My Own Puppy Won’t Listen To Me!

My Own Puppy Won't Listen To Me!

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Ah okay we’re having extra unusual Barking outbursts to barking from Earth I’m Zach George I trained dogs and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I train her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll take an Ursa on a Day trip to a completely new place we’ll Go to a family gathering as well as Start a brand new puppy class where I Struggle to get a nurse’s attention dogs Come to realize very quickly that when This box gets presented to them their Life is about to be incredible every Month pup box sends you items that are Age-appropriate for your dog so that you Can use that for the training process For example we have a nice leash here With poop bags and a poop bag dispenser I know I’m excited about that too isn’t That beautiful I have to say it’s a much Prettier leash don’t bite it it’s pretty They send you a card with training tips On it too to keep everything on track This is a dynamic toy you can put treats Inside of here to make it a Multi-dimensional treat play game we got Some good treats here too I’ll bring these with me puppies shampoo I’ve actually used this exact shampoo Before and it is the best smelling Shampoo on earth an awesome toy it’s got

A squeaker here Oh One in each foot notice different Frequencies get her attention in Different ways all of you can get 50% Off of your first pup box when you sign Up for a 3 6 or 12 month subscription She likes these I’ll have a link below On our way to Mississippi it’s about 90 Minutes away we’re gonna go see Breanna ’s father and an Ursa is doing great so Far we came out here my father-in-law is Thinking about buying this lot and I was Flying the drone to get an overhead view For him and she did really well she’s Had some light exposure to the drone Already and she’s gotten way better on Her fear or nervousness of motorized Sounds I think in part because we Exposed her frequently to those things Today she was more interested in the Traffic going by than the drone and this Is a new experience for her as well cars Passing by every few seconds leave that Alone she’s really enjoying going for The ground and digging and picking Things up leave it okay we’re still Working on that real life leave it we’re Gonna continue to do that for a while She was really into this at the house Let’s see how she does out here This exotic foreign environment where You go that’s it yeah there you go I’m always on the lookout for currencies That are so strong that a dog will play

With them outside and so this is a good Example of one Hey Inertia go get it oh nice outdoor fetch Nothing makes me more excited in life Than a puppy playing fetch outside so She’s playing outside intermittently Let’s see some leash walking in public I Wonder if she can actually walk on a Sidewalk like a real dog look at this oh Wow Okay getting a little unwieldy over here Ready let’s go come on Yes do you want this here you go That’s so great now she’s over it again She’ll walk with me in short bits as Long as I have a treat on a sidewalk That’s gonna take a little while to Overcome but she’s on the right track They have to do it a little bit before They do it a lot so we’re visiting the Father-in-law Briana’s dad right now and Showing her a new house a new place Letting her check it out it’s very Important to keep your dog on leash Especially when they’re this young and Monitor them because potty accidents can Happen she’s trying to chew on the Carpet so I’ve got to be like you can’t Do that even look at me Will you look at me yes so now that Inertia has said hello and everything You can see she’s calmly relaxed in a Brand new environment that’s what I want Her to do reliably in the future so her

Doing that naturally it’s a wonderful Time – well okay when kind of went the Other way there but that’s true hey Real-world distractions Hey wait yes okay we’re gonna try a back Stall wait Stall wait okay Get down good job haha she did it Inertia did well at this new house let’s Go to town and find a dog-friendly Restaurant and see how she does there Right now she’s very enthralled by her Environment checking it out that’s very Exciting people are walking in right now Behind the camera so I’ve got to keep Her on a short leash here he just wants To say hi and they’re really helping me Out by ignoring her so that’s helpful Inertia will you settle Too much yes she doesn’t want to settle Right now it’s hard to have reliable Communication with a puppy in new places Always be prepared to stop what you’re Doing to get your dog to understand what You want I’m just working on down and Relaxed right now since these are pretty High off the ground it’s not very Practical to train a dog when you’re all The way up here so this is how you train Your dog to listen in places like this Now I’ve worked up to being able to sit Up here on the chair now and reward her She’s getting increasingly more stable This has been a pattern to the first

Five minutes she’s like whoa This is crazy then she settles down and Since this is a dog friendly place There’s a likelihood we’ll run into Other dogs I don’t mind an Ursa saying Hello briefly to another dog but I’ll Discourage all-out play behavior as I Want her to understand that seeing a dog Doesn’t equal playing with other dogs That’s a mild socialization I’m keeping Her on a short leash because Unfortunately I’m right in the aisle Here and that’s how you manage them you Know because it’s not realistic to Expect her to listen with perfection yet Prolong low level exposure is what You’re witnessing here throughout lunch I’ve pretty much ignored our guests in Order to frequently work on basic things Like settle with inertia this is what’s Required if you’re actually serious About teaching your dog to listen to you Contextually in these situations Oh no she’s done really well I mean at Times she was a little difficult to Manage like when the dog came over when He there were people nearby or she Smelled something but all no pretty good Training session inertia continues to Have intermittent success in new Environments but there is still a lot of Work to be done Meanwhile it’s another day and another Unique opportunity to train inertia

We’re gonna do another social event for Inertia today and also have some fun With our families husband samantha is Going off to college and we’re having Her going-away party so that should be a Great training opportunity by the way Inertia has been traveling very well in Her crate in the car when you’re going To a friend or relative’s house it’s a Good idea to show your dog pretty Immediately where it’s okay to go potty Just so they can get familiar with how To behave so we just gave an Ursa a Potty break here and I think she’s ready To go in we are intentionally early in Order to give a nurse with some extra Time to check out the house Also keep her on leash in this new place To prevent her from chewing on things or Having Accidents she’s offering a settle there I’m gonna go ahead and give her a piece Of chicken for that that’s pretty quick We’ve only been here a minute or two and She’s offering a settle in a new place So that’s a really good sign as our Family starts arriving I’m fully focused On inertia I’ll focus on catching up With them in a little bit but too often When our attention is divided our dogs Are unlikely to listen at this point in Their training wait okay funny how dogs Just love you and he said a lot of Excitement happening hard to get her

Under control Oh good natural settle those are the Best as our family starts to gather I Thought this would be a good time to go Through some basic training exercises But with a major variable change in this Case lots of people around while in a New house leave it alone leave it yes That’s good really catching her Off-guard with sudden distractions is Where we are now like artificial Distractions that mimic real life leave It leave it alone sorry I don’t know These keys those are let’s go And our shall we sit thank you Good leave it alone good it’s real Delicate though with a dog this young in This type of setting because they’re Just like half a second from going nuts And jumping and peeing everywhere I’m Just being on or like a hawk is Important yes yeah there’s the saddle I’m looking for John have you ever Noticed how it’s easier to get your dog To do tricks at home but in front of People they’re a lot less reliable let’s See how inertia does on her tricks in Front of this crowd can I get a wave yes One more time Yes standing and waving right because Anytime you change a variable it’s tough This is one of her crowd-pleasing tricks Wait wait we go wait hold on Wait

Good ok good job that’s it wait stop [Music] There it is okay get down that’s thank You very much Inertia is doing well inside but let’s Give her some outside time and maybe Just maybe I can get her playing fetch For the very first time in this new Place typically very challenging for a Puppy come on let’s go yes this way come On So I’m in a new location on outdoors and I’m getting fetch I don’t know how long It’s gonna last but this is very very Good sign must be the top box toy see Usually a dog will want to smell around And focus on the new features and new Place offers but in this case inertia Was really into playing fetch right away This likely won’t be the case always but It’s nice to see things trending in this Direction let go and go yes Good job yes inertia is still young Enough for puppy classes and a brand new One with a round of dogs is about to Start since she’s still so young I want To continue to socialize her around Other dogs puppy class is a really good Opportunity to do that I’m gonna really Be prioritizing socialization until She’s at least eight months of age we Have a completely new round of dogs in Here today so you can see she’s having a Bit of a barking fit right now there’s

So much excitement going on around her Pretty typical and expected during a Puppy class so extra unusual barking Outburst of barking from her she sees These new dogs these of different dogs So she’s extremely excited little Responsive the treats trying to reward During those small moments of quiet I Have a gal let’s see if she won’t pay Attention zip it out so here I’m just Gonna pick her up this I think she’s Less likely to bark if she’s being big Jobs whenever we go out with inertia we Always have water we got this gulpy Water bottle from our pup box and we use It all the time she’s having a hard time Containing her excitement here this Morning so it’s also a good idea to get To class early for this reason to give Your dog time to acclimate and get Familiar with our surroundings that Might help reduce this type of Rambunctious barking Wow inertia is Really wound up today and nearly Impossible to communicate with but That’s called being a puppy keep Expectations realistic at least that’s What I keep telling myself leave it Look at me yeah you know I’m looking for Just small moments of compliance while We wait for class to get started I guess Some compliance is better than no Compliance right I love this combat by Giving her chicken since it’s the first

Day of this new class I thought I’d Introduce us hi everyone my name is Zach – Zach George this is my wife Brianna we Make videos on YouTube some of you may Have come across those when you’re doing Puppy research and puppy training and Stuff this is my newest puppy inertia And we’re just trying to get her lots of Social experience while she’s nice and Young okay Now everyone knows officially who we are So hopefully inertia will be the model Puppy in this class before things get Started we’ll warm up with a play Session between the puppies is the final Erection here you can see that inertia Is a little uncertain as evidenced by Her hair standing up but that’s normal Her greeting behavior looks pretty Healthy and friendly so far part of good Social skills is learning how to not Play too rough hopefully she’ll improve On this as time goes on good job nice Work Good first round what’s this a dog Outside well that’s a surprise Inertia is surprised too okay back to Training let’s work on sit while I grab Her harness so she’s extra comfortable With being handled in all situations While we work around these new dogs we Go over here can I have a sip wait yes I’m gonna grab it right very good wait Look at me okay okay she’s doing pretty

Amazing right now what a turn around Let’s see if I get her to sit over here Sit yes we have a dog right out here I Mean really good training opportunity Who’s the dog at close range see she’s Very distracted not interested in the Treat she’s going in and out you see That yes good job very good we’ll take Those minor victories that was the dog That she just freaked out about a minute Ago and now she’s listening quite well Around that dog so in general she’s Doing okay in the class but definitely An off day for her training wise even With the distractions considered she’s Not extremely reliable in here just yet But that’s why I’m glad we’re doing it Just means she needs more practice and Sort of live since inertia is being Relatively unruly today I’m gonna do a Lot of conditioning exercises I’m gonna Give her treats anytime she offers good Behavior we’re working on leave it I Think we got this one all right leave it Alone we look at me thank you I appreciate that very very much [Music] It’s not really get troops right now Because she got off all right so I was Able to get her undo it down but she’s Really excited today we’re gonna let her Go play now please okay go play yeah I’ve had to break her of the mounting so That’s pretty much gone away but I’m

Watching forward to re-emerge there they Go no mountain no mountain young lady While mounting is a natural behavior it Should be kept to a minimum in this type Of social setting but a nurse’s play Skills are improving at home a nurse’s Play skills are also improving in D our Thirteen-year-old dog is still playing With inertia every day and always with Supervision it’s going really well They’re gradually both evolving their Play style and finding ways to play that Work for a senior dog and a puppy we’re Really finding our pup box to be ultra Helpful throughout the training process I recommend that you get yours too You’ll get 50% off of your first box When you sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month Subscription I’ll have a link below Follow me on instagram and tik-tok for Extra dog training videos subscribe and Click the bell notification to be Notified for new episodes too if you’re Extra serious about training your dog Get both of my books I’ll have those Links below in the next episode I’ll Bring inertia to my hometown Atlanta to Introduce her to my family and continue Training her in new diverse places we’ll See you next time [Music]

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