Puppy Experiences 11 Different Things for the FIRST TIME!

Puppy Experiences 11 Different Things for the FIRST TIME!

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Socializing your puppy, and exposing them to new things can go a long way towards making them accepting of new things. Plus doing so can really accelerate the bond between you and your dog!

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Today’s video is sponsored by pet flow And made possible by our awesome patrons On patreon find out how you can support These videos in the description below Today we’re gonna have some fun with Deuce the three-month-old chocolate lab I mean he’s only been on this earth a Few weeks so there’s a lot he has not Yet experienced and today we’re gonna Change that click thumbs up or do Subscribe to my channel and pick up a Copy of my best-selling book dog Training revolution to learn everything You can about raising your new dog one Of my favorite new experiences has been Don’t bite me not having to go to the Store to get my dog’s food anymore You can have your dog’s food Automatically shipped right to your Front door from pet flow just choose Your favorite brand of dog food decide How often you want to delivered and Enter code Zach 30 when you check out And you’ll get $10 off your first 3 Orders all the details are in the Description below and thank you to Peplow for supporting modern dog Training methods and for making our Lives easier dog training is so much More than just teaching your dog things It’s about showing them the world and Letting them experience life with you Sometimes you’ll introduce them to new Things on purpose and other times new

Things will catch you both completely by Surprise but either way your dog’s Reaction to new things can tell you so Much about their personality this one is An absolute classic Who doesn’t love watching a dog eat Peanut butter I know for a fact he’s Actually never had B nut butter before Honestly I’m just doing this for kicks Really we don’t want to give him too Much You look ridiculous this is why you’re Subscribed to my channel right here it’s Safe to say that deuce loves peanut Butter every once in a while when a dog Catches a glimpse of their reflection They have a hilarious reaction let’s see How juice reacts to his reflection so Far pretty good reaction he’s not Barking I wonder if he even understands It’s him I always wonder these things oh look at That he’s looking behind it this is so Interesting I actually didn’t expect This to be so interesting you can see He’s looking behind the mirror I hear Only elephants and gorillas do that and Now you it’s a breakthrough now you can See he’s getting way more intrigued quit Biting me look how ridiculous you look When you bite you don’t want to look Ridiculous do you that dog in that Mirror nowhere near as cute as you Preventing resource guarding is one of

The most valuable things you can do Especially with a young puppy Because usually it hasn’t emerged when They’re this young so you can prevent it From happening in the first place So for example he’s chewing this bone Right now I’m gonna let him chew it I’m Gonna hold on to it right just like that You know and then I’m gonna take it away Right he’s reacting really well and I’m Gonna give it right back to him letting Him know look it’s not gonna go away Forever this shows them how to really be Tolerant when you want to take things Away from them so they don’t snap at you And things like that so it’s a really Valuable exercise I’d say he likes the Bones though wouldn’t you you can’t just Eat all the juice we’ve made a mess I’ve Got to clean all this up now he’s not Too scared of the vacuum it’s become Quite the fad to see how dogs react to Lemons but actually lemons and limes Aren’t so good for dogs but oranges are Safe so let’s see how deuce reacts to This orange this is a completely new Experience it tastes completely Different than anything he’s ever had Before just kind of neat to see how dogs React to these things hey deuce aren’t You glad you tried this not only is it Fun to watch dogs experience things for The first time because the reactions can Be great it’s so much fun to watch the

Wheels turning – as they try to make Sense of it but it’s also important for The bonding process between you and your Dog doing things like this brings you And your dog closer together And when your dog looks to you because They’re confused about something new you Can be right there to show them how neat The world can be many dogs really love Cat toys let’s see how deuce reacts to This cat toy Look what you can learn about his Reaction right there he’s his interest Is piqued I’m gonna try and make it a Little more enticing and see what he Thinks of it the eyes are lighting up oh Boy look at him there he goes he’s Definitely interested now I’m gonna play A little keep-away to make it extra Interesting just like you would with a Cat actually and that high-pitched sound Has got his attention You know I’ve taught some really cool Things using cat toys to entice many Dogs and when you find something like This that really gets your dog to light Up it can be a fantastic way to really Spark their interest in paying attention To you next on our list is a balloon now Some dogs get really weirded out by Balloons and other dogs really love them So let’s see how juice reacts trust me You don’t want to bite that don’t ever Let your dog swallow a balloon it floats

It’s a little bit different behaving Than other toys he may have seen in the Past and you could see he’s a little Skeptical I’m gonna let him go up to it And smell it if he wants to he’s Thinking about it there he goes they’re Really big and then they get really Small look at that what happened to it Fascinating over time you’re gonna learn To read your dog’s subtle body language You’ll be able to tell when they’re Feeling unsure or enticed by something New if you can be there with your dog When they experience new things you can Help them feel confident if they’re Nervous or if be part of the fun when They’re excited a balloons one thing Let’s try something a little bit bigger Though Oh he’s peeing and even if he doesn’t Encounter a big giant red ball in real Life he will encounter other things and This tells us a lot about what to expect When he does encounter something new Believe it or not I’ve actually met some Dogs that don’t know what these fidgets Spinners are all about Give me that fidget spinner He’s so curious about new things that’s A really good quality in a puppy so next We’ve got some ice cubes and these have Some nice special treats inside it’s got A carrot and an apple it’s neat to see How dogs react to things that are really

Cold those temperature changes can be Interesting these are also nice as a Special treat to give your dog to kind Of keep their interest if you’re busy Doing something showing the world to Your dog is a great way to improve the Quality of your relationship and work on Your mutual communication together I’ve Never seen one of these before it’s a Bubble gun whoa forget his reaction oh My gosh this is incredible that’s this Thing worked how are you not seeing this This is fascinating who invented this They’re so colorful thank you so much to Pet Flo and especially to our patrons on Patreon who made this video possible to Think about becoming a part of our Patreon community and get your dog’s Food automatically shipped to you so That you don’t have to make any more Trips to the pet store all those links Will be in the description give a big Thumbs up for Deus he really experienced A whole new world today make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel too hey you did A good job see you guys next time

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