NEW EPISODE! My Puppy’s First Time Meeting BIG Dogs and WAY More! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 9)

NEW EPISODE! My Puppy’s First Time Meeting BIG Dogs and WAY More! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 9)

More puppy socialization and training with other dogs (adult dogs and puppies), people, and more!

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What am I looking at that’s the kind of Correction we’re looking for I’m Zack George I trained dog and this is my new Dog inertia I’m taking you along as I Train her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll continue to Socialize inertia around dogs places and People we’re at station six right now It’s an awesome restaurant in our area And we thought it would be a good idea To bring inertia out and do some Socialization with her and a place that She hasn’t been already immediately These rocks are of interest to her I Decided to get down on the ground over Here because I can tell she’s you know a Little overly inquisitive so I need to Be closer to her absolutely you could Pet the puppy there we go we’re filming A YouTube video do you mind if we no no Do you mind if we get a shot of you Petting her alright thank you She’s a border collie yeah Steve awesome Oh congratulations that was great I even Ran into some YouTube viewers so awesome And now she’s back on the rock so back To training you want this Yes I’m just trying to judge right now If she’s receptive to giving treat so She’s over stimulated by her environment And looks like she’s very stimulated by

Her environment so I’m gonna let her Just exist but try to keep her from Eating rocks now I’m using some big Chicken breasts here just to see how she Does and she’s a little more responsive To that so I’ll try and do some Conditioning using this at some point I’d like to be able to sit up here and Have some dinner I think it’ll be a good Idea to have her go and settle down Somewhere around here while I’m sitting Here so we’re gonna give it a shot Listen to all the different sounds Around here and imagine how your dog Might perceive that hearing people Talking in the background we have a loud Fan on over here there’s so much going On everywhere you take your dog and this Is the first time she’s been in a place Like this okay so she’s just in and out For treats but I guess at this point Said she won’t take treats I’m just Going to let her snip and explore while Keeping her on a pretty short leash so Inertia has wandered over here I was Hoping she would be more comfortable Over here but it looks like she likes Lying on the rocks and as long as she’s Not eating rocks I’m gonna go ahead and Give her some feedback here and let her Know not eating rocks equals good treats Now that she’s receptive to taking Treats again it’s normal for your dog to Get in and out of treatment so we have

This cooling mat we decided to put that Out so far it’s working pretty well Inertia seems to be getting a bit more Comfortable and relaxed in public in Order to keep her even more preoccupied We’ve come prepared so we’ve got a Little pig ear to toy and we have a toy For her to play with hopefully that Would be more interesting than the rocks So far strategy has worked really well I Might occasionally just go ahead and Click her and give her a reward now that She’s calmed down naturally when you Catch your dog doing stuff you light Naturally it’s very valuable to let him Know that’s cool keep doing that Station six makes some of the best gumbo In all of New Orleans I love it here you Got old crab claws in there and shrimp And that’s what I love about New Orleans She better nourish I can’t have any okay That was a fun trip let’s go inertia is Ten weeks old and one day today we have A nurse’s friend Ruthie a pug from her Training class I want to get her Comfortable especially with smaller dogs While she’s still kind of small though She’s growing like five pounds a day I Swear I played a little bit of fetch With her just now just to get some of That excess energy out of her just to Encourage a more successful interaction Today she’s been particularly amped up As well she’s starting to really wake up

And you can see right here and that’s From a moment ago just playing fetch With her she’s in a very bitey mood I Get it I know what you guys are going Through when you have a 10 week old Puppy even I go through it so we’re Still trying to build that communication No magic wand you just have to put in The work this is Ruthie Ruthie is going To play with inertia but before I bring Inertia we’re gonna let Ruthie get Comfortable with the studio and Acclimate and adjust before we just Throw another puppy on her okay looks Like Ruthie is comfortable in the studio Let me go get inertia and let’s let them Play Right very good so good healthy behavior They’re smelling each other Inertia is quite alert but good greeting Behavior for both reciprocating which is Nice Then Ruthie’s hitting a play bowel there Okay and now it nurses getting a little More playful there we go that’s it very Good playful behavior yes good job Inertia alright so that’s a good first Start so I’m gonna break up play now cuz I don’t want it to get so amped up where They get over a threshold you can see That was really healthy play between the Two dogs right there and before it gets Too crazy I want to kind of get an Ursa Back over here get her focused on me

There’s some focus I’m not looking for Anything too serious but I’ll take this Right here she’s taking treats she’s Holding a natural settle and then I’ll Let her play in just a minute okay go on Go say hi with inertia of her body Language is pretty playful so it’s Ruthie not too much play biting going on Which I’m watching for because inertia Is a nippy girl sometimes not too rough Break you up for a second cuz I don’t Want you to do too much of that okay so We’re gonna break it up right there I Didn’t like how she kind of had her Pinned down with her being so much Bigger if you consistently break up play Sessions before they get too rough then Your dog Lauren’s okay when I get that Rough the fun ends so like 30 second to Two minute timeout here I’m not Interacting and see the risk of them Having an altercation probably goes down As this energy gets expended you can see How both dogs are really into the play Here they’re chasing each other and Biting each other and they both seem to Be having a great time and that’s Something you want to look for when your Dogs are playing make sure that both Dogs are really enjoying themselves and Kind of taking turns playing with each Other after Ruthie came over our family Stopped over to spend some time with Inertia this frequent exposure to new

And familiar people is giving her many Great experiences at a young age she’s Apprehensive at first but her trend is To open up when she determines that You’re friendly this is her daily Allowance when they’re young like this Treat like crazy it looks to the novice This would look like man you’re just Sitting there being a treat dispenser to The dog but what you find is that if you Do this when they’re young and you Surround ideal behavior reinforcing Events you’re literally trying to Provide positive outcomes when they’re Behaving well it like sinks in in a way That might be more difficult when They’re older and you reduce the treats Over time but right now it’s very Liberal and Russia is really taking to The car she’s traveling very well really Relaxed and that’s due in part to the Fact that we’ve been taking her a lot of Different laces we’re gonna go have a Drink we’re gonna bring inertial with us To give her a new experience and we’re About I don’t know 65 meters or so away From our destination and I took her out And she wasn’t really eager to walk with Me she wanted to smell around and check Out the environment so I think I’m happy To let her do that for a few minutes I’m Not in a hurry in fact the main reason We’re even out right now is to give her This additional experience trying to put

Yourself in that mindset when you’re Deliberately socializing your dog don’t Be in a hurry to get into your Destination if possible let them check Out the surrounding areas When you first enter an environment it’s Completely normal for a dog to tune you Out completely unless you’ve done Extensive socialization and you can see She’s really into the ground since right Here so no point in reinforcing I’m just More interested in letting her Understand that these smells exist I’m Gonna give you a tour of our bag of Everything that we bring with us when we Go in public admittedly it’s a bit Overkill for right now but with her Being a puppy you just never know what She’s gonna be into and what she’s not Gonna be into so anyway this is what we Got we have a cooling mat to keep her Cool we have a bowl for water I’ve got a Few toys here like this one and this one Tug toy if she’s into it are you into This she’s not into a tug toy right now That’s okay maybe later I’ve got wipes to keep her clean and you Can never have enough paper towels when You go out with a dog you just never Know Got poop bags of course in case she Poops in public and some camera stuff That you probably don’t care about so That is a sample of what we bring with

Us when we go out with inertia we’ve Gotten our drinks and you might remember How inertia wasn’t really listening very Well when we first got here but we’ve Been here about 20 minutes and I want to Show you something sit good job And notice the loud music in the Background – she’s really you know she Hears those things good job Able to get her into it down she’s Receptive to treats and watch this that Maybe we can get her into a play dead Play did getting your dog to do listen To you in public whatever it is is Always a victory when they’re doing it For those first few times She’s just been relaxing and chilling Out on her mat over here I’ve just been Capturing the behavior and I’m not Showing you as much of this as I’m Actually doing in real life but when she Settles down in social settings after Everyone’s greeted her or after she’s Gotten acclimated to a new place I’ve Been really consistently just clicking Or every few seconds sometimes every Minute or so if she’s really settled to Let her know hey this works for you for The last 20 minutes I’ve just been Really giving her a lot of feedback That’s what it comes down to giving your Dog feedback in organic real life Instances when their behavior is ideal You’ve got to let them know when they’re

Behaving how you like especially if You’ve got a young dog or any dog that Needs socialization prioritize getting Them out very often now it is true that With a younger dog you’ll probably get More yield for your effort however if You have an older dog that needs Socialization that just means you need To do it a little bit more but what a Good excuse to get out and have a good Time right well that was fun the next Day it was time to give an Ursa some Exposure to some bigger adult dogs when You have a puppy it’s clearly important To socialize them with other puppies and People and everything under the Sun but It’s also equally important to socialize Them with adult dogs who do have manners Adult dogs are often in a position to Provide ideal feedback to puppies of Course you want to make sure these adult Dogs have an appropriate reaction to Obnoxious puppies like inertia so we’ll See how it goes Our puppy class instructor Jeanette Brought her awesome dogs brookie and Tahoe over to teach an Ursa how to Interact more appropriately with Grown-up dogs let’s go say hi she hasn’t Seen her dog this big before he’s given Them to look very curious and so it’s Important when you’re introducing your Dog other dogs give them room let them Approach other dogs on their terms

She appears to be female this is good All right oh here we go there’s her First sniff she’s not me and bitey or Anything with them that’s a really good Sign I’m glad there we go didn’t eat Together I want to know like how she’s Gonna react to older and bigger dogs she Seems to be have some natural manners so Far Oh Oh boy trying to solicit play oh he Likes the tug inertia seems very curious About these two new dogs but she doesn’t Quite know how to engage them it’s so Fun to watch her try to figure them out Like this she’s warming up now more she Looks quite smart this is about what I Would do I would think if I was a dog in Her position well not necessarily bark Would just not run into things blindly Right that’s nothing that’s vocal she’s Been yeah good reciprocal shot these are Great shots Bri Doing a good job it’s great to find an Older dog who consistently gives Appropriate Corrections to puppies nice Perfect that’s great good warning very Appropriate brookey isn’t too harsh but She isn’t a pushover either that’s Exactly what inertia needs nice and see That’s the kind of correction we’re Looking for just you know mild Correction said hey back off let’s find Another place to take inertia it’s a Nice night tonight we’re gonna take

Inertia to get a snowball now depending On where you’re from you might know These as Italian ices snow cones or any Other number of things but we picked This because there’s usually a lot of People out front of a snowball stand and Lots of kids typically so we think it’s A good opportunity to give inertia lots Of exposure to young people every new Place we go to must be like a different Planet – or she immediately notices this Crowd of people over here I want her to Learn how to behave accept ibly in Social settings so I’ll be keeping her On leash and discouraging any dog to dog Contact on this particular gathering She’s had plenty of that today you can See she’s a little cautious lagging Behind here but that’s okay yeah her Body language is completely changed now She looks a lot more confidence a lot More comfortable now picker likeness There we go you got her she might get You though she’s a little nippy still All right there you go I think she’s Good now this is a dog friendly snowball Right here so she’s enjoying it I’m Gonna let her get petted as she enjoys This I don’t know what she likes more Snowballing pets Thank you I appreciate that great Experience lots of kids lots of people Good exposure to new sounds like this

Air conditioning back here new smells Just new everything you might be Noticing a pattern here lots of people Lots of places lots of dogs our close Friend dr. Abby has a couple of pets That I think inertia needs to meet she’s Likely to be a little standoffish at First and then she’s warmed up to every Dog we’ve introduced her to it looks Very docile language is great she’s Wagging the tail she seems like she Really wants to play with him this is Today’s socialization session with Satchmo the Irish Wolfhound I’m curious To see if they start playing or you know Maybe they’re just pretty chilling oh my What am I looking at I’ve seen Satchmo a Million times but every time I see him I Just can’t believe how big this dog is a Nurse is like forget this I am out maybe She’ll feel more comfortable playing With him inside that’s so fun you know This is where she’s like I want to play But I’m a little unsure but I want to Get out there but he’s so big So she’s trying to initiate play Wow Inertia was hiding from Satchmo She found Remy the cat maybe Remy will Be more welcoming oh there we go nice Measured Corrections like this from dogs Cats and other animals are ideal for Puppies so that they learned that the Key just do whatever they want Okay back to Satchmo

[Music] But let’s see how she rebounds letter Let’s see how she recovers I think she’s Got a solid recovery here that’s what You want to watch right after these like Did she keep playing Is she still looks like she’s trying to Oh okay said now she’s a bit the tail Between legs she got a little fearful There so we’ll give him a break and see The work out are you guys okay with the Marking it’s okay with me cuz it’s a new Event for inertia doesn’t seem like She’s quite ready for Satchmo just yet So don’t let them try again in the Future It is week two of our puppy class here At the Louisiana SPCA this class is Really heavily focused on socializing For puppies and I’ve been doing so much Socializing with inertia over the last Week I’m real curious to see how she Does today and as a side note well we’ve Got some incredible weather coming Through over the next few days a Tropical storm This class is extra small because the News has told everyone to stay home but Nothing will keep inertia and Luka from Having some fun yes baby more calmly I’m Gonna make sure I reinforce that in Retreat Mountain she’s taking it pretty Well though so I kind of like it inertia Is so much more comfortable playing this

Week than last week so that’s pretty Encouraging so that’s what you do when Puppies start playing a little too rough Yeah break it up a little bit give him a Break down yes good job And we give me a team you sit yes so you Know after that exercise after playing With Luka over here she’s gotten it out Of her system a bit she’s a little bit More focused so it’s important not to Give up just because your dog is Unfocused you have to let them adjust Sometimes that takes 20-30 minutes in This case it’s been 30 minutes I’d say inertia did really well today She was very distracted during class Because there was obviously another dog Present but that’s what we expect that’s All very normal so the fact that I got Any compliance out of her in this Environment makes me really happy dogs Are a product of their genetics and Their life experience as pet parents we Are in an ideal position to have a Strong impact on their life experience Thereby creating a more well behaved dog Both of my books will give you lots of Details on socialization get regular Tips and keep up with inertia on Instagram subscribe and click the bell To watch how I teach inertia everything In our next episode we’ll see where Inertia is after three weeks of training We’ll see you next time


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