My New Puppy! How I Socialize My Puppy Around EVERYTHING! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 8)

My New Puppy! How I Socialize My Puppy Around EVERYTHING! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 8)

We’ll go to puppy training/socialization class, do some trick training
(crawl and ”get your tail), show my puppy how to not be scared of fireworks, and continue getting her used to water and taking a bath!



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That’s a little too rough you’re getting A little too rough I’m Zack George I Trained dog and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning Welcome to the dog training experience Today inertia will go to puppy class Encounter explosives learn a couple of Tricks and we’ll do some training around Water for those of you who are following Along with a nurse’s journey with your Own puppy I think you would also benefit From my 100% free digital dog training Course 30 day perfect pup this series That you’re watching right now with Inertia is going on indefinitely but 30 Day perfect pup is an awesome online Crash course I designed that course with Puffer to be a comprehensive guide to All the foundational skills that you’ll Need to train your dog for a lifetime You’ll get daily e-mails from guidance From me and access to exclusive video Lessons and much more sign up to get Started right now for free I’ll have a Link in the description we have an Exciting night tonight it’s going to be Inertia’s first socialization experience With other puppies so we’re gonna do a Puppy class tonight it’s been a long Time since I’ve done a puppy class so I Can’t wait we’ve arrived here at a

Nurses first puppy class hopefully it’ll Go well you know I always recommend the People get to these classes extra early So you allow your dog time to acclimate And get used to the environment and the Smells and all that good stuff you’ll Recall when your dog is in a new Environment they won’t always take Treats let’s see if she’ll take this Treat right here yeah see she’s a little Reluctant to take treats that she Normally does but that’s again because The environments so different and Overwhelming when I train a dog I like To just get right on the ground here While we’re waiting for other dogs to Get here I’m doing some basic Conditioning since she’s now more Comfortable taking treats again just Trying to equate these wonderful treats With this brand new environment I want Her to think new places are fun she gets Fun stuff in general I’m discouraging on Leash greetings because the leash can Interfere in many ways with proper puppy Socialization but I figured I’d bend the Rules a little and let inertia have a Brief meeting with Lucca and I’ll Discourage after this So cuz I know those leashes are about to Get tangled up but come here Good job banner say yes good girl see if I can get her voluntarily over here Let’s go nope too excited that’s alright

Good job that was awesome you did so Well and so did you Luka they’re so good I’m gonna pet you socialization is Important to show dogs good manners and Reduce the likelihood of having issues With other dogs later in life we’re Gonna take them off leash now we’re Gonna let the dogs go check each other Out a nurse is just kind of still Checking it out over here just kind of Watching everyone it’s really important To just let them do this on their own Terms of this age if they want to back Away and hang out that’s fine for right Now give her time to take it all in if a Puppy tries to escape for example by Hiding under a chair or a table let them Take their time and return to the Playgroup on their terms she’s getting Curious look at this he goes shy there But she’s warming up but you can see Inertia it’s the kind of dog who’s Pretty reserved around other dogs so far We’ll see how that shapes up I think It’s all a healthy skepticism if you ask Me though I suppose it’s also worth Noting that she’s the youngest dog in The class at nine and a half weeks so I Would expect to see her get more and More comfortable but that doesn’t always Happen we’ll just have to see that’s a Puppy dog see all these puppies they Want to play with you nice job Looks like she’s thinking about getting

Playful very healthy greeting right There nice job I was a wonderful Experience yep she’s reciprocating over Here saying hi back in her own way and So you could see she got nervous for a Moment there but she’s come out and She’s kind of off and on it’s thinking About it and there she doesn’t quite Know how to play yet she really loves Luka although it’s good to find puppies Of a similar size and age to play with Your dog finding puppies with a similar Play style is most important you’ll know Your puppy has found a great play mate When they both look like they’re having An equal amount of fun while playing During playtime you should keep an eye On the puppies and make sure that one of Them isn’t consistently ending up being The one at the bottom of the puppy pile Oh there’s some ruff That’s a little too rough be getting a Little too rough there so if you find That play sessions are getting a little Bit too intense just break up the play Session and give them a short break Before a more serious conflict happens With her being so extra nippy right now I want to keep everything going smoothly Teacher those good manners if you are Doing a puppy class like this or some Other type of puppy socialization mix Things up between the different dogs Encourage them to play with other dogs

In the group keep an eye on your puppy And if they start to seem tired or a Little irritable give them some rest in Other words you don’t want your puppy to Get to the point where they’re so Irritated because they’ve been playing So much that they start snapping at Other puppies puppy class is obviously Great for giving your dog experience Interacting with other puppies but it’s Also a great opportunity to teach your Dog how to shift their mindset from Playing to training and focusing on you Or settling down when you need them to Week one of puppy class was a blast a Nurse’s started off pretty nervous but She came around if you want to know more About socializing your puppy or your Older dog get both of my books I’ll have Links in the description below the Fourth of July is tomorrow and I found a Fireworks display going on tonight so I’m going to try to gently introduce Inertia to fireworks so you might be Able to hear in the background there’s Some fireworks going on right now the Nurse is over here in her crate I’m Doing some desensitizing with her – Fireworks so far she’s doing pretty well I’m gonna go ahead and take her out of The crate but they started earlier than We thought she is immediately nervous of The firework she’s not very accepting of Them so that’s one of the reasons I

Wanted to do this I’m getting her used To the sound from a vast distance over Here I’m just gonna pick her up Cecil Take the treats yes licking on him a Little bit she’s not pulling away still Nothing in treats that’s my cue to go Very low-key right here I wouldn’t want To push her into it you can imagine if We just decided to bring her to a Fireworks show like full-on she would Likely be stressing up a lot more right Now if she wants to get down off my lap All let her let me see what happens if I Do that she comes back up It seems like she feels safe right here Fine with me See what happens if I put her here what Is that I’m gonna stay here okay let her check It out so she’s a lot more comfortable Here So bottom line right here her first Exposure to fireworks and I’d say it’s Guarded she’s not totally freaking out But she’s also not like hey that’s fine That’s why we want to be sensitive and Be proactive about Exposing our dogs to new things like Fireworks Be prepared to snap into one of these Training sessions and just give them Reassurance now she can see she’s come Off my lap seeming a little bit braver Now let’s see if she takes a treat you

Want this no but still not interested in Treats again that’s a sign that she’s Well either full or probably a little Bit anxious yes good job the fireworks Display is just concluded and well would You know it she’s taking treats again That was a great rehearsal and now it’s The actual fourth of July our friend and Photographer rachel is here to take some Fourth-of-july pictures we’re doing a Photo shoot right now and we’ve got Fireworks going off and the background Just little by little because it is Early in the evening on the fourth of July so I’m also going to be doing some Of this conditioning as the fireworks go Off in the background to reduce the Likelihood that she’ll be nervous of the Fireworks of course right now she could Not care less about the fireworks or the Photo shoot and she’s more interested in The grass welcome to practical puppy Raising so it’s getting darker and I Know she had her trial run yesterday on July 3rd they do some fireworks in the General area but we live right here on The lake so this is kind of the Destination where people come to shoot Off fireworks one of the things that you Have to contend with you have a dog yes Good girl So you’re reacting they’re very healthy Will she take the hot dog yes she will Very good I’m totally fine with her

Noticing the fireworks clearly and this Is all real nice good job girl Lots of different sounds and smells Happening in a situation like this and If you have the ability to preempt your Dog’s fear like this and you know that Predictable events like the fourth of July or New Year’s are coming around Well you know be prepared to do a Conditioning session like this now let’s Say she was really really scared Protocol in that case would be to be Inside in fact it might even be a good Idea to start inside so that she can Hear at the fireworks a bit more faintly And then you can simply acknowledge the Calm behavior now if your dog already Had a fear you would want to capture Small moments of calmness and not bring Them out in this situation just yet the Job fireworks are starting to go off Around the neighborhood so I’m going to Pop the drone up in the air and see how Things are looking The fireworks are almost in full bloom Right now and we’re having a few that Are going off really close out here I’m Just letting her nibble on this treat Right now keeping an eye on the drone Shots above yes when she notices the Fireworks and reacts that way I’m just Clicking and giving her a reward some Neighbor setting them off real close so I’m kind of trying to hope theater yes

Who those were real close by right there Again really doing well good job yes And so you can actually condition your Dog to associate fireworks with Something really good that is the Hypothesis here yes look at that Good work what was that oh that one was Scary oh she’s still taking treats so Clearly I mean that would startle me Right there but she’s doing a great job Let’s see if we can get her doing a few Of her tricks here okay I’ll take us in Good job give me down nice job nothing To it again nothing no harm in her Acknowledging it works oh that one you Know there was a real test right there And so now she’s kind of refusing just Momentarily refusing the treat which Would indicate a little bit of anxiety She’s getting a little frantic so right Now she’s showing a bit of anxiety being A bit more nervous so I’ll go ahead and Give her some space we’ll go back inside Now so now that we’re back inside you Can see she’s A lot more at ease she feels safer in Here that’s the thing with dog you just Have to see where their level of Tolerance is since we found her limit I Think it’s a good idea to bring her back In and let her recover a bit after a few Minutes she seemed to really bounce back So let’s go on the patio which is still Close to an area where she seems to feel

Safe and see how she does yes good job Very good yes you wanna stay right here Let’s stay right here come here all Right Yes good work it’s a fine line between Just going back inside and forgetting it And giving her this opportunity to have Some desensitizing as well as some Conditioning good job don’t come here Because ultimately my goal is to let her Know she can feel safe with me and she Can trust me and even when things make Her uneasy I’d like her to be able to Work through those things assuming she’s At that point Manny what is that so interesting she’s Looking a little curious oh no I’d say It was a pretty good training session Inertia and I’ve been working on the Basics for the last few days I think It’s about time to train inertia some More tricks inertia is 10 weeks old Today and I have gotten really used to Having untied shoelaces full time so That’s kind of cool but we are starting To get better and better communication Every single day I want to teach her how To crawl I’m just gonna start by luring Her and seeing what happens right there Oh I love it If you’re new to my channel the click Here just means good dog I like that you Get a treat that’s all it means I have more videos on my channel

Explaining it if you need more info all I’m looking for here is for to move for Paws and just yeah just the faintest way Very good yes oh that’s good and as a Reminder I’m using the clicker and the Word yes kind of interchangeably Crawl you can see her going into the Play dead as if to say does that work I’m just gonna ignore that for now and Really focus on the crawl good job focus On you yes good These freeze-dried treats are very Effective too it would be cool to get From maybe this end of the rug to that End of the rug and I don’t know maybe Six or seven clicks I don’t even know if We could get to that end the rug I will Just we’re just gonna find out okay sit Yes very good come that’s okay you can See she’s like come on what do we got to Do here Sit yes good looking for any reason Right now to make that click or go off To keep her optimistic yes go and oops Okay I had the lure too far away there Yes see I’m keeping the lure pretty Close crawl yes and if she comes up I’m Just gonna reset her and do it down yes And start over I’m not too worried oh Okay back here sit down Sit Yes very good good job I’m letting Inertia get a small nibble of meat every Time I click as I feed it through my

Fingers so that’s looking pretty good For the beginning of call yes Wonderful you get real close here just To really communicate with her so I Don’t know how many times I’m quit but It was a few I’m gonna definitely click That decision to stay down yes good girl Okay letting her know the crawl is done Nice job Give her a big giant reward there that’s The beginning of crawl we’ll see if that Trick sticks if I continue to teach it I Don’t know one thing you find when You’re teaching your dog a lot of tricks Some tricks they’re going to enjoy some Tricks there just like that I don’t Really enjoy doing that and if I can’t Make a dog enjoy it then you know I Might not pursue that trick but so far She looks like she’s enjoying crawl We’ll see how it develops and speaking Of random tricks that they might enjoy I’ve noticed that she tends to bite her Tail a lot like I could play with her Tail and she’ll bite it you know I have Never ever taught a dog to get their Tail on cue and I’m seeing enormous Potential with that I’m just gonna Wiggle her tail over here I’m just gonna Give her a second she just kind of Looked like she was going towards her Tail that’s why I clicked so you don’t Want to insist on perfection with Something new her try to stay in the

Down you play dead this is a big issue You’ll have when you’re teaching your Dog new things they’ll do the tricks That they feel more confident with and I’ll reward those intermittently just to Keep things going especially when I’m Teaching something new in a nurse’s case We’ve been working a lot on play dead so She’s more confident with that one good Job I love it I love it so you kind of Have to pick and choose and use your own Judgments as to win to reward the Initiative versus ignoring something cuz You want to focus on the new task at Hand so any motion she makes towards her Tail right now I’m gonna go ahead and Click yes get your tail okay You don’t have to keep chomping on it hi Tayt all good job so off to a good start There you know that was just a couple of Minutes working on this it’s always Worth mentioning the main reason I teach Tricks isn’t because they’re cute and Fun though they are the main reason I Teach tricks is because it really is a Wonderful fun way to build intricate Amazing communication with your dog and That’s what I’m hoping to do with Inertia I want to be able to communicate With her on a very deep intricate level Moving forward so tricks really help you Refine that communication it’s super hot Here in the south and I would love to Have a way for inertia to cool off so I

Wanted to introduce her to this idea of Getting in a kiddie pool producer Brie’s Bringing a nurses new toy in here and Nurses already instantly cautiously Looking at it when your dog is nervous Like this especially with a puppy or any Dog give them the option to have Somewhere to go don’t just try to shove It down their throat I’m gonna introduce This pool over here to inertia just Empty at first let’s see what she does Hey inertia what’s this I’m gonna move It a little bit and a clicker for just Looking at it yeah and now that we’re Establishing a history here she should Learn that when there’s a clicker and Treats present it might be good news for Her to investigate this hey what’s this I put a little treat in there just to See what happens I’m clicking and Dispensing treats yes nothing like Treats to incentivize your dog Investigate something new this is gonna Be a good example of rate of Reinforcement right here so I’m gonna Dramatically up the rate at which I Reward right now because I know she’s Kind of on pins and needles she’s like This thing is new I’m a little unsure About it I’m gonna make it rain treats Right now to let her know she’s on the Right track good now I’m gonna encourage Her to get out of the kiddie pool here See if she does inertia come yes good

Job at this point in her training I’m Still giving very generous rewards Almost every time that she comes to me Like extra generous above and beyond Because come when called is such an Important skill yes there’s some Initiative that was a good example of Just taking it slow to introduce Something new in my Be very tempting to just grab your dog And put them in the pool but that’s Likely to throw off many many dogs out There so be patient patience is one of The most important things you have to Remember when teaching a dog look at her Frame of mind now just compared to a Moment ago while this is in part Introducing your dog to something new Like a kids pool you’re also building That trust between one another this Experience tells her okay when I’m Uncertain in the future maybe I can Trust you to walk me through it let’s See what she thinks about the ball in The pool ooh maybe we’re onto something This is done in the spirit of getting Her playing in the presence of something New something that just a moment ago she Was quite nervous of yes and that time It even moved and she handled that Really brave look now she’s just like All about it I’m moving it around and Everything yes well that would so well Inside let’s just give her the

Opportunity to explore it outside and See if that makes a difference we’ve Also put a little bit of water in at This time good sake that’s the largest Bowl of water I’ve ever seen Oh Interesting not so interested in the Treat immediately it might take or a Second let’s see what happens if we Could show her the ball wonder what’ll Happen if I just toss the Treat in there See if she decides to go it yes good Girl here you go that was good Sometimes I’m clicking and throwing a Treat in the pool sometimes I’m clicking And treating her but right now I just Want her to know that every time the Click goes off a treat is getting Dispensed in her vicinity it’s a little Bit of an unconventional way yes to use A clicker she doesn’t seem to mind that The treats are soaking wet yes there you Go Very cool you’re doing great inertia I Wonder if we can fill it up a little bit Morning I obviously have to fill the Pool up a little bit more with this hose But if you’ve ever just turned on a hose Around a dog well can go one of a couple Of ways either they just love it and Start snatching the water out of the air Or they just get totally freaked out so I’m gonna be pretty methodical about the Way I introduce a hose so far she hasn’t Noticed it there she just did yes notice

The higher rate of reinforcement here Because she’s a bit guarded so I’m just Clicking letting her no clicker and Treats come out when this thing is out I Kind of like that she’s being Inquisitive about it yes just fill it up A little bit here so I’m turning it on a Bit more here and she’s doing great Yes all right that’s probably good Inertia what’s this Yes good girl taking off her leash now Just because it’s getting in my way she Seems pretty stable as long as I’ve got The treats out let me see something let Me see if I do this over here yes good Girl getting are comfortable with the Hose would be a big plus let’s see what Happens if I do this sorry okay see That’s why you want to go carefully here You go good I’d say a nurse is done Fantastic with her first introduction to The pool I was able to get her all the Way wet and she’s nice and calm she got A mini bath so I’m very pleased with That good job girl follow us on Instagram to keep up with inertia every Day and learn how to train your dog sign Up for my 30 day perfect pup digital dog Training course subscribe and click the Bell to watch how I teach inertia Everything in our next episode we’ll Continue showing inertia the world we’ll See you in the next episode [Music]

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