My Reaction to the TMZ video on the set of “A Dog’s Purpose”

My Reaction to the TMZ video on the set of "A Dog's Purpose"

The title says it!

So this is an unplanned impromptu video I don’t normally post this don’t worry My normal videos will be coming back This Saturday I’ve got a great video Coming out with spell of the Italian Greyhounds but what I wanted to talk About today was this recent controversy From a dog’s purpose TMZ apparently released a video of a dog Being trained on the set of a dog’s Purpose where dog was being forced to Swim in this rushing water this very Elaborate crop and clearly the dog did Not want to do it and was being made to Do something they didn’t want to do as I Watch the video it’s clear there’s a Lack of communication between the Trainer and the dog was always clearly Saying look I don’t want to do this I Understand the desire and the will of The director or producer to try and get The shot for the the production those Involved with production typically don’t Have the know-how that a professional Trainer has in other words they know What they need and their contracting out To some traders say hey what can you get Can you get a dog to do this thing that We need it all to do and since dog Training is a completely unregulated Industry you really just don’t know what You’re going to get you don’t know if You’re going to get a trainer who uses Positive modern humane methods or if

You’re going to get a trainer but just Like they’ll see what I can do you’ve Got to prepare the dog and make sure That they are enthusiastically doing the Thing you want them to do making a dog Do something simply to entertain people When they’re clearly uncomfortable Should be off-limits no shot for any Motion picture or any TV show is worth Stressing out a dog or potentially Causing physical or mental harm to that Dog we see this all the time in Television where dog is intentionally Set off for the sake of getting the Dramatic shot so they can show extreme Progress in a 30-minute episode and in My opinion most of those dogs are simply Just being pushed too far and they’re Just reactive dogs that would anywhere Between a couple of weeks in a few Months worth of work will probably be Just lost since I’m a dog trainer and Since I’m making video content about dog Training I’m always having to ask myself Is that ethical or is that not ethical And any time I think a dog is becoming Overly stressed or has the likely Becoming overly stressed that’s when I You know say no more ideally I keep the Dog from getting stressed to begin with But everything isn’t perfect but we have To make a good-faith effort to make sure That we’re always looking out for the Well-being of our dogs no matter what we

Know that using reinforcement training Is far more effective for long-term Results than using punishment based Training I mean we see this in countless Studies that I referenced them in my Book if you’d like to see the dog Training industry is just one of those Industries That’s just largely way behind times it Has not yet caught up it has not yet Filtered out that modern methods are not Only effective but more effective to Resolving unwanted behaviors and also Teaching dogs to do things like tricks For movies click thumbs up and tell me What you think in the comments below I Mean do you think this trainer went too Barb do you think the dog training Industry has a lot of growing up to do Or do you think it’s great the way it is This was just a good opportunity to have This discussion regular programming will Resume Saturdays and we’ll see you all Next time

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