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With kona today i think you need to be Trained let’s see if she honors that Stay Nope ah i saw it coming I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success And mistake and how i work through all The most challenging parts of raising a New puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Kona and i are going to get into a lot Of interesting training today And you know my dog inertia she loves The holidays Barkbox and superchewer have joined the Peanuts universe Inertia this is actually a christmas Miracle Barkbox is a monthly box that ships you Really dynamic new toys and treats

Every month that your dog is gonna love You’re a snowman Charlie brown that’s the most singing You will ever get from me Ever i think snoopy might actually be a Border collie Look at the resemblance it’s uncanny or Is inertia actually a beagle What impresses me so much about barks Toys is the level of detail in every Single one of them Check out the treats really good Ingredients in these but it is true There are some dogs out there that are Really hard on toys like this for those Dogs they’re super chewer Same concept as bark except you get Extra durable Toys underneath this very tough fabric Is a really firm squeaky toy It’s snoopy again still looks like her Snoopy’s bone is included and a super Chewer dog is gonna need extra chews so You get two of them No matter how hard your dog is on toys They’re still gonna like treats All of you can get a free bark box super Chewer box or both by going to my Special link and signing up for a 6 or 12 month plan i’ll have those links in The description We’re going to cover two things that Every new puppy parent on earth needs to Know about today and there are certain

Things that are likely to throw Just about any dog off in this world but If we really are proactive about all This We can actually short-circuit that and Prevent a lot of those fears and phobias From occurring in the first place at Least we can try so today i’m hoping to Walk you through a few things that you Can do with your own dog that will help Prevent them from being fearful of a Variety of things in the real world Think about something as mundane as Opening a garbage bag in front of your Dog if they’re not used to it they might Be like What is that popping sound when you go And do it really aggressively like that Actually that was really good good girl This is just simple conditioning here Garbage bag equals you getting something Great Let’s see if i can get it all the way Open And look at this i mean so far flawless She’s doing great she’s not even a Little bit nervous if your dog was a Little nervous that would be your cue to Take a step back and be even more gentle With the bag As you’re letting them become more Familiar with it you don’t know the laws Of physics yet if you’re a dog well Maybe if you’re kona you do because

She’s brilliant Sit good girl Good a little bit more aggressive that Time with it And Yes she’s actually quite interested She’s behaving really well i also like That she’s not trying to attack the Trash bag too Something that can also startle many Dogs or kitchen appliances Like a can opener she’s gonna make a Little sound she’s already looking at it Like what are you doing What’s that i like to start extra small I’m just like Moving it around letting her know it Does this before i even initiate the Motor On the can opener yes Very good so no issues here so far let’s Just Really go for it Strange yes Good work all right all right let’s do Something a little more Unconventional even a balloon can be Really weird to dog so just showing them That bizarre things like this exist can Be really beneficial So far he’s like just give me that treat That’s great that’s exactly what we want We don’t really want her to react Negatively or

We don’t want her to be startled Good nice work weird sounds you can do This An infinite number of ways with just About anything and the idea is that if You Continually are introducing things like This to your dog when you encounter Something organic they’ll at least have Seen a variety of different things in Their life so When they see yet one other new thing It’s not quite as Impactful good that’s great i can train Dogs but i can’t tie a balloon No balloon’s going to defeat me balloons Move a little different than everyday Objects Is that yes and she’s more likely Probably to explore it than to back away From it which is great yes of course i Don’t want her Popping it or anything yes good Girl nice Sit stand Yes good she’s even performing some of Her basic obedience Around this new thing so really cool but How about the ultimate nemesis for Many dogs the vacuum cleaner All right we’re gonna plug this vacuum Cleaner in By the way you know what why don’t i Just go ahead and i mean that in and of

Itself is kind of weird right there just Pulling the cord out i don’t think i’ve Ever used this particular vacuum cleaner Oh Boy okay yeah this is sid this isn’t Starting off how i wanted it to start Off Ideally i want her ignoring this so let Me pull the vacuum cleaner closer to the Outlet That’s fine i like that she’s sniffing It and investigating it of course she Has No idea that it is very loud and Makes a sound that startles many dogs i Think the easier thing Will be to show her that it moves Yes before i even turn it on good girl She’s Really understanding the word yes means That she’s getting a treat i like that Yes good girl see that Just breaking it down into a few steps i Mean really this just takes a couple of Minutes to do it’s not like you have to Really come up with some detailed plan You just move it around Let her check it out make sure that her Behavior Is one that seems comfortable if your Dog is scared of the vacuum or you just Want to prevent them from being nervous Of the vacuum cleaner you would do these Same exercises

Kona yes Really doing well and come when called All right Now comes the big test we’re actually Going to power on the motor But let’s put her over here for a minute Let’s give her a little bit of space so She doesn’t feel Totally stunned Interesting so you can see just turning It on for Yes a fraction of a second she’s like Whoa Wait a minute no one told me about this One thing i don’t want to do right now Is turn it on while she’s really close To it after she’s investigated it I think most people would tend to move Too quickly on something like this even Though the whole process Just takes a couple of minutes really Let me toss a treat over here Get some distance Yes good girl very good So she’s acknowledging it but doesn’t Seem to be terrified of it Go back to just moving it good Yes all right let’s try Yes now check this out There we go so i was able to get her to Take the treat while being near it i’m Gonna push it away from her [Music] Yes here we go

[Music] Yes maybe i can have her come over here Kona yes I’ll go over there and call her Yes i didn’t even have to call you look How good you are I know what’s this weird thing Ah i saw it coming [Music] I saw it coming i was like [Music] I knew she was gonna do that my bad come On out here pretty girl Go pee Let her finish good girl so that was a Good example of interrupting her Obviously she’s not fully potty trained Yet we’ve been working on it again my Bad No reason to get mad or discipline her Or yell at her I should be taking her out more often so That’s what i will take from that lesson Are you done hold on i gotta clean up Your pee potty training has been going Moderately well It does seem though that Disproportionately she has accidents in The house when we’re doing a shoot like This Ironically enough my attention is Divided In other words i’m too focused on Training to potty train

Then oh no i dropped the vacuum Yes good girl things fall over Sometimes it’s important for them to get Familiar with it when you can Control all of the variables yes Good girl Even though she’s a bit cautious as this Goes on here she’s free to go She’s free to go anywhere in the house At this point she’s not being restrained But She’s choosing to stay nearby she’s not Barking so Overall a really good introduction i’d Say to the vacuum cleaner Now you might be wondering about things Like thunderstorms i mean tons of dogs Are really nervous about thunderstorms I detail this in my second book in Particular on dealing with noise phobias Okay really ouch ow No dealing with puppy biting is detailed In my first book ouch Pretty good all right so hold on i’ll be Right back since she wants to get in a Bitey mood right as you and i are trying To have a conversation I’m gonna go ahead and give her Something to bite on while i talk to you So It’s okay to bite on this it’s not okay To bite on me So her puppy biting still there Just a little while ago kona and i were

Playing out in the backyard And there was you know some rain coming Down and i noticed a big Flash of lightning and i was like oh man This is gonna be the loudest thunder Ever oh boy there’s been a flash of Lightning there’s about to be a very Loud sound So i was like i’m gonna get her playing With this beer mug bark box toy and she Was like okay cool Now did she notice the loud boom of Course There it is My logic was if i can get her doing Something that she appears to be Enjoying like playing with a toy During this event that many dogs find Frightening then maybe i’ll have a shot At conditioning her that hey When the thunder comes play time happens All the time It can be challenging to plan For training that gets your dog Comfortable around thunderstorms so you Really have to take advantage of In the moment opportunities so in that Case you know We i saw the flash i knew there was Going to be a pretty loud thunder Afterwards if we can go out of our way To get her playing During something that potentially scares A lot of other dogs that’s a good thing

Lots of good brain chemicals going on She’s confident Having a good time and there’s loud Thunder going off in the background Really good Thunder phobia prevention i guess so Sometimes you have to really snap into Training mode and take advantage of Those real-life organic instances That present themselves so one of the Things we’re learning today is that we Want to be very careful and proactive About introducing new things to our Puppy keep in mind that puppies are Actually going through Their critical socialization period when They’re between 4 and 14 weeks old It’s really important to give them Positive exposure to as many things as Possible during this time To help prevent them from being afraid Of new things later in life Notice i said positive exposure that’s Because puppies also go through Fear periods where they are essentially Extra sensitive to things that might Scare them For those of you with puppies around 8 To 12 weeks old you might have noticed Them Actually acting extra timid around Seemingly unscary things And that’s because this is around the Time when puppies really start to

Leave their mom and explore the world What we’re calling the fear period is Really just a dog’s natural ability to Quickly learn what is potentially Dangerous And what’s not it’s obviously Advantageous for puppies to be a little Extra cautious when they’re first going Out and exploring the world right It might be tempting to just hide your Puppy away until this fear period passes But that’s the last thing you want to do It’s a really important time to give Them that exposure to as many things as Reasonably possible Just make sure that when you set up These socialization events to go out of Your way to make it a very Positive experience for your puppy now There’s actually a very significant Second fear period that often happens Between the age of 6 And 14 months of age and of course the Degrees of these fear periods can vary Widely from dog to dog and just as with The first beer period you’ll want to go Out of your way to do a lot of the same Techniques and exercises That we’ve done with kona today I think you need to be trained doesn’t She need to be trained We need to make your stay or something Better let’s go do that Okay come on girl you might remember

We’ve worked on a Basic stay for a period of time a stay When we walk away And a stay while mildly distracted with Kona so far i think it’s time that we Take stay to the next level with her One of the first ways that i like to Teach a mildly advanced Stay to a puppy is to teach them how to Stay at an Open door the reason this is Particularly tough is The doorway represents a doorway into a Very exciting environment for most dogs Right The smells come rushing in when you open The door there’s dogs and cats and People and Everything under the sun literally Speaking Out there so you can understand why Teaching your dog to stay when you open This door Is important especially if you have a Road in front of your house is probably Most people do all right so let’s see What happens when i open the door we’ll Just get a baseline here Let me see i’ll even say stay let’s see If she honors that stay Nope she sure didn’t see this is what i Mean dogs don’t generalize something Just because you teach them in a very Controlled setting doesn’t mean they now

Understand it in this specific context Of opening the door If she wasn’t on leash this could be Very bad Yes good girl very good to be crystal Clear you would always Want to be extra safe when you’re Teaching stay at doorways So not only do i have her on leash not Only am i holding the leash but i also Have the leash attached to my belt So that in the event i fail there’s Still some likelihood that she’s going To be restrained let’s get her warmed up With her basic stay this will just take A sec to remind her Stay Look at me yes and Okay come on good letting her know the Stay is over there This is an important prerequisite to Teaching your dog how to stay when They’re distracted Sit yes Just giving her tiny pieces of the treat There stay Yes very good just gonna jiggle the Doorknob there Yes in other words i’m not doing this in One step I’m gonna break this down into several Tiny steps let her get used to seeing That Opening it for a fraction of a second

Look at me perfect right on cue she’s Doing terrific Yes so in other words listening to me is What you do Not acting upon your impulses and Running outside Look at me yes look how quickly she’s Getting this Stay now if she were to advance that Would probably mean i was Asking for too much too early look at me Stay Here gonna step on the leash there just Preventing her from going out Kona come Kona yes Good girl good Okay so there we had a failure point i’m Gonna go ahead and close the door Limiting her access to outside Stay down the spine Yes good she kind of jumped right there Like she was thinking about getting up But she’s like wait a minute i know this One Good girl okay and i’m continually Letting her out of that stage just to be Very clear that okay you don’t have to Stay right this second We’re gonna practice again in a moment Sit Stay Yes she automatically looked at me Is it to say what do i do

Even though i could have closed the door There i was clear to get in front of her And the door And prevent her from going outside i Really wanted to give her the benefit of The doubt And have her have the experience of Walking through the motion Of staying while this door was wide open So now we’re introducing multiple Distractions look at me Yes okay good girl we have the Distraction of outside Rushing inward and we also have the Treats that i dropped in front of her Good now what happens if i toss this Treat outside Here look at me stay Look at me yes Stay Look at me yes come Good girl yeah let’s see how she does When it gets even more exciting outside This is a brand new toy that she’s never Seen Before brand new toys are extra enticing To many dogs that’s why i want to use This one Sit stay here look at me yes Just want to get her warmed up before i Toss her in the deep end Lie down yes And again i’ve got these treats but i’m Breaking them up into really small ones

I know a lot of you are going to be Saying that man you’re giving her so Many treats How do you keep her from getting fat by Giving tiny treats like that And with her being so young it’s really Important to provide Acceptable reinforcement to your dog to Let them know what you really like Stay just be really clear Look at me yes this is actually a pretty Good place to stop with most dogs but I’m going to try and up the difficulty Level a little bit more since she is Really doing so well my next goal is to Simulate something that’s a little more Real world in other words being able to Rapidly approach the door quickly place Her into a sit stay Open the door and toss the toy out i’m Hoping to do all that Really close so i’m not warning her Every step of the way and setting it up I want to see if she can start to Process that quick thinking Which is ultimately what we’ll want okay Come on kona let’s go Sit stay [Music] Look at me come Yeah there we go awesome job good girl Nice job look how we’re starting to Combine everything did you see how much We just threw at her we did sit and stay

And then we distracted her and we threw Something out the door so she had to Really Tap on that impulse control that she’s Had to learn about recently So all this in a very short period of Time now would i trust her to stay at That door Right now in a real life situation not a Chance we have to practice this A lot you might find that a really quick Way to get your dog Listening to you in general is just to Get into the habit of Having them hold a sit stay 10 seconds At a time Every time you approach a door that Leads to the outdoors this heavy Repetition over an extended period of Time is Really likely to teach them that you Mean stay when you ask them to stay in That situation But this is how you teach it and this is How you get traction and as long as You’re consistent Your dog ought to really internalize the Skill of staying when they want to go Every puppy should learn how to stay no Matter what get a super chewer Box spark box or both when you sign up For a multi-month subscription At dog training and

Dog training follow us on instagram Facebook and tick tock and get a copy of Both of my books so you have all of the Information to teach your dog Anything we’ll see you guys next time You

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