My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Could Have Gone Better!

My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Could Have Gone Better!

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I’m Zack George I train dogs and this is My new dog inertia I’m taking you along As I train her from day one you can Start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome so The dog training experience in this Episode an Ursa is going to go to a dog Park for the very first time ever I got To tell you guys I’m a little nervous About this one if you have a dog and you Want them to listen to you you’ll Definitely want to sign up for 30 day Perfect pup it’s a completely free Comprehensive digital guide to the first 30 days of training your dog and it will Help you start off on the right foot With your new dog or get back on track With a dog you’ve had for years it’s Completely 100% free and you get video And email guidance from me and there’s a Free app that will help you keep track Of your training and make viewing all of My training advice on the go super easy I’ll have links in the description of This video to sign up for a 30 day Perfect pup and to download the pup Furred app I’m really excited about Today’s lesson cuz it’s a little bit Different we are at our local park There’s a dog park over there and I’m Gonna do some training with inertia Around dogs today she continues to be Unreliable when dogs are in our Immediate area so I want to do some

Training to start to improve Communication with her when there are Dogs nearby I’m gonna show you how I’m Gonna do that and it’s something that You could probably do pretty easily in Your own community as well before we get Into that though I’m going to give a Nurses some time to adjust to the new Setting let’s look at the birds you can See she’s doing really well around birds She’s not barking or lunging at them and Her ship come good job good with the Treat she’s very ready to come to me and Again for a six-month-old dog who has Only very limited experience in public I’m more than happy to pay her with a Great treat in exchange for her Attention right now it’s much more Important that we create instances of Success than it is that we start Insisting she listened without treats so My plan is to go over here to the dog Park right now which has a lot of dogs At it and I have no intention of going Inside the dog park but instead I want To see if I can have a successful Training session and getting a nurse’s Attention on me in the presence of dogs On the other side of the fence this is a Brilliant way to practice A really controlled setting around Strange dogs that your dog has never Seen for example just because she Listens to me around our other dog Indy

Doesn’t mean that she’s going to listen To me around any dog let’s go see what We can do come on girl The first thing I’d like to do I think She’s noticed the dogs now is to see if I can get her into a sit still many many Feet away from the dog part immediately Her attention is like hey inertia can You sit can’t get a sit out of her so I’m gonna just hang out right here Before I even advanced further she’s Checking out people as well there’s a Lot to look at smell see in here around Here did really well someone walked by There appreciate that you can see that Nose really working there he’s really Trying to gather information about What’s going on around her and makes Sense of it and only the way a dog can See if she’ll sit now sit oh very good Ok and again the reason I’m periodically Asking for that sit right now is just to See how reliable she is in this setting If she’ll listen to me percent even for A treat That indicates that she’s pretty Reliable it’s actually dogs barking Right now and she’s paying attention to It very good inertia yes I want to let Her know hey I love that you’re being Civilized here with a loose leash while Dogs are barking and playing only a few Meters away over there I think I’m ready To move forward now and see how she does

Being closer again the closer our dog is To the distraction the more challenging Training is and ultimately I’d like her To listen to me no matter how close Another dog is but I can tell you we’re A long way off from that ok let’s go so Now we’re much closer and she’s being Really reserved right now really Well-behaved you know recently on Halloween she was barking at the dog That went by and she tends to do that on Walks when we see a dog I mean she Definitely is curious about dogs and That’s fine so when we talk about Desensitizing your dog to being around Other dogs this is precisely what we’re Talking about in general I like to do These in 30-minute chunks 1 hour chunks Just hanging out not doing a whole lot Of anything I’m not asking her for too Much at all right now I’m just trying to Let her check the world out and Understand that dogs are a part of it And when she’s behaving like this I’m Gonna periodically give her a reward to Let her I like it I really like that good job Inertia yes there she just offered her Attention to me those automatic Check-ins are priceless at this age do Your best to notice when your dog is Voluntarily giving you their attention Especially in the presence of dogs like This and try to acknowledge that and let

Them know that you like it we’ve been Here less than what six minutes seven Minutes or so let’s see something Inertia come sit Can you wave oh nice good job very good The significance of that is she’s doing Something a little harder than sit in This case wave wave is something I don’t Ask her to do quite as often we light up Look at that I’m standing completely up And she just lied down in other words I Didn’t have to point to the ground or Lure her so this indicates a semi Responsive dog let’s walk over here a Little bit and let her check things out You notice how we didn’t just run up to The dog park here I very deliberately Approached the dog park cautiously and Slowly and tested very often and Methodically before getting even this Close so keep that in mind taking small Steps and testing often is required when You’re trying to train a young dog like Inertia see the loose leash here just Feet away from the dog park oh look at This now that’s interesting see she was Doing just fine but now her hair is Standing up she’s a little uncertain She’s like wait a minute I’m throwing Off a bit here it’s okay see here see This is the kind of behavior that while Natural we want some mineral this let’s See what happens if I call her and her She come unresponsive or come when

Called you in there Inertia come on let’s go over here let’s Go look at that cistern we’re gonna walk Back here just as you might with a Three-year-old child if they start Throwing a temper tantrum You know you’ll escort them away from The thing that’s causing them to act Undesirably good girl I like the automatic sit here good job You just never know what’s going to Cause your dog to react that way and When she’s in that barking mindset and She’s really excited it’s real hard to Communicate with her and the only way I’m going to get more reliable with her Is to work with her often in places like This let’s get a little closer and see What happens so there’s a dog over here I don’t know if she notices this dog There we go yes good girl rather than Waiting for to bark that time she was Good when these dogs right here walked By I was like I’m gonna give you a tree For that that’s really good we even have A look yes good girl Did you see actually backed away there She’s a little throw dog oh okay yeah Yes Can you sit see how she’s reluctant to Sit here and she’s a little overwhelmed By the other dogs can you sit there we Go now I got a sit so be patient I Should also say that before I brought

Her out here today I took a 30 minute Walk with her she had about 30 minutes Of playtime with Indy where she expended A lot of energy and I did that in the Hopes of setting her up for success on This particular training lesson so in Other words if she had just woke up and Had a fully charged battery and was just Ready to go this would be a lot more Difficult I suspect so here she wants to Get closer check things out I’m trying To do my best here to let her do some Exploring right now training around the Perimeter of a dog park specifically Like this is wonderful because if your Dog did start to react unexpectedly You’re in a really good position to Create distance and walk away without The other dogs following you so you can Create distance and distance is really Very often the thing we have to modify When training a dog in order to get them Responsive right now I love how well She’s doing I’m not insisting that she Stay I just want her to behave you know Rather civilized when the dog is nearby Oh look he wants to say hi yeah oh look She’s a little thrown off how are ya See the puppy job very good she’s Curious and she had kind of a guarded Reaction a little S we said another good Example she started to bark but I was Able to get her into a sit very close It’s unrealistic to expect your dog to

Just be perfect around dogs without a Lot of training in my experience now I’ve got to tell you in general I’m not Really a huge fan of going inside of dog Parks because there are so many Different personalities and you just Don’t know if all the dogs are gonna be Good with other dogs but I’m looking Around here there’s not that many dogs In there and they all seem to be doing Pretty well together so this might be a Good opportunity to give in or show some Additional socialization experience this Will be a nurses very first experience With a dog park ever in general I do More controlled socialization sessions Being a dog trainer and all if you are Going to do a dog park with your dog I Think it’s best not to go to one that’s Too crowded So maybe during off-peak hours really Observe the dogs before going in much Like we’ve done here to see if anything Causes you concern don’t feel bad about Leaving or not going into the park if You feel uncomfortable in any way we’re Gonna let her check things out here just Kind of smell around take it in she’s a Little nervous you see her tails in Between her legs a little thrown off I Have a feeling she’ll open up in a Little bit that’s pretty typical of her Behavior like in puppy class for example She was like this initially I’m just

Gonna give her time and let her open up On her terms good girl nice job this is Also her first time being off leash in Such a big area like this as well walk Around let her smell what do you think Pretty cool huh Her personality isn’t such – just run up To other dogs and start playing Immediately she needs to take everything In she’s got a nice healthy skepticism About her that I like oh you can see She’s a little thrown off but look at The tail it’s okay nice work girl it’s Okay you can say hi so I wanted to know It’s okay to interact with dogs in Certain contexts OCN look there now That’s that’s our first sign of her Being very curious and checking out Another dog and I’m not gonna have a Strong emphasis on obedience in this Environment especially since it’s her First time in a place like this we even Have some music in the background right Now with that heavy bass and she’s Reacting quite well that too that’s Another thing that can throw some dogs Off and cause them to act Uncharacteristically thank you your Attention on me Inertia what’s this hey do you want this What this yeah okay Yep oh my goodness look at that inertia There’s a puppy over here and so inertia Has found a puppy friend there give the

Puppy some space inertia typically loves Smaller dogs but just like puppy class If she gets a little too excited around Them I’ll separate them temporarily to Teach her how to behave appropriately Around dogs that are small and delicate Like this go play you really want to Play with this puppy Go play with that puppy that dog looks Fast so you can see a nurse is starting To open up a little bit oh what’s that Oh okay so she’s a little nervous there With a surprise it’s okay good girl she Got a little defensive there but she Recovered really well from that oh nice So it’s clear that inertia is Overwhelmed and a bit nervous about this Larger more energetic dog I’ll pick her Up and give her a break and I’ll Continue to socialize her carefully with Friendly dogs that are larger like this One so that she’s more prepared for Interactions like this in the future When the dog comes on pretty strong to Her she gets a little nervous and her Defense mechanism kicks up a little she Gave some warning snaps there but really It’s important in those instances to see How does your dog recover so I’ll be Watching for that right now and she Seems so far to have a pretty good Recovery oh boy oh when a dog comes on Strong and fast or she doesn’t like that So much it’s okay

You see it’s alright yes good cord good Jump No those dogs are big and scary hon they Just want to play it’s okay so she’s Getting a little overwhelmed right now I Think I’ll look for her to have another Good experience here and then we’ll wrap Up and end on a good note and maybe try Again in the future one go let’s go walk I’m loving how she’s kind of staying With us as we walk that rougher play Style doesn’t seem to be compatible with Her a bit here dogs being a little more Respectful and a little more chill you Can see she likes dogs like that who are A little more polite and not so Exuberant immediately even though her Tails still in between her legs here He’s a little thrown off but think she’s Just skeptical but deep down she wants To be friends and play with this dog I Can tell oh yeah this she’s scared of This dog she’s staying under the bench Here it looks like she feels safer there She’s more of a people person is what I’m learning here she looks a lot more Comfortable under that bench I’m gonna Let her hang out under there as long as She wants just to take things in she Feels safe it’s preventing some of the More rambunctious dogs from coming over And it’s giving her a chance to really Observe them a lot of people have the Tendency to really insist that their dog

Get out from under the bench and go play But you’ve got to be Patient when your dog is new to a Situation like this it can be really Overwhelming very stimulating perhaps Even over stimulating too many dogs and Whole dogs are different and will react Differently when put in a situation like This Alrighty nurse a good job really go I Would say that was a pretty good Experience overall there’s still some Things to work on there she definitely Had some fear of that one dog when he Came up to her so that’s something I’ll Be keeping an eye on and trying to Manage because her reaction was a little Disproportionate in my view but overall She had a lot of really good experiences In there so I’m proud of her a good job Girl sign up for a 30 day perfect pup And download the pup fur tab it’s all Totally free and totally worth it Subscribe to this channel and follow us On Instagram and tik-tok for even more Dog training content my newest book Guide to a well-behaved dog will help You with any training struggles you’re Having right now I’ll have all of the Links in the description of this video In the next episode we’ll be taking Inertia on a surprise trip to the beach And we’re definitely going to find some Training challenges there

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