NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Train ANY Dog to STOP Barking, Calm Down & Stay! (EP: 7)

NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Train ANY Dog to STOP Barking, Calm Down & Stay! (EP: 7)

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You can’t always plan for these things Look at me yes I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your New puppy survival guide We’re going to go over some really fun Stuff today hopefully Kona is going to learn how to stay and How to settle down and Chill out when i ask wish me luck on That one and we’re gonna see how she’s Doing on a couple of her tricks As you can see kona is growing like By double every day it’s so important to Make sure that puppies are getting the Right Essential nutrients as their bodies are

Forming and maturing Solid gold is a brand of food that i’m Very comfortable in recommending to see If your Individual dog thrives on it in dog food I generally like to Avoid byproducts and cheap fillers i Also like to look for high quality Grains and proteins too According to nutrition experts that i’ve Talked to solid gold Is one of the best dog foods out there Notice the sit It’s coming along nicely no jumping i Appreciate that Yes she’s a fast learner Solid gold has a whole line of products That you’re gonna like these female Supplements are awesome Okay here you go look at her she doesn’t Even know what’s good for her and she’s Loving it And if your dog is a picky eater or you Just want to give them some extra Nutrition This is human grade bone broth right Here you guys can save 30 On solid gold products by going to my Special link Zach i’ll have that link in the Description of this video It is about time for kona To learn the concept of stay stay Is mega important it will almost

Certainly save your dog’s life at some Point I mean there’s really nothing you can Give greater priority to training Than stay I don’t know kona what do you think About that i don’t know if kona approves So today i’m hoping to run through the Three steps to teaching a stay Stay for a period of time stay with Distance or while we walk away And stay while distracted that’s a Really tough one So this is actually going to be kona’s Very first Stay training lesson of all time we’re Going to start with introducing this Concept of stay for a period of time First a really great way to practice This Is by teaching your dog to Stay in the crate when you open the door Wow She’s really she’s got some attitude Look at her I don’t want to open the crate while She’s parking so i’m gonna wait for it To be quiet Yes quiet there we go that’s the trick To resolving barking Letting them know when they’re behaving As you like yes Good girl okay back to stay if i Open this door i already know that she’s

Gonna come running out The whole goal is to be able to open This door and have her Not come out yes good girl Yes do you see that you see what we’re Doing here do you see how it’s opening For just a second Yes good i want to close it before she Gets out but i want to let her know Staying is what’s making this work i Think we’ll see in her eyes i think We’ll see the light bulb go off here Yes good yes Good just giving small treats yes This is a great way to actually use your Dog’s meal to teach them something Productive too Yes Yes Ah and right there what was the Consequence i said ah There was a consequence the door closed She lost access Yes i’m gonna reward the down that she Just offered Yes of course i’m being careful not to Slam it in her face and traumatize her For all time Yes Yes okay Come good so there i’m letting her know She can come out but only with Permission So let’s see if we can get a better

Version of that notice too i’m not Saying Stay i’m not really using a lot of words With her right now i’m just trying to Practically and visually communicate With her Notice how slow we’re going here really Let her think it out Yes Love this this is definitely new Behavior yes Okay come good nice work Good job so i mean you can see here She’s getting the basic concept Of staying for a period of time just a Few seconds at a time So teaching her to stay in the crate Like that is something that i’m gonna Practice every single time i let her out Of the crate from here on out It’s also been really important for kona To get comfortable being alone because Of her separation anxiety She’s been doing a lot better in the Crate lately one amazingly helpful Device for us has been the furbo dog Camera it’s really been allowing me to Check on her when i’m upstairs or i go Away for a little while i can even talk To her and give her treats through this Device but what i like most about verbo Is that it actually keeps getting better After you buy it because they add new Features all the time

If you’ve got a puppy furbo is Definitely going to make your training Easier even if you’ve got an older dog It’s going to make your training easier I’m going to have a link in the Description where you can pick one up And thank you to furbo for being an Amazing sponsor of this channel okay i Want to get a little bit more serious About teaching kona to stay when i’m Farther away from her now I’m not sure how we’re gonna do on this Because we’re definitely moving pretty Quickly with her But my hope is to be able to have her Sit while i Walk away here so that’s the goal here Or lie down whichever she prefers Yes i’m going to go ahead and get her Warmed up on a sit Good let’s try lie down very good girl Yes Yes do you see that see how i didn’t Walk away five feet Yes so from her perspective she’s like Wait if i just hold this position I keep getting what i want She seems to be paying attention to my Hand as well i’m starting to just kind Of subtly introduce the hand signal Okay come on let me let her up and Release her from the stay there I also want you to take note of the fact That i’m not pausing at the end i’m

Immediately coming back to her i’m Really trying to zoom in On the distance aspect not combining Distance With a period of time duration if you Can just break these early lessons with Your puppy down into their easiest forms It’s really going to pay off it’s often Very tempting to try and really Push it which i’m definitely guilty of Sometimes Yes look at her she’s looking real Comfortable there Look at me Yes a general guideline when teaching Stay Is to not let them fail more than once In a row So if she were to break i would want to Do everything i could in my next attempt To make it very easy Case in point so she broke there Right sit you’re gonna lie down Good so she i’m not gonna let her fail This time I’m gonna do a real easy version just to Flip back to get her warmed up again And i’m gonna release her now right come On okay Come good girl good job all done That’s a rundown of how your puppy or New dog should learn the concept of Staying while you walk away during their First

Stay lesson i don’t want to push it Beyond that right now The third step to teaching stay is to Teach them How to stay when they’re distracted this Is by far the toughest part Of teaching stay and remember Distractions come In many varieties some distractions are Easy some are hard So my goal for her first stay with Distractions lesson Is to get her to stay for a toy like This ball right here I’m just doing this to demonstrate that It’s something that she really likes to Go after The tennis ball here is just a metaphor For the squirrel or the cat running Across a busy road or something like That We have to really take stay with Distractions very seriously And let me just say up front teaching Your dog to stay around heavy Distractions Is a very lengthy process because it Takes a lot of experience But i’m going to show you how i Introduced the concept of stay well Distracted Look at me i first want to start by Keeping the distraction Minimally distracting then i’ll

Gradually make the ball a little bit More enticing while encouraging her to Stay I also say here instead of look at me Sometimes she seems to be understanding That Here yes And that movement is enticing that’s Exciting to her as opposed to it just Sitting still Look at me yes And look at me Okay go on get it it’s okay good girl And just through my Enthusiastic energy there i was really Just letting her know look it’s okay and She even brought it back Go get it you might be wondering if this Might discourage her to not go after the Ball in the future but don’t worry Dogs are smart they can easily learn That sometimes it’s okay to chase the Ball and that they also need to listen And not chase a ball If you’ve asked them to stay yes Pretty good she seems to be Understanding the hand signal Stay And i surprised her there i changed up The variable so that was a fail So i’m going to make it easier look at Me this time i’m going to do the same Thing but i’m going to go Slower the slower we go the faster they

Learn Yes good girl that’s a very similar Exercise to the leave it look at me Combo i mean it is a distraction after All i’m gonna see if we can get some Type of rough draft version Of stay for a period of time with Distance and while distracted i’m gonna Come up with the easiest version Of that that i can to see how she does Sit Lie down good Walking away Look at me yes And okay come on good girl And hey there you go she passed it super Basic right I was able to do it from a distance While having her hold i don’t know five Or six second stay with something that She wanted A ball and she did great this is where It all starts practice this five minutes At a time If you notice that your dog is Struggling with any aspect just take Your time and really delve into that Particular aspect and be patient but i Think One of the things that really helped me As i was learning how to train dogs over The years was Try not to let them fail more than one Time in a row do your best to meet that

Criteria and you should do pretty well If you want a written version of what we Just went over and what we’re about to Cover next Check out my books i’ll have links below Let’s try it here real quick Look at me okay good and here we can Actually use the environment As a reward we’ll go into more detail on That skill Later because there’s a little bit more To that but looking good Good girl go pee you’re gonna be potty Trained in no time Settle is probably one of the most Practical and most used skills that a Dog can learn This is what a settle should look like Okay that’s spooky she’s really starting To understand english Settle is great when you have company Over or when you’re just busy and can’t Directly tend to your dog but you want Them Out in the general area of your house Settle is really a state of mind more Than it is a physical position Settle is basically where you have your Dog just check out and Lie down and leave you alone but with a Young puppy if you leave them alone they Very often find all kinds of trouble to Get into Boy she really needs to learn settle

Right about now too Oh goodness yup she’s being a good Subject right now Kona yes Come good girl now i’m really anxious to Get into my settle training but what You’re witnessing here is what lots of Us like to call demand barking This can be one of the most frustrating Types of barking to deal with Let me show you how i address it you Can’t always plan for these things So what i’m gonna do i’m just gonna wait For it yes i’m gonna wait for it to get Quiet for a split second and reinforce Quiet [Music] Yes quiet Good girl yes Quiet Yes look at that did you see how she Went to go rest her head We’re actually still teaching settle Believe it or not settle is really about Capturing a particular state of mind a Relaxed Calm state of mind Your tone of voice goes a long way Believe it or not it can be tough during Barking fits like this to find things to Reinforce But reach deep to find anything that you Do like about your dog’s behavior Good i mean this position she’s in with

Her hips to the side this is the general Position of settle yes but you can see We’re Really trying to relax her mindset and Just get her To chill because to this point all of Her naps all of her down time When we’re not working with her when She’s not playing with the dogs Is spent in the crate because i can’t Trust her to be in the house yet or On leash while in the house while i’m Supervising her now of course we’re not At that point Yet where she can walk around the house Freely but it is time to start Phasing in hey you can relax out here in Addition to the crate so That’s what i’m hoping to accomplish When you really start teaching an Authentic settle You shouldn’t really have to use treats Or anything because ideally you’re Working your dog you’re giving them the Attention they need so they ought to Feel pretty satisfied you can’t really Bypass exercise and regular mental Stimulation and hope Your dog will just settle on request Relax Good girl yes very good And my goal here i don’t know that i Will accomplish it necessarily right now But my goal is to get her to take

Some level of nap out here in the common Area Because i really think that the more Time that she experiences behaving in a Way that we humans find Acceptable in a particular context like Being out here in the living room the More likely She is to generalize the skill of lie Down And relax while in a real life scenario Kona I think she’s gonna go into a town Settle yes Very good Good girl so that was a really good Example Of capturing a settle and at first Like the visual difference between lie Down and settle Is not very apparent but over time your Dog is going to learn Okay when my parent says hey lie down in A training context Maybe where you’re about to run through Play dead and roll over or some other Tricks you’ve been working on Then they’ll understand down in that Particular context So after a long walk for example you Might ask them to Settle as they’re showing a willingness To Relax so i’m gonna stop rewarding her

With treats here I expect her to get up okay you can get Up or maybe she stays right there but That’s what i like to see Settle good girl so i mean this is what A First settle training session looks like And of course we Build on this over time so i’m gonna Continue to work with her let’s see what She does here Kona good girl Hey do you want a saddle How about that that was great yes good Girl Very good these early lessons you don’t Want to push your dog you want to keep Things easy This will minimize frustration with them Over time and really get them to be Enthusiastic about training and look Forward to it hopefully That was a good settle training session I’m very proud of you Now you might recall we have laid the Groundwork for A couple of tricks that we’ve been Working on so i want to give you an Update on those And see where they are in our first Lesson you could tell that she was Starting to understand the concept but We weren’t able to get a really formal Bowel so i’m going to show you how we

Take that to the next level here i hope So i’m just going to lure her yes i’m Going to start easy just the fact that She’s putting her head down as good Yes but really i want to see those legs Start to bend those front legs bend Forward I’m pulling the treat away when she goes Into the lie down because her butt has To stay up Yes yes Good you see i’m pulling away before her Butt goes down yes Good you see that see how she’s holding That butt up this is All about timing this takes practice but You’ll get a feel for it with your dog Yes good she’s real responsive today Yes yes when she’s starting to hold that Position in the beginning I’m gonna rapid fire those treats it Won’t always be like that but that’s Just communicating to her whoa that’s Really working Yes yes Since i’m using kona’s meal to train her I can be extra liberal and distribute These treats like a pez dispenser right Now Yes okay good so really exciting there Boy nothing gets me more excited than a Dog Learning a cool new trick like that so Let’s see how she’s doing with rollover

We’re still heavily lore dependent on a Rollover at this point Let’s wait for those hips to relax so i Can make a little bit easier We’ll see which where she shifts light Out There they go see how they shifted that Way that means it’s better to go this Way a little nibble on the treat as we Go Yes good girl here it is Lie down good Roll over good girl kona is such a fast Learner and remember if you want to Switch to a really great premium dog Food check out solid gold you’ll save 30 On select solid gold products by going To my special link Zack and get your furbo dog camera too I’ll have all of those links below Follow us on instagram facebook and tick Tock and get a copy of both of my books And we’ll see all of you in the next Episode kona you’re awesome

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