See everything I do in our most intense dog training session yet!

See everything I do in our most intense dog training session yet!

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Are you serious inertia oh my goodness I’m in over my head here oh yeah what I’m Zack George I trained dogs and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I trained her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome so The dog training experience today we’re Gonna take our distraction levels to new Heights during training will address Destructive chewing and will work on the Nurses emergency weight and more if you Have a dog you should have their food Automatically delivered I mean why not Pep flow makes it insanely easy they’ll Almost certainly have your dog’s brand Of food and all you do is tell them how Often you want to deliver no more having To carry heavy bags or arriving at the Pet store seeing that your dog’s food Isn’t even there and to make it easy You’ll get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments when you enter Cut-ins act 30 I’m gonna have a link and A discount code in the description of This video if one is serious about Training they must train in a variety of Places outside of the hole today we’ll Explore city park in New Orleans and see What distractions the world has for us We are here at the park this is where We’ve come to do our public training Today right out of the car you know the Drill by now

Letting nurses smell around let her get Comfortable with everything I was Tempted to enforce leave it alone but Then I realized man we’ve only been here Like 30 seconds Let me let her smell the oak tree which Is much older than her or me or any of You we’ve been here now what maybe two Minutes let’s see what happens Leave it alone come on let’s go this way She’s really been doing a lot better on That it’s tempting to fall into the trap Of just pulling him along when they Start smelling but if you’ll just spend A few days really enforcing leave it Alone let’s go you know encouraging them To come along and they learned that You’re gonna do that every single time They eventually learn that the path of Least resistance is to just listen to You there’s some polling going on I Don’t love it but I’m choosing to pick My battles more with the round sense Than I am the polling trying to train Everything at once isn’t advisable Remember we’re in a public place which Makes it much more challenging for an Ursa to listen by an order of magnitude At least this is why public Training is the best you just encounter Random things like a balloon on a bench That’s something that your dog should be Prepared for hey inertia what’s this I’ve been in the habit of calling her to

Me and just letting her go back to Checking out the environment so she Doesn’t think oh gosh every time he Calls me I don’t get to do anything There it is look I knew she would think It was interesting pretty good reaction There she’s like okay it’s a little odd Make sure I give her a room to back up From it and check it out at a distance She feels safe with let’s go look at it One more time what do you think what do You think of that balloon sure it seems Insignificant but give your dog Loki Opportunities to check out new things Nice yeah good job this is a good Example where she’s like really on a Scent right now she’s like I really want To check this out But let’s say I’m in a situation where Look we got to get going inertia come See not so responsive to come win call Leave it alone and inertia come on let’s Go yes I just took the time to explain To her that I wanted her to do that Thing that we’ve practiced a million Times in a million different contexts And I wanted her to do it right here in This environment and this context I Haven’t used any treats in this whole Training session so far I’m trying to Use the environment as the reinforcer Because she’s really interested in Everything when she starts smelling the Ground and I wanted to keep going the

Benefits of her is okay we get to go Explore other things Leave it alone inertia come on let’s go Yes come on perfect very high rate of Success of getting her to leave things Alone without having to pull her along I’m gonna try to encourage her to pick Up the pace here but she’s getting Really distracted by all the smells Around sensor one thing but something Tells me we’re going to encounter much Tougher distractions There’s the phones there’s crawfish Tails this is tough guys I’m in over my Head here that’s a crawfish tail leave It this is a bone leave it alone there’s Ants come on let’s get away from here Let’s go come on let’s go Inertia let’s go this way Yes that was hard but we got her to Almost get away from all this real world Distractions leave it come on let’s go This way Yes here we are this is our planned Distraction for the day we have a small Theme park inside City Park here in New Orleans we thought it might be kind of Cool to introduce her to this Rollercoaster see how she reacts looks Like it’s coming listen to the sound oh It’s a little bit of anxiety let her go Back a little bit here see how she’s not Saying that she’s like wait a minute There’s a bunch of screaming people on

This thing that’s going through the sky See how she wants to get some distance We’re gonna honor that desire here let Her get some distance little Park over Here for a minute that’s kind of a Nurse’s pattern though she’ll want some Distance and then she’ll take it in and Then she’ll be okay with getting closer To it you want this she’s taking chicken From this distance which indicates that She’s a little more comfortable It can’t hurt for her to have the Association of something really good Like chicken with a roller coaster Giving your dog access to screaming People and letting them understand that That’s a thing has a whole host of Benefits dogs notice those eccentric Reactions we do in certain situations And it’s not the norm for humans to just Scream like that so when they hear Humans do something like that that’s new They learn oh okay I guess people can do That too well hang out over here I don’t Want to get too close how much better This time good girl you want this still Not taking trees when a dog goes from Taking treats just a moment ago to not Taking treats in a single session like This it’s a sign that they’re over Stimulated and not really receptive to Actual training in that particular Moment instead what I like to do is just Let them observe their surroundings and

Take it in for a little bit I wonder if She’ll be more comfortable even closer To little throw it off but she took it In she was pretty brave there here comes Again I’m Nice job girl do you care about chicken Yeah she’s really comfortable now being In public represents a great opportunity To meet new people too this is so Important with puppies would you like to Pet her okay sure Okay you want to say hi there we go Her name is inertia that was pretty good She didn’t jump all over them she was Excited but there’s not much you can do About that but I wanted to make sure she Didn’t jump especially since there was a Young child there let me see if I can Get a stand stand oh I think I’m gonna Get it good can I get a bow before she Wouldn’t give me the time of day after a Few minutes she’s listening to me so Really resist the urge to get frustrated And just give up when you come to a Place and your dog’s like I can’t pay Attention to you tests often and Understand that it’s just fine and Acceptable in the beginning when they’re Just like I don’t want to listen the Fact that she’s doing things is just a Sign that she is more relaxed and more Comfortable like she is at home that was The success I’d say let’s see what else

We can find around here we didn’t plant This this is real that’s real food let’s See what happens hey in there so leave It alone leave it leave it Yes good job leave it so I’m really Trying to show her that leaving things Alone by default like this is the way to Behave when presented with the Distraction now we’re at one of the lawn Areas here in City Park we’ll let a Nurse to take this new park area in and Experience it for a minute inertia let’s Walk up this way a little bit come on oh Look at her she’s like I really want to Pay attention of these guys I’ve got a Letter right now so you can see she’s Throat off there a little bit some People came up to talk to us she’s like Whoa you guys are loud and crazy but It’s New Orleans so she’s definitely Enough to get used to that she rebounded Really well though but I took my Attention off of them and on to the Situation once I saw her reaction see we Have a kite over here that looks weird To her I didn’t know what kite was gonna Be here so let me train her to wait okay She’s not waiting I think I can get her To do it though wait yes do you want This okay she doesn’t want the tree but She’s generalizing wait to some degree So I had to really reiterate wait a few Too many times but it’s a loose leash There’s a kite flying around out there

I’ll take it for a five-month-old dog See if she’ll play with the toy Like here you go a little interested in A toy remember it’s common for dogs to Be much less interested in playing when They’re in a new place the more you do It the more likely they’ll play in the Future though she’s not so much in the Mood to play now maybe I’ll check later Or maybe I’ll check tomorrow another Successful outing I feel like inertia Has learned more about her world out Here today which was our objective if You like having a written guide to Lessons like this my books make perfect Companions to these episodes you can get Them both for around $25 on Amazon I’ll Have links below are you serious inertia Oh my goodness inertia is five months Old and she’s been sleeping on a bed had No issue with it like chewing has not Been an issue with her because I’ve been Controlling her environment she’s been Good with her bed so I’ve been leaving Her with her bed but look at this new Behavior is emerging inertia we Certainly can’t have this all right Housekeepers inadvertently put this Secondary bed that we have over here This is actually not her main bed which Is probably why she’s suddenly reacting To it like this you know what before I Just take that from her let me see if I Can get her attention off of it hey over

Here Inertia leave it alone she knows leave It good come on over here what’s this I Got a treat okay sit good Wait I’m gonna give her a small treat There I was able to at least momentarily Get her attention off of this bed this Is why you want to be very careful about Leaving your dog alone with a bed you Want to be pretty confident they’re not Going to chew and all beds are not the Same so since this is not her regular Bed and it accidentally got placed in There she viewed that as something Different Notice how she’s not running out of the Crate that I’ve been very consistent About enforcing weight every time I open The crates let’s get up all the fuzzies Here because this can be a real health Hazard I’m curious to see if she now Generalizes this when I put her old bed Back in the quick answer to get your dog To stop chewing is to be very good about Managing their surroundings so that they Don’t inadvertently choose something That they’re not allowed to but secondly You have to give them lots of exposure To things that are chewable and teaching Them how to behave while you’re Observing them around those things but That first bed I really observed her to Make sure she was going to behave Appropriate

With it before I left her alone with it And she’s done fine with that bed but This one She didn’t generalize it so well thank You for not chewing that good girl can You settle nice job oh she’s acquiring Those perfect eyes that make it real Hard to say no to anything I want to Start teaching inertia how to back up When I asked her to you so that’s Something we’re gonna work on right now I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind I’m Gonna start by trying to lure her Backwards I think I’ll use the clicker For this the clicker is something we use To communicate when our dogs do Something we like our dogs learned that The click sound means that they’re Getting something great like a wonderful Treat I’ve noticed that when she’s Getting into the heel position sometimes I’ll encourage her to back up a little Bit and she kind of does it in this real Specific scenario I’m hoping that we can Build on that real specific contextual Backup in order to teach her or more Generalize to back up let’s do a heel Wait good Yes oh that was interesting you see You’re brainstorming It’s a crooked back up oh look at that She’s really used to watching this treat And going where this treat goes when We’re doing our basic heel training like

This okay come on wait a little far Ahead wait stand that’s okay this way Good heel Yes good it’s really fragile better put The treat a little bit farther down yes Yes yes yes that’s really good this is a Very beginning of it’s still a long way To go it’s still really contingent upon A lure and her getting used to the Muscle memory that it takes yes yeah What good girl jackpot good looking back Up we’re gonna continue to work on that Ultimately you want your dog to be able To just back up when you back up or walk Forward or just do it because you asked Him to while you stay still There’s a lot of variations of back up In her future we talked a lot about Teaching inertia weight in various Contexts for example weight at the door Weight when we’re about to teach her how To do a trick like bow so we can have a Really hold of standing position Teaching your dog to weight or stay or Hold their position or whatever you want To call it in a variety of different Contexts it’s hugely important at some Point in your dog’s life it may very Well happen that I don’t know for Whatever reason they’re across the Street and they’re running to you and You may need to have them hold that Weight because perhaps you see a car Coming so it’s time to start teaching an

Emergency way to inertia I’m gonna start This inside before I do it outside for Obvious reasons it’s harder for a dog to Pay attention outside I guess I’m gonna Throw this treat down there however go Get the tree call her back and then see If she’ll hold a weight when I ask her To you on the way back a nurse should Come wait hi Dave I had to cheat it a Little bit but she did make an effort Let me see that again Go get it wait yes good girl okay I just Wanted to rush in there and reward cuz That was better than I expected She held a weight at the halfway point On the way back that was really good Weight Circling around turn walking behind her Like this increases the difficulty of This exercise as dogs generally like to Get up and follow us wherever we go Okay good job Wow It was so good I want to see what Happens if when she’s in play mode if I Can enforce the wait wait oh okay now Look see if that was a squirrel running Across the street she would have failed That test this is why we train I’m gonna Keep it random I’m just gonna play easy Game of fetch here come on and then on This next one I’m gonna throw weight at Her I’m gonna ask her to wait so let me Go wait Oh leave it alone so it hit her Late leave it alone that’s okay that was

A good effort over here and wait wait Okay wait she didn’t see that coming she Hasn’t trained for that multiple squeaky Toys flying through the air right at her But that’s a test ultimately that she’s Got to be able to pass before we would Ever even think about considering her Semi reliable on her training whether in Private or public let’s try that again Wait wait back is turned Wait okay go get it so I’ll let her Chase after that’s why it’s a reward There so that was a nice little training Drill she’s doing great you’ll see me Doing this out on walks if I see a dog In the distance I’ll have her hold her Weight it’s just something that you Really can’t practice too much and in my View you should really reinforce it and Let your dog know that there are fewer Better things that they can do then hold A solid weight when you ask check out The real world settle this is how I want Her to behave most of the time when out Of her crate and inside a house we’re Still a ways away from this but this is A good time so I’m just gonna let her Exist out here okay that didn’t last Long the mailman classic intercept come On good job that’s okay Thank you for letting me know I don’t Mind that part there was an organic Distraction right there settle just After she saw the mailman I was able to

Get her into a settle when I asked nice Job very good indeed recently had some Lumps removed and she has some minor Stitches so we have the cone on her head And I know that if I take inertia out of The crate that she’s going to want to See Indy but I need to teach her to kind Of settle down actually leave her alone But I thought this would be a good time To practice doing that you got to leave In the alone no we’re not playing with Indy right now even though you want to Play with Indy you can’t just because You feel like it all the time Inertia come up Indy stay I’m going to Remove her over here see if we can get Her to hold a settle can you lie down Good job I’ve got to keep her away from Indy right now stay good job Indy come I’ve called Indy over here to make it a Little more tempting for intercept yes Whoa come here come here from Italy can You lie down relax you’re doing a great Job both of you were doing a great job That’s a nice little training exercise That we’ve been doing so we’ll do short Training sessions like this okay all Done we’re not gonna play you did a good Job of leaving India alone and this is Another wonderful example of inertia Practicing self-control I’ve been Enforcing weight right here in a variety Of different ways wait I’m pulling on her see how she’s still

Not going even when I pull on her I’m Trying to make it super reliable good Girl weights Okay good a really good example of Environment as the reward I’m hoping That this training lesson is going to be Treat free because I have no treats I’ve Been struggling with getting inertia to Get interested in the frisbee as you Know sometimes she’s into it and we have An awesome session but probably 60% of The time she’s not into it especially Lately in fact right now what I’m Dealing with she’s regressing back into Leash biting she loves biting on this as We run around hey what’s this see no Interest how could actually focus on a Leave it lesson with beliefs I’m Obviously not gonna be able to get much Frisbee practice and if she’s focused on Biting on the leash See this leave it come on let’s go leave It good I was just anticipating that she was Gonna go for the leash inertia come on That’s puppy stuff let’s go good yes how About this way I’m using a 30 foot lead Today come on leave it good perfect come On leave it alone good girl Come on let’s go leave it alone I want To do a frisbee lesson but unless I can Get her attention off the lead I can’t Do much frisbee training we got a lot Working against us she’s not that

Interested in the frisbee number one Secondly she’s heavily distracted by the Lead and finally she almost never does Frisbee outside of our main yard it’s Kind of a new environment What’s it ah she kind of lit up there That was good ready go get it there we Go There’s a spark I’m taking a step back And rolling it trying to get those Sparks going ready go Oh she’s tracking it If only I could throw she’d be all right Good girl go good that’s her longest Catch ever I believe come on girl let’s Go go Ha ha good girl and I’m really trying to Keep those throws nice and low right now Because of her age don’t want her doing A lot of jumping I think we’ll stop Right there because as hard as I was Working to get her interest and I don’t Want to overdo it either and I also like Ending on a high note if you’re still Buying your pets food the old-fashioned Way stop it decide what your favorite Food is and tell Peplow how often you Wanted it your front door get $10 off Your first three orders when you use Discount codes at 30 I’ll have that link And code in the description below Subscribe to keep up with in ursus Progress follow us on Instagram and Tik-tok too if you’re an overachiever

Get my books to really study the methods You saw in this episode next time I’ll Continue to show inertia how to properly Take a neighborhood walk without losing Her mind see you guys in the next Episode [Music] You

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