Puppy Training Session: Stop Running Away and Stopping Other Unwanted Habits

Puppy Training Session: Stop Running Away and Stopping Other Unwanted Habits

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Click thumbs up for another video make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel if You haven’t already pick up a copy of my Book dog training revolution I’ll have That link below today’s video is Sponsored by pet float Peplow will make Your life so much easier by having your Dog’s food automatically shipped to your Front door in any time interval you Prefer one maybe every two to three Weeks for example so if you’re anything Like the family that’s gonna be coming In here in a little bit you’ve probably Got a lot going on in your life so Having your food automatically delivered It’s probably gonna make things way Easier for you all you do is go to pet Flow I’ll have a link in the description Choose your favorite brand of food Telling them how often you’d like it to Be delivered every two to three weeks For example and enter codes act 30 when You check out to get $10 off your first 3 orders so you can try it out see how You like it I’ll have all the links Below Lucy is 10 years old Myles is 8 years Old and their dog Luna is like 5 or 6 Months old so this should be an Interesting experience in general their Mom’s just trying to get some advice for How to involve the kids with training And what they should be focusing on and How to get her to basically pay

Attention you know how it is with a Puppy you can be tough my sense is that It can be a very distracting environment For Luna to pay attention in so we’re Hoping to get some traction with the Kids so to get them a little bit more Involved with training but just as I Always tell parents ultimately it’s the Adults responsibility to teach the dog How to behave and then pass that Knowledge on to the kids so hopefully we Can make some progress in that area so How long have you guys have Luna you see How she’s putting her feet down like That and poking her butt up in the air You think that’s called a play bow That’s what that’s called Usually installs one a play mom is Saying that trainings a family dog with Kids has been challenging I can’t Imagine why so Wow oh boy you guys got a Long way to go I’m not sure what that is Right here the next case where she gets A hold of something she’s not supposed To For yes good that’s very good I Appreciate that you simply okay nice Work So not only did I get her to let go I Should her the booth behavior that I Prefer it instead that’s it stay leave It alone please Yes good to teach your dog to generalize Leave it where they because it’s one

Thing to teach him to leave the turkey Alone but that doesn’t spill over Another training so now I’m gonna teach Y’all leave a shoe alone leave it alone Up here look at me please leave the shoe Alone up here yes that’s very good leave It I’m bringing motion to it to make it More tempting stay leave it look at me What that was really good leave it too Far too far that time but again that’s Where you find that line what’s too much And what’s not in this case if you were At home and you weren’t the old lady With this it would be a house you know If you are gonna let her run around it’s Okay to run around on leash like this She’s a lot easier to get to so over Here please sit stay you need to leave The shoe alone I mean I talk to him like That just like a five-year-old not his Responsibility you know cuz it’s he’s Got a lot on his plate you know who’s Got grow up himself and do school and Friends you know there’s a lot of things There’s me I said was like kids under a Lot thirteen it’s not reasonable to Expect them to do too much we need to Train yes I see that first we have to Lure her and do it down I’m gonna Actually let her have a bit of a treat Here because she’s on the right track And I’m gonna release a little bit as we Go here and right there that’s really Good so the point when you’re training

Dogs going slowly really is the key what The question is when do you say the word Rollover I’d say after several occasions Like right about now so it would be roll Over yeah we’ll say it simultaneously With the behavior for a few days you Know what I mean because it trying to Teach your dog language really quick can Be tough and it’s more important that You just kind of get them going through The motions with the lure that than it Is that you introduce the word there Should be a primary trainer and that Primary trainer should in turn Encouraged others to follow the same General gameplan the primary lessons Need to happen with you as the parents First and then you that need to teach You know the kids the question is what’s To be expected with this type of breed Which is a Boston Terrier I’m different Than my peers in this area on not Putting too much emphasis on breed I Mean it’s almost like you know how quick To Chinese people learn you know it’s Like it’s it’s the same kind of question To me well they have certainly been Selected for certain things it’s a Case-by-case basis So I mean after they’re poor they’re Still mammals they learn in basically The same way if the outcome to a Behavior is favorable to them they’re More likely to repeat that behavior and

If it’s not they’re less likely to Repeat that behavior energy level is Really the bigger indicator and she’s Got a lot of it in which way I don’t I Think there was pros and cons to all of Them so I like to rate dogs on the scale One two three energy level one being Total couch potato really lazy and then Three being constantly high energy I Like high energy dogs The downside to a high energy dog for a Lot of people is that they have to spend A lot of time with it on because it’s Not you can’t passively teach a high Energy dog lower energy dogs require Less time but they do less impressive Things typically from a training Perspective you know she’s probably in The 2.2 to 2.6 range somewhere I don’t Know where that was yeah where she Getting into things is she having potty Accidents in the living room when you’re In the house with her yeah okay whenever I like me guys somewhere when I’m we Leave her alone she will um she loves Going to the bathroom and my sister has Her door does not work well Oh always Open sister’s dress Matches at the door and she goes in There that’s where most of the accidents Happens yes okay that makes sense that Makes sense so see dogs don’t generalize A whole house as their home necessarily When they when they’re getting

Potty-trained so it’s important that you Slowly introduce parts of the house to Them she should not have free run of the House and our accidents happening in the Living room in the kitchen good well Then you know and as she’s getting away With chewing anything up in those areas There’s really two main levels when it Comes to dog training number one prevent Bad habits from happening and the way to Do that easiest the main way is to have Them on a leash you understand that now When you can’t you can’t always have Them on leash and you can’t always focus On them we have to sleep that’s why Things like crates or you know exercise Pens are good to have place in the house Or even a puppy-proof bathroom or Bedroom or something like that so look At that so that puts bad behaviors to a Stop that doesn’t train them but when They’re on leash you’re in a much better Position to acknowledge behaviors you Like and to prevent behaviors you don’t Like she had chew up that couch when She’s right here on leash ideally you Exercise her thoroughly before leaving Her alone so she’s less likely to have Anxiety exercise reduces virtually all Anxiety no no playing is a big part of It but the first year that that’s and I See you fighting the freedom issue That’s what I mean too much freedom too Early one year of training and then they

Can be free for the next 15 but that one Year just as with kids you know you have Cribs you have ways to keep them Contained yeah there does need to be a Higher level of control and structure That first year and that does me come With losing a lot of freedom if you’re Right And and I know you got a dog you want to Give her the best life possible let her Have as much fun let the kids play with Her this is all great but you’ll find That if she gets lots of exercise and Lots of training that she’s gonna be Mentally content she’s gonna be like you Know number one control the environment Have her on leash there’s no excuse for Her to get out of the front door if She’s on leash you can’t because she’s Still a puppy so holding a puppy to such A high standard of hey don’t go outside When you want to go is not totally The wall but I’ll show you what to do Just 15 minutes chasing around the Neighborhood but she thinks it’s fun Number one know number one what you’re Doing wrong in this case fun if I’m Being honest you’re waiting until an Organic situation emerges in this case I Got other things on my mind You need to stay let me try and even Force you to stay right now okay kids Get in you know you’ve got to set up Training sessions where you are focused

100% on your dog 100% they can’t learn When your attention is divided dogs Don’t learn – with a distracted trainer First of all have you taught her a stay So yeah I mean before you can expect her To stay with a massive distraction like The outdoor she’s gotta be able to stay For five seconds stay yes Again microscopic treats stay yes stay I’m providing a good consequence to the Behavior the behavior she’s not moving While I hold my hand up like this That equals a reward now watch I’m gonna Push her to failure for example stay Actually I’m gonna reward that that was Really good but hold on stay ok right There she got up there’s a consequence Of that behavior you know what it is no Treat that’s it there are three types of States stay for duration stay while you Walk away and stay while distracted all Three of those need to be good before we Even get to that door so let me give you An example stay while I walk away the Way we measure distance would stay is The distance between our eyes stay stay Dogs are less likely to listen to you The farther away you want stay Stay very good now I’m gonna go Vertically stay there you see how the Tiny steps I’m taking this is what’s not Intuitive to training dogs for everyday People who don’t do this for a living You know we take steps that are way too

Big and expect our dog to kind of make The leap and put it together but that’s Natural to do that sit we need to train Honey to know okay stay that was great That’s you stay and I’m being very Liberal with my rewards here as well you See that stay yes okay Come on it’s okay you can get up now Come on then teaching her to get up with Permission it’s fine Let me have a distraction please we have That thank you sit stay yeah Subtle state stay the lower gets the Tougher it is for her stay here look at Me Yes very good love eye contact teaching Your dog to leave something alone and Look at you as key up here good well That was a good one stay up here yes See how I’m immediately redirecting that Attention to me when she looks at the Thing that could be outside that could Be a cat that could be something she Wants to investigate but we’re trying to Override her basic impulses this is Called impulse control training stay up Look at me and stay up here that’s use Him as a real-life distraction sit we’ll Give me go ahead act crazy do what you Do yeah do whatever you can it’s very Good you’re very smart he’s crazy You’re doing a good job maybe you could Teach them out of state because if She’ll stay when he’s doing that she’ll

Stay for just about anything now taking It to the door stay stay Stay look at me please stay just like Just like a little kid you know what I Mean it’s like you I don’t know you Can’t be going out that door that would Get you killed Stay look at me Is really nice stay Uh-uh Look at me please good she got up from Her sit I’m still gonna reward because She used some restraint did you see that So it’s picking your battles there you Can’t it’s you know it’s not totally Mathematical you gotta kind of pick and Choose like was it she still stayed you Know she didn’t run out stay stay Nope And see right there I went too far I Moved too quickly she started to run out The door you know so that’s on me to not Make that mistake twice in a row stay Yes you’re doing great Any time she is and this lesson I mean That you can see she’s picking it up Very quickly but you got to repeat this Dozens of times in different contexts While once you feel like you’re getting A handle on this in these dedicated Training sessions only then are you Ready to start enforcing it when things Are more chaotic you know so there’s Three types of training sessions primary

Training sessions which are what we’re Doing right now focused on your dog You’re giving them the treats you’re Really focused on them surprise primary Training sessions that’s where you set Up conditions that mimic or you like but You’re still in charge they are you’re Still controlling it they just don’t Know it and then secondary training Sessions which are where well I wasn’t Expecting to train right now but I Better do it because you know I need you Something happened but if you don’t do Those two types of primary sessions like That and setting up sessions that mimic Real life then the secondary sessions Will go nowhere not really I mean it That’s a hard question it depends on Your dog it depends how much I mean if They’re doing it go for it if they seem Overwhelmed dial it back Yeah just like it oh I missed it that’s Fine too That’s it good you got it that’s it Perfect miles miles keep it going you Got this you’re doing good no I I’m Being pushy there because the best time To go for another success is right after One thank you guys so much for helping Me do this lesson today if you guys Enjoyed the video click thumbs up make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel set Up automatic Pepsi delivery at pep flow Enter codes act 30 when you check out to

Get $10 off your first three orders see How you like it Pick up a copy my best-selling book dog Training revolution and follow us on Instagram and Facebook too I’ll have the Links below see you guys in the next Video [Applause]

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