**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]

**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]

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We’ve been on a mission to find the Perfect untrained Dog for our next Series a dog that would represent many Of the same issues that many of you were Working on with your own dogs you’re a Good dog wow you are good looking eyes Are amazing on this day I walked into The shelter and dogs were just barking Everywhere and every one of them seemed To be saying give me a chance and there Was George looking pretty much like Every other dog in there and I was in For one of the most challenging and Memorable experiences I’ve ever had Training any dog I’m Zach George and This is George no relations George has Spent the last four months living in an Animal shelter with minimal contact with Other dogs or people this is one of the Strongest dogs I have ever worked with How would I ever get a frisbee away from A dog that’s pulling like this holy cow In our part of the world dogs that look Like George have the decks stacked Against them from day one we took George Out of the shelter having no idea where He would end up he is my my Responsibility at this point if he goes Back to that shelter he has almost no Hope of standing out he’s a totally Untrained dog his Drive is really Intense we have to get this pulling Under control with him and it’s my job To transform him from a wild and crazy

Dog to an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Come on And he’s caught off guard by a stranger In the area he has what seems to be a Fear response hey Inertia was kind of telling him off a Little bit oh she’s like yo I don’t play Like that you need to back off He’s getting a little impatient here He’s refusing sit he’s pulling he’s just Not listening at all right now I mean People interpret this Behavior as being Stubborn we’re getting ready to go out Tonight I’m a little worried about him Oh gosh he’s in the house unattended George no I never thought the thing that would Take me down as a dog trainer would be This Not getting that ball buddy I’ve never Been in this much of a physical gridlock With any dog ever holy cow Not getting that ball I have to tell you As this was happening the one thing I’m Thinking is if someone whips out their Phone and they record this Like this could look really ridiculous And then I look up and I realize my wife Is filming this I had an incredible Outburst out of him George just lost it How am I ever gonna teach him to let go Of something when his grip and his Strength is like this by far this is the

Toughest case of let go I have ever Encountered in my entire life I don’t Even want to talk about let go you know George you know how many people are Going to troll me over this A lot of people they’re gonna say Zach George can’t train the dog to let go Ball you know in this case I guess they Would be right George is a dog like I’ve never known Before only a handful of dogs have ever Been able to pull off the double disk Catch I just keep hoping that it’s gonna Like click and he’s gonna just catch one And then catch the other one oh God oh Come on I’ve seen Zach see a lot of dogs and I Rarely see him want to keep a dog in his Life the way he has deeply thought about George I understand the greater calling Is to be able to bring a dog into our Life to train them and to find them a Great home I don’t know if I can let This dog go Let go [Music] But you can tell that he’s really trying He’s really understanding the concept I Love that that’s looking like a real Heel [Music] Wow whoa A plus you’re smarter than me The fact that these come this far this Quick is shocking this might be the

Single greatest transformation I have Ever seen in a dog that I’ve worked with The hardest thing about dog you fall in Love with them Look at this guys look at this leash Whoa there we go [Music] This is reality dog training I’m very Impressed at your strength thank you Yeah Well moiro is my workout for George I Think oh my gosh what is George the Workout for If there’s one thing that you guys have Made clear that you want to see it’s me Working with a totally untrained dog the Other day we went to our local shelter Looking for the ideal candidate for this Series and I think I may have found him Keep in mind this dog is a homeless dog He has no home to go back to all right Well we’ve just gotten them all suited Up and we’re taking them out of the Shelter he’s pretty wired already I Think the first thing we need to do is Go get him a really good walk he hasn’t Been in public in months so this should Be interesting if you guys want to make Sure you see every episode subscribe to My channel and click that Bell Notification so you get notified all Right you and me buddy the first thing I Want to do with George is take him to a Park see how he does in public and get

An idea of what we really need to work On with him so far he’s doing well in The crate so this is good news George Was actually found on the streets about Three or four months ago somewhere right Around here and he’s not left the Shelter once so this is going to be a Pretty big day for him there’s a big pit Bull in my car right now well you can Tell he’s like where am I let me get him Secured to me since we’re in public all Right we’re gonna go take a walk at the Park see how he does so right off the Bat he’s pretty excited to be in public Pretty understandable he’s definitely Pulling on the leash quite a bit but my Objective right here is number one give Him some leisure time because he’s been In such a crazy shelter environment for So long and secondly just kind of see What I need to work on with him over the Next weeks not going to focus on Training during this walk at all it’s Too soon I don’t know enough about him He certainly doesn’t have any Communication with me we’re just trying To do a science experiment here and you Might notice I’ve got a handle here on His leash I also have a handle here we Have model hardness I really want to Make sure I have many options to gain Control of him if I need to George does Not have a known bite history anything So I’m not putting a muzzle on him like

We did with Moira when we first took her Out some of the first things that I’m Noticing with him he’s very alert he’s Looking at things all over the place Trying to understand this new place he’s In I’m real curious to see how he does When he sees a dog like is that an issue Are we gonna have to work on reactivity Or is it going to be mainly obedience or Is he going to excel maybe he’s a trick Dog I have no idea something or Everything has his attention just look At his eyes his ears and his nose as He’s trying to explore this environment Right now here comes a bike I always Like to see how dogs do with bikes Noticed it pretty good Not bad looks like a happy guy so far He’s pretty goofy All right let’s keep moving see how he Does I’m intentionally keeping him off The beaten path right now because I Don’t want to over stimulate him I mean Who knows what’s going through his mind Just a few minutes ago he was in a Shelter and was into his routine Whatever that was like so this is quite Different I literally asked him if he’s Been outside the shelter and they said No he hasn’t been out since he came in And that was January 14th which was Several months ago hey George what’s up Buddy how are you Oh my God all right so the second you

Talk to him he tends to get really Excited what are you so crazy for You look like a catfish head if you knew You looked like that you wouldn’t act so Crazy at the shelter there were some People that were interested in him but They were really scared off and I can See why oh man oh boy those nails are Kind of crazy here All right I’ve got rollerblades That easy apparently this is a big part Of his problem getting adopted oops is He gets a little uh a little amped up Okay it gets really excited easy buddy And those claws easy are very okay whoa Chill that’s enough so jumping something We’ll have to work on with him he’s got Really sharp claws too you can see right There that’s just on my arm that’s Definitely something we’re going to have To address see how he does with birds Wildlife is always a wild card for dogs In general some dogs will really be into It other dogs will be like I don’t care So much and many dogs will be somewhere In between here we go there’s a Skateboard going by he’s noticing them Got rollerblades but he doesn’t seem too Interested which is good but he is very Interested in stuff that’s on the ground Here Wonderful we’ll have to work with him on Staying off of furniture Huh

Right he sees it all [Music] Right Wow What Did you guys see that that dog was so Excited to interact with George and George was like I’m more interested in Other things I’ll be interested to see If that sticks but I kind of love the Fact that he’s not lunging after other Dogs I’m always talking about this every Time we take on one of these dogs they All have their own set of individual Issues no two of these series are really Going to be alike you know hey good job Sir There’s an actual Barking Dog Although he’s probably really Desensitized to barking dogs having been In the shelter for so long it’s hard to Tell if he’s like this all the time There are so many variables I mean his Life is changing like crazy right now But he’s definitely strong and Definitely a leash puller I mean you can See he’s Trying to pull me into the water right Here there’s a duck right there right Now George is watching this kid you see The duck Very aware let’s see how he does with This other dog that passes right now I’ve got some tension on the leash he’s Definitely a little more excited by this

Dog definitely pulling more you can see The second I give him an inch he takes a Foot So I’m gonna keep a good grip on him Here Just because he was good as one dog went By doesn’t mean he’s going to be good When every dog goes by Okay yeah see now that was interesting Before he showed no interest in the duck But I noticed when they started rapidly Getting away from him he charged right At them normal behavior he probably just Wants to play but if you’re not prepared For that can get you off guard so Lunches at Ducks sometimes noted but George’s oh Geez okay watch out buddy All right see that’s If you’re not really Okay come on buddy Let’s go We just got total leash burn so we Definitely need some help with his Impulse control to say the least Wildlife seems to be very tempting for Him so far okay so it does look like he Likes to scavenge off the ground hey There’s all sorts of duck poop no you Can’t do that all right he doesn’t know Leave it come on let’s go over here I’m Gonna pull him away from that because I Don’t know what he’s eating so we Definitely need to train him how to

Leave stuff alone he knows it almost Every dog you’ll ever meet knows sit let Me see sit good down Looks like he’s trying I’m not using any Treats or anything like that I’m just Really trying to see what he knows and What he doesn’t know let’s do sit Stay Okay doesn’t seem to know stay so leash Pulling basic obedience these are things That definitely need some work with them That I’m seeing so far and half the time That’s all these dogs really need to Make the best homes possible but people Are very often scared by the reputation Of Pit Bull type dogs or the way they Look I mean they can be very Intimidating looking they’re very strong Dogs there can be a stigma around Pit Bull type dogs for a number of valid Reasons and we’ll dive deeper into that Topic later in the series but in general They can be some of the best dogs in the World and that’s really what I’m hoping To show throughout this series with a Dog like George so I want to make it Clear he is my responsibility at this Point I mean he’s out of the shelter I’m Not taking him back to that shelter but While we’re out here I think I should Give him an extended free walk see if we Can get some of that extra energy out of Them before we introduce him to our House because I have no reason to

Believe that this dog has ever even been Inside of a house before so I want to Make my job as easy as possible by Getting him satisfied mentally by Checking out the environment taking a Nice long walk as well as physically That can be pretty obnoxious so we’re Getting a little sideways pulling action Over here So sometimes he does okay on leash but Then sometimes he’s like Just pulling Straight Ahead or pulling Sideways not very compliant I think we Can make a lot of improvement on this Behavior over the next couple of weeks For sure you know at no point here in This particular stretch is the leash Even close to being loose there are a Lot of people who are really tool Focused when it comes to training dogs And they think that by having a harness Like this on a dog that you’re Encouraging the goodness gracious that You’re encouraging the pulling come on Now back here I just want to brace when He lunges out like that there were some Ducks over there so so far he’s lunged At ducks at least three times I use a Y-shaped harness like this while I’m Teaching dogs not to pull on the leash Because it avoids putting pressure on Their most sensitive areas like their Throat and their joints when you’re Teaching a dog to walk politely

Considering what is actually causing Them to pull will help you make progress Much faster so here George pulled Because he wanted to Lunge at those Ducks not because he’s wearing harness Shoot whoa you can see why birds are so Intriguing to dogs too they’re flapping Their wings getting off the ground Moving quick and erratically and I don’t Have any reason to believe you would do Anything to a bird he’s just very Intrigued by them but nonetheless I Could totally derail a walk You can just hear as breathing as he Pulls along here I’m letting him get Away with it now because there’s still Much to teach him before we can expect Him to walk nicely on leash but I can Already tell this dog is going to be an Amazing pet to somebody George So you could see I mean I call him and He doesn’t just immediately turn to me Yeah which is to be expected we haven’t Taught him to do that but he’s very much Not focused on me and very focused on His environment that is another thing That I think we can improve on as well Throughout his time with us so we’re Gonna put him back in the car we’re Gonna go back home let him get adjusted There and see what he thinks of Everything Okay here we are [Applause]

Interesting so many things to look at You already smell dogs first thing I Want to do with any dog is show them the Place to go and do their business So we’re going to come back here you Have to go potty Good Very good so We’re gonna try and keep house training Going like that that was a good start For house training he peed immediately As far as I know he’s never been inside A house before so I’m not going to Assume by any stretch that he’s house Trained so we’ll be taking them out Quite frequently that’s great let’s go Inside let’s go see the house Haven’t even turned on the lights in Here look how he went right in the crate You got to love that that’s a good start To crate training for sure you want to See the kitchen What do you think of the kitchen You can see he’s like whoa little Suspect but still the Curiosity gets the Best of them and he wants to investigate [Applause] Good Hello and oh my God too much this is why You’re having a hard time you get too Excited two weeks Here good So that’s sit yes that’s so good looks Awesome

Let me goes right in the crate yep look At that [Applause] So what if I do this Job these are sweet potato treats I’m Using from puffered and they are doing The trick just fine look at that nice Work sir Very good I’m gonna go ahead and give Them a few in there and since he’s doing Some on the crate I’m going to give him A really good chew just to get him Immediately acclimated doesn’t look like He’s showing any signs of stress at all Here huh we had puffford immediately Overnight these so these are Specifically for large dogs that like to Chew this is a yak cheese dog chew And our turbo tendons have been a hit For sure I’m gonna give him one of these Or should I give him one of these I’m Gonna give him a yak cheese too why not Let’s see how he likes it And I want to give this to him straight Away Just so he doesn’t have time to think About being in a crate and I’m going to Take him out of the crate but I want us To get settled as well Oh boy look at Look at he loves it instantly he loves To choose so I’m a little worried about The bed but we’ll see how he does Apparently those sores on his feet are

Related to not having a soft surface to Lay down on he seems pretty happy right Now that is a perfect shoe for him Because he’s the kind of dog who will Devour something very quickly and you Can see on this he’s like really going At it and it is not going anywhere when You want to set your dog up for success Or get them comfortable with crate Training this is one way to do it Puffered has lots of options for various Types of shoes I use their treats all The time in training as I’m going to be Doing later on with George he’s actually Done really well in the crate year I Want to put him on the tie out now so he Has a little bit more freedom as we get To know him here man he is so strong you Can tell by looking at him but I feel Like he’s twice as strong as he looks Let’s go ahead and give him a chew here Just to acclimate for a little bit Before we jump into doing anything let’s Try turbo tendon look at that sit for a Treat I love that so he clearly nose sit For a treat but I’m not convinced he Knows much of anything else just yet so We’ve got to figure out what really Motivates George we have to understand His currency those come in two major Forms either some type of food or some Type of play for treats I mean clearly We can see he likes the treats we know That already right he’ll do a Sit he

Gobbles his sweet potato treats right up Here you go good job so a tug toy is a Pretty classic toy let’s see if we can Get him interested in it and as quickly As I said that look at him weasel all Interested in it I don’t know that he’s Ever played with a tug toy in his life Or even knows how to play tug Good okay there he goes he’s getting Pretty excited about it Easy now y’all he is also getting pretty Wound up okay this is crazy this is Gonna be very convincing to a lot of Potential families that he might be a Good dog good boy but I can see that He’s really engaged with it and he’s Very strong so sometimes tug can be a Really good way to motivate a dog good Boy good I love this gotta be real Careful though because again I have no Idea if he’s ever played tug now some People look at this and say man you’re Getting that dog really amped up and It’s true but if you can get them this Excited about something then you can use That’s your advantage when training them Let’s see if we can get them to let go Does he respond to the oak tree method I Don’t know let’s see I’m just gonna wait So he’s pretty intense about this toy Guys This kind of intensity in a toy is a Double-edged sword on one hand it’s good That you have something they’re

Interested in on the other hand it can Make them a truly wild wild animal but I Love training with tug toys like this Just let’s go by accident I can let him Know that I like that by bringing the Toy back to life Foreign Easy Let me see something okay you got a Little distracted and that was enough Here but I know I just caught lucky this Dog does not know let go at all Good Trying to see how easily I can get him Into a groove of tug and let go and then Maybe sit for the toy so we can earn it That way we can start establishing some Basic communication of when you do what I want you get what you want Foreign Yes just like that good Very good boy look at that tug so it’s a Matter of just polishing this up and Teaching him how to appropriately play With a toy like this during training It’s turning into a pretty epic tug of War training session and the other huge Benefit to doing tug of war with him is That I’m playing with him you can see How much fun he’s having when you get Your dog associating that kind of fun With you they’re far more easy to train Moving forward because they just enjoy Working with you it’s one of the great

Things about focusing on keeping Training enjoyable and fun for your dog Yes good good good boy Good boy but I think I have my answer as To what the currencies are it looks like I can easily use food and play as the Currency and if you watch me for any Length of time you know I get very Excited by that so he likes tug I wonder If he’ll play fetch you can see with This kind of energy it’s going to be Handy to be able to get that energy Released so he went right after it come On I’m going to encourage him to come Back over here just to see I like to Start with fetch as soon as possible Because not only does it give a dog an Outlet to be able to communicate with a Person in a way that they were bred to Do by working with people but it also Gets them tired Come on The most reliable way I can get a toy Back from George at this point is when He naturally gets distracted by Something in his environment good job Ready go George come on you gotta bring it back Come on let’s go come on Where’s your toy but toys like this Aren’t to be chewed on which is also Something that he wants to do I like to Keep toys like this special use them as Currencies can you sit

Yes and just like with tug I’m gonna go Ahead and give him the toy right back There Yeah I see him kind of pulling away from Me that’s something I want to nip in the Butt if I can easier said than done Because he wants to keep it I tried to Get him to play tug then I’m gonna Immediately throw it right back Come on so he showed some promise with Fetch but he needs some work on being Taught how to return it pretty Interesting first fetch trading session See how are you what’s that just want to Be extra careful about taking a toy away From him so I wanted to distract him With that one I think you’ve had enough Let’s go take a break you wanna go take A break it’s getting late okay we’ll Take a break George George I think he responded to his name So it looks like at the shelter they’ve At least worked with him on responding To his name that was pretty good said Very good Perfect I got a pretty good feeling About George he is off to a lightning Quick start here I mean I’m thinking This dog is a genius but we’ll find out One of the very first things that I Teach any dog is how to look at me I’ve Got to be able to get his attention on Me when I ask for it especially when he

Encounters things like birds or any Other distraction Anytime he comes to me by the way I’m Going to give him a treat or something That really makes it worthwhile George [Applause] Yes Right there I just made a sound with my Mouth he looked immediately up to me any Acknowledgment I get from him I’m gonna Reward but I want him to very Specifically looking at my eyes so Yes I got some accidental eye contact There I’m using the freeze-dried salmon Right here from Puff bird I mean you can Tell that’s real salmon dogs love this Come here Yes and I’m just making a motion with my Hand making a sound with my mouth Anything to get him to look up here come On He’s really trying to get his toys if You’re wondering yes Yes Just rewarding any brief second that he Looks at my eyes I’m also on the ground Very intentionally right now just to be Easier to uh to work with hey we’ll play With those toys later If you’re wondering I could use the toys As well but I’m trying to kind of keep Them a little bit calmer for this Particular training lesson George here Yes notice how he’s off leash right now

He’s free to go anywhere not forcing him To do anything getting him to comply Willingly Come here yes I mean I out of habit said come here I Don’t think he knows what that means but I think the tone was inviting Yes waiting for his eyes to move from my Hand to my eyes you see that you can get Creative you could hold a treat up like This Yes I put my hands behind my back I Could say Yes could Okay good morning we’re not that Friendly just yet here Yes good boy so I’m real happy that he’s Looking at my eyes let me see if I can Put a term to it so that he can start to Understand what I’m asking for so I can Be a little bit more clear in the future When it’s necessary Yes look at me Do you see how I’m not insisting on a Sustained stair right now just insisting On some acknowledgment Yes look at me I’m gonna stand up now Here Look at me yes Look at me Yes very good you’re getting it buddy You’re a smart one good job sir all Right so look at me looks really good so

You might have noticed throughout all of Our training so far here that I’ve been Really teaching them what the word Yes Means in very specific contexts and I’ve Been doing that by giving him a treat or Some clay every time I say the word yes As we talked about earlier but it’s also Important for our dogs to understand the Word no now I will say that when we Teach our dogs the word no we need to be Very sparing about it we don’t want to Just rely on teaching them no no no the Emphasis of our training really needs to Be on the word yes nonetheless the word No does have some practical application So we’re going to teach him the Difference between yes and no right now I like to do this by teaching a dog how To leave a treat alone so I’m gonna you Can see if I just put a treat in my hand Right there he goes right for it why Wouldn’t he right but let’s say I don’t Want him to get the treat I mean we saw Earlier at the park how he was picking Things up off the ground it would be Really nice for him to understand what Term leave it alone means when he goes For it I’m going to pull it away nope Yes you can see how I said the word no As I pulled the treat away there No Yes so I said no as he went for the Treat hold it away so there was a Consequence

Yes but when he showed restraint I said Yes and immediately gave him that tree Yes good I can’t believe this Yes this dog was living in a shelter Moments ago Had never had any serious training and Is catching on this quick Leave it Yes No Yes it’s called leave it what happens if I drop it He goes right for it because it has Motion remember things that move are More exciting this time when I drop it I’m going to cover it up so he Understands just because it drops Doesn’t mean you get it We’re going to wait for him to show some Restraint and in the beginning even if Your dog just gets genuinely distracted Or something that’s okay yes Nope [Music] Yes There you go good job leave it Nope Nope Yes good a common question I get here is Is it okay to reward them with the same Treat that you’re asking them to leave Alone you don’t have to do it you could Reward them with a separate reward as

Well but I think that dogs are perfectly Capable of understanding context and You’re allowed to change the rules Anytime you want sometimes it’s okay to Pick up a treat when you say it’s okay And sometimes it’s not [Music] Foreign Calling his name too much because I’m Not quite sure how well he understands That I’m also not saying come a lot Because we haven’t really taught that Yet But when he came running to me I was Sure to give him a reward all right so I’m satisfied that he’s starting to Understand the concept of leave it leave It Starting to understand the concept Yes but ideally in the real world when You’re training a dog you want to be Able to get their attention on you when They’re distracted by something which is The very reason that I start with this Exact training exercise trying to get His eyes on me so let’s leave it George yes look at me good Leave it Here Look at me yes I’m gonna do this a few times while he’s Getting it leave it Look at me Yes

Leave it Look at me Yes a raw shelter dog learning that Quickly that’s impressive even I am very Impressed by this this is a smart young Man right here wild strong energetic Maybe he’s got some poor manners but Intelligent he is so he’s learning the Concept of yes and no through leave it And look at me he’s doing really well With fetch tug of war is going really Well I mean we’re already starting to Put the pieces together that are going To be needed to really get him listening In a variety of contexts but he’s not Yet so good with wildlife and birds That’s okay though we have a lot of time To work on that I want to think about Introducing George to inertia to see if They might be compatible Playmates and There’s no doubt he’s a powerful dog so I want to make sure that he’s Comfortable wearing a muzzle before Making any introductions just out of an Abundance of caution after all I’ve Known George less than a day he’s Actually doing really well with the Muzzle I’m putting some treats through It that’s the great thing about basket Muzzles like this There we go look at him sticking his Face in there you can see how he’s very Willingly The tolerance of the muscle there so

Just by putting treats on the outside of That that gets them comfortable I’ll Take it right off we’ll do that a few Times and then I’ll secure it on there That’s good I love that Very good Yes I mean how smart are you Yes Here yes Excellent job So really really smart fellow let’s see If we can secure this There you go good job let’s see sit And it’s worth mentioning with Basketball muzzles I have to mention This every time I use them there’s a Stigma Behind These but these are among The most Humane muscles that you can use This is a nice big one you can see how You can bark he can breathe he can pant He can take treats he can drink water All of that and even if your dog is Great with every dog they meet every dog Should learn how to wear this at some Point it might be necessary for the vet To have to put a muzzle on your dog if They’re in some type of pain or having Some type of surgery and that way if you Take the time to get them used to it They’ll be familiar with it at that time And honestly if I thought he was going To have a negative reaction I wouldn’t Even introduce him at all to inertia I

Think he’s most likely going to be good It’s really inertia on whether or not She likes this kind of dog who can be a Bit playful so we’ll see how they do Together inertia is a pretty polite Reader and she sometimes takes exception To other dogs when they come on too Strong so I can tell that inertia is a Little bit uncomfortable I’m gonna go Ahead and restrain George to try to show Inertia that I’ll make sure he’s under Control Thank you Be sweet That’s okay you don’t have to play Good boy you’re responding very well to Your eye Yeah Good I’ve had two years to get to know Inertia at this point and I’m confident That the most we would see from her in a Worse case situation is the type of air Nipping that’s quite common with Border Collies and other herding breeds because I consistently intervene if I see her Feeling uncomfortable inertia seems to Have learned that it’s okay for her to Express her feelings to other dogs but That she doesn’t need to escalate the Situation because I’ll always step in to Give her a break if she’s feeling a Little overwhelmed so far George is Taking those cues pretty well from Inertia but they may need a little bit

More time to get to know each other a Bit better by giving them both treats at The same time I’m able to get them both Looking at me for direction in the Presence of one another inertia seems Like she wants a little bit of space so I’m happy to give that to her and the Fact that George isn’t pursuing her here Is really great so far he’s been quite Good though I Come yes okay Good this is a way to get some beginning Recall training in right here I love how He’s doing well with inertia in the Background I’m not going to force them To meet or anything like that but he’s Being very good he’s not overreactive Towards inertia at all right now so I Really like that about him he’s very Good with dogs Look at me yes Able to get the look at me in the Presence of a dog No okay so I mean you can see a nurse is Like meh I’m not that into him but George is just being great they don’t Have to play to behave well so yeah a Nurse is like I don’t really know if I’m Into this guy he’s a little sus so she’s Just trying to avoid him and that can be Okay too I’m just trying to see how they Do together I want to make sure that Inertia doesn’t get overly stressed There are some dogs that she loves

Playing with you might remember her Playing with Kona she really enjoyed Kona so much I think for now inertia is Content to just watch him and vice versa Maybe over time they’ll warm up to each Other I don’t know either one is totally Fine with me as long as we get this dog Trained I’ll be happy now of course Indy Our 15 year old girl has to go out for a Potty break I want to see how George Reacts to her while we take her out I Have no intention on having Indy and George play together I think he’s going To be a bit much for her even if he is Being relatively calm you know there’s a Dog in here right Indy foreign So many dogs here huh okay it’s time to Give George his first dinner another Great way to get your dog comfortable With the muzzles to feed them through it Like this so I’m gonna do this just in Case I want to use it a little bit more With him because he’s still a little Weirded out by the muzzle but all in all I’d say he’s doing pretty well for this Being the first time you can see George Is very happily putting his face in the Muzzle a little annoyed by the fact that It’s hard to get to but it also slows Him down while he eats which is probably A good idea so I just had George go back Into his crate to take a break he’s had A really active day so far and it’s Getting late at least for me it’s like 7

P.M everyone makes fun of me because I Go to bed early look at him he is not Out of bed that soft in at least four Months maybe never and you can just see How much he’s enjoying it while he’s Getting comfortable I’m gonna go ahead And get my bed set up hopefully he’ll be Okay with that So I’m going to inflate this air Mattress and so I’m going to be Preemptive and give him some treats here Before he begins reacting you don’t want To push a dog to react so Just out of an abundance of caution We’re going to say hey when crazy Motorized stuff like that happens you Get a treat Okay you can have one too Yeah good boy Inner succumb Do you see that here it’s okay he looks At him like a toothbrush come on Inner sits okay come on A beautiful one Okay here you go he’s having a tough Time Well George seems to do really well with An air mattress being blown up right in Front of him that’s good news Guess we don’t need to work on training With that Those eyes are you kidding me even I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love Those eyes go

So I have played a little bit of Fetch With George he’s winded this is good I’m Set up over here for tonight I’m gonna let them wind down a little Bit I’ve got them on the tie out so we Can stay out here I don’t want him Spending too much time in the crate but So far he seems to be doing pretty well On the crate hopefully that will Continue I noticed a little while ago as I went upstairs he did get a little bit Of anxiety while in the crate when we Walked away I think he wanted to be with Us so as usual we’ll be looking for Signs of anxiety throughout the series To see how he does all right I’m gonna Let you outside one more time let’s go All you dogs run into this screen all The time don’t do that you’re a smart One you can do this oh good Pee in that’s good Good work buddy so far Yeah really responds well to a whistle Hopefully we can keep that going notice That scratching his collar Seems to be irritating him a little bit But he’s kind of attack Come here he may have never had a collar In his life here you go Yep get some more of that water all Right buddy we’ll place all that pee What would you like to say to our YouTube audience I don’t know You’ve done them so far

I’d love to be able to take credit but He’s actually a genius yeah George seems Really cool I hope one of you guys Adopts him just because dogs are smart Though doesn’t mean they don’t have Behavior issues He’s drinking a lot maybe I should stop That was full that’s a big pool I’m gonna take this buddy because this Was full when he started Oh Hi George I love you Bree all the dogs love you Because they know I love them too don’t Bite you can’t bite me oh my gosh that’s A big mouth full of teeth you’re right I Know you powerful dog you’re very Powerful very smart Very energetic very powerful oh I just Started to love him oh I know I was Thinking that earlier Easy to love this guy What’s this what’s this what’s this come On Let’s go Sweet potatoes putting a bunch in there See if he goes in Not falling for it yet That’s why I like using these sweet Potato treats a lot there it goes good Job Because you can give them a whole bunch Of them It’s good for situations like this

Getting to know George as well as I have In just the last several hours has just Really opened my eyes to how amazing This dog is I had no idea what I was Gonna get with him I only met him for a Few minutes the other day I see what the Shelter was saying about his rude Behavior and his leash pulling and Things like that and those are all Issues that we have to work on and They’ll have their own challenges I’m Sure but what I’m discovering about this Guy is he is absolutely brilliant he’s So smart and it’s such a privilege to be Able to work with a dog that’s this Intelligent there’s two sides to that Coin though because it makes it all the More heartbreaking that he makes such Terrible first impressions when you go And you look at the shelters at least Where I live do you see dogs that look Like this by the dozens if he goes back To that shelter he has almost no hope of Standing out even though he’s such a Special special smart dog so far he Seems very comfortable Bowl that’s good This must be such a different Environment for him but so far he’s Adjusting really well I think it’s Probably a quieter environment than a Shelter environment he’s had a lot of One-on-one time today with me and and Bree and just we’ve thrown so much at Him as smart as he is and as fast as he

Is catching on to so many things there’s Still a lot of challenges ahead working On things like leash pulling and lunging At ducks with a dog this strong is not Always the easiest thing and what George His jumping is pretty bad so we Definitely have to get control of that Too because that can get misinterpreted Or can be very off-putting to so many People oh free Okay I’ve noticed that he really has Taken a liking to you I mean I’m so used To it though with all of the dogs but Yeah I like him I can do when you went Out earlier to get dinner he was like oh No don’t go yeah yeah but that’s okay we Ended up playing some tug of war it was Good that’s Cool good night It’s just me now me and you dog look Look he’s like where’s she going I like The lady all right I’ll keep you posted Overnight if anything happens How you doing boy I like your eyes feeling okay this must All be so strange to you I’m gonna be down here with you it’s Okay a moment ago he was whining just Very briefly I think he’s doing okay Though Good morning Holy cow what a night We both slept amazingly George how you Doing buddy how are you

So he slept through the entire night I Don’t know if we just got lucky because We did so much yesterday or If he’s just generally a great dog who’s Like I’m cool to go to sleep but He is He’s phenomenal he’s a really good dog So far at least in the crate overnight For one night with one sample he’s quite Good I’m gonna continue to keep an eye On this and see if he needs any work but I really think you know coming from the Shelter environment being able to just Crash out on that bed really did a lot For him I mean he’s just so content right now Look at this Hey bud oh man you are sweet sweet You gotta go outside And he’s going potty Boy sir Wow Chilly morning today I know you gotta poop I know you gotta Go potty sober now Just let him in look at this Be excited Hey what I know you’re excited We still have to find you a home oh my Gosh what are we gonna do I guess we’re Gonna train you and look for a home All right I’ve got to go get ready for The day but I want to give him a few minutes to

Fetch Just before I go and get ready just to Get that edge off he’s really been into This toy so far he really loves it for Some reason so I think we’ll use it Nice buddy come on All right we gotta work on some of that Fetch Sometimes he’s good and sometimes he’s Not see what’s that about kids do that Ready go get it Come on Okay all right I mean on one hand I want to let him run Around have some fun in the morning on The other hand I don’t want him to Develop bad habits with fetch like Chewing on his fetch toy so many Dilemmas so I’ll just do some best Trading out here with him just you know Like we were doing yesterday and see if We can improve that oh there’s his poop Our first 24 hours is up with George and I think his story is going to be an Interesting one I can’t wait to get Started on serious training with them Obviously he can’t wait to get started On serious training either the clock is Ticking he’s not yet ready for his new Home yet not to mention we have no clue Where he’s going to end up what did you Guys think of episode one with George Check out pupper’s amazing selection of High quality training treats and shoes

That you saw me use in this video for Your dog subscribe and click the Bell so You get notified every time we upload a New episode with George get both of my Books too and follow us on Instagram Facebook and Tick Tock we’ll see you in The next episode

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