Stop Biting and Train Your Dog to Listen to Everything You Say! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE

Stop Biting and Train Your Dog to Listen to Everything You Say! NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE

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This biting really does need to get Under control Yes what no it was that close I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her everything a Good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide I am blown away by kona’s progress and How Fast she seems to be learning everything I mean so far she’s learned her basic Skills she’s doing them in a variety of Different places She’s doing tricks jumping is starting To get under control okay we still have Some work to do on biting for sure but Last night i got a full night’s sleep And it was amazing but i don’t think we

Would have gotten this far with her Without a Quality diet and if you throw in these c Meal tablets Your dog’s brain grows three times Or maybe it’s their body i’m not sure But she’s definitely growing Really fast we’re gonna need a bigger Bag of food There are a gazillion different foods to Choose from on the market and only Some of them use top-notch ingredients Those of you in the solid gold crowd Will know what i’m talking about You get super high quality proteins Grains fruits and veggies Get 30 off of solid gold products by Going to Zach i’ll have that link in the Description i’m going to Audit her resource guarding here i’m Going to try to take it away without Offering a treat in exchange just to Verify that she’s comfortable with that Yes okay just a tip if your dog is doing Really well especially with puppies Get them used to taking it away and Giving it back we have past episodes Where we go over how to get your dog to That point It’s instinctive for dogs to want to be Protective of things they value This is something you want to give a Little extra attention to especially

With puppies As far as her basic training is going She’s really good when we When i’m not talking to you guys and i’m Focused on her One second that’s it Yes good girl very good she’s really Good when we’re close together like this In other words when we have a tight Training bubble that’s where our Communication is very solid but the Thing about the training bubble is As it gets bigger and bigger and you go Farther and farther away from your dog That bubble can pop so i’m working on Extending That training bubble today kona come Definitely going to reward her on come Here i like that Sit stay Lie down yes Still working on our hand signal there She’s really responsive to this hand Signal more than this Up good here Stay But if i go way back here And i say lie down Lie down she’s like wait a minute do you Mean come to you that doesn’t make any Sense You can see how when we added distance To the equation there we got a Completely different result but

Ultimately don’t we want our dogs to Listen to us if they’re Many feet away or farther let’s try it Like this though Stay lie down Very good yes good Stay fly down Yes okay good girl Stay I’m gonna stand straight up this time Instead of hunched over Lie down very good okay so she Anticipated there but i’ll still take it Because she’s still very focused on me It seems like she understands what i’m Going for Sit stay Go a little farther now Lie down yes Okay good girl she’s looking great isn’t She Look how far we’ve already gotten let’s Just test that far Point right now and see how she does With her it wouldn’t surprise me if she Already understands but that would be Much quicker than anticipated with most Dogs stay So i’m gonna go real far lie down Okay still i just wanted to make sure i Kind of expected that to happen This is why it’s so fun to be a dog Trainer because i know some place Between

Here and over there there’s going to be A breakdown In communication in other words so far Up to here our bubble Is really strong stay yes Lie down Yes okay good girl good i got so excited There i think i made her break her stay But i’ll celebrate the lie down for sure So we’ll continue to work On that one but wow just wow 13 weeks Old There are many variations of having your Dog listen to you With distance between the two of you you Might remember recently we were working On teaching her to ring the bell to be Led Outside and we had a little bit of Progress in her first session But i really think she’s ready to go Like way beyond that right now She’s really breaking through and Starting to understand communication You might remember last time we left off Where she was kind of nudging it like i Would put the food In my hand right here and she might get Close Yes and nudge it accidentally i mean i Was really reaching to try and come up With ways to get her to Make contact with this bell Yes and i was doing that right but the

Idea isn’t to come up here and tell her To Ring the bell right we ultimately want Her to be yes We ultimately want her to be able to Come up and ring the bell From a distance i think she’s i think She’s really starting to understand Something here Hold on let me focus on training what’s This Yes okay okay so she’s kind of Gravitating To this down that the oh or the Gosh you’re am belle dextrous That’s that’s brilliant right yes You’re brilliant she’s just offering the Behavior now she’s like oh i get it Yes like that there you go the point of This particular lesson Is to really teach her how to approach The bell from anywhere in the house And ring it just so she knows she can do That so i don’t have to be really close To her because that doesn’t make much Sense Good girl yes i haven’t even said Anything i’m just kind of gesturing Yes good girl at this point you could Say something like Ring the bell if you wanted to put a Word to it since she’s being so reliable About it This is a fast-moving situation here

Good girl You can see we’ve dramatically now Increased the distance the training Bubble is much bigger right now Let me see what happens if i take a step Away come Let’s ring the bell Yes sorry neighborhood Yes what This is amazing so look i mean she’s Easily doing this Hey kona yes i’m gonna reward her coming To me i like that This is amazing guys i’m gonna yes I’ll take that because even though it Wasn’t as emphatic of a Ring she’s doing it with this distance Yes Come look at that there’s something Really special happening look at this She’s responding to a point yes Good girl that’s something dogs are Famous for and it is a Useful useful skill She’s also yes ring your bell She’s also doing this while walking away From me in other words i’m completely Out of sight She’s like an autonomous dog yes going Over there And ringing that bell let’s try it Farther away she’s on a roll Good kona ring the bell Ah a little there’s a lot now there’s

More distractions between here and there More carpet more Surface she won’t be That’s heard yes good girl look at that Come on girl let’s go ready go ring the Bell Just being a little bit more upbeat yes Good look at that distance good girl yes Jackpot go ring the bell Alright let’s go here what’s this go Ring the bell Go on go Go go ring the bell Look at this training bubble kind of a Breakdown right here we’re really far Away from each other that’s a little Extra hard Whereas if i do this go ring the bell Alright good girl good job you did it I mean really amazing it is incredible What dogs Can learn the fact that she’s doing it From a distance With her back turned to me and doing a Multi-stepped Task in other words she’s walking to the Bells she’s ringing them She’s running back that’s three Different things right there that she’s Putting together How do i get a brain like that I wish i had the brain of an irish Doodle Ring the bell yes good job so now

Every time i let her outside okay let’s Go i’m gonna have her ring that bell so She really starts to put Two and two together now you’re probably Wondering how often and how long you Should train your puppy every day And if you are that’s one of my favorite Questions because it means you’re Very serious about training your dog You’ll remember we talked about the two Main types of training sessions primary Training sessions that’s where you’re Sitting down working on something very Purposefully like sit Stay lie down whatever and secondary Training sessions Those training sessions that require you To snap into training mode when your dog Is Barking at a passing jogger for example Or they suddenly start to bite you when You’re trying to make a dog training Youtube video This biting here has been a bit of an Issue in all seriousness though This biting really does need to get Under control and sooner Would be better than later there would Be no harm in picking up your dog and Removing them from the environment for 30 seconds or two minutes just to give Him a chance to calm down but for fun Here I did want to see can we get this biting

Outburst to stop Without touching her or forcing her or Physically keeping her from biting at All More or less as an experiment to see if It’s possible that’s it Yes thank you naturally You’re not going to get by with doing That one time you’ve got to be Consistent but the idea is that your dog Learns to anticipate better behavior Over time sit Yes lie down and so you can see how i’m Redirecting her into an incompatible Behavior in this case Sit or lie down or even a roll over just Something to get her Teeth off of me would be preferable that Biting outburst there is a really good Example of a real world secondary Training session where she’s decided i’d Rather bite you instead And i know lots of you are also Wondering how many things can i train During those primary training sessions How often how long how much that varies Tremendously from dog to dog Sometimes i like going over lots of Things in a single session for example i Like to teach sit Lie down up stand and introduce those Concepts at one time At least i did with kona and then other Times like in the case of teaching a dog

To ring a bell to be let outside A laser focus on that one task for a Single training session Naturally your goal is to keep your dog Into the training session to keep it Going really keep them enthused and Motivated to want to train But you really have to do your best to Walk the line between keeping a training Session going on for a little bit longer And overwhelming your dog i mean get to Know your individual dog to understand Their body language So taking a break is one thing you can Do in those times or you can try and Make things a little bit more playful You’ll remember when we were teaching Her how to ring the bell i upped my Energy a little bit Got a little more enthusiastic with her And she’s like oh okay you’re fun again So sometimes we can change our behavior To get our dogs to perform better And it’s really important that if you’re Feeling frustrated which is Perfectly normal even i get frustrated Take a break let your dog chill out and Revisit the training session at another Time Other signs that your dog might not be Enjoying a particular training session Might include repetitive lip licking Maybe they’re yawning a lot Or maybe they’re scratching a lot so try

To understand that body language Contextually and no one can do that like You now in a perfect world we try to end Our sessions before those signs of Frustration come in for either us Or them in the beginning you’re probably Going to experience that more than you Will later on but it’s all a process and A journey of getting to know your dog so Just be aware of them But back to how long we should train Well in general i guess a General rule is maybe five to ten Minutes depending on your dog but they Could be a few seconds or they could be 30 or 40 minutes long sometimes So in general i’d recommend that you do Two or maybe three Primary training sessions throughout the Day and over time have an emphasis on Practicing in lots of different Environments as your dog shows signs of Improvement and when we’re talking about How Often to train our dog it’s so vital That you understand that Dogs are really learning it every moment So those secondary spontaneous training Sessions you know the one where your dog Starts barking or Starts jumping on a guest and it Requires your immediate training Attention Those are where the real magic and real

Learning happens It’s basically as though those primary Training sessions really give your dog a Foundation they understand the skill Say sit and stay or come for example And those secondary sessions are really Valuable for teaching your dog How to listen to all of those requests In various specific Contexts just a couple of days ago we Caught a great secondary training Session with kona when she was barking And i had to snap into training mode We had park maintenance people behind Our house and one looked like some type Of future terminator robocop dude so i Thought it was a good opportunity to Explain in my own way that that’s normal And this is how you behave when you feel This way Over time it kind of boils down to Getting your dog’s attention on you when They’re not expecting you to ask for it So in the case of barking at people Doing lawn maintenance in the backyard I might practice sit and stay on this Other side of the house over here so she Can Observe from a distance and feel more Calm remember we ease our dog into doing This in more and more contexts over time Another tip in handling these secondary Spontaneous training sessions Get really good at redirecting your

Dog’s attention Away from the thing that’s causing them To act ridiculous It’s a really powerful way to guide your Dog in real life situations However if you find yourself redirecting Too much this Probably means that you’re not Controlling the environment sufficiently Enough So if your dog is constantly stealing Food off of the counter well you should Probably take a step back And put them on a leash like this so They’re easier to control and manage Or if they’re comfortable in their crate You can keep them in there or even an Indoor tile like we’ve been doing with Kona and then you would want to focus Some of your primary training sessions On things like Sit and stay and look at me and leave it And make sure those are really solid When there aren’t those Massive distractions like real food on The counter In other words you don’t want to rely on These in the moment training sessions to Fully teach your dog It’s just your cue to get that Foundation really strong first And to make sure you’re prepared to the Max make sure you’ve got treats In your living room your kitchen your

Bedroom everywhere That you expect your dog to listen You’re not gonna have to do this forever We’re gonna talk about that later in the Series but right now you make sure that You can make your dog’s life great when They comply with your requests if you Feel like you need even more than i’ve Given you today I have chapters and chapters of dog Training advice In both of my books and get 30 off of Select solid gold products by going to Zap i’ll have links below subscribe to My channel follow us on instagram Facebook and tick tock And we’ll see you in the next video bye You

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