Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!

Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!

When Potty training your dog, have you ever considered training them to ring a bell to be let outside?
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Today inertia and I are going to show You how to train your dog to ring a bell To be let outside I’m Zach George I Train dogs this is my new dog and I’m Gonna show you how I train her from day One things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notifications So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience There’s a lots of training a dog but Really getting those fundamentals down To build upon is what’s really going to Set you up for success in my completely Free 30-day perfect pup course I’ll give You a crash course in everything that You need to know to build a strong Foundation we cover all of the really Important stuff in that course like Puppy biting and potty training how to Train your dog all of the basics like Leash walking and sit and stay come when Called and much more there’s even an app That will let you keep track of your Progress and have the entire course in Your pocket so the lessons are with you Whenever you need them you really just Take the time to practice what you learn In that course and implemented into your Dog’s daily life over the course of

Several weeks to several months Depending on the skill you’ll find that You have a dog that actually listens to You and pays attention to you The ultimate goal when you’re training Your dog is to have such strong Communication with them that you can Teach them virtually any new skill Without much effort at all because they Simply understand your intent and what You’re trying to teach them because of That strong foundation I’m gonna have Links in the description where you can Sign up for 30 day perfect pup and Download the app remember everything is Completely free puppet also makes Amazing treats I’m gonna be using these Today and we’ll see what kind of results We get with inertia on winging a bet Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could Let you know when they want to go Outside well honestly they can I mean This is something that tends to happen Pretty naturally with most dogs once you Get to know your dog pretty well you’ll Probably notice that they’re pretty good About letting you know in their own way When they want to go outside but some People really like showing their dog how To ring a bell to be let outside anyway And some dogs just love to play dead I Guess I’ve never taught her this before So we’ll see how she does By the way I have tons of advice not

Only about potty training issues but all The most common training problems people Encounter with their dogs in my book Guide to a well-behaved dog I’ll have a Link in the description where you can Check it out so I have a couple of Different bills that we’re gonna be Working with today but I think we’ll Start with these bells right here that Hang on the door a lot of dogs can be Nervous over loud sounds the first time They hear them so I’m trying not to be Too erratic but right now inertia seems Just more curious than anything which is Exactly where I want her see that what Is that see but look at that did you see How she backed away I’m gonna go ahead And give her a treat here just to try And get her back into training Homeostasis here lie down good job good So by pairing this noise and these Sounds with a good treat here you know She’s a lot more likely to stick around Rather than back away I mean I saw her Back away just that split second and That was my cue to go really easy and Get her liking these bells rather than Being apprehensive of them this is how They’re gonna be hanging in a moment yes Good girl a nurse is doing great with This so far I think we can now move on To putting the bells on the door so I’m Hoping to break this lesson into two Main parts first training inertia how to

Ring the bell and then secondly letting Her know that when she rings the bell She gets to go outside there’s a couple Of ways we can do this in general I Would think if you have this type of Configuration where you have the bells Hanging you want to encourage your dog To nudge the bell with their nose Instead of their paw because probably Scratching at a wood door isn’t exactly Ideal unless they’re really dainty with It I mean it could be but I’m gonna Start with using a nurses nose here and I’ll work on teaching her to use her paw Later in this video I’m gonna encourage Her to kind of snip it remember that’s a Dogs default when they’re investigating Something new and couldn’t give her Permission What’s his forget it what is that yes And she already knows kind of a basic Touch yes but a way to really teach your Dog how to do this maybe if they’re Having trouble is to hold the treat up Right at the Bell for example look at That yes I always think it’s kind of fun To see if you can get them to do it Without having to put a treat right There just to see where things stand See right now we’re attention yes good Girl she’s like okay good I got it you Want me to sniff the bell but actually I’d like you to touch that Bell so let’s See if she can do it so what’s this even

Though it didn’t range she made more Contact with at that time really Important to reward those tiny Incremental successes what’s this yes Good so I want to give her an Enthusiastic reward there because it Actually made a sound yes see that she Went up to it right on her own that time I’m just gonna be quiet I’m looking to Say anything here I think she’s going to Brainstorm on her own yes Told ya hey what’s that yes so I wanted To see if you’d brainstorm on a roam but With a little bit of a reminder there She got it you know try both with your Dog yes you can see here as she does That I’m acknowledging that she’s doing What I like and I’m following it up with A reward so that she is inspired to want To interact with the bells here I want Her to interact with the bells a little Bit more enthusiastically there so that I would have a chance of hearing them The farmer in the other room intercept What’s that yes I can hear that just Fine okay she’s doing well with that but Let’s try it with this Bell this desk Bell right here and instead of having Her use her nose I’m going to attempt to Teach her to use her paw again I’ve Never had a single lesson doing this so You’re gonna see the real thing here as It unfolds but I’m feeling pretty Confident that she should learn it but

She has surprised me before so we’ll see Let me get her warmed up with a shake Good yes shake Yes such a dainty shake today what is That shake yes I mean you can’t get Better than that that was really good First attempt and she got it so yes good Even though it didn’t ring that time I Still want to let her know that’s what I’m looking for Yes good did you see how she was Brainstorming it she’s getting enough Experience she knows that okay dad’s Putting something in front of me he’s Pointing at it looks like he wants me to Do something with that yes again making Sure I reward when she’s in the right Direction inertia come what’s this Yes you know I just I couldn’t avoid Like trying this this is so much cuter To me when they ring a bell like this Yes I swear I mean I feel like such a Dog trainer right now I’m gonna scoot Back a little bit let’s see how much she Can generalize this remember every inch You move back makes it harder for your Dog when you’re teaching them something New I’m gonna give it one more chance There yes good curl these freeze-dried Salmon treats are just amazing inertia Will do anything for them now that Inertia is getting the hang of this it’s Time to show her that ringing the bells Means that she gets to go outside yeah

Okay remember the two most common types Of rewards or currencies that we use With our dogs are food and types of play Like fetch or tug-of-war but a third Option is to use the environment itself The world as the reward and that’s what We’re going to attempt to do here Inertia you want to go outside look how Excited she gets I would say that’s her Way of saying yes hey ring that Bell What’s this yes good girl and so you can See she is eager to go right outside the Minute the door opens she likes to go All the way into the yard okay go on and Run around and chase Chipmunks or Squirrels or whatever it is which hey if She’s enjoying doing it I’m happy and She’s even going potty so it’s working Already one thing I like to do to just On a side note is practice come win Called when she’s really excited like This inertia come there it goes okay I Guess I should open the gate for for Purposes of this lesson I’m gonna do a Few reps like this yes so there you can See just a little nudge I’m gonna let Her go out she also likes going out and Hanging out on the deck as well she Loves just looking at things out there Okay come on Come on back good girl yeah that was Good so I’m telling her ring the bell as She rings the bell hear things about yes Good girl

Go on go you can see how just using the Environment like this can be satisfying It enough to incentivize your dog to do Something you want them to do can you Ring the bell Yes that was really good so that was a Big success and on top of going outside I’ll go ahead and reward her with these Puffer treats as well come here girl a Lot of dogs are gonna pick this up very Quickly as inertia did in this lesson But to really teach your dog broadly What this concept is it’s a really good Idea to insist that they ring the bell Before you let them out on their normal Potty break so let’s try bring your Balance yes good girl So just touching it and we’ll let her Know we’re gonna go outside naturally You’re probably going to find that your Dog starts ringing the bell just to go Outside even when they don’t have to go Potty nobody knows your dog like you do So if you’re pretty confident that They’re just being pushy and they Actually don’t need to relieve Themselves outside you don’t have to Honor their request every time the way I See it your dogs allowed to ask to go Outside and you as their parents are Allowed to say yes or no it’s most Common for people to ask me how to train A dog to do this skill with a brand-new Dog and to be honest with you I don’t

Recommend that you teach a dog to ring a Bell to be let outside if your dog is New to potty training that’s because it Is ultimately your responsibility to Keep your dog on a schedule especially During the potty training process and Give them ample opportunities to go Outside in other words it’s not fair to Say You let me know when you have to go out This works best with dogs that are Already potty trained Good luck teaching this to your dog and Sign up for 30 day perfect pup and Download the pup for doubt subscribe to This channel and follow us on Instagram And tik-tok get a copy of my books too And we’ll see you guys in the next Episode

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