My Puppy’s First Days of Training: Stop Biting, Crate Training, Come, Socialization: EP 4

My Puppy’s First Days of Training: Stop Biting, Crate Training, Come, Socialization: EP 4

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Oh a nurse you’re gonna make me work huh Inertia let go of those keys you’re not Old enough to drive yet I’m Zack George I trained dogs and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning welcome to the dog training Experience today we’ll attempt to begin Getting a nurses insane puppy biting Under control Focus on crate training come some tricks And more let’s definitely start with Puppy biting though in the early days of Training your dog it’s important to try Variety of treats to find out what your Dog likes and it’s also important to Have treats available at all times she Was chewing my shoelace she stopped Chewing my she lips looked at me I’m Gonna give her a reward for that – Really great and different treat options That dogs love that I work with are These puppet freeze-dried beef liver Treats and these freeze-dried sweet Potato treats she loves those sweet Potato treats these are great because They’re freeze-dried they keep well room Temperature so they have the flavor and The nutrients and they don’t have a Bunch of crazy ingredients in them so One hundred-percent sweet potato 95 Percent beef liver the other 5% is pea Protein to hold it all together

Inertia you 100% have to stop chewing on My shoelaces you can get these puffer Treats right now at the link in the Description so you might notice that Inertia has a particular fascination With shoelaces pants legs she is really Enjoying chewing on these I think we Should work on teaching her that this is Inappropriate behavior Oh a nurse you’re Gonna make me work huh there’s a couple Of ways to handle this number one Ideally you want to encourage your dog To sit and stay and be nice and calm Before they even think about going for Someone’s pant leg or shoelaces with an Eight week old puppy you’re still Building communication so you can’t Perfect this quick this is gonna take Some time I think protocol here is to get a Nurse’s attention off of this and onto Something that I’d rather she do maybe You sit or lie down or maybe even do Some trick training all she’s really Saying when she does this is hey I want To play I want to do something this is Fun so let’s give her something else to Do what I’m gonna do is first get her Attention off of my leg good job I’m Gonna ask for a sip before giving you The treat good remember the click just Means good dog I like that you win Something to be clear I’m rewarding the Sit not the biting on the pants what I

Like to do when Dog is that interested in engaging with Me is jump into some training like this We’re working on sit and down right now And we’ve decided that we’re gonna try Calling up sit now boy she got wild just As you started filming here oh my gosh Yep my arms that bites getting stronger By the day here it sit good down good Okay good and the okay is just to let Her know that the down is over in that Case down we’re gonna continue working On those drills until they’re second Nature to her so I’m gonna give her a Break right now she’s getting a little Bit frustrated as is very normal for a Young dog and it’s important not to push Them through frustration too much not at This age anyway and it’s really on us to Keep things really fun for them if They’re not having fun that’s really Gonna hinder your progress so better to Take a break now then to keep pressing The point by the way I cover issues like This and more in both of my books I’ll Have links to those in the description Below You might recall in a past episode we Were working on roll over play dead and Ideally in a perfect world what I’m Trying to get is having her put her legs Straight up in the air like a cockroach But we’re still a ways away from that Going for a completely still you know it

Completely still means I’m clicking one After the other here to really encourage Duration in other words her really Holding that position play dead Good okay get up and I want to let her Know that the play dad is over so that She’s very clear on when she can get up In the future cuz dramatic long play Dead’s can be fun Play dead oh yes see how I’m ignoring The biting that can be very frustrating I’m just ignoring it and getting her Back onto the training session here Letting her know what will work yes I Don’t know if you could catch that I Mean it was as though she was like what Do I have to do that thing I was just Doing a second ago at which time I was Like yeah that’s what you need to do That’s what’s gonna get you what you Want Even though inertia is only eight weeks Old I think it’s a good idea to start Working on teaching her how to be polite When she gets pet I’ve got an Opportunity here with our Associate Producer and we’re gonna work on some Training but invite inertia over here be Excited make it tempting for I want to See if she’ll jump I mean let’s see how What her default is so maybe even stand Up so if you stand up and you go to pet Her alright stop petting and now start Petting or again really excitedly I just

Okay so you know this isn’t very Like she’s chewing on your shoe see if She wants that I’m just gonna try to Redirect her for a second there all Right go ahead and pet her now I’m just Gonna stay on her good job I like that She’s holding her sit that’s good Sorry going right now she’s a little too Persistent on the shoes go ahead and Take a step back right now please Thanks Since we’re still in the communication Building phase for at least the next Couple of months Management is extra important so having A puppy on leash until sufficient Communication is built as a practical Way to manage your dog’s unwanted Behaviors good job right here she’s Offering it down so I’m just gonna go Ahead and treat her good and after you Get done tying your shoes just come in Pet her if she starts to go for your Shoes just back away Here I’m just rewarding her for holding This composition now back away yep thank You appreciate that now you would also Have the option to back your dog away as Well but I know that she knows what I Want done here after ending up with These videos right good job yes good now Maybe two strokes perfect good and so We’re not getting any shoe biting here Or jumping much more polite behavior Pretty good for a first session I’d say

It should be noted that an eight week Old puppy needs lots of socialization With people so don’t be too strict about Good manners in this situation I’m more Or less just planting the seed for Future training but for the time being I’m going to be relatively permissive About jumping as I want inertia to love People having your dog come to you is an Essential skill so always be very stern And use a serious deep tone of voice Okay just kidding the goofier you act And the higher pitched voices the better I wanted to play the calm wind called Game you know where you throw a treat And they have to come back to you Because very often when you’re working With a puppy they’re just stuck to you Or they’re tuned out doing something Else I just want to start teaching or This whole concept of coming to me when They call her Inertia comes good job and I’m just Gonna neither say inertia a nurse to Come I wanted to know what both of them Mean I’m not too worried about confusing Her under stuff come on yes good that Was a good example of resisting the urge To say come come come and waiting it out A little bit there remember if you’re Repeating come come come over and over And your dog is ignoring you well you’re Conditioning them to ignore you instead Make sounds or happy movements that make

You more enticing to your dog okay now She’s getting away from me here well I’m Gonna give it time I just want to see if She comes back looking for more food Maybe she’s full maybe she’s done with It maybe the foods not reinforcing Enough anymore I don’t know that’s what I’m trying to discover ah time for a Potty break There you go she’s not facing north for The record is it magnetic north good job Girl go poop nice job well that’s a lot Of food a nurse I was doing so well with Tracking toys and playing so I thought It would be a good idea to start her Modeling career being that she’s going To be an Instagram and YouTube superstar I want to make sure that I can teach her How to look at a camera when we take a Picture I’m gonna make it like a toy Here and just encourage her to look in The direction of it what’s this yes good Job I’m saying what’s this I don’t know It feels natural to me we can modify That later what’s this yes most dogs who Are curious are gonna naturally look at Something just focus on making this an Object forget that you think of it as a Phone something that you hold real still Just get your dog interested in looking At it at first after you’ve encouraged Calm behavior what’s this oh good I got Her looking at it while doing a trick I Love that so we still have a ways to go

On this but I think we’re off to a good Start Stay tuned to see if we make progress Looks like she wants to Play I’m all about it play break Training a dog though isn’t always about Calm stay sit down all that good stuff a Lot of times it’s just letting them do Their own thing and letting them Discover stuff on their own free play is Essential in fact that’s what most of Your training really should be when you Have a puppy here we have a bunch of Toys we got a ball a bed that she’s Loving engaging with I don’t have the Bed and her crate because I know she’s Gonna chew it up or start fighting on it And I don’t want that habit to get Started so we have some towels in there Instead which are a little less vital Not quite as tempting to buy of course At this age they just bite everything Why would you want to bite marble so now I’m gonna try to redirect her attention Off of that marble and onto this ball And see if I can get her playing just to Show her the appropriate kind of play That is acceptable hey what’s going on In there show what is that you like that Bed she’s looking she’s thinking and she Wants marble instead okay let’s try it Again maybe I’ll try different toy this Time this crinkly one Helen worked yes If you have a puppy and you’re trying to

Discourage them from biting on every Little thing the natural thing to do is Say no no and correct them and just pick Them up or pull them away constantly but They’re not gonna learn very effectively Like that so really taking the time to Get them to voluntarily go through the Motions of stopping on their own without Being cold is what’s really gonna teach Stuff like this that’s what’s really Gonna get your dog to stop chewing Biting jumping all of those basic on Water behaviors if she wants to just lay Down and chill out that’s fine with me Too that is a valuable skill so I will Periodically click and treat that Behavior when she’s in a mellow state Like that as well Crate training can be a very delicate Process and I’m still trying to create a Positive association with her crate over The next few days today I’m working on Teaching a nurse how to get comfortable Going into her crate trying to encourage Her to go into the crate so I’m gonna Toss the treat here as soon as she gives Me her attention the key with crate Training is to get your dog willingly And voluntarily going into their crate So use treats they love and take it slow With a tree right there I’m gonna Continue to click her for hanging out in Here for duration just keep her in there Voluntarily not gonna shut the door I

Want her to know I being in here is a Great thing These are crumb sized treats here and Since I’m using such small treats that She likes I’m able to really give her Tons and tons of treats here without Fear of her getting overweight so Basically step one is getting her to go Into the crate voluntarily and step two Is encouraging her to relax in the crate Ultimately what I’m going for is a Settlement look she just came out of the Crate there hey what’s this right here Inertia come good see how I wasn’t Saying a nurse to come a nurse to come She’s not supposed to be off leash right Now we were just gonna change her collar Out but anyway it’s the position I find Myself in she’s starting to respond to Hand signals here just by me putting my Hand out here good job like that that’s More calm behavior right there really Capturing that as important this is what The experiences really like here it’s Lots of repetition it looks like she Needs a little help because she’s not Quite going into the down on her own but I’m gonna just lure her right there good Job now I definitely want to jackpot This I want to keep the treats coming Right now to let her know whoa like when You’re in a down you really get the Treats now if your dog were struggling To go into a down like this they’re not

Yet ready for this you’d want to Prioritize teaching them how to lie down With a lure I’m gonna actually try Something I’m gonna try backing away Just a little bit so she gets used to Seeing me from farther away because Puppies like to be near you as a general Rule yeah I like that look yes settled And she’s gonna come out I’m not gonna Reward you I’m gonna let her know that Doesn’t work for her if she wants more Treats inertia come I’m gonna reward her There for coming to me being a good Teacher requires you to be flexible and Willing to alter your lesson plan in This case sure I’d rather her go into Her crate but I also want her to know That coming to me is something I Strongly value One step in there yes good gonna exact Potter give her a bunch of little Rewards here gonna one after the other Quick treat quick tree quick tree me and Do it down down and I’m not worried About getting the door shut right now I’m taking my sweet time I really want Her to like the crate even though I go Through these efforts to try to make Sure that she likes the crate that’s Still no guarantee that she’ll take to The crate some dogs will never take to a Crate cousin Samantha stopped over to See inertia never miss an opportunity to Give your dog great experiences with

People when they’re young here you go You can have her she’s yours bye what People say after five days of having a Puppy I’m gonna give her a break for a Bit and resume training after next meal It’s lunchtime for inertia and I’m gonna Use some of her food here to do some More training there we go and again and Here I can really afford to give her Lots of treats because it’s her food now You can get away with using kibble and Clicker training really early on in General you don’t really want to use Such a little value reward there’s money Everywhere I’ve done it now haven’t I Okay here we go let’s try that again Waiting fur to get all four of those in I’m gonna be patient here and see if she Does it before I click her again yes Good job See if she lies down I’m gonna give it One sec okay yep that’s what I thought Good job very good inertia settle notice I’m not saying gallon I’m saying settle In this case because it’s more the Relaxed calm state of mind that I’m Trying to train rather than a physical Position just cuz something looks the Same does it make it entirely the same Settle very good this is just after her Nap so encouraging her to be calm after Her nap is good she tends to get a lot Of energy cuz in general and I’m not Working with her or playing with her I

Want her to be in a calm state of mind Settled very good good eye contact right There Good click that icon I love how she’s Got her head down this is a good way to Feed your dog if they’re receptive to it Now that we’re getting into a really Good rhythm I think I’m gonna Down the pace with which our reward Remember that’s the rate of Reinforcement because she’s Demonstrating stability here I’m Definitely seeing progress so that’s a Good yes good job settle do you see that Was that good or what our friend tom is Coming over now he’s a super tall man That can throw some dogs off let’s see How inertia does there you go just let Her check you out no sudden movements But maybe pet her softly there you go Perfect that’s it yeah good body Language here since inertia sometimes is A little standoffish with new people Tom is willing to be a volunteer here if She wants to jump on him and be crazy I’m actually ok with that because that Indicates comfort we can always work on Sit-stay later that’s quite polite I’m Gonna have you give her some hot dog Just give her a like break out little Tiny bits at a time again let’s see That’s interesting and she’s going Through the fear period right now eight Weeks is where they start to becoming a

Little apprehensive of new things so I’m Gonna come over here and try and Reassure her hey so how does he have That yeah I forget about the hot dogs do This with it like back and forth see so That she takes to that maybe toss it all Together he goes she’s like tub pool see Those bags over there yes see she wants To light up warm you see her years go Back and start wagging her tail she’s Being playful intermittently but now She’s looking with these bags and she’s Like I don’t know so I’m gonna let her Back away from that that’s fine see she Was scared of the bag and now she’s not Just give your dog a little bit of time To adjust to something new especially When they’re young like this see what Happens if you hold her she freaks out Just put her down but if she’s calm that Her softly she’ll lick sure that’d be Good yeah everyone loves puppy kisses Appreciate that this is real valuable Time to socialize we came outside did a Little bit of playing seems to put her At ease a little bit it’s windy just a Short toss yeah Nice Sun woo that’s it perfect nice good Focus so I like this she’s not giving up On it while inertia was initially Cautious of Tom we eventually got them Playing a little that’s a success later That day we had our friend and vet dr. Abby come over she’s only eight weeks

It’s more important right now that she Get experience with people and get to Know how this world works her biting is Getting a little more intense today than It has the last few days Good luck with that let me know if you Figure that one out there’s still so Much to do over the next year of Training if you’re looking for a Condensed free 30 day digital dog Training course check out my 30 day Perfect pup program which will give you A crash course in training your dog my Books are also a great resource be sure To get lots of great treats and other Products from pup furred to keep your Training moving forward I’ll have a link Below I’m covering lots of the nurses Training on Instagram to keep up with Our progress over there click Subscribe And the Bell notifications so that You’ll be notified every time we upload A new episode In our next episode I’ll begin Introducing our older sometimes reactive Dog indie to inertia will take inertia To the vet continue working on crate Training and see if we can improve their And will continue to address a nurses Insane puppy biting thanks for watching And we’ll see you next time You

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