My Top 10 Most Helpful Dog Training Tips as Chosen By You! (Signed Books Giveaway and more)

My Top 10 Most Helpful Dog Training Tips as Chosen By You! (Signed Books Giveaway and more)

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This video is sponsored by pet flow Click thumbs up for Thea the Six-month-old pitbull puppy make sure You’re subscribed to my channel too so Wild this should be an interesting one I’ll be giving away five signed copies Of my book right here on youtube just Leave a comment like the video and make Sure you’re subscribed I’ll contact the Winners through youtube and for regular Book giveaway is make sure you like my Facebook page link below I was checking Out the Kindle edition of my book Recently and you can see the most Highlighted passages throughout the Entire book so I thought that was an Interesting thing to talk about I only Wish we had more of these greenies so I Can share them with everyone whoa Since I’m giving away so many books I’ll Give away a bunch of greenies to each Person who wins a book these are so Great cuz they have that really unique Chewy texture that dogs obviously love Dogs can really sink their teeth into These all the way up to their gums so it Rubs away plaque and tartar just like a Toothbrush does there’s even a grain Free formula if you notice that your dog Or cat’s breath needs a little extra Pick-me-up you can give them these Breath buster bites which I like to Think of as doggy or Kitty breath mints But is that not the cutest little

Greenie you have ever seen have you ever Tried to give your dog or a cat a pill Before greenies pill pockets make it so Much easier you just squish one of these Tasty little pockets around any size Pill these work my dogs and cat love Their pill pockets we use them all the Time Get all these awesome greenies products From Peplow and get your dog food Automatically shipped to you too you can Use promo codes AK 30 when you check out To get $10 off your first three Shipments today I’m gonna give you my Top ten bits of dog training advice as Chosen by you the number ten most Highlighted point in my book is for the Next year I strongly recommend insisting That your dog hold a sit-stay for five To ten seconds at every open door Leading to the outside before allowing Her to walk through it be really Consistent this is a biggie This truly is a life-saving skill and Should be prioritized very early on You’re gonna chew the metal part of your Leash puppy logic let’s go to the number Nine most highlighted point when I have A new dog my protocol is to attach a Four to six foot leash to my belt loop During the day so that when I get up to Go to the kitchen check the mail or do Yard work my dog is with me I regularly Encounter skepticism as to the

Practicality of this point but it really Isn’t as inconvenient as you think it is By Having your dog attached to you with a Leash you’re right there to prevent bad Habits from getting started but more Importantly you’re there to communicate What you do like and you know there’s Nothing like having a dog attached to You to really encourage you to interact With them a lot more of course if you do Have your puppy tied to you you may need To put up with stuff like this number Eight for treats during primary training Sessions again use tiny pieces of real Chicken or other meat the reward should Be about the size of a grain of rice for Small dogs and no larger than a pea for Larger dogs you really want to make sure That you’re using a treat that your dog Loves not just like dog treats do have Their place though I’ve never smelled Dog treats those smell like blueberries In fact having treats that keep well at Room temperature on hand at all times Will really speed up the training Process if you strategically use them Number seven don’t use treats for fetch Trying to teach a dog fetch within Minutes of using food is a bad idea in Most cases as the dog is in food mode And less likely to be grabby with their Mouth the reward for a proper fetch Should be the toy or the object it’s

True many dogs are a lot less playful When food is on their mind I love it When the dog will play tug with frisbees Yes I do number six the fastest way to Achieve a bond with most dogs is through Activities that involve play such as Fetch or tug-of-war or even a game of Chase in the backyard as Plato once said You can discover more about a person in An hour of play than in a year of Conversation so if your dog likes to Play play with them often watch your Fingers Number five prepare to spend twenty Minutes to one hour per day of training And exercising at least five days a week For the first six months to one year of Training and teaching a dog takes a year Consistently working with them in lots Of different contexts leave it alone Oh that was good real life leave it Right there didn’t even do it on purpose Number four if you asked your dog to Come and she doesn’t then it’s on you to Snap into training mode for a few Seconds or even a minute and motivate Her to come to you regardless of what You’re busy doing You gave the request and I’ll see it Through and make sure you get the result You want I’m glad you guys are picking Up on this one consistency is so Important when you’re training it on now It’s time for the number three point

Remember to put away your dog’s favorite Toy Unless you’re playing with them that way Your pet will be excited when you do Bring them out as a reward it’s special Toys like balls frisbees and tug toys Are just left out all the time They’ll lose their potency in other Words don’t do that by keeping this toy Alive and fun you’re much more likely to Keep your dog engaged when you use play To train them which can be one of the Most valuable ways to teach many dogs And the last thing you want is for such A valuable form of currency like tug of War in this rope toy to just become Another cue toy to your dog so keep These extra-special and now for your top To dog training tips number two this one Has to do with potty training a puppy at The very least walk your dog first thing In the morning right after he wakes up From a nap 10 to 20 minutes after eating Or drinking after playtime and right Before bedtime potty training really Does catch a lot of people off-guard They think they can do it in just a Couple of weeks but usually it takes More of an effort than that so it should Be no surprise that my number one Highlighted passage in my book is dogs Typically will have to go potty about 15 To 20 minutes after eating also make Sure you remove your dog’s water dish

Two hours before bedtime and during House training now since so many of you Need help with house training and potty Training I’m gonna have a video in the Description that will help you I’m Giving away five signed copies of my Book and a whole bunch of greenies check The description for details if you found These tips helpful get a copy of the Book it’s only around 10 bucks and it Has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon – you Can also get it in electronic or audio Form I narrated it myself Go to Peplow and get all of your Greenies products and get your dog food Automatically shipped to you from the Pet flow it makes things way easier Enter codes act 30 and you’ll get $10 Off your first three borders give via a Thumbs up she did a great job today make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel and We’ll see you guys next time

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