely need for Training our dogs are great toys Treats and high quality food is a must Petflow has all of that and they do this Magical thing where they make your dog’s

Food Magically appear at your doorstep Without any effort on your part at all I’m going to have a link in the Description go to that link select your Favorite dog food Then tell peflo to ship it to you every Three weeks or however often you’d like It shipped You’ll get ten dollars off your first Three automatic shipments too By entering my special code zach30 at Checkout Resource guarding is where your dog Becomes protective Of something it commonly involves food But dogs can guard Toys they can guard their bed or any Number of things From day one with inertia i knew that Resource guarding could be an issue I think it’s pretty natural for dogs Especially inexperienced dogs To want to protect what they have There’s nothing intuitive about letting Someone take something away from you So we literally have to teach them that They shouldn’t guard things And so i tried my best to be really Proactive about this Starting when inertia was about eight Weeks old i want to get her really Comfortable With me going in her food bowl taking it

Away giving it back To prevent resource guarding issues in The future nonetheless we saw Two minor instances of this resource Guarding behavior with inertia as she Was growing Up let’s look back there was one Instance during one of our resource Guarding practice sessions that we were Doing with a bone Where inertia got a little protective That was actually the first time I had ever seen her display any of this Behavior at all a while later there was One Instance where inertia got a little Protective of a snowball basically Shaved ice with chicken broth that she Was eating when my wife bree got close To her face with the camera I continue to test and practice with her Periodically But today we’re going to give her a big Test and see how she does Also keep in mind i detail how to deal With resource guarding in both Of my books i’ll have links in the Description below so over time i’ve Learned that inertia is not the type of Dog who resource guards her regular food But she’s become protective of special Items like bones or other treats twice Before Let’s recreate our first ever instance

Where inertia got a little protective Which was with an animal bone during one Of our routine resource guarding Practice exercises And the exercises we’re going to cover Right now are the same whether you’re Working on being proactive and Preventing resource guarding Or your dog already does resource guard The idea is to Not put your dog in a position to snap At you while guarding something like a Bone If your dog is a resource card or you Think they’ll get protective if you go Right up there And take it you’ve no doubt experienced The stress of well how do i get that Thing away from my dog because He or she can’t be behaving that way Right so i found that the most practical Way to separate your dog from something Like that is to use A real high value piece of meat Something that’s even Better than the thing they’re likely to Guard let me show you what i mean This is what you would do in the case Where your dog isn’t yet trained and you Really have to get it away from them So in this case i’m using real chicken Putting it on the ground So in this case inertia knows how to Stay so i can say stay

And then i can go over here and pick up The thing that she was guarding right The point of luring her away with a meat Like this is that it creates a great Association With relinquishing whatever it is that She’s possessive of And i also wanted to know that sometimes She has a chance of getting the item Back too By the way it’s a good idea to do this Type of training when your dog is Not hungry if your dog is hangry that’s Probably going to complicate things I want to make sure that i can get Inertia to come to me even when she’s Into the bone like this without having To lure her away i’d like to think we’re Past that so Let’s check up on that inertia Come good job At this point i’m able to get a nurse’s Attention off of the resource she is Coming to me willingly all this is going Well But what if i find myself in a position Where i just have to get to the item Quick First i want to make sure that i can go Up to her get her attention on me And feel confident that she’s not likely To guard the bone i’m going to do this Real slowly just to make sure it goes Well

So i’m going to be armed with some real Chicken here Look at me very good And right now i’m looking at her body Language she doesn’t look like she’s Trying to guard it Or anything like that i’m able to get Her attention on to me yes I’m able to touch the bone she didn’t Try to snap at me or anything Yes very good i’m being pretty Methodical here to give you an idea of The small steps that you should take you Know make sure your dog’s okay with you Doing that before you just go in Yank it and put it away you can see Look at that she’s reacting very Appropriately and civilized You can see with a big animal bone like This she is no longer at least so far Very possessive or likely to guard this This is why it’s important to set up Artificial exercises like this i mean if This were something dangerous like a Cooked chicken wing i wouldn’t really be Able to give her that kind of item back In the real world but an item like this I can give her back for short periods of Time and while i’m supervising her So you need to take time to proactively Create a good association with having Good things Taken away and we’ve been doing this Type of training periodically throughout

A nurse’s life Don’t overlook training like this it’s a Really good idea for preventing resource Guarding All right so inertia’s really into the Bone right now more than she’s been All day i’m going to do it without a Treat this time inner should come Good Here okay go get it all right so no Treat i’m actually going to use the bone As a reward letting her have access to It Some ways to tell if your dog is likely To guard a resource Or to see how they behave do they become Real stiff do they Bare their teeth do they growl do they Generally act very protective Over the item okay so she’s great with The bone But her most significant guarding Outburst was with my wife brie when Inertia was eating a doggy snowball Today we made our own homemade version Of a snowball which is really just Shaved ice and chicken broth so let’s See how she behaves when my wife Brie goes through these steps with her So we’ll give her a chance to get into It here just like she was before Okay i’ll take the camera we’re going to Create a trail away from The chicken broth and ice good and then

Yeah another Trail good luck Give her one more piece maybe ask her to Lie down and stay lie down Stay now come over and pick it up That’s great i took your chicken broth That’s good and Now maybe just give it back to her let Her know okay i’ll give you back yeah Okay okay good work Then walk away and let her we’ll see if She gets back into it She goes right back into it what a fun Treat this time just go ahead and call Her And reward her when she comes back to You inertia Good girl yeah go ahead and give her a Piece of chicken And then even tell her go ahead you can Go back okay you can go have your Chicken broth All done okay So that’s real good now just walk right Up to her get her attention on you and Go slow You know if you see your start to freeze Up we’ll take a step back because the Ultimate goal is not to push her that Far obviously Treat or no treat i would say use a Treat since we’re doing a science Experiment inertia look at me Yeah maybe even have her lie down and

Stay just to be extra Cautious right just to be methodical Stay i’m going to take your chicken Broth Nice real good i took it okay good give It right Good girl you can have it back excellent Job i remember when she was a puppy and She had the other snowball that she got A little protective of The way that i noticed that she was Feeling that way was just like Her face kind of tensed up do you know What i mean right And i feel like she has a very relaxed Face today like i honestly feel like she Looks a lot more chill about us just Taking her food and giving it back Whereas before She would get this look like what are You gonna do don’t take it What happens if you just go in and take It let’s see what happens i think she’ll Be fine i’m gonna take this This simulates maybe a young child runs Up to your dog and tries to take Something away from them It’s important for them to have some Training and know how to behave in that Particular context And just to reiterate too all of the Training in the world Doesn’t mean that your dog will never Resource guard you always need to use

Common sense And even though i was proactive with it With inertia she still did it a few Times And so far we’ve done really well Working through it but i’ll continue to Maintain this behavior and make sure That she Behaves appropriately around things like That get your supplies and get ten Dollars off your first three automatic Shipments of your dog’s food from Pet flow by entering my special code Zach30 at checkout I’ll have a link below subscribe to this Channel follow us on instagram and tick Tock for the most recent Updates on how a nurse’s training is Going and get a copy of my books too All of those links will be below in the Description we’ll see you next time You

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