Puppy Training! Stop Biting and Lure Training

Puppy Training! Stop Biting and Lure Training

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On Instagram at Zak George I’m gonna Have that link in the description and Get a copy of my number one best selling Dog training book dog training Revolution that link will also be below Carolyn Derek tell me how training is Going I feel like she’s picking up Everything really quickly oh I’m glad to Hear that you’ve been working with her On some basic stuff already mostly potty Training crate training Winnie bytes Very hard ouch she’s a bit of a puppy Biter as most 7 week 8 week old dogs are And since she only 7 week old yes dogs Engage the world with their mouths like This they like to bite also add to that That are really teething all the times Do you guys have a lot of different chew Toys around at least two are the attend Chew toys like different textures yes it Really is important to have lots of Different textures for your cute toys Because sometimes dogs are in the mood For something soft sometimes hard Sometimes something in-between with this Biting here the first thing that I want To do is give her something acceptable To bite on because she’s biting up my Clothes she’s biting my hand we don’t Want this behavior the way to handle it When your dog is biting like this is to Redirect them on to something that is Acceptable to bite reader Is our mantra right now do you see right

There even though I’m giving her a toy That you want she’s still getting my Hands they’ll do that too that’s also a Very normal part a puppy biting there’s Nothing magical about a toy and Sometimes they still may prefer to bite Your hands but that’s why you have to be Really consistent about moving it around You see how she’s kind of bored with it Right now it’s not really doing the Trick I’m gonna try a different toy and See if this one gets her more interested This is why it’s important to have a Variety of different toys because dogs Can get bored with one this one has a Crinkly sound hear that oh there’s a Squeaker in there too cool cool We’ll keep away with her enticer and so Now she’s into this toy here’s another Great way to address puppy biting is of Course to show your dog what you prefer They do so in this case we prefer her to Sit and behave politely we’ll go ahead And give her a treat right there for Being good nice job That’s another way to redirect the added Benefit to redirecting your dog with Food as opposed to play is that it Quells they’re biting just by virtue of Them eating when a dog is eating they’re Much less likely to be bitey because They go into food mode and when they’re In food mode they start licking more and They’re less playful typically I noticed

You didn’t give it to her right away you Really let her lick it and experience it Before you let her have it yeah you’re Exactly right I tend to really let him Know look that’s there but you’re gonna Have to hold that position for a second Now the idea isn’t to eliminate puppy Biting overnight the idea is to reduce It a little by little every day what Happened you taught her already in Addition to the crate training and the Potty training we’ve moved on to sit and We’re also working on name recognition Oh good how was she doing with her Name’s she’s doing pretty well she Definitely will not come but she will Acknowledge and I wait and make eye Contact the eye contact that’s huge and The more you just do general training Like this like right now I’m just going Into a rollover training session with Her the more you do this with your dog You’re building that overall Communication with them as well when you Have that kind of communication dogs are Gonna learn much quicker communication Isn’t just natural straightaway for a Dog so we have to introduce this whole Concept of communicating the Communication building phase is good Four months of real dedicated training To get you guys on the same page where You can understand one another with Winnie being so young it might be a

Natural question to ask yourself when Can you start training a dog right about Now looks like Good time seven weeks eight weeks that’s A really good age to train let’s see if We can get her to do a sit Milord yes and how about a down gonna Lure her into a down perfect that looks Really good the fact that she will Follow a lure into a sit into a down That sets up a perfect opportunity to Teach her how to stay now I’ll break Stay down into three categories there Stay while lit for a period of time only Then there stay while we walk away the Farther we are from our dogs the tougher It is for them to focus on us and then Finally there’s stay with distractions Which we would introduce later on but I Think right now with our being so young We can practice stay for a period of Time stay yes and every time she does What I like I’m just gonna reward there You got to start with a half a second Stay before you get a five minutes okay Stay one two three yes I love how she Looked at me there yeah I’m gonna say Okay let her know the stay is over now She can get up I’ll even lure her into Enough reason she’s doing so well on her Stay right now is number one you guys Have done a really good job with her but Secondly we’re not asking for so much Right now we’re trying to keep it very

Realistic she’s new to training and we Don’t want to just continually set her Up to fail by asking for 30 and 60 Seconds stays when she hasn’t had a ton Of experience yet we’re not just Training her for us we want to build her Confidence for her to feel comfortable In her own skin as a puppy so the Purpose is twofold it’s for us and for Her click thumbs up from Winnie Carolyn And Derek that make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel remember it’s Free follow us on instagram at zach George we do lots of fun stuff over There including a lot of live Q&A so if You’ve got a question for me that’s the Place to go Follow us on patreon as well how many of You guys are struggling with puppy Training or do you feel like it’s going Very smoothly tell me in the comments Below get a copy of my best-selling book And we’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]

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