Should These Dogs Exist? Have We Gone Too Far?

Should These Dogs Exist? Have We Gone Too Far?

Have we gone too far with breeding some dogs? This video is sponsored by Rover! Visit and enter Promo Code ZakGeorge for $25 off of your first booking!

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You you can search book and pay all Within the app twos for $25 off your First booking visit Rover comm slash Zach George and enter promo code Zach George when you check out We humans have managed to do some Incredible things with our favorite Domesticated animal the dog I mean they Come in all shapes and sizes and are Capable of amazing acts sometimes as Humans we take things to the extreme Though and it doesn’t always have the Positive effects that we originally Intended the guidelines that many Breeders use to shape their puppies is Known as a breed standard these are used By judges and dog shows or conformation Shows to determine winners based on how Well these dogs conform to these Guidelines now breed standards in America are curated in part by the American Kennel Club or AKC breed Standards include physically observable Traits but not necessarily testing Requirements for health or genetic data They’re created by individual breed Clubs to declare what they believe to be Ideal versions of the breed and Unfortunately they sometimes have a Highly superficial focus on traits that Aren’t really in the breeds best Interest physical attributes like having A short rocky cephalic snout like pugs Bulldogs and others are

Important to take into account when Considering different breeds these dogs Aren’t able to cool themselves off Properly because of their shorter snap They also frequently suffer from skin Eye and breathing problems now the Classic example is the Bulldog they have Those huge skulls with extremely squish Spaces and super short almost Non-existent noses with huge under bites Most English and French bulldogs can’t Reproduce or even give birth without Medical intervention that’s a pretty Clear sign that we’re on the wrong track With these breeds their noses have Gotten shorter and shorter causing most Of these negative effects the change in Their skull shape for many of these Breeds over the last 50 to 100 years is Very dramatic For many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels For example their skulls have gotten so Squished that their brains can’t Comfortably fit inside them anymore and They develop a condition of severely Painful headaches up to 50% of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels may have this Condition Unfortunately Cavaliers also suffer from A form of genetic heart disease called Mitral valve disease it’s estimated that Over half of Cavaliers will have this Condition by age 5 and 90% will have it By age 10 in fact it’s the leading cause

Of death for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels the German Shepherd dog is a Classic example of a dog who in recent History was bred for highly superficial Traits resulting in an overall decline Of the health of the breed at one point A sloping back was determined to be an Attractive desirable trait in the German Shepherd dog breed standard and that led To an eventually very extreme slope in Their backs with the back legs being Forced out in an unnatural looking way That frequently causes them to lose the Ability to walk as they age German Shepherd dog clubs have been working to Fix this over recent generations but the Trait is still very visible and it’s a Prominent example of why breeding for Health and not just looks is so Important in recent years the AKC and Other organizations have really started To recommend breed specific genetic Testing and that’s a step in the right Direction even dogs with the most Extreme health issues still have Incredible personalities and it’s so Easy to see why people fall in love with Them but there are some breeds like pugs Bulldogs Cavalier King Charles Spaniels That just shouldn’t exist exactly as we Know them and they need to be improved And changed our job in the future if we Decide to get dogs from breeders is to Only support

Breeders who were genetically Responsible and transparent about the Health of the dogs they breathe visit Rover comm / Zack George and enter promo Code Zack George when you check out for $25 off your first looking instan you Did a great job today give him a thumbs Up make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel see you guys next time

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