Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

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You’re a wild child look at you it’s not Realistic to go from on leash training To off-leash training just like that Today i’m going to show you some of the Steps you need to take to get your dog To listen to you everywhere without a Leash this is a long lead this is Imperative to off leash training now Notice this is not a retractable lead at All you might also notice too i’m using A harness out here that’s going to be Really important because if your dog Gets to the end of the lead you don’t Want them having that pressure around Their neck see the beauty of a lead like This lies in its simplicity you can let Your dog drag it behind them and it Makes them much easier to get to when You’re doing training at a distance or In an outdoor less or uncontrolled Environment like this it’s windy i can Hear lawn equipment in the background Very distracting unsecure place to train A dog that’s why you’ll need to make Sure you have total control of the Environment now of course if you ever Hope to have a dog that listens to you Off leash they’ll need to come to you Off leash and a lead like this really Empowers you to do that type of training I’m just really playing with her to Really keep her into me right now and Since she’s so willing to play tug of War we’re gonna do it because she’s

Paying attention to me and not Everything else that’s going on around Us i love that in a young dog you’ll Need to teach your dog how to come to You no matter where you are and that’s An essential part of off-leash training But it’s kind of hard to practice if you Just let your dog off leash and hope They come back that’s the worst way to Train this to your dog athena come good All right she only came to me for a few Inches away i’ll take that i’m using Some good treats today athena come good Job yes Good work All right come on back here Good and sit Athena come Good Nice job good girl so when you’re Teaching your dog to come to you it’s Important to use an enthusiastic Inviting happy voice athena’s doing Really well i’m really tolerating her Jumping on me and all that right now Because the fact that she’s coming to me Outweighs the fact that she’s jumping on Me see she’s going a little crazy biting At the lead that is one of the side Effects here so i’m just gonna distract Her have her go into a sit make her hold That for a moment and so right there she Was just wandering around she came to me Automatically so i went ahead and

Rewarded her that’s really important Even if you don’t ask your dog to come To you if they come to you outside like This always reward them in the early Stages because right now i may as well Not even have her on leash she doesn’t Even know there’s a leash attached but That’s no reason to skip it because you Never know when something is going to Throw your dog off now i’m going to Start introducing distractions Artificially you don’t want to wait for A natural distraction to emerge during Your training to then just hope it goes Well so you got to prepare your dog see What happens here Athena come athena come here i want her To abandon this and not pursue it at all When i throw it so let’s try it again Let’s see if we can work through this This time i’m not just going to throw it Athena Ah Leave it alone Look at this see how slow i’m going i’m Gonna lure her away up over here come on Sit Yes good did you see how we broke that Down into a really easy version for her So it wasn’t so overwhelming we didn’t Just throw it and say come on forget About that distraction we’re walking her Through the steps she’s really curious About it

Athena come here Sit Leave it alone Come Sit Good work very nice now let’s see how Much we can build on that that’s our Foundation leave it alone Movement that time she’s looking at me I’m gonna go ahead and reward her just Because she checked in with me come on Yes good work i’m gonna bring more Movement to the toy the more movement There is the more distracting it is Leave it alone Oh too much and i’m working up to being Able to really surprise her with this Leave it alone Come good oh that was wonderful you Could see a reach really deep and Self-correct there that was perfect so I’m gonna go ahead and give her a Jackpot reward which means lots of real Small pieces of great tasting treat this Is just after a few attempts she’s Really starting to make progress Come here nope yes Perfect That was really good right there she’s Really starting to get it right now and Because we have her on lead we’re able To do a lot of this with peace of mind While keeping her safe and preventing All those bad habits like running away

From us even getting started Athena come nope Yes Good girl that was wonderful i really Want to let her know she made the right Decision there that was awesome Athena come yes good girl now you’re Getting it aren’t you and so before i Was struggling with throwing it that way So let me see if we can get that now Athena come nope when i threw it that Way she’s like oh the rules don’t apply When you throw the toy that way that’s Why you have to practice this in so many Different ways and in different Circumstances Athena come Look at her thinking Athena come on Yes good job so you saw there i mean she Really had to think it through and she Realized oh wow come when called means Come even when he throws it that way Also getting low to the ground like that Really helps i’ve been working with Athena on stay for a period of time and When i’m really up close to her but i’d Like to see if we can do a bit better on Stay with distance see if i tell her to Stay right now and i walk away watch What happens stay See she immediately starts to follow me Let’s make that easier for her i’ll take One step back at a time and acknowledge

When she’s succeeding so i’m going to Come back to her and reward her when she Stays while i walk away stay Back here so Right there she didn’t do what i wanted That’s my fault for pushing her too Quickly stay Good Stay That’s four steps back about very good I’m going to give her an increased Reward there because that was much Better than before really i want her Holding that stay until i say okay it’s Over stay Stay Okay good job Stay you can see what was tricky about That i i started to jog backwards dogs Like chasing you especially when you Pick up the pace like that so let’s Proof stay a little bit you see when i Get more animated how she starts to Break her stay stay Good stay And i’m being a bit goofy here on Purpose at least that’s what i like to Tell myself Stay Nope I’m working on being able to have her Stay and then just bolt in the other Direction stay Okay good job now we’re talking all you

Have to do is stay here and you get Great rewards i’m rewarding 100 of the Time since this is new behavior for her Don’t be stingy on your treats with a Young dog when a concept like this is so New you would continue to reward just About every time for the next many weeks On something like stay with distance in An outdoor distracting setting stay Good girl okay good job you did great Long leads are great because they Simulate an off-leash setting while Still giving you that safety net they Really allow your dog to explore and Give them more freedom there’s no one Magical moment where your dog is just Ready to be off leash you have to slowly Phase that in over time there’s an Extensive practice period that really Should take one to two years not because Your dog won’t get it but because you Need to practice in so many different Ways and different places sign up for my Free digital dog training class 30 day Perfect pup and i promise your dog won’t Be disappointed with pup for training Treats your dog doesn’t love them send Them back i’ll have a link below click Thumbs up for athena subscribe to my Channel follow me on instagram for dog Training tips every day and get a copy Of my brand new book athena good job Girl she’s awesome isn’t she what a good Dog

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