NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Leash Train Your Puppy! (EP: 9)

NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Leash Train Your Puppy! (EP: 9)

Puppy leash training with Kona! What did you think of her first neighborhood walk?
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This is her interpretation of what a Settle should look like We’re getting some tension on the leash Here I don’t completely trust ducks myself I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy Survival guide Today is a huge day for kona because It’s time to take her on her first Real walk in public leash training any Dog is a journey like training dogs Anything else You’re watching this video because you Want to learn how to connect with your Dog Better i want to make sure that you’re

Aware that i have a completely free Digital dog training class 30 day perfect pub that’s designed to Give you a crash course in what you need To know throughout the first year And beyond of training your dog it is Completely free And i’ll teach you how to train all of The foundational skills that every dog Needs to know Of course you’re gonna get exclusive Video lessons from me access to an Incredible private community where you Can interact with other pet parents and Dog trainers and there’s even an App that will help you stay on track and Give you easy access to all of the Lessons no matter where you are I’ll have a link in the description Where you can sign up for 30 day perfect Pub And download the puppet app leash Walking is a whole saga that can take Months to really work out with many dogs But we’re gonna see how She does i mean maybe she’s a natural Leash walker or maybe she needs lots of Work So far i’m liking this though she seems Pretty content she’s not wild yet anyway All right coda let’s go come on girl Yeah i’m choosing right now to walk in The street here to give her a little Extra room to explore it’s a pretty

Quiet street so As opposed to the sidewalk where she Would be running into people’s yards and Everything else but you can see how She’s cautiously approaching the world She’s not used to being out here no Doubt there’s lots of new smells and Things to take in Now you might remember this whole Concept of leash walking for kona is Brand new i mean we just recently had Her very first leash walking Training session in the living room Because remember we like to start inside Where the environment’s easy before Taking her outside where it’s much Harder to get your dog’s attention on You when they’re new to training Come on yeah hey that was good like how She pepped up there Now we’ve got some grass over here this Is a park access point so why don’t we Let her Check this out this ought to be exciting Kona Come on hey what’s this i got a treat For ya Kona come that did it good job you can See she was reluctant she’s like wait a Minute i don’t know about this i don’t Know if i want to go on that wet grass In fact I don’t want to be on the wet grass i’d Rather be over here which might be okay

The point of a Session like this is more for exposure And just giving them The general experience of accessing the World you know got a jogger passing by There Hey yes Very good man she’s she’s doing really Well i’m Actually kind of shocked at how well She’s paying attention With being out here for such a short Period of time Kona yeah look how responsive she is This is what i mean every dog is Different you might remember with Inertia when we would bring her out here Around this age she was like i’ve got to Check out Everything and not quite as responsive As Kona is being at 13 weeks can you give Me a sit You are making my day look at this not Only did she sit She’s sitting in a new place she’s Sitting on damp grass Good girl okay i shouldn’t celebrate Here too quickly because It does seem to be in kona’s nature when She’s in a new situation she’s pretty Reserved But as some time goes on she tends to Open up a little more and get a bit more

Rambunctious So we’ll see how she does but one thing That i want to be sure of is That i do reinforce these good behaviors While i’m getting them even if it’s Because she’s reserved Kona yes good by the way she’s taking Treats also If the dog was really overstimulated They’d be like i don’t care about that Treat i’d rather look at that dog but The fact that she Is taking treats may be an indicator Probably is an indicator that She is perfectly content and comfortable Right now very well adjusted so far Okay come good job girl Very good nice and i’m just doing these Audits i’m not trying to burst into a Full-on come when called training Session right now I’m just trying to check her skills out A piece of trash over here so this is a Good example of why you want a leash on Your dog she’s going for this Paper towel over here so i’m able to Restrain her but Restraining her isn’t going to teach her Yes good girl The fact that she offered a voluntary Sit there and even gave me her Attention very briefly was nice leave it Leave it alone Here look at me yes there we go how

About that Good girl so you can see her drawing on Her leave it experience here and i know A lot of you are asking me about how to Get your puppy or your dog to stop Picking up every piece of garbage they Encounter on a walk and i’m sorry to say Guys but you really have to be one step Ahead of them Until they learn a genuine real life Leave it And this is how you do it try to take The time to communicate with them and Show them how to behave when you Encounter something Resist the urge to over correct with a Leash and really try to take the time to Explain them to them if you have time i Mean sometimes you just have to move on Or sometimes for your dog’s safety you Have to prevent them from having access To whatever it is the item is Are you ready to continue on your walk We’re gonna go this way ready Kona yes Good okay she doesn’t seem too Interested in a treat there so i’m not Going to Press the issue but now look at this now We’re getting some resistance see that See how she’s like i want to stay over Here when your dog freezes up like this I mean it can mean a number of things Maybe they’re just new to a place like

Kona is or maybe they’re genuinely Nervous And you have to take that into account Understanding context is everything God let’s go let’s go that’s it good Girl getting a little playful Come on you want this Shake off here we go Look at that guys yes Good work maybe we should try this Street over here and see how she does On the street come on pretty girl kona Right here again i’m i’m resisting the Urge to kind of Assist her along by pulling her here i Want i’d prefer that she come Voluntarily Leave it alone look at me kona come Come on yes there we go the real life Leave it look at me combo In action that’s why we teach it Remember we went over that early on In this series it takes a minute for Them to really understand hey i really Mean leave Everything alone in your environment Come on Yes you want this no okay We often talk about the two main types Of currency food And play right here she’s starting to Get a little less interested In food and i don’t think it’s because She’s necessarily overwhelmed i think

She’s just really curious about her Environment So we can actually use the environment Itself to reinforce good behavior so When she’s starting to pull like this Or even go into a down like that if i Can get her attention On me the walk itself continuing might Serve as a reinforcing event right Something that makes it worth her while To comply i see we have a piece of Plastic coming up Our nemesis all right come on we can do This come on kona Kona let’s go Come on let’s go leave it yes Good girl come on Good job girl all right we got it we did It it was a little messy but we got past The plastic it will not defeat us So really good here i’m not seeing Obvious signs of reactivity here which Is always good And by the way if your puppy was Reacting to bikes or other things more Vocally that would be within the range Of normal and that’s something that we Can address I dealt with that quite a bit with my Own dog inertia as she was a puppy and Beyond Today for this particular lesson you Might notice i’m using an extra long Leash this is about 10 feet

Because i’m not going to insist that she Stay glued to me i mean Often the temptation with a new dog is To be like all right well If i never let them get away with Something then they’ll never know That they can’t do that thing whatever It is in this case if i keep her glued To my side she’ll know that that’s the Only place you can go There’s a time and a place for that Logic but their first lease training Session in public is probably not It because in my experience i really Feel they need to satisfy that curiosity Pretty extensively Before you can insist on really great Behavior In a variety of environments and Contexts with leash walking or matters Of giving your dog broad socialization And exposure to the world it is a little More give and take than say Making sure your environment is Completely controlled to keep your dog From chewing up power cords or couch Cushions when you’re at home So you do kind of have to balance this Mindset depending on what it is you’re Working on At a specific moment i wonder what she Was working at that’s called a tree Okay come on very responsive good work And again no treat there but

Hey you get to continue on exploring This new alien world We have a car coming so we’re going to Get out of the road come on Look at that good girl it’ll be Interesting to compare this particular Leash walking session to one we do You know over the next several days to See how she does does she get more Confident where she starts being more Rambunctious Or does she stay like this or does she Get even better it depends on so many Different variables this is why Understanding the individual dog is Everything when you’re teaching dogs You might be seeing a pattern here we Started much of our training inside the House and we recently Graduated to the park behind our house Less populated and now we’re in a Slightly more busy and populated Environment with Lots of houses barking dogs in the Background things like that so you can See how we’re gradually working up to More and more intense Environments but we’re not just throwing Her in the deep end and Going to the busy city necessarily hey Can you can you leave that alone Yes come on oh my gosh it’s the smartest Dog in history Look at you leave it ah look at me

Yes literally the leave it look at me Combo see how she reacts his dog walking By Cute very good reaction yes Good work you want this See there good job Nice work good reaction no barking or Lunging I’m gonna let her satisfy her curiosity By looking By smelling gathering information there It’s great i’m going to see if she’ll Continue on the walk kona let’s go come On What is happening right now a lot of This is due to her nature and then A lot of this might be due to some of The setup work we’ve already done to Prime her for an experience like this But i couldn’t be more Excited about her willingness to pay Attention to me While we’re moving in a brand new Environment come on girl let’s go There is a little tension here notice This tension right here she’s lagging Behind In much the same way i might go up to a Three-year-old child and say okay come On Let’s go and encourage them to go i’ll Do the same with the dog but i just Don’t want to rely On the leash to really train core

Concepts I just want that leash to be there to Manage her surroundings Sometimes people will ask me you know Why do you use a harness doesn’t that Encourage Pulling but if you’re really teaching Your dog to think from the inside Outward whatever they’re wearing Shouldn’t matter it’s about Understanding the concept of oh i stay With you when we walk Regardless of what i’m wearing so Someone’s taking out the garbage up here And she gave a slight reaction and again I think these are really powerful Moments Believe it or not they are i mean Letting her see these people from a Distance Understanding that wow primates are all Over the place in my world Sometimes they move big green garbage Cans there’s value in that I didn’t know someone was going to take Out the garbage up there and potentially Catch her off guard i didn’t know we Were going to encounter that specific Dog who walked past our path I didn’t know we were going to encounter Plastic on the ground that we had to Work with so there are a lot of organic Experiences that your dog’s going to Have and you as a trainer are going to

Experience when you’re walking with a Dog particularly a dog that’s new to Training Don’t be on your phone don’t be Distracted you really need to have All of your attention on them so that You can really read them I wonder how she’ll behave when we get Near those ducks Where there are ducks there are duck Poops so we’ll also want to be On the alert for those So she just paused she’s like wait a Minute those are birds and they’re Bigger than me So she’s okay that’s fine see how i’m Not rushing her past them She wants to back away i’m gonna let her Do that right now That’s her instincts kicking in like That’s not normal I’ve never seen anything like that Before that’s okay So you can see i wouldn’t quite call This necessarily fearful behavior as Much as i would probably call it just Guarded and Being a little unsure but certainly it’s On the spectrum the objective when we See our dog behave like this is to Have a game plan of building up their Confidence around things like ducks Moving forward so in this case i might See if i can get her attention and get a

Sit Yes good notice the distance here i mean You can probably imagine if we were Really close to the ducks she would be Like i can’t listen to sit are you Kidding me look at this But this working distance right here is Proving to be pretty effective Yes good and i’m not so much focused on Obedience even though i did ask for a Sit i’m more focused On just conditioning her that hey look When there’s birds around Things are good especially when you Behave well you’re gonna get something You like In the best interest of all of us maybe We’ll go around the ducks a little bit More rather than Come on kona kona come Yes good Here here’s a treat Come on Nice work and again letting her look so You see there how the ducks probably Weren’t going to budge quite as much as I’d hoped so that’s why i wanted to go Around them and create a little bit more Distance and Truth be told i don’t completely trust Ducks myself so so she’s getting a Little more brave look she wants to Maybe Smell them and check them out at a

Distance look at this body language Isn’t this fun Loosely she’s not lunging and pulling All very good very good stuff here but i Think what i’m going to do is just Encourage her to kind of Gently move on with the walk because Moving forward that’s kind of the Pattern we’re going to want Dogs like to check out everything and we Ultimately want to be able to say to Them okay That’s normal let’s keep going we don’t Need to check out every little thing in The world Let’s see if we can get a rough draft Example of that Kona yes come on oh nice Work yeah good job there we go See how we’re voluntarily getting her to Walk and Stay with me here that’s what we want we Want her voluntarily Wherever possible doing the behaviors That we like the most I’m not sure if you guys have noticed Though but we’re on a slightly busier Road now than we were before so we have To be on the sidewalk so she’s getting That additional exposure To loud moving cars driving by a lot of Puppies will have issues with with cars When they see them The first time or first few times but so

Far good Low level exposure over an extended Period of time Really goes a long way when you’re Training a dog Nice job and i want to point out too We haven’t been asking her to do a ton Of obedience we’re not asking for sit Stay come constantly we’re just Saying hey here’s a world Let’s mosey on through it all right we Got a dog running by here Yes good girl Nice job and again taking a treat there So indicative of a Dog that is quite content let’s keep Walking So here i mean look we’re getting some Tension on the leash here Come on i don’t mind tension on the Leash given how she’s behaving overall Right now If i can discourage that kind of pulling By just gently calling her to me when She begins to pull Then you know i might do that if she’s Receptive to it but if you just had a Dog that was wild and Was like i can’t believe this place i’m In you might want to consider just Tolerating the polling while they Explore you have to prioritize what’s More important And socialization to the world is

Extremely important perhaps more Important than just about anything Finding the balance between lease Training and socialization can be a bit Overwhelming if you’re new by the way i Have lots of information on those things In my books i’ll have a link below Kona look at me yes Getting look at me he’s getting all Sorts of good behavior here i mean this Is one of the better case scenarios That you could have with a puppy’s first Walk so I’m liking this it’s worth pointing out I have the leash attached to me as well Just as a Redundancy it’s attached to my belt i Have no intention of letting go of the Leash or Getting careless you can’t count on a Puppy running back to you if they get Loose I’ve noticed that some people have been Asking about what i carry in my treat Pouch So i’ve got some real meat and then i Also have some Great dog treats here of course Lots of poop bags available so Not too much to it what do you guys Carry in your treat bag tell me in the Comments below There’s a muscovy duck let’s see what Kona thinks about

The muscovy duck if anything And she’s more interested in these Blades of grass over here okay Kona good girl come on coda See that high-pitched voice she’s really Responsive To that there’s another piece of plastic On the ground Come on world pick up your garbage come On So you can see i mean this is how we’re Starting to phase in basic compliant Obedience training here As we go but it’s a fine line don’t Overdo it with a young dog I mean it just wouldn’t be fair to her To ask for 100 Constant attention in this particular Scenario Kona yeah i love that Good girl so clapping my hands making a High-pitched sound becoming a little More animated kind of Keeps her attention on me in those kinds Of situations Good right there she initiated keeping Up with me on her own Kona see this no pooping here We’re gonna teach you to read next for This walk my intention really was just To go over the span of six or seven Houses maybe walk back and forth but Given how she has been behaving i Decided to take a much longer walk

And she’s not disappointed at all got Some bicycles coming up This is why we do a lot of screen saver Training with young dogs as well Just to let the world happen around them Every puppy is different you know Inertia was a much more challenging Puppy when it came to a training session Like this so you could definitely Check out the dog training experience Series where i show you how i raised my Own dog over Her first year and a half plus so far But you know you take Something like separation anxiety which Is something that kona has had a more Significant struggle with than inertia Did All dogs have their strengths and their Weaknesses but this is our first walk Together so as you get to know your Individual dog you’ll get to know what They want most and what’s going to give You the most bang for your buck as far As reinforcing desired behaviors go and Here we are we’re home This is a great way to start off our day She’s done really great today on this Leash walking session In fact this sets up my next planned Training session with her of Settle while inside the house and not in Your crate but we’ve got a ways to go so Let’s see if we can make some progress

On this I’ve just put kona up into her crate Here And you can see i mean she’s doing so Well in her crate this is a pretty good Representation of how she is In the crate provided i’ve worked with Her and i’ve done training now sometimes She gets a little antsy But usually that’s because i haven’t Worked with her enough just Yet but right now we just had a long Training session she’s doing great I’m able to walk around the house here i Can go into the kitchen she doesn’t Freak out when i get A few feet away i’m out of sight and i’m Walking around And you might notice she’s just being a Great dog As i do this lap around the house here You know a little alert but certainly Acting within the range of acceptable And normal You’re such an angel you’re doing really Well you’ll recall one of my primary Objectives with kona Is to get her comfortable being alone in Order to get a handle on the separation Anxiety but we don’t always want her to Be in the crate right i mean we want her To be part of the family we want her to Be able to enjoy the house Just as we do and so what we’ve been

Working on is Really phasing out the crate here and Teaching her A real world settle okay Good girl what i’d like to do is see if We can just get her to go into a natural Settle Let me see if it happens naturally right Now she’s a little excited See it looks like she was almost Thinking about going back in the crate But Do you want to lie down very good Relax excellent job And this is what we’ve been phasing in Now let’s say that you had work to get Done or you Wanted to tend to something else since We’ve done a training session it’s Perfectly fair To have her doze off for a second but i Wouldn’t leave her just like this if i Had to leave the room or Take my attention off of her i would Want to make sure that she was safe and Restrained still So right now sometimes she’s on leash While i have her kind of tied out here When i’m in the same room with her i Still supervisor but this keeps her from Going too many places right in case i do Let my guard down One thing i’ve been practicing is while She’s settling right there i’m over here

Just letting her experience being Outside of the crate while behaving in a Nice chilled out acceptable manner So we’re still controlling the Environment but it’s a less strict Control Of the environment and sometimes i’ll Even take the leash off when i know She’s really passed out And i’m really paying attention to her This is just kind of how we’re phasing In That real world settle learning how to Be in the house Without getting into trouble or being Destructive She’s adjusting really well with the Other dogs in the house And just being a great dog overall this Is her Interpretation of what a settle should Look like and really she’s content to Just Relax i don’t see the need to Necessarily reinforce with any treats But if she was feeling a little extra Anxious you know i might give her Something to chew on i’ve got these Pepper beef tendons She has been loving here you want this Good and that’s a good way to let her Have some quality time to herself Doing something she enjoys this is Actually her favorite thing to chew on

That i’ve been giving her And i like that she’s not able to go Through them and just consume them They really last and see when i’m really Confident that she’s not going anywhere She’s really into that chew i’ll give Her a little bit of time where i’ll Actually take the lead off And let her experience being out here With no lead on you know so now we’re Racking up The seconds and minutes where she gets To experience Being leadless inside the house so over The last couple of days anyway I’ve just started phasing this in where She’s starting to get more Comfortable with being in the house and Outside of the crate because ultimately That is the goal sometimes she’ll do Some light playing with inertia As she’s hanging out over here other Times you know i’ve been successful In getting all three dogs to just be off Leash And fall asleep these are the moments That we multi-dog households Really live for every dog content Behaving and just being good i’m so Proud of kona she’s doing a Really good job so far these engage Chews Again if you’ve got a puppy they’re Probably gonna love these these are

Freeze-dried beef livers and she’s been Loving these too So you know using a variety of different Good treats for your dog is very Important to keep them engaged and Interested Sign up for my totally free digital dog Training course 30 day perfect pup And check out puffer’s other awesome Products too follow us on instagram Facebook and tick tock and check out Both of my books i’ll have all of the Links below we’ll see you guys in Episode 10 Of your new puppy survival guide You

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