My Last 24 Hours with George.

My Last 24 Hours with George.

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It’s so hard i know it’s one of the Toughest emotional things i’ve ever gone Through I love you honey i love you too yeah it Was really hard to let him go really Hard But you know i i can’t keep every Amazing dog i work with i wish i could Like that’s the hardest thing about Fostering a dog you You fall in love with them and you know It’s so hard to uh to let them go it is But You know we got to look at the greater Good i want to do a whole bunch of Series like this i want to Keep doing them and Let’s get out of their driveway We have an announcement we have Something really exciting to tell you Guys yes i’m sure you have no idea what It’s about yeah We have made our decision as to who We’re going to adopt george out to so we Have decided to go with alex it wasn’t An easy decision at all we were really Lucky to have a lot of qualified people Who would most definitely be an amazing Home to george i feel like alex is in The perfect spot in life because she’s Got her degree she’s done with school She doesn’t have that time constraint of School anymore which was my biggest Concern with a younger applicant and

She has a great support system in place Where her family’s really involved you Were 19 when you got indy yeah i was i Was the best decision of my life Although a lot of people thought i was Too young and i can completely see why So i’m just hoping that george is at the Beginning of as special of a Relationship as indian i have and i Think he might be have a good feeling And we’re gonna drive him out to Illinois Are you ready for your new life I’m trying to stay all excited i am just Heartbroken inside i’m gonna miss him So much but i keep finding some peace in The fact that i know he’s going to an Amazing family he’s going to be Surrounded by so many people that are Going to be obsessed with him and for That i’m so excited and gratified for we Are taking george to his new life in Illinois also this would be a really Great chance to see how he does on road Trips so we’ve had him in the car for Like 20 minutes out of time as we Trained around town to kind of test him And see how he’s done but traveling 13 Hours plus we’re gonna stay in a hotel Tonight here we are in illinois Zach’s got his shorts and his winter Coat on your peppermint patties Chowing down on a peppermint patty His favorite red snack hey buddy you’re

In your home state I don’t think it’s quite registered we Keep worrying that george is not in the Back of the car because he’s like that Quiet oh my gosh He just Did the biggest stretch while peeing Like Oh my gosh Good boy george feels good to be out of The car huh the amount that this dog Loves a soft bed Is so precious he really loves it we Just had the first noise of the truck Yeah you started barking run away He sees something or hears something is There something around the car oh There’s another dog a puppy there’s a Puppy over here good man thank you for Being quiet that’s quiet he’s learned Quiet though we asked him to be quiet And he was pretty good i was trying to Catch the barking because he’s been so Good it’s like the one noise he made on The whole drive But at least there’s a reason Your turn to drive Yep doing a great job thank you we’re About to reach our stop for the night And George He’s back there in the crate keeping him Safe He’s been so quiet i mean really quiet

Yeah he barked that one time at the gas Station yeah at a dog like for a reason That was immediately identifiable And then he got quiet right away it was Like okay yeah he’s not anxious at all So We’ll see how he does the hotel tonight Or last night with him We’re paying a hefty pet fee at this Place so i kind of feel like we should Get our money’s worth He’s gonna sleep in the bedroom oh i Don’t know You ready to go to a hotel Big stretch yeah Good boy Once we checked in we loved on him Knowing this was going to be our last Night with him and we did our best to Explain how amazing his new life was Going to be Well i got zach this orange for Breakfast Seems like george found it George I had that up on the table Hey Oh my gosh George Can you let go Yes Thank you buddy that was so good You’re a good boy i’m sorry this isn’t For you it’s not actually a ball i know

It does look like one been under here For like two minutes do you need Assistance buddy let him figure it out Now he’s never looked more earthwormy I mean i’ve been telling oh yay George He’s very clean guys he is we just gave Him a bag like literally and i’m just Trying to bond with him as much as i can For my last minute interaction with him It’s killing me but we love him oh gosh Excuse you that’s the wheel of my no Leave it alone you can’t do that buddy You can’t just chew whatever you want That’s a good real life leave it I feel like he just doesn’t know what’s A dog toy and what’s not so he just Needs a little bit of guidance george There you go uh-uh it’s not a dog toy Yeah he’s real life leave it’s amazing Today is the day that we turn george Over but we still have a few hours of Driving and i still have a few hours Left with him and there’s a nice park Nearby so i’m hoping to spend some last Minute time with him get him a little Tired so he’s not totally amped up when He meets alex for the first time this is Also a great opportunity to do some stay Training in a new place at our hotel Door here i’ve been continuing to use Solid gold as my currency with him most Of the time i can feel good about giving Him solid gold it is one of the best

Premium dog foods that you can buy i’m Able to get a nice look at me a stay Okay a release and plus when he breaks New ground you don’t have to feel guilty About giving him a whole handful of Kibble you know as an extra big reward Because he’s got to get his meal in Anyway solid gold is second to none it’s A great food our viewers are going to Get 30 off select solid gold products by Going to my special link in the Description Zach admittedly i definitely need to Button up his stay at doorways here so That’s why i want to do it i mean this Is a brand new doorway and especially During that first year of training we Don’t want to assume our dog is going to Generalize stay at every door they Encounter that’s something we want to Teach contextually over time look at me Stay It’s very good sir Yes Look at me yes Nope that’s why we have them on leash i Didn’t say okay come on so he needs work There come here Don’t assume I’m just going to let the door close We’ll limit access to the environment For a minute Stay stay at doorways like this is the Kind of thing that if you take 30

Seconds here two minutes there this is Something they really generalize and Dogs running out of doors leads to a lot Of problems so it’s really important to Prioritize this Good you can see how he was kind of on Autopilot because i’m walking through He’s like oh this is the part where we Walk through and for good measure we’ll Throw something that he really likes on The ground look at me stay Leave it Stay Good man that was great okay let’s go Good boy Come on george yeah i’m really just Hoping to Give him some last minute fetch here Fetch is looking good George come But i am in a more congested park today So i want to be extra cautious you might Notice i’ve let go of the lead here So i’m really Back i’m going to go this way just so i Can more easily Get to that lead I’m always conscious Of where i need to grab it when i’m Doing this good man So i’ll run behind it Good boy come on You enjoying that we’re gonna polish up This training a little bit here it’s not

All fun and games Stay Come Nope come good man i was just throwing That drill at him i said come he started To run towards the ball i reminded him Nope i want you coming over here not Towards the ball and he immediately Shifted gears there Okay yes And he is just an excellent off-leash Capable dog here come here Here Look at me again just to remind you the Toys behind my back with him because He’s so toy obsessed i really want the Emphasis to be on my eyes and that eye Contact and he’s really learned okay i Look you in the eyes i stay close to you I get the ball so many people have Behavior problems because they’re not Doing activities like this with their Dogs if we weren’t playing regular fetch With him like this he most likely would Be going after those squirrels running Away not listening so that’s why it’s so Important to give dogs like george an Outlet to run and chase and bite things And work with a person let’s practice Sit and stay around these canada geese He’s still very interested in him but We’ve made great progress in this area And i’m doing these like mini bits of Screensaver training with him let him

Take in the birds let him see them and Then hopefully be able to call his Attention off of the birds george come Good man Looks like he’s fine i don’t even think I need to give him a treat there do you Want a treat i’ll give you a treat if You want but his environment You know being able to explore and sniff Around on the walk is something he Really enjoys so we continue to do that Because you do on the bridge I’m really like dragging my feet here For the last leg of our trip because i’m Really enjoying this extra time with him On this beautiful day and of course our Last park trip with george wouldn’t be Complete if he didn’t find some kind of Random ball like object to obsess over Hopefully he’ll remember how to resist Something like this george found this Thing that he thinks is a ball it’s Actually part of an egg it looks like He’s kind of pulling towards it right Now i want to see if i can call him off Of that George come Yes little bit of a delayed response but I’ll take it we’re going to keep the Walk moving squirrel over here oh my Gosh it’s all happening squirrels have Been definitely a challenging thing with Him so george come Yes

Good love that Big handful of solid gold right there Nice Job that’s one of the most important Skills a dog can have being able to call Them off to something they want to Pursue we have another dog over here so I’m going to pull off i think the policy Should remain for some time with him That he not go up to dogs on leash no Playing on leash just because he gets Excited he’s a lot of dog to handle That’s how we have his back to oh he’s Just noticed here Yes very good stay George no sir Sit Yes So he was doing really well in his stay And eventually he got a little curious He broke his stay to pursue the dog now I was able again to call him away from The dog and put him back into a sit stay Really good loose leash walking right Now That’s one of the goals with him i mean I think people expect a dog to go from Pulling to not pulling in their training That’s why we see such harsh methods in The dog training industry used with that It was time to get on with the final leg Of our journey and get to know george’s Brand new family we love you george Guess what you’re almost about to meet

Your new mom You excited Good man here we go we arrived and i Thought it would be best to introduce George to his new family outside in Their backyard at first so he could Really have time to take everything in i Think i have one way to get george Immediately focused on alex let’s give Her that ball and see what happens Yep that’s pretty much what i thought I’m so excited to introduce all of you To george’s brand new life let’s meet Alex Hi i’m alex um i’m gonna be george’s new Mom i saw george online and i could not Believe how cute he is he was exactly What i was looking for i’m so obsessed With pitbulls well dogs in general but I’m obsessed with pits and just the love That they have i used to have a pit Named maverick he changed my life i fell In love with him we had to put him down In november because of cancer i know That no dog will replace maverick but George is completely different and i’m Just so excited for him to be in my life I saw inertia series and i really wanted A puppy but i just decided that i wanted To rescue and i saw george and he was Perfect so maybe an older dog might be Easier for sure There’s so many people that can’t wait To meet him and give him all the love

All the snuggles in the world i just Hope george loves me as much as i Already love him all right i really want To get these two playing together Because play is definitely george’s love Language That’s george there he is he’s coming Out Hey do you want to do training One of the reasons we chose alex is Because her family is so tight-knit and They’re all so excited to be a part of George’s life and when we met them in Person they turned out to be even better Than we expected every single member of The family was so eager to interact and Get to know george stay ready Here Sit good Come So we’ve been obviously working on sit Stay income huge oh i’ll take this That’s fine Like who are you i think i’m gonna like You during my last minutes with george i Wanted to do everything i could to make Sure his new family knew how to Communicate with him in the way that George had learned to communicate with Me this was a huge wild card though Because dogs very often don’t generalize Communication from person to person very Well until they’ve done it over a Long-ish period of time and i taught

George with this in mind but now it was Time to find out if my training with George would actually translate to his New family Oh good boy good boy That struggle was so real [Music] [Applause] To take a skill like roll over from Another person that’s impressive because That usually takes them a minute looks Like alex and george are connecting Pretty well they brought the whole Family over and george has just loved Every single person so far so that’s Really exciting to see What an event i couldn’t help but think Back to when we first met george in the Shelter we worked with him and he Absolutely rose to the challenge and Accomplished so much much more than we Ever could have expected we couldn’t Help but love him like he was one of our Own and now to see him begin this Amazing new life is bittersweet So hard you know it’s one of the Toughest emotional things i’ve ever gone Through I love you honey i love you too yeah it Was really hard to let him go really Hard But you know i i can’t keep every Amazing dog i work with i wish i could Like that’s the hardest thing about

Fostering a dog you You fall in love with them and you know It’s so hard to uh to let them go it is But You know we got to look at the greater Good i want to do a whole bunch of Series like this i want to keep doing Them and No i feel good though i feel so good About the home we got for him i feel Really good i don’t want it to come off Like oh i should have kept over you know No of course not we could not have done Better yeah so i’m like so Excited so Let’s much out of their driveway So it’s been a minute since we dropped George off as you can tell we are in Chicago right now we decided to make a Mini vacation out of it while we were Here it’s very nice we went on a boat Tour yesterday on this river and it was So cool the architecture here is really Awesome the food’s been great here Amazing oh yeah we ate our feelings After we dropped off george we were i Mean i’m not i ate three scoops of ice Cream we’ve had like a bunch of italian Food It was It worked It helped it’s amazing how good food can Make you feel a little bit better it’s True i guess we just wanted to make sure

Everything was okay with george as well Just to make sure there weren’t any Unexpected things that happened or You know or if you proved to be too much But it seems like they’re hitting it off Extremely well which i’m so happy about I had a hunch they would we got this Update from alex yeah so he That’s george she looks happy it made me Feel so good she looks happy as well i Know i love it yeah so i Know they’re gonna have a great life we Don’t even know at this point in our Shoot hopefully by the time this goes up We will have a plan but we don’t know Which dog we’re working with next Um but we’re going to continue this Series this format for a minute to see How it does i mean we’re going to see How it goes yup that’s true and if you Guys follow us on instagram or tick tock Or facebook And you’re watching this video You probably already know which dog We’re featuring so congratulations you Know more than we know yeah instagram Gets all the spoilers true yep Okay see you guys later bye we love you George good job Well moira was my workout for george i Think oh my gosh what is george the Workout for oh [Music] [Music]


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