REAL TRAINING For Anyone With A Dog That Doesn’t Listen!

REAL TRAINING For Anyone With A Dog That Doesn’t Listen!

I’ll show you how I’m training dog tricks and getting my dog to listen better! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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I’m Zack George I trained dogs and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I train her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome so The dog training experience today will Push the boundaries of what inertia is Capable of at the young age of 22 weeks And I’m gonna continue to train her in Really challenging public places by now Inertia is quite conditioned to Immediately investigate a new bark box It’s definitely one of the highlights of Her month this bark box represents like The best of the best their most popular Toys that they’ve ever made redesign in A completely new way they’re calling This the Franken toys edition one of her Favorite toys it’s held up really well Has been this toys they’ve basically Taken something similar and combined it With a ballerina bottom two dogs that Makes perfect sense always high quality Toys the squeaks are always really good This one’s like the half seagull with Pizza wings whatever it is inertia loves Us and see look that is high value Currency when your dog loves something That much Frank and Chu we have bacon Blackberry dog cookies top-notch Ingredients in these and duck and Blueberry treats each box is worth about $40 you can see there’s a lot of high Quality stuff in here but bark boxes

Start at $22 a month get a free bark box When you sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription just go to bark box comm Slash dog training I’ll have a link Below we’re going to do an unplanned dog Training experience lesson here you Might notice her keep away right now is Probably worse than ever I really feel Like I need to address that because this Isn’t out of control habit a nursery You’ve got to bring that back to me Usually I won’t use treats when I’m Training fetch because I want the dog Amped up and wanting to play and be Energetic so that I can get their energy Out but right now I’m not really Interested in playing a game of fetch so I’m not worried about quelling her Desire to play in fact I’d kind of Prefer right now I’m gonna use treats I’m gonna let her know I have this hey Inertia get her attention what’s that oh I know What’s this do you want this good very Good Good job sit good fantastic okay you can Go play with it so I’m gonna let her go Back to the toy intersect come here What’s this see I’m not just holding the Treat out I’m actually tossing it to Make it more exciting because saying hey Come here with the treat she’s like no I’m really into this toy right now and I Really want to enjoy it I want to show

Her there’s a certain way to enjoy this Toy when you’re training a dog you have To be ridiculously repetitive sometimes To really get them to understand what You want get it so I’m just gonna run Through this a few times so she starts To equate it nurse I come nice come here Right now I don’t even care if she Brings the toy to me I want her coming To me the very least when I call her if Your dog is really out of control with Keep away like that it’s also advisable To have them on lead we are in the early Stages of letting inertia explore the House off leash like this so in this Case the treats were enough to get her Attention on me but I would absolutely Consider putting her back on lead in a Situation like this in the future I’m about to do a training session with Inertia and I was like hey why don’t I Throw the toy a few times for her get Some of that excess energy out to really Prime her for an optimized training Session inertia I’m over here come here If I pretend like I’m gonna go she gets Closer to me and go that’s right Hey inertia over here I think she’s Telling me she wants to go inside she Keeps running into the studio and then Coming back out one more okay I’ll take It I’ve been pretty consistent about one More and meeting it so I’ll usually give Our notice look this is the last one

Give me one more something that I need To revisit now with inertia is hold you Might recall that we’ve been teaching Her how to hold on to this but her Tendency is to like hold on to it and Then let it go sometimes what I’m Ultimately trying to teach you is hey Hold on to this thing this random thing And stay right here hold is the Foundation for so many useful behaviors Moving forward so we’re gonna work on That for a bit hold Wait I’m gonna try to implement wait Withhold because what I’m trying to Teach her about weight is that it’s an Instant freeze position like stop right There at least in most cases that I can Think of right now okay Wait yes good she tends to back away a Little bit I really just want her Staying still but I’ll take the fact That she’s holding for duration over the Fact that she’s backing up when she’s Not supposed to what’s this get it wait Yes real close right there you could Also use a clicker if you were clicker Training here or say yes yes good girl I Don’t want her letting go on the word Yes I need to work on that as well wait Let go I wanted to give her a victory There yes give her a bunch of little Small treats Get it hope let go yes So there I’m actually telling her let go

Before she lets go in the hope that she Will hold on to it until I ask her to Let go get it wait let go yes that was Looking good still only a brief second Hold it I would love to get three Seconds or longer almost here yeah hold It let go yes you can really read her Eyes here you could see that she’s Really processing it hold let go yes Since she’s pretty good about hold and Let go I also want to make sure that I Focus on acknowledging her success while She’s holding onto the object wait let Go yes didn’t give her a really big Jackpot reward there that was the best Example to date of hold and really Starting to get the concept that’s where We currently are on hold for a period of Time I’m gonna continue to work on that And I’ll keep you posted if you’re new To dog training – don’t forget about Both of my books my first book here is Really designed for the person who’s Thinking about getting a dog or has Recently gotten a dog it provides a big Overview of how to raise a dog and this One is if you’ve had a dog for a little While but you’re really experiencing Some issues with them I’ll cover the Most common training problems in this Book I’ll have links in the description Where you can Them up we’ve been working on crawl and She’s doing really well but the thing

About crawl is you can’t work on it too Long with her she starts to get Frustrated and starts doing her play Deads and everything to try and figure Out what it is she’s supposed to do and If you think about it like crawling is An acquired skill at least to crawl in The fashion that we’re asking her to do It I intend to keep this particular Training session pretty short but we’ll See how it goes I’m gonna start with a Sit sit Give her something really easy to do Just to set the tone for the rest of the Training session that’s the point of Doing that let him know hey there’s a High probability you’re going to win a Prize sit and down good let’s go ahead And reward on down even though it’s Pretty well-established the last time we Did this I was luring and I was focused On trying to get that lure farther and Farther away but I don’t want to have to Be like right next to my dog luring them In order to teach them to crawl what We’re trying to break new ground on is Getting her to crawl with that lure Farther away so it’s a little more Impressive looking give me play dad I Love it I’ve been having trouble with play dead Quite honestly it hasn’t been the most Natural thing for her so when she’s been

Offering it or in the mood to do it I’ve Been like okay we can do a play dad Training session wait okay oops if I get Too far away she gets up so if I’m like Crawl crawl oh that was pretty good that Was pretty good I think I got to reward That you saw how she started to get up a Little at the end and I don’t want that To become a habit but that’s better than She’s been doing okay we’re gonna crawl Oh I really should have rewarded that Because she’s trying harder and making More progress so she does that again I’ll reward it’s her coming up at the End I was starting to get greedy and Trying to push her okay crawl yes good So rather than the lure being right here It was right here see that good job That was really good I’m gonna try this Completely different body position okay Let’s try this well good It’s the small things she started to get Up and she likes self-corrected so I Like that wait can you crawl notice my Body position – it’s completely Different than before that was amazing She’s really starting to get it you Crawl oh my gosh I can’t believe how Quickly she’s getting this crawl oh my Goodness That’s wonderful she’s not done anything Like that that’s brand new behavior so I’m really enthused by that we’re gonna Stop there it’s a pretty physical trick

I love that her progress is amazing Sometimes it’s tempting to just keep Going and keep going but in this case We’ll end on a good note this is a trick We’ve been working on for weeks and Weeks and we had just been stuck at this Singular point of having to lure her Really closely and then she’s just now Putting it together it’s just really Awesome to watch her figure out new Things when you see that light bulb Going off with the dog in training There’s just nothing like it let’s do an Update on how an Ursa is doing when it Comes to getting on the furniture You might remember probably a few weeks Ago that she had developed the habit Pretty organically just when she would Get hyper she would jump up on the Furniture Very often people asked how do you get Your dog to not jump on the furniture How do you get them to stop doing it and Ideally if you have a new dog you Prevent the habit from getting Established to begin with so it’s never An issue after I’ve done basic training With her or exercise with her I’ll Encourage her to do like a sit or down Stay I’ve been encouraging her to hold These positions whether it’s a sit down Now if she were to get on the furniture I would simply redirect her and Encourage her to hold that position but

Preventing the habit from getting Established in the first place is really What’s making all the difference with This by having her drag around the leash Wall in the house I’m in a position to Keep her from running and jumping on Things you might notice here she does Have an interest in furniture maybe She’s not interested in jumping on it But she is a little interested in Chewing on it I can say we’ve had no Major of furniture damage at all but This is against the reason supervision Is so important even though inertia has Her adult teeth here she’s still going Through a teething phase so it’s Important To make sure that your dog has plenty of Things that you want and you’re still Supervising even alone will you lie down Gonna give her an alternative Incompatible behavior in this case its Lie down out of the reach in the table All in all she isn’t jumping on the Furniture right now and I’m going to Attribute that to good management and Showing her the behaviors I prefer that She do instead it’s really intuitive for Us to wait until a problem occurs to Then try to repair it and fix it but That is the less preferable way to Address on wanted behaviors if your dog Did already have the habit of jumping on The furniture just be consistent about

Showing them what you want it’s going to Take significantly longer to get them to Acquire the habit of not jumping on the Furniture but you’ll get there you just Have to be overwhelmingly consistent in Showing your dog what you do want them To do one of my favorite tricks that I’ve taught inertia so far is how to Give a hug I’m sure you’ve seen that by Now but it still needs some polishing It’s not ideal and this is the thing About tricks your first or second or Third drafts of those tricks aren’t Usually the finished ones for example Let me show you what I’m saying here you See how she jumps up and gives me a hug She’s really having issues with AHS Being on one side over here although I Am gonna focus on wait did you notice How she got down really quickly a moment Ago okay get down so I have two things To focus on teaching her to hold the Position and teaching her how to put one Paw on each side of my neck here I don’t Even know if that’s how it’s going to Ultimately be maybe she’s just never Comfortable doing that so I’m always Prepared to accept what she’s willing to Give me but I’m going to try to teach Her what I want here sit wait Hugs because she goes from side to side There this is a mess this is a mess wait Call it and see I’m having brie mark for Behavior because I can’t see what she’s

Doing hug doesn’t look real good if They’re looking down go ahead again Breathe go I can give her a yes when she Looks up Yes right here I’m gonna reward the Correction for putting her both paws There wait okay good job get down let’s See if we can try that again and get a More successful version of hug hug oh Yes there we go just took a little Reminder couldn’t call her before you Say yes consist that she hold it for More a longer period of time please good Job I gave her a giant reward there and That was pushing it like you could make The case that maybe we should have Rewarded her for those small successes Because she really was trying okay and I Like how she’s waiting until I say okay So she knows the trick is over it’s Always worth underscoring that tricks Like this have far-reaching benefit to All of your trainings so before you tell Yourself I’m not so interested in tricks Way how important they are for building Broad generalized communications so that You can ultimately just talk to your dog Tricks like that build communication Between you and your dog wait think About Love it wait your ticket battle looks Great Wonder if we can get her to put that Head down a little bit more yeah

Yes sweet Isn’t that great I love how she’s Resting her head on the ground there Take a ballast just turning out to be One of my favorite tricks to do with her She really seems to enjoy it and she’s Excelling with it so I’ve been doing it A lot conversely when there were tricks That she’s not enjoying as much I kind Of ease up on those like play dead which We talked about if I’m trying to kind of Counter condition her and get her and More willing to do things like play dead And another tricks that she might not be Feeling right now okay this should be Interesting because we’re gonna be Taking inertia to Jefferson feed and Gardens center here in New Orleans well There’s gonna be other animals food for Other animals and lots of other Distracting things she was reluctant to Come in there I just took like a minute Or two maybe three let her smell Evaluate the scene see what was going on This is her very first time actually Being able to walk around in a pet Supply store like this last time she was In a place like she wasn’t allowed to Walk on the floor because of her Vaccination status got to be pretty Crazy for I’m just gonna walk around With her for a little bit here and then Give her the opportunity to do some Training hey what’s going on guys I’m at

The pet supply store Jefferson feed Right now in New Orleans and doing some General socializing and training with Inertia hello thank you good girl don’t You nice job Thanks look how interested she isn’t Just smelling everything she’s no doubt Smelling things that she’s never smelled Before that must be very interesting to Her some dogs up for adoption over here See how she does pretty close range he’s Just realized her cats over here now if She were reacting and barking I wouldn’t Be here but she’s being pretty good so I Want to give her the opportunity to Explore when she’s behaving calmly she’s Unsure of the cat our cat has trained Her to be quite skeptical of cats so far That’s good those things fly can you Give me a plate She’s open to doing a play dead in Public that really makes me happy can You play it we’re gonna do a hug wait Okay almost ready Hugs I’m gonna do another lap of the Store another thing that I love about Training in places like this is that it Gives us so many opportunities to Practice our real-life leave it’s come That’s right okay this way oh we got a Bird up there oh thanks do you want to Say hi yeah sure please oh this might be Interesting it’s an opportunity to Practice on some new stairs inertia

Inertia is still isn’t very proficient At walking up and down stairs and these Stairs are extra different because They’re made of metal she’s never seen That before yeah thought she might Bother me see if she’ll come here or She’ll do it for food or she’s just too Nervous Yes yes trachea There you go that’s it Yes Yes there you go there’s the Breakthrough moment yes there you go That was a example of just sticking with Her letting their figure it out rather Than waiting until you encounter metal Stairs in real life and then you Discover that oh my dog doesn’t like the Metal stairs I feel pretty good about This outing this training session this Was really good for her to see a variety Of new things and to even start Listening to me and a really crazy Distracting environment you will not Regret getting your free bark box go to Bark box comm slash dog training and Sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription I’ll have that link below keep up in Real-time with breathe in DeAngelo Inertia and me on instagram and Tick-tocks subscribe to my channel and I’ll have links to my books in the Description too next time inertia is Gonna have the most distractions she’s

Ever experienced it’s gonna be nuts Oh

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