My Puppy’s First Bath, Nail Trimming & More! (New Series: The Dog Training Experience Ep. 7)

My Puppy’s First Bath, Nail Trimming & More! (New Series: The Dog Training Experience Ep. 7)

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Yeah saw that coming this is what I want To discourage all right let’s try the Back legs let me see if I can get a Retention on me I’m Zack George I Trained dog and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning welcome to the dog training Experience today’s video is sponsored by Pet float sign up for automatic tempo Delivery and get $10 off your first Three automatic shipments just choose Your food Peplow has all of the brands And tell them how often you want it Delivered I’ll have a link and discount Code in the description below today I’m Gonna use a clicker to conditioned Inertia to some very sensitive things Like nail trimming and getting a bath When your dog is in a really tired state That’s a great time to introduce things Like nail trimming so they’re less Likely to resist and enjoy the process a Bit more when a puppy is nine weeks old It’s not that difficult to get them Tired because they sleep so much but for Good measure I’m gonna go ahead and see If I can burn a little bit of inertia’s Energy off just to really optimize her For these training sessions okay let’s Start with a nurses first nail trim Let’s see where she is on being Desensitizing it up touch her toe there

Give her a treat I just want to make Sure I can touch all these – we’ll see Right there I’m not gonna click that cuz She got a little squirmy good right There was nice and acceptable yeah see I’m not waiting for her to start to Squirm I’m just gonna touch it wiggle it Real quick there and see if I can get a Click so she ought to get the hint that When she’s nice and still she’s gonna Get rewarded here let’s check those back Feet a little more sensitive on the back Good for this training session I’ve Opted to just use real meat here I’m Using turkey She’s pulling from the let go she’s Getting playful I’m still gonna go ahead And even click that cuz I like that She’s in that relaxed frame of mind Let’s see if I can get her back in Position and there we go good job she’s Doing pretty well on having her paws Touched and everything so now let’s go Ahead and see where she is on having the Nail clipper introduced oh boy no I Don’t want you to bite this how about we Just sniff it good let her get nice and Familiar with it if I do that yeah we Good you see how I got it under there a Little bit around not cutting it yet see That oh that was a great reaction Because she could feel the metal around Her nails presumably I cannot emphasize This enough do not rush into cutting

Your dog’s nails if at all possible Get your dog very comfortable with Entire training sessions dedicated to Getting them used to the nail trimmers So I’m gonna go right here don’t want to Be too short let’s go yes good job I Have both my hands occupied that’s where That yes comes in handy I’m just cutting A teeny tiny bit just to make the Experience ultra positive I’m not just Going one after the other here she Starts to get concerned I’ll stop that One’s kind of long right there alright Let’s try the back legs I’m gonna put Her into it down the back toes might be More sensitive even though she’s being Squirmy right now it appears to be Because she’s pretty playful and I think That’s great I love it when a dog is in A playful mindset that’s a really good Association as good as food if you ask Me and rather than try and cut her nails Right the second instead what I’m gonna Do is while she’s playful I’m gonna Desensitize over here without touching Those toes still firmly good Oh tempting [Music] Yes I’d say for her first nail trimming Session with me that was pretty good by Going slow and making sure that it’s a Stress-free experience for your dog it’s So worth it moving forward now if your Dog has already freaked out about things

Like this you would still do the same Thing but you would just start over work On having them sniff it click them treat Them whatever you have to do to get them To equate getting their nails trimmed With something they really enjoyed don’t Feel like you have to cut their nails in Their first second or third training Session this is probably the third time I’ve worked up to cutting her nails at This point if she was a different kind Of puppy and was less comfortable with It I’d go even slower if it took me Weeks to work up to it I would take that Time let’s introduce inertia to the Brush for the first time I think you’re Seeing a pattern here yes what is that I Mean she doesn’t know this is a new toy Or what you can see she’s really Inquisitive about it I wanted to let her Know I like that you’re very inquisitive And welcoming of this new thing so often When we do something like go to brush Our dog we just start brushing them Without letting them check out the Device they’re like what is that thing Gently introducing a tomb can be a great Way to start here yes And so what I’m working towards here is Being able to have her kind of ignore it As I touch her here we go Good my goal here is not to thoroughly Brush her my goal is to just introduce Her to the brush because I’ve not used a

Brush with her before he pulls on their Hair a little bit there so that’s why we Want to be really careful it can be Uncomfortable oh good job I’m moving Pretty quick here but she’s doing so Well and I’m not gonna necessarily go in A linear fashion here I’m gonna go back To just tapping her with it letting her Know this thing can do all sorts of Things I can tell right now but I just Started brushing or she’d be like all Over the place she’s so playful I’m Barely touching her here and she thinks It’s a toy she’s enthralled by it she’s Like more of that that’s so cool so I’m Actually gonna take a step back here Since it’s not a toy I’ll discourage Play with it there was a quick moment of Restraint so let me acknowledge that It’s worth stressing I’m using a Combination of clicking or saying yes And treating just to let her know They’re both synonymous she’s not Stressed or anything here but I’m not Gonna click it because I don’t want her Biting on it necessarily so the Clickable behavior here is being Tolerant right there yes that’s a Clickable moment Job like how she’s really kind of Pressed up against me right here very Trusting part of building that bond see Grooming practices like this can help You really build that bond between you

And your dog which is what all of your Training should be based on a very Strong bond and Trust yes that was a Good stroke I don’t know if he could Hear it and the play dead too because She’s been working on this play dead She’s kind of figured out that that Makes the clicker go off sometimes but She can’t quite remember how to do it All the time Yes she’s brainstorming so I’m kind of Clicking both things hear her play dead And her tolerance it’s like four strokes With a brush well you look so much nicer When you’re brushed I should probably do This more often in general it’s a good Idea to brush your dog every day or to Keep all the dirt out of there codes and Now for one of the most delicate Training exercises yet bath time so I’m Gonna set inertia into the bathtub here She’s never been in the bathtub She has no affiliation of the fact that Water is gonna come out there or Anything so my first objective is just To gently get her comfortable with the Bathtub Sniff it around okay she’s like what is That see oh she’s not taking treats That’s a sign that she’s a little Anxious and maybe I should just take a Step back since she’s looking pretty Inquisitive right there I’m gonna let Her just smell everything and check it

Out remember dogs really perceive the World with her nose you can see her nose Is going crazy right now just trying to Gather information good job so she’s Starting to take treats now that’s a Good sign let me see if I can get her Attention on me or if she’s just too Overstimulated yes good job I’m just Gonna try to let her get it out of her System here yeah I saw that coming this Is what I want to discourage right here So there I failed to preempt her and That’s what will happen See inertia good she was thinking about Jumping again it looked like I want to Really see if I can get her to freeze This right here by upping my rate Of reinforcement good job you’re doing Great and again I’m giving her tiny Pieces here so it’s not like I’m giving Her a ton of food Down because that’s an even more stable Position in the bath let’s bring your Over here because my next step is to Introduce the water but to do so Extremely delicately so before I even Turn the faucet on I want to do a bit of A mini experiment right here I’m gonna Go ahead and see how she reacts to water In the tub just by having a couple of Drops fall down yes she barely noticed It over there and that’s exactly what I’m looking forward letting her know hey Water can happen in here do you see how

Meticulous were being I mean this is if You will go out of your way to be Meticulous like this you’ll greatly Increase the odds at your dog adjusted Very well it’s when we just over a one More dog and just turn on the faucet and Let the water run just start pouring Water over them that we run into Problems let’s now go to the next step Here remember she has no idea that water Comes out of you you can see that caught Her interest a little let her Investigate this the water that came out And see how she’s licking it that Doesn’t look like she’s too scared of it She’s adjusting well she’s still a Little thrown off as she explores here And I’m monitoring her here just to see How nervous she becomes see how she’s Starting to walk back there I wanted to Cut off the anxiety immediately and take A step back on my training she looked a Little guarded You can see she’s like looking a little More guarded I’m just gonna do some General conditioning right now she’s Sitting there click their feet hey Everything’s cool okay inertia what’s This what’s this She may be getting a bit nervous any Simple stop yes good girl get that look At it in this case the jumping up is Actually preferred because she’s Investigating the source of the water

And I want her to be very comfortable With this faucet there were a big reward For that one all right so let’s try this Let me see if I can like kind of litter And be able on that Turkey I’ve got a Little chunk right there and I’m gonna Turn the stream on while she’s nibbling In [Music] [Music] Yes The fact that she’s approaching it makes Me very optimistic I wanted to let her Know looking at it interacting with it It was really gonna get her a treat – Did you see that oh this is good you Know I’m gonna go ahead and continue to Click her and treat her I love that she Investigated on her own yes good girl Maybe letting it run here for just a Minute or two or five or ten or twenty Just gonna desensitize her you can see That I up the stream there she’s a Little thrown off the fact that she’s Taking treats seems to me as though She’s not overly stretched so I’m just Doing this conditioning here and letting Her know water equals fun stuff getting A little warm there so it’s add a little Bit of cold very slowly yes Let’s see she’ll go over there with my Toss a tree yeah good job Hey we go over here what are you kidding Me this is wonderful guys the only point

Of this particular session is just to Get her comfortable being in a bathtub With water running but if she continues To be calm and accepting we can keep Going let’s see something now yes A port in front of them yes here you go And so from her perspective it’s another Little faucet that popped up [Music] Okay so right here you can see the Anxiety rising again let me see if I can Get her back before I just turn off the Water I think we can overcome this but If not I’ll turn it off good job it’s a Fine line sometimes between backing off Entirely or helping your dog work Through it if in doubt take a Significant break or even take a step Back to your last exercise where your Dog is less stressed let’s try a leaky Mat here these leaky mats can be a great Way to reduce your dog’s anxiety during Bath time I’m gonna have a link below They have these grooves so when you Smear peanut butter on them or something Like that it’s a little more challenging For your dog to get the magic moment Here is when the water makes contact With them for a look at that yes good Girl Gonna let that settle in for a moment Let her get back to the peanut butter This is great So you’re acknowledging it but that’s

Okay yes good girl very good oh okay She’s quite the athletes yes yes good Girl I’m gonna get down here with you You’re doing so great look at us we’re In hearing them bathtub together so I’m Just gonna kind of rinse her off here Let me have this let her smell this Washcloth she’s behaving really well as I rinsed her yes give her a treat for Being so good like that don’t you Alright so I’ve got some shampoo I love You so much I sure do get those paws Nice and clean get that head nice and Clean Yes I’m gonna pick up the Leakey mat Here and we’re gonna go back to Turkey Good girl Very good you’re being so great yes what Is this And smell [Music] Like yeah that’s what a good girl see How slow we’re going here so the theme Here is going slow motion to get them Comfortable with all of this yeah that Was a good one I’m not in a hurry if it Takes me an hour to rinse her that’s Cool I want to go on her terms right now Which is comfortable with to avoid Problems in the future Almost done one more okay yes very good Okay now it’s time to drive her ah Similar thing here I think she’s gonna Be okay with this but I’ll pick her up

She’s pretty comfortable with being Picked up I’d call that a successful training Session in the next episode we’ll go to Puppy class for the first time expose Inertia to major fireworks and focus on Heavy socialization if you want to keep Up with her journey subscribe and hit That Bell notification and if you want More training and spoilers to this Series follow us on Instagram get your Grooming supplies and food from pet flow This is a good time to mention too that If you want a handy guide to virtually Everything we cover in this series pick Up a copy of my books or download the Audio version if you prefer I’ll have Links to everything below we’ll see you Guys next time [Music]

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