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Yes I’m assuming it was in her I’m Zack George I trained dog and this is my new Dog inertia I’m taking you along as I Train her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode of nurse’ll we’ll Experience her first real walk we’ll Continue working on acclimating her to The main part of the house I’m gonna Check in and see how she’s doing on Getting her teeth brushed and we’ll all Get some tips from Trevor Smith on Keeping our dogs fit and healthy I’m Asked about dog food all the time and I Can say that different dogs thrive on Different types of food depending on a Variety of factors but avoid being at The mercy of the big-box stores often They’re out of the specific formula that You want or the size bag that you want Or they don’t have the specific brand That you want instead easily set up Automatic pet food delivery from pet Float in two steps you choose your food And tell them how often you want it Delivered and it’s always there all of You can get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments by entering code Sack 30 at checkout that is a $30 Savings I’ll have a link in the Description it’s a pretty exciting time Now because inertia is finally legal to

Go out in public by legal in public I Mean she’s got her vaccinations and it’s Safe for her to go in public we live on This wonderful park here and I’ve been Waiting to be able to take her on her Walks out there so this is gonna be her First walk I’m not going to enforce too Much training but I am going to enforce Wait while I open this gate I don’t want Her running through any doorway or Anything like this without permission Wait yes good Yes okay let’s go good job nice work for The rest of this walk I’m going to have Very few expectations in other words I Just want inertia to get out and explore The planet right now Now of course I’ll intervene if she gets Into something she’s not supposed to I’ll keep her from running into the bike Path and others common-sense things but In general I’m gonna be pretty tolerant So we’re pulling over running right here I’ll get her some exercise going up that Hill you’ll get a lot of exposure to People out here she’ll get exposure to New smells maybe even some dogs at a Distance it’s really is a nice place to Train because you can see distractions Coming in the distance we’re just gonna Walk through the field here and let her Do her thing and you might notice too I’m using an extra-long lead I’m not Trying to keep her on a short leash for

This particular training session I want Her to have room to explore with inertia Being so young she’s bound to see hear And smell things that she’s never Encountered before like bikes roller Bladers people walking other dogs out For a walk and so on how you doing there She sees a bike thank you I appreciate That she doesn’t know yet that everyone Doesn’t want to be your friend hello She loves you guys okay come on let’s go And so there I’m just gonna encourage Her to keep the walk going I don’t want To condition her to just run up to People it really is a balance of letting Her check things out and keeping the Walk going okay let’s go boy you can see She just really wants to get out there And see what everything is all about She’s pulling ahead now I would expect After probably just a few minutes of This she doesn’t pull quite as Rambunctious Lee right now she’s just Excited so I’m gonna be tolerant of that It’s probably pretty faint to you guys But there’s some sirens going on in the Background I’m just gonna let her react to it it Doesn’t look like she’s nervous but I’m Not gonna insist that she continue on The walk if she wants to pay attention To the sirens inertia is now right at 15 Weeks old and she gets right now Probably 40 minutes of exercise

Throughout the day in general of Moderate exercise like walking or some Fetch for five six minutes at a time Whatever she’s feeling with young dogs It’s really important because Servat of with their exercise but you Still want to give them lots of Experiences just take it easy when They’re young that would make the most Sense and she held her state do you want This so she is taking treats there so I’ll go ahead and give her a treat right There but I’m trying pretty hard to make This not too much about an obedience Training lesson and more of a explore Your new park kind of lesson you can see That loose leash there she’s starting to Relax a little bit and she gets to the End of relief see how she’s looking back She’s like okay she’s a little more Satisfied and not quite as energetic you Really have to be tolerant at the Beginning part of these walks and then After five six seven minutes or so she Is starting to become a bit more Manageable come on let’s go she’s been Really responsive to let’s go and follow Me there’s no need to really reward with Food here because the environment Appears to be really reinforcing to her That’s a satisfactory currency if you Will so in other words she gets to keep Exploring I love this path right here Because you have pedestrians and bikers

So it allows you to really train at Close range I have a separate pedestrian Path here there are so many benefits to A training location like this for young Dogs you can introduce distractions at a Low level because you can easily control The distance that’s why I like training In big open parks where possible this This morning was so amazing I mean look She’s like roaming through the grass and Walking you can see how happy and Content she is Let’s go come on she’s really distracted By these people come on let’s go there’s A dog over here Yorkie under if she’ll Notice the dog look like it Oh no spoke too soon she noticed a dog That’s good she’s basically tuned the Puppy yell come on let’s go let’s go Come on It’s gonna encourage her to come along Runners dogs like to chase people who Run that was our first exploratory walk With inertia and I think she did really Well she’s reacting normally she’s Getting lots of exposure to lots of Things not to mention I imagine I will Be doing a ton of training back here After a decent walk like that or any Type of exercise it’s a wonderful the Best time ever to practice your real World settle that’s because dogs are Much more likely to be in a genuinely Relaxed state of mind the more they

Experience a real world settle like this The more likely they are to behave this Way organically in the future this is How you start phasing and more freedom Throughout the house when they’re Chilling this they’re satisfied they Don’t feel the need to be into Everything or constantly seek attention Or play they’re just happy because they Had a good workout make how you feel After a workout post exercise is also a Great time to work on potentially Stressful activities like tooth brushing – so I’m just doing a tooth brushing Lesson with her here just to get her More and more comfortable with it even Though inertia still has her baby teeth It’s never too soon to begin getting Your dog used to things like this My objective isn’t really to do a Thorough tooth brushing but more to get Her used to the feeling in the process So just one two three seconds at a time Followed up by a great reward I’m Currently using a finger brush as this Gives me a little bit more control Though I might use a more traditional Brush in the future yes oh good yeah That was good Yes nice job good job to get your dog Comfortable with their teeth getting Brush just go real slow make sure you’re Using a high value currency I’m using Baked chicken here wait yeah good job

Right there that’s it that was a good One that was a real good one here you go Yes uh-huh Leave it leave it alone Leave it Yes no leave it dogs at different life Stages require different kinds of Exercise not too long ago my friend and Fellow dog trainer Trevor stopped by With his own two Border Collies he Shared some awesome things with me about Ways to keep dogs safe and fit at the Same time today we’ve got Trevor Jade And Daisy from the doggie dojo and you Can follow their YouTube channel I’m Gonna have a link below trevor happens To be a certified canine fitness trainer From the university of tennessee and an Elite agility dog trainer in fact Trevor With his dog Daisy was a 20-19 AKC Agility national finalist today we’re Gonna cover some ways to keep your dog Exercised and happy inside and why you Should be doing exercises like this Throughout the year regardless of the Weather so Trevor tell us what k9 Fitness is and why we should care about It cani Fitness is all about Strengthening your dog so that they can Excel in daily activities and prevent Future injuries the good thing about k9 Fitness and the things we’re gonna cover Today it’s really good for puppies who Are still developing and of course

Seniors who will need to stay in shape And keep limber and flexible so there Are five major aspects to canine fitness What are they there is flexibility Strength cardio balance and mental and Really all the exercises that we’re Gonna cover today combine that mental And physical element to exercising or Dogs so I’m thinking we’ll start with Flexibility yeah before you start any Streets exercise you want to make sure You have good warm-up and then after You’re done exercise you gonna have good Cooldown so these exercises are gonna be Good for both the first game will show You guys is a really simple one it’s Called spin and twist you’re gonna take Your dog’s nose to their rear end and Spin them around like this and you also You want to go the other way to make Sure they’re flexing the other way as Well or how does this make them more Flexible it’s really helping kind of Stretch out their spine okay I’m making Sure that’s kind of getting warmed up Before you start any active movement so The next one is one of my favorite it’s Actually figure eights between your legs You’re gonna take your dog and you’re Gonna lure went through one part and Then the other way back and forth and What’s really neat about this is that You can actually change the dynamic of Your stretch depending on how far apart

You put your legs so right now she’s Doing what’s called collection where She’s very tight but if I take my legs a Little further apart I actually get What’s called a little bit of extension And this is more stretching the spine Out too just by virtue of them learning How to weave through a tight space like That they’re forced to go slowly and They’re also forced to use a lot of Muscles that looks like and then this is All helping training if you’re ever Going to do a sport Jilla t i’m helping them understand how To get those weed pulse spins and figure Eight’s is warm up I do with my dog Daisy right before she runs everytime an Agility at 10 years old they can start To slow down so this is actually one of The more important things to do before You run your dog and agility what else Can we do is stretch our dog out and get Them nice and warmed up well on the Theme of doing tricks and your dogs to Warm them up we also can do rollover so There’s different planes to warm up your Dog in different ways to move your dog So spin did a kind of rotation Yes well leg we’ve did kind of a lateral Movement and this is also getting our Dogs to do a head over shoulders is There anything different about a Stretching rollover that we need to do Or is it the same as any other rollover

That’s a good point I would say that You’re stretching rollover is just like Anything else when warming your dog up You want nice and slow and controlled Movements you don’t want your dogs Jerking around once your dog is warmed Up and they’ve exercised you also want To make sure that you’re cooling them Down so you could do all that we’ve done Already with the spins and in figure Eight and also rollover but you also can Do what’s called cookie stretches you’re Just gonna take a treat from your dog’s Nose you’re gonna lure their nose to Their shoulder just twist their head a Little bit just kind of stretch out that Neck and shoulder area yes and ever kind Of a braced up against my sides that way We’re working on just one side of our Body at a time and then we’re gonna go From nose to chest and this is words Things are going to start get to a point We have to watch your dog and how much They want to do if your dog at any point Is stopping and not whine take their Nose all the way to the chest your dog Might not be flexible enough to get There so don’t force your dog to do this Exercise make sure that you’re listening And letting them choose to come back and Forth you’re not taking their head Physically and shoving it into their Side right the best thing you could do For them is have them learn to control

Themselves instead of you have to always Lower it because more than likely if They’re in control of it they’re gonna Make sure take their time and not do Something might over stretch them you Ready to cover strike next Oh yeah how do we build strength with Our dogs we think of building strength And human fitness we think of two major Exercises push-ups and sit-ups so today We’re going to show you the dog version Of a push-up in a sit-up now we’re going To do some puppy push-ups and it Involves a simple behavior that you’ve Already probably taught your dog and That is stand and down first we’re going To dog into stander and go from their Nose their toes and going all the way Down into a Down and then we’re gonna go Back up into a stand as the dog is Actually physically doing a push-up the Point of a push-up is a full body Strengthening Exercise from their rear all the way to Their chest and their shoulders and Their back they’re engaging all their Muscles so push-ups look solid you Mentioned sit-ups though now this is Gonna be interesting it’s also involving The same game of stand but also sit to Achieve this exercise okay start the dog In a stand ask for a sit and then after They get to sit you stand so what are Some ways that we can make these

Exercises more effective by adding Equipment you’re not only going to Increase the strengthening of that Exercise but you’re also gonna add a Dynamic of balance to it and so we have This fancy looking prop here but if you Didn’t have something like this you Could easily use a couch cushion or a Pillow or something like that right Correct by keeping your front posture Like this it actually makes the exercise A lot more effective for the dog having This decreased stability here really Teaches dogs how to use their muscles More efficiently effectively and you can Imagine that not only is she really Engaged in his core right now but she’s Also building a lot of strength up in Here you’ve shown us how to use their Front paws what about their rear legs Thing take this bone scoot it back just A tad so that way the dog’s rear paws Head this and do the exact same exercise Sit oh there we go sit yes stand yes and Then also going back to the puppy Push-ups we can go down stand and it Looks fantastic Yeah with young dogs obviously we want To not overwork them and be pretty Conservative with their exercise let’s See how it would work with the senior Dog okay I can’t wait to see what you do With this so once your dog has been Doing equipment and they understand this

Puppy sit-ups and push-ups you can Actually start designing reps and sets And we don’t want to that with puppies Too much because you don’t want to wear Them out until they’re fully grown with Adult dogs we can actually start to Gauge and figure out how well they’re Doing and progressing in their fitness If we can add some reps so reps being The repetitions of exercise so if we do A sit and then we do a stand that is one Rep and then if we ask our dog to do That’s it And then stand three times in a row that Can be a come one set of three reps then What we would do is at that point Probably take a break and let the dog Kind of rest for a second and then Repeat and one of the really great Things dogs are so unlikely to show us When they’re uncomfortable and so when You’re in habit of doing regular Exercises like this it’s more likely to Tune you into the more nuanced parts of How they’re feeling yeah because if you Say we’re doing three reps for three Sets rake early and your dog off son one Day was not able to do even one set Couldn’t see that your dog does maybe Mean to go to that yeah so it’s a really Good way for you to be very in tune with Your dog physically overall fitness in General will help your dog it’ll make Them more conditioned and less prone to

Injury because they’re learning how to Use their muscles they’re also prepared For lots of different types of physical Activity you may also see that this Could also decrease the risk of things Like arthritis because their form is Better and their muscles and joints are Stronger one of the common questions That I know both of us are asked getting Your dog’s energy out especially when They’re inside weather is bad can be Super challenging so what do you Recommend for that well we have this Great game called bed to bed sprint ah That sounds like fun so I noticed you’re Starting with the mats really close Together right yeah we will make sure The dog understands how to go from one Bed to the other bed so in the beginning Of the stage here you could take a treat In the room from bed to bed if your dog Doesn’t understand its quite yet alright So once they’re going from bed to bed at A short distance now I’m assuming we Make them farther apart so we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna start off on one bed Right here and at first you may have to Walk side by side with your dog just to Get them going and also to gauge the Speed cuz we’re trying to get the dog’s Heart rate up and these are like sprints For people right yeah this is what you Do while inside you do it in short Bursts get their heart rate up but then

Give them plenty of time to recover and You would want to over do something like This alright so you’ve got a squeaky Tennis ball here huh daisies absolutely Yeah so she lights up her focus is like Really on that ball so let’s see if this Really builds her speed and intensity During this exercise that would be the Point I would imagine right little ball Over here okay tell your dog ready okay There you go good a real great benefit For a senior dog like Daisy is getting Those joints moving and making sure to Keep them moving without having to Nestle One-mile walk around the block for some Senior dogs it’s really hard to an older Age and this is our very simple and Short mobility exercise to keep those Joints moving there’s two kinds of Cardio here I mean you have the intense Kind of cardio where your dog’s heart Rates up for a short period of time like Fetch and sprinting we call that an Aerobic cardio right yeah then there’s That lower intensity endurance exercise Like distance walking that’s an example Of aerobic cardio both types are Important for exercises and you can see Just in the short period of time she’s Panting she’s had a healthy work Dog it’s a chance to work out even when It’s bad weather outside they’re gonna Be happier and healthier

So you’re seeing here how we’re hitting All of the different aspects of canine Fitness but balance is an especially Important one for dogs you’re too much Of a pro for this let’s bring in the Young dog Jade and see how she’s doing All right so you basically do the same Steps that we covered before with with Something that’s you know a little bit More challenging like this yes this is So challenging you’d be surprised the Rear end as you can see she’s working a Little extra harder yeah but the rear Then she was with her front Oh See right there look at that I mean it And you got this hole in the middle that Makes it a little more challenging and Right well as you can see she’s moving Around and here’s the cool part so if You dog knows how to do touch here’s a Really neat trick that you can do you Can actually ask for touch a different Angle so touch in front of um touch to Their side as they’re engaging touch With their nose where their nose is Touching your hand they’re having to Move their body around and start to Engage that core so if your dog knows Shake a paw one of the cool things you Can do with this exercise actually ask For a shake with their right paw whoa When she put all her weight onto one Paul it really started to move shake With the left paw and I’ll see how

That’s moving and she’s having to Balance all onto one paw that makes it Really difficult and if you don’t have Props like this get creative I mean as We mentioned you can use things like Couch cushions you could teach your dog To sit pretty on a flat surface which Encourages them do their balance teach Them fun tricks like a back stallin so There’s a million ways that you can Encourage your dog to increase their Balance I’ll have Trevor’s info in the Description see how easy it can be to Completely eliminate the chore of Getting your pets food go to peplos Select your food and tell them how often You want it shipped save $30 by getting $10 off your first three orders when you Enter code Zach 30 I’ll have a link Below did you know I post daily videos And advice on Instagram I’m also on Tik-tok to get my books for some extra Help training your dog subscribe and Click the bell notification so that You’ll know every time I upload a video All of those links will be in the Description below in our next episode We’ll check in on inertia’s tricks I’ll Show you how I’m dealing with the nurses Continued barking and whining in the Crate we’ll do some more leash walking Training in new places as well see you Guys in the next episode

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