New Episode! How I’m Training My Puppy To Walk On Leash And Settle Down!

New Episode! How I’m Training My Puppy To Walk On Leash And Settle Down!

This episode will cover leash walking, teaching Inertia how to settle down in the house, more socialization and more!

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What is happening right now I’m Zack George I trained dog and this is my new Dog inertia I’m taking you along as I Train her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning Welcome to the dog training experience Today we’ll do some more leash training With inertia teach her some brand new Tricks and hopefully achieve a Breakthrough on settling down in the House of course we’ll focus more on Socialization to today’s video is Brought to you sponsor free by our Amazing patrons on patreon by making a Monthly contribution you’re helping us To produce more content like this and Remember that our Instagram and tik-tok Pages include lots of bonus video Content as well I’ll have links below Let’s see how inertias settle is looking You wanna come on over here having a Puppy means eventually teaching them how To coexist in the house with us and Getting them to just tune out and settle Down sometimes I’m gonna see if she Relaxes on her own right here the frog Legs indicate that she’s a little Relaxed you’ll recall we’ve been working On this pretty much from day one since You really need to rely on capturing a Behavior and catching your dog doing it Naturally results are much longer but This is the best way to get it that I

Know of because you’re actually Acknowledging when your dog is in a Relaxed state of mind you can see she’s Trying to chew on the leather couch I Don’t like that at all leave it alone Look at me yes good work I’m gonna go Ahead and give her a treat for honoring The leave it request there in general I Don’t reward settles with treats too Much because it keeps the dog really on Alert rather than just getting them to Relax in this case I’m more using the Environment as a reinforcer she would Rather be out here than say in her crate For example so that’s really what I’m Relying on to reinforce the behavior Well she seems to be perfectly accepting Of her crate it’s natural for dogs to Want to be near us wherever we are so I Think that she would still prefer to be Out here and ultimately we’ll work up to That now I’d like to attempt to walk Away and hopefully she’ll hold that Position I’m not gonna tell her to stay I’ve offered her this choose there’s Just something to do now it’s a bit of a Risky strategy because this could also Trigger excitement from her so I don’t Know how it’s gonna go check her out There now she broke her settle let me See if he resumed it going back at the Carpet and see this is why dogs should Be on leash under supervision when They’re 12 weeks old

Can’t you can’t trust a puppy not to do Things that come natural to them like Chew carpet okay she didn’t go back into Her settle like I had hoped so let’s see If I can encourage her to do so so let Me go ahead and reset her over here I Reset I mean put her into a sit and a Down take away the chew toy here settled I’m gonna hang out here for a sec to see If she Tunes out nice settle I’m gonna Walk away inertia settle remember that Settle is where your dog is in that Relaxed frame of mind so that’s what I’m Trying to encourage here not necessarily A traditional lie down and stay but a Relaxed lie down and stay maybe she’ll Even take a nap it was a good example Where I interrupted and I was able to Get her back into a settle by asking her Now it’s a fine line if she were to get Up immediately and break her settle that Would be my cue she’s really not in a Relaxed frame of mind and I would need To go down my list and make sure that I’ve given her enough exercise for the Day make sure I’ve given her enough Training inertia ah settle good job I Saw she was thinking about getting up I Interrupted her there and encouraged her To hold her settle and she actually Seemed to honor that request I love it I Can’t count on that happening every time I may have gotten a little lucky there But this is how it looks in the very

Beginning stages check it out we’ve been Having a meeting for like the last 30 Minutes or so in inertia has been Holding her settle we’re gonna start a Time-lapse now as he only she holds that [Music] You know we want to do a quick 30 second Side bit on wow do you know how dogs Perceive the world dogs have a million Trillion sensors in their nose and they Smell in stereo you know stuff like that Like little maybe maybe or it can be Anything our meeting was going great but Then the doorbell rang as a package was Being delivered she got up look at that Okay so Oh don’t let her go look at this she’s Running towards the door right now grab That camera alright cuz we got a package That’s one of the first time she’s Really reacted to a doorbell want to Show her that I prefer a different Behavior yes perfect so I’m gonna escort Her back to her settle him here we said All Yes I’m just looking at her eyes I’m Reading her body language she looks Genuinely relaxed to me Shifting getting comfortable the next Step here would be to introduce Artificial distractions like how BRE go Outside or I go outside and ring the Doorbell while one person is right there Prepared to redirect her back into that

Settle but since this is really new Behavior I’m gonna hold off on making it More challenging this quickly update on Settl training she was feeling a bit Frisky and wanting to walk around a Little bit more than I was willing to be Tolerant of so I had her go into her Crate she doesn’t be the crate as a bad Place to go she would probably Definitely rather be out but I have work To do and I know that I’ve trained her And I’ve exercised hers i feel fine About having her spend some alone time In her bedroom right now i have been Dealing with increased whining in the Crate lately the way i’ve been dealing With it is ignoring it almost all the Time waiting for even brief periods of Non whining before I let her out and of Course making sure that she’s had her Exercise and her training Wow inertia Was taking a nap the yard guys have Returned and she’s doing so well that’s A dramatic improvement right there she’s Not francais she’s just like whatever I’ve heard this before it was fine Settled training still has a ways to go But this was a very productive training Session we’re taking inertia out of the House a lot and showing her new things Today we’re taking her back to our Friends house who has Satchmo the giant Irish Wolfhound and some cats I’m gonna Say hi okay be careful though

I think Satchmo is bored with inertia The last time inertia and Satchmo hung Out it was a bit much for her let’s see How this visit goes when you’re Socializing your dog be aware of any Potential things in the environment that Could cause things to go wrong in this Case there were some food on the ground And while inertia has yet to display Resource guarding behavior now would not Be the time that I want to discover that Because I don’t know she might snap over It see hi you being a good girl yeah That’s good See that’s how she learns interact with Cats she’s still like processing all of That She’s learned her lesson Oh Satchmo is still a lot to take in for Inertia but she’s getting a little bit Braver than before if your dog has Issues with other dogs or you want my Advice on training your dog pick up one Or both of my books they’re an excellent Quick reference companion to these Videos things went well with Satchmo now Let’s see how things are going between Inertia and indy when they play nice job Indy that’s friendly warning I like it And have a sit yes I’m gonna use Environment as the reward weight because I don’t have a leash on inertia hero I’ll have to use minor restraint by Grabbing her harness but don’t confuse

This with a harsh physical correction Advocated for by old-fashioned dog Trainers Indiana inertia are getting Along very well and inertia is learning How much play is appropriate play Because Indy has given her lots of Feedback and I think they’re starting to Enjoy one another now that inertia and Indy have had some playtime let’s see What else we can teach inertia I’ve been Wanting to teach inertia how to give a Hug from behind me I think we could get Some cool pictures like this plus There’s nothing like receiving a hug From a dog so I’m gonna get her warmed Up with a sit a weight because I find Myself telling her wait because I’m About to encourage her to break her sit Butt but I’m not telling her that she’s Free after she breaks her sit like Nobody else a sit ok good so you know All done good job but this time I’m Gonna be telling her sit and wait for Another direction that I’m gonna put on Top upset alright sit wait I’m just Gonna encourage her to jump up and get It come on yes there you go I’m letting her nibble this piece of Meat here as I’m holding her in position Yes let me release her okay get down all Done Haha this way yes good job Couldn’t get her down wasn’t that funny I decided to release her at the last

Second because I’m like well I wanted to Know that she doesn’t have to do it for Infinity that there is an end in sight And that’s kind of the workflow you get Up there you stay until I tell you to Get down then you get down I’m going to Attempt an unconventional way of Teaching a back stall that’s where your Dog you know gets on your back and they Stay there let me see if we can evolve Hug into something resembling a back Stall here we go yes good okay all right I’m gonna try to roll forward what’s Happening I don’t know what do you think It’s actually happening first time and We recorded it okay get down nice job That was so much fun I can’t wait to see Where that goes teaching unusual Outside-the-box tricks like that is one Of those things that really builds your Confidence as a trainer and builds a Dog’s confidence and makes it really Exciting it kind of motivates both of You to really just keep training let’s Do a check in and see how her other Tricks are going can you give me a play Date wait Yes see wait is starting to come in Handy and that’s a big one Wait yes Let’s test hand signal real quick on Wave inertia wave she’s like okay I’ve Learned a lot of things in the last few Weeks let me just see if I can recall

What this means it’s important to give Your dog time to process a request Especially when it’s new yes there it is You want to do a somersault it stand Weight somersault let’s fake her out I’m Not gonna lure her with an actual tree Stand weight and somersault the tree but I’ll give her a treat now so that’s like The very beginning stages of treating After to eventually treating randomly For a trick like somersault she can have A treat every single time she does that One tricks like that I think you should Pay your dogs very well when they do Extracurricular tricks until this point I’ve only been doing indoor leash Training with inertia so I’m gonna start Phase Easy outdoor leash walking vastly Different anytime you’re outside the Smells and distractions are way Intensified in an outdoor environment Come on over here okay good job hey Nurse’ over here can I have your Attention little anxiety there she’s Like what are we doing so let me see if I can get her in a better mood here I’m Gonna give her some easy stuff to do Look at me good you can see how the Treats even real meat that I’m using Today are only okay to her come on yes Good job just responding to come on Right there I’m rewarding that right Here yes right there she didn’t lunge

Towards the studio which is what she’s Used to doing inertia just loves Grabbing things off the ground this has Been an issue can I have this can I have This leave leave it alone get it leave It leave it Look at me yes good girl I think I’ll take this with me and add It to my training okay come on let’s go Yes good girl Wonderful okay let’s go this way see I’m Changing directions randomly right now Just to get her focusing on me okay come On yes just stomping on the ground They’re getting a little more peppy to Really inspire her to want to come to me Hey remember that leaf let’s bring it Back and surprise her with it See this leave it look at me haha there We go she may have to pee so I’m gonna Let her smell around here for a second By the way potty training is going well She hasn’t had a potty accident in many Consecutive days she’s running there I’m Gonna stop and inertia is pretty over This leash training session and that Would be a good time to take a break but Sometimes I’ll try and walk her through This type of frustration and sometimes I’ll conclude the lesson it just depends My expectations are quite low for this Outdoor leash training exercise I’m just Trying to get her to pay some attention To me since this is her first time doing

A serious leash training session Outdoors this doesn’t mean all of my Leash training sessions are just going To happen outdoors now I still have a Lot of work to do on indoor leash Training to try and get that looking Better and better and then just Kind of phasing in outdoor leash Training but it doesn’t happen all at One time that’s what people fail to Understand about teaching dogs a lot of The time is that it’s not a linear Process it’s a little bit forward a Little bit back a little bit forward a Little bit back and you just kind of Have to slowly trend towards progress Rather than achieving it all at one time We live in Louisiana where thunderstorms Are common it’s also common for many Dogs to become nervous around Thunderstorms so I’m taking a proactive Approach to this by showing inertia that When lightning and thunder occur her Life gets extra good pretty serious Storm is coming through right now so as The lightning flashes have been Happening in the distance I’ve been Quickly getting over to inertia and Giving her a treat it’s been ideal Because this is an approaching storm and There was like 10 seconds between the Flash and the actual thunder so it gave Me plenty of notice to jump up grab a Treat get over here and be there to pair

The Thunder with an amazing reward There’s a new dimension to training Settle now so I’m going to try to Condition her to be calm while a storm Is approaching I’m gonna go ahead and Reward with food here just to contradict Myself because what I find is that Sometimes her being in a calm state of Mind and just being out with everybody Is reinforcing enough other times it Seems a good idea to provide a small Treat there’s no right or wrong answer It’s all contextual I’ve got to go get Some medicine for inertia but I have to Walk all the way to let kitchen so I’m Gonna ask her to wait let’s see how it Goes Wait I’m gonna walk slowly as to not Encourage her to follow me so this is Pretty cool I I can do a long distance But still in sight wait so means she can See me which makes it easier for her now What would I do if she were to break I Would just go and escort her back and Ask her hold that settle and then not Push her to failure but look how stable She is right now so I’ve just prepared Her pill I’m gonna reaffirm wait Yes and to me weight means am good ask You to do something in a second look at Me yes there you go [Music] Good mmm that medicines good huh pill Pockets are great for giving your dog

Medication all done I’m gonna do some brush training right Now I’m letting her smell the brush here Just to reintroduce her my actual last Brush lesson with her didn’t go very Smoothly I’m gonna go slowly here it might seem Odd to start with the legs a place that You might not brush so much but it keeps It in view lets her see what it does I’ve got it tucked away like this I’m Holding it and making a really fight for That tree but it keeps her attention and I can release just a little bit at a Time look at that she’s doing great with Brushing she noticed it I’ll let her Take a look at it smell it brush Training is going well let’s check out Stand I’m taking her leash off because I Feel pretty confident that she’s going To stay around me stand I know it’s with The left hand yes Wait good generalization there cuz That’s a completely different and signal I usually do it right handed yes okay Good job wait you could just read her Eyes she’s like okay wait let me think About this one yes okay wait which one Is that doing really well hug Huh yes we we What do you think of this wait wait Good I’m trying to almost rehearse for a Selfie here since she seems so stable Wait yes

Wait I’ll push there two bars should Have said okay and let her down I was Getting greedy there hug let me see if I Can get her back up and then release her Pretty quickly let her know that’s not How to try again okay wait wait okay all Done Get down okay good job it’s time for Puppy class again got some new dogs in Class today so she’ll meet a couple of Different dogs should be a pretty big Class today so that’s exciting this is a New dog she’s never met nice good job Play nice Wow inertia is wound up it’s a Fine line between play and play that’s Too rough Hey Hey – nippy – nippy I Don’t like that I don’t like that – Robbery so we’re working on touching box Right now touch yes great way to build Communication with the dog teaching them Stuff like this yes good can you give me A sense Letter thing yes good can I get a touch Yes that was brilliant Can I get a yes yes I’m gonna test a Surprise leave it we haven’t done that In class so I’m not gonna give her Notice I’m gonna drop a piece of chicken In front of her hey leave it yes this is The most dog she’s been around at one Time ever so let’s see how she does on This round oh my gosh puppy class isn’t Just a great opportunity to socialize And play with your dog but it’s really

Great for introducing this concept of Listening to you around heavy Distractions so using a high value Currency allowing your dog time to Adjust to all of these dogs are Important ingredients for getting your Dog to listen to you and distracting Situation tell me if you’re following Your nurses journey on Instagram and Tick tock below and thanks to our Patreon supporters for your monthly Contributions to subscribe and click the Bell notification to be notified when we Release a new video in our next episode We’ll be hosting a baby shower and we’ll Have to see how inertia behaves with so Many people around We’ll continue focusing on tricks and Some fun things I’ll update you on where She is on jumping on the furniture Spoiler she’s not there yet I’ll show You how we’re dealing with whining in The crate and much more see you guys

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