My Dog’s FIRST Agility Lesson!

My Dog’s FIRST Agility Lesson!

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Today you’re going to see inertia’s very First agility lesson Yeah you’re supposed to go in and out of The polls here I’m zach george i train dogs this is my New dog and i’m going to show you how i Train her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly you can start from The beginning or you can pick up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Before i start any training lesson i Like to get the dog i’m working with In the best mood possible now nothing Does that for inertia like new toys and Treats spark box is a monthly Subscription box that always sends the Most Awesome creative plush toys plus treats And to chew too Let’s see what’s in your bark box Fairground hounds Barkbox continues to deliver Unbelievably original toys Month after month i’ve never heard Anything like that I’m going to use this in a lesson Because look how interested she is

I’m going to keep this one special Cock-a-doodle-chew i’ll let you play With this one for a sec It wouldn’t be affair without great food So we got pork dogs and lucky pup lamb Treats Park walks always uses top-notch Ingredients in their treats And achoo this is what i give inertia During her down time But for those of you with dogs who need Extra tough toys super chewer Is for you the theme of this one is Sharks so if you think your dog is a Land shark Super chewer’s probably for you you get This textured Tough toy if you’ve got a dog who can Really chomp something they’re gonna Love it and you can put treats in here Too To make it all that more interactive Speaking of treats They give you a variety of different High quality treats as well and if your Dog’s a super chewer dog they give you Two chews in this one They call this the a flex predator this One has a lot more give but it’s still Extremely tough it’s cool too because When you throw it it bounces erratically That’s interesting to dogs choose which One’s best for your dog Dogs like inertia like both you can get

An extra month of barkbox or super Chewer when you subscribe to a six or 12 Month plan by going to my special url Dog training and dog Training i’ll have both of those links In the description below It’s important that we always look for New ways to continually challenge our Dogs Dog agility is a really popular dog Sport where dogs basically compete Through an obstacle course Today i’m hoping to get inertia started With agility by introducing her to two Of the main Obstacles weave poles and jumps this is Literally inertia’s first time ever Encountering weep holes So let’s see how she does let’s look at These anytime your dog is experiencing Something new like this set of poles Here it’s a good idea to go ahead and Either give them a treat or some play to Let them know hey that’s cool you get That positive association going from the Minute they encounter it And that’s only going to work to your Benefit while she’s sniffing around here And taking it in let me explain to you What these are if you’ve never seen them These are weep holes They are an element of the sport of dog Agility basically the goal

Is for your dog to weave in and out of Them like this Hopefully inertia can do this more Impressively Than me the concept of weaving is not Completely foreign to inertia i’ve Taught her a couple of weave related Tricks so i’m hoping she’ll draw on some Of that Another version of this trick that i’ve Kind of taught her are figure eights Through the legs this is Authentically genuinely her first time Ever Seeing this just to be clear about that So i think i’ll go ahead and reward her Just for passing through these polls Right here just One time not even asking her to make the Turn and we’ll see how that goes Yes good she followed it i like that and Ideally your dog should enter from the Left Side here so we’ll just do that right From day one Yes good now let’s see if we can get her To take the turn and go through this Second one over here This way what’s this oh Look at that did you see that so she Actually did two turns Go no i don’t want you to bite the pole Here this way This way okay i’m going too quick let’s

Slow it down Go stay okay Stay this way This way this way come on keep coming Stay this way Yes good girl very good i really wanted To celebrate that you might have noticed I told her to stay a couple of times There that’s because I didn’t want her getting ahead of Herself i wanted to just pause her Get it pause but i wanted her to just Freeze in place so that she could have a Moment to kind of think about what she Was doing i find that that helps in Preempting any frustration that might Occur in this case a nurse is doing so Well with following my hand i may not Need to actually Lure she’s used to that from other Training we’ve done it’s so cute to Watch her little expression She’s like am i doing it right come on Keep going Here all right good job Good work i’m gonna be repetitive here And just kind of focus on having her go Through the polls and then See how much of it she can internalize And do on her own without guidance of Course i don’t know that we’re gonna get This done in one training session but We’ll see how far we can get I kind of block her in to keep her from

Skipping the poles that helps a little Bit Yes good girl what’s this Come on cool she loves this sloth toy There we go oh almost that was my first Attempt with a toy and you can see how The intensity went up So that’s a good sign when you’re Teaching high energy tricks like this Stay that was a pretty fun first weave Pole training session with inertia i Think there’s a lot of promise here I’m gonna mess around with this and see How she does with it over time and i’ll Keep you updated We have been working on the weep holes For the last few days i’m going to show You how That’s been going in just a minute but It is finally time to introduce inertia To these dog agility jumps she’s never Seen these before either so this is her First Time ever attempting to jump over a bar Okay Well looks like we have some work to do As you can see here this bar falls down Very easily so If she makes any contact with it it will Fall down that’s an important safety Consideration when you’re teaching a Jump Inertia is still under 18 months of age Our growth plates are

Probably not yet fully closed so we’ll Be very conservative today i have one of The most important elements already Checked here Her interest in something like a toy or A tree i’m going to see if i can get her To step over the bar And get this toy liquor go get it Okay very good and you’ll notice we’re At the lowest possible Height here four inches so let’s try This for a little bit Get it nice and you can actually see She’s not just stepping over it She’s jumping over the jump so i like That a lot so she’s obviously aware that It’s there i mean in the natural world She jumps over things all the time so Not too much of a stretch that she would Do this i should point out too we have An inch and a half of padding underneath This carpet now one thing that i’m Really sensitive to Is preventing her from going around the Jump by starting off really Low like this you make it much less Likely that your dog’s going to attempt To go around I mean say for example i had the bar way Up here look at that Do you think it’s more logical for to Jump over it or to go under it Probably go under it but we’re not gonna Find out here so the idea is that every

Time she encounters a jump She understands i go over that Good girl let’s see if we can put a Little bit of structure here so she Starts To understand there’s a whole point to This we’re not just playing fetch Go get that toy yes good girl very good She’s forced to really contemplate the Jump a little bit more Okay good job And of course the reward in this case is Access to the beer let’s raise the bar Just a little bit here see how she does Okay come around go get it Good job when she brings it back to me She tends to walk over it and knock over The bar i kind of don’t like that So i think i’ll just intercept her Before she comes back Yes love that streamlined jump she’s Doing let’s see if she’ll do it while Staying Stay Okay good job girl Yes good let me get in there and give Her some good tug training and let her Know i appreciate that Effort good girl if your dog is crazy Like this sometimes A sport like dog agility really gives Them that outlet Challenges them to think really gets a Lot of energy out of them too

So i’m going to go up a little bit Higher and then i’m going to try to add A second jump And see how she does there you can see This is a much different looking Obstacle with it up that high Ready and go okay That’s what i’m talking about so we Really want to discourage That so i’m going to start a little bit Closer this time Stay ready come here get it yes Good so by starting a little bit closer She had less time to think about going Around it that’s a really important red Flag to look for if your dog goes around It several times in a row it almost Certainly means maybe you’re starting Too far back or maybe the bar is too High too early Go yes so there i just told her to go And she went I’m kind of speechless right now it’s Her first lesson ever On jumping over a jump That’s really great yes sometimes i’ll Say hup Because it’s kind of her generic jump Request and Go yes i’m working on giving her the Signal to go over the bar Instead of having to throw the toy now Go Come around and go yes

I think she’s getting the picture this Will really get flashy if we add Multiple jumps we might be moving too Fast but i’d like to see how she does Anyway she’s a smart girl let’s mix it Up let’s try our super chewer toy now Okay come around ready go Almost so you can see she’s kind of Unsure she’s like i’ll just go around This way come on this way yes walking Her through it seems to be pretty Effective Go yes and good Ready yes that was a good looking one Good try there girl let’s see if she can Do both of them without me Being here yes she looks like an agility Dog doesn’t she By the way we have it super cool in here And i want you to notice how she’s Panting That’s good this is good exercise yes Notice how she’s looking back at me we Can work on phasing that out later but Right now She’s doing a good job that’s what i’m Talking about Good job good job girl so her first Jumps lesson Was awesome i’m curious to see where she Is on weave poles as i mentioned We’ve worked on this a handful of times Over the last few days So we’ll see if there’s been any

Improvement one thing we’ve been going Back and forth with a lot is it better To use food as a reward Or a toy in general i prefer to use a Toy as a reward for something like this Because most dogs are going to be a Little more intense with a toy but That’s not always true i mean it depends On the dog so i’m still working that out With inertia so i’m looking to see if we Can get her to go a little bit quicker You might Remember last time she went through them At one point but it was Very slow and the idea is to get them Flying through there Go Come on okay You’re supposed to go in and out of the Polls here Looks like she forgot what to do So she’s following it you can see like The light bulb hasn’t quite gone off On the weep holes yet once your dog Really understands the concept they Don’t have to look for the lore as much And they just kind of Understand what to do with the weep Holes so we’re still waiting for that Light bulb to go off with inertia Gotta get in that rhythm good girl so Anytime i see that her speed increases Just a little bit i want to be sure play A little bit of tug with her maybe give

Her a toss of the toy So let her know that i like that go Good so Yeah good girl okay good job girl i’ll Keep you guys updated on our training be Sure to get your free Extra month of bark box and super chewer Or both when you subscribe for a six or 12 month plan by going to my special url Dog training and dog Training i’ll have both of those links In the description below Subscribe to my channel and get both of My books for all of my most detailed dog Training advice in one place And follow us on instagram to keep up With the nurses training progress in Real time See you in the next episode

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