Puppy’s First Training Session (Distractions, Fetch, Puppy Biting and More!)

Puppy’s First Training Session (Distractions, Fetch, Puppy Biting and More!)

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Today’s video is sponsored by pub berg What’s this 30-day perfect pup so the Class is completely free and there’s a Private Facebook group in case I need Help I don’t know if this trainer knows What he’s doing though indeed we haven’t Done much serious training with you in 13 years I think we need a refresher Course indeed Let’s see how you’re doing on stay in D Come on girl come on what’s this I just Got an email Oh it’s from pop bird it says here if my Dog eats better they’ll feel better and If they feel better they’ll learn better I’m gonna order this right now oh that Was really fast shipping to some Top-notch food indi beef liver indi try These treats all right let’s give this a Shot Now stay pup fruit is amazing indi come Good work we wait yes that was great I bet you can even do math now what’s 1 Plus 100 indie you’re so well-trained Now thanks pup furred I’ll have a link To the 30 day perfect pup program and All the products we cover today in the Description below I almost feel like I Could make dog training videos now Wonder if this will work on other dogs Click thumbs up for ROS the English Shepherd she’s only 11 weeks old keep up With the dog training revolution between Videos on Instagram at SAC George a new

Live Q&A offer training advice as well Let’s get to know you guys better get a Copy of my book make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel too today we’re Going to address roses puppy biting see How she’s doing on her basics and tests Her leash walking skills outside around Some distractions so we’ve got a lot to Do my understanding is that Rose has a Bit of a puppy biting issue and she Tends to fight the kids in the house you Know playfully as puppies will do it’s Important to understand when you have a Dog that likes to play bite that you do A really good job of controlling their Environment because a dog at this age 11 Weeks old well it’s not really Reasonable to expect them to know not to Bite things that’s how they interact With the world It’s how they engage things I’ve got This really loud and crinkly toy here Because I think that Rose might like it And it looks like she does rather than Trying to suppress a dog’s biting it’s Important to really get them comfortable Biting acceptable thing And one of the reasons I really like to Do this is because it’s a first step of Teaching a dog tug-of-war It’s common for a lot of people to think Well you shouldn’t play a tug-of-war With a dog because well maybe you’re Teaching them to be aggressive but

Actually tug-of-war can be a really Valuable thing to teach a dog both in Terms of rewarding them stimulating them Mentally and physically and just really Building that bond between you and your Dog as I like to point out often the Fastest way to grow a bond between you And your dog is to play with them Oh Check it out she likes a tug toy too It’s tempting when you have a puppy and They’re just like jumping on people and Biting people and doing all that to just Put them up but you want to be careful Not to have your dog spend too much time Alone a really good thing to do is to Start putting structure to play Tug-of-war like we talked about as good And tug-of-war is the first step of Teaching fetch remember fetch starts Nice and close up like this good job I’m Gonna play tug so she’s really motivated To continue to play rather than just Take it from her and we’re gonna teach Her to let go real quick we’re just Gonna make the toy boring right here let Go yes get it rather than suppressing Your dog’s desire to chase kids and Other things bring structure to that Game of chase by showing how to chase a Toy and bring it back to you that way You can satisfy their desire to play get Their energy out and keep everybody Happy let’s see how she’s doing on her Basics I’m gonna switch from toys to

Food now I’m gonna use these pup for Beef liver treats today with roads it’s Amazing how she gets on a good behavior When you break out treats huh let’s see How her sit looks sit that was pretty Good oh you’re making it look easy You’re only 11 weeks old you’re sitting You lie down Wow nice job really when I’m assessing new dogs like this I run Through these tests I like to see how Responsive they are to lure training When your dog is that responsive to lure Training there are so many different Things you can teach them come on up Here then teach you how to stand up on All fours and I understand she’s already Learned how to spin look at that nice And sit Boy it’s hard to beat that for an 11 Week old isn’t it you our prodigy let’s See how she’s doing with leave it leave It alone look at me come on up here Yes nice work so right there she was a Little reluctant to look at me so I just Kind of got a little bit closer shrunk Up a training bubble a little bit and That seemed to make it a little bit Easier why don’t we go out back and see How Rose is doing on her leash skills But those of you with dogs you’ll know That there are probably a lot more Compliant when you’re inside with them And the thing that makes the outside so Different is there’s lots of different

Sounds and smells in sights I mean it’s A completely different world and dogs Really have amplified senses in many Respects so we should be very sensitive Of that when working with them of course I’m gonna give her a bit of an Adjustment period oh look at her okay What is it oh okay I’ll play with you I’ll play so let’s see no actually That’s quite good she’s actually really Responsive out here in this environment Let’s see how she does on that roll over Good serious look at that almost down Nice job now let’s see how our leash Walking is doing we already know that She knows how to look at me when I ask Her now let’s see if we can get her to Look at me while moving around back and Forth I could just walk but see when I’m Just walking she’s not interested in me At all right now she just wants to sniff The ground and look around but if I up My energy so let me go back here come Here let’s go let’s go alright getting Peppy is a really good way to get your Dog into you come on let’s go yes This way good good good yes sit good Work and look at that focus I love it That’s a really good example of how Sincerity and being genuine with your Dog is likely to help and notice the Rate at which I’m rewarding during this Training session you might see I’m Rewarding an awful lot right now that’s

Because she’s pretty new to training and See puppies do stuff like this she’s Picking up grass she shouldn’t eat that Let me see if I can get her to leave That alone and I’m just luring her away With a treat very good yes Nice job sometimes obviously you need to Get things out of your dog’s mouth if It’s dangerous but in that case I Thought I would really try to teach her How to let go of it organically there And pay attention to me instead come Here and sit good come on Right there that sits pretty reliable so For right now I might reward every other Time instead of rewarding every time Because she’s doing so well typically Dogs this young don’t do this well in an Outdoor environment so I’m quite pleased Both yes I love right there that she responded to Her name so well come on yes you see That whereas before she was walking Ahead sniffing the ground now she starts To get a head and then she’s looking Back at me as if to say wait a minute I Want to pay attention to you you’ve got Those treats and now she’s even paying Attention to me while I act normal Because I’ve shown her I’m worth Listening to Roses interested in those Walker’s down There what a good training opportunity I Want to make sure she doesn’t get in the

Habit of like lunging and barking at People when they walk by that’s a common Habit for puppies to develop sit good Work nice and so these are the kind of Normal day-to-day things that are hard To set up unless you really go out of Your way to practice with your dog there She goes looking at the people again let Me get her eyes on me over here yes good Work so by doing just little things like This in the moment when you discover Them in public they’re really going to Accelerate and propel your dog training Success so far Rosie is doing a really Good job she’s listening to me around Pretty minor distractions but that’s Really good if you as their teacher and As their trainer can keep bad habits From really getting traction then you’re In a much better position to make sure That they listen for the long haul Working with your dog in a variety of Places is imperative to their training Success you are very successfully Trained well almost anyway you’re Getting there if you’re serious about Training your dog and you are because You’re watching this video sign up for Pup words 30 day perfect pup it’s Completely free I’ll also have links to The training starter kit food and treats That we used in today’s video in the Description below click thumbs up for Rose she did a great job today make sure

You’re subscribed to my channel follow Us on Instagram to keep up with us Between videos as well remember we do Live q and A’s over there and just Generally get to know you guys better Get a copy of my book – all the links Will be in the description below Rose You did a great job today I love you see You guys in the next video You

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