STOP PULLING & Heel [Reality Dog Training Ep 13]

STOP PULLING & Heel [Reality Dog Training Ep 13]

Training George to heel so he stops dragging me everywhere. Plus he finally catches the double disc throw! Thank you Nom Nom for sponsoring this video! Go ​ to get 50% off of a 2 week trial!

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Previously on reality dog training Stay yes Oh there we go baby that’s what i’m Talking about first catch ever You know we’ve been working on the Double i don’t think i’m gonna get it With him but i’ll show you where we are I just keep hoping that it’s gonna like Click and he’s gonna just catch one and Then catch the other one ready go Let go oh Come on i really want to improve heal But we have such a long way to go I’m zach george and this is george no Relations george has spent the last four Months living in an animal shelter with Minimal contact with other dogs or People and it’s my job to transform him From a wild and crazy dog to an Incredible pet seems straightforward Right Holy cow Not getting that ball george is a dog Like i’ve never known before I don’t know if i can let this dog go Let go This might be the single greatest Transformation i have ever seen in a dog That i’ve worked with the hardest thing About fostering a dog you fall in love With them this is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode for the past many Days it’s felt like george and i are

Right on the edge of all kinds of Training breakthroughs and today i’m Taking george out in public for some Serious practice the clock is really Ticking now and finding him a home and The more i can teach him the better our Chances are going to be just like us Dogs learn so much better when they’re Eating high quality really healthy food That’s why i think a lot of you will be Interested in nom nom they prepare Actual fresh meals that are designed by A real veterinary nutritionist they Pre-portion them down to the individual Calorie just for your dog and Automatically ship them right to your Door literally all you have to do is Open up a recyclable packet and give Your dog their amazing meal nom nom is So big on quality control that they can Actually tell you which of their chefs Prepared each of your dog’s meals i Highly recommend you guys give it a shot You can get half off a two-week trial to Try it out at my special link Zach i’ll have the link below in the Description we’re doing some training Here on another part of the mississippi River today in new orleans george Continues to do really well in his Training so i want to continue to Challenge him and give him more Experiences my plan is to work on some Leash manners and some heel work with

Him see if i can get him being a little Bit more precise while on leash okay Real life leave it opportunity leave it Alone Hey no leave it come well done Good job sit yes That real life leave it with him is Looking fantastic I mean what a smart man okay Good man So i just kind of want to walk around in Random patterns right now Just to see If he’s going to stay with me hey George Good boy And you know believe it or not this is The beginning of offlease training you Want him reliable on a 10-foot lead Like this before you would take him off The lead right so This is how we test for that being in a Public environment making sure that he’s Reliable in a variety of places under a Variety of circumstances george Yes Really responsive to his name there you Can see that i’m not really focusing on One specific thing for too long here my Overall goal is to have a training Session where george is generally Focused on me whenever i ask him to be Whether we’re wandering around working On off leash training or practicing his

Heel like this Good All right good boy look at this Yes Here George come on Want to stay real close see that see how Close we’re keeping them come on Good Come on It’s really important when you’re doing Leash walking that you can keep your dog Close like this Good The reason i want to be able to keep Them close i want him enthusiastic about Being very close to me Because the closer your dog is the Easier they are to communicate with Right so that’s looking good i mean Great training exercise giving him a Kibble every few steps i want to see how His spin into heel is doing He’s been really doing well At home I don’t want him going into the sit so I’m actually going to withhold Yes Good So maybe a way to keep him from just Defaulting into that sit when he’s lined Up Is to start advancing look Lead him forward so he can’t

Sit that’s interesting Here Yes Here Yes George here Okay Good back here so Good i love that that’s looking like a Real heel he’s doing really good with The distractions like the lawnmower There’s a train whistle he did really Well there he’s noticing it but very Easily able to get his attention on me i Really want to have a stronger emphasis On him looking at my eyes and definitely Not looking at the treats too much so I’m going to put my hands behind my back So i can really get him focusing on my Eyes so he really starts to internalize The behavior rather than becoming lure Dependent george let’s go come on Yes See that got one step of healing but There’s no treats at all in my hand They’re behind my back he’s looking at My eyes so i’m basically starting from The beginning here No treats here Yes Come on george here This way Good boy you’re doing great come on Here

Right turn Good Stay Yes Okay come on good job really good i Pushed him there a little bit and he was Doing really well that eye contact on me Was great he wasn’t looking at my hands You can see at the beginning he was like Checking back with my hands to see if The treats were really not there but Really good evidence that he’s starting To make the connection here i love Teaching heal in this way we don’t have To rely on any physical corrections with Him or anything if we just really find Ways to motivate him here george Good Here Good Here Come on Come on Here Good Yes Good All right So a little too many goods there Remember when i say good to him i’m Basically trying to communicate to him Look keep doing that you’re on the right Track then when i say Yes to him that tells him look i’ve

Earned a great reward it’s like warmer Warmer hot good yes George Yes I’m going to go ahead and reward just After a couple of steps i’m going to Tighten this up Yes Here Yes Here Here Good Yes Okay come on good he really is getting This don’t get me wrong heel is such a Delicate fragile thing when you’re first Teaching it so you just have to hang on By a hair sometimes but if you keep Practicing it it just becomes really Solid what i’m saying is don’t insist on A perfect heel early on in the training Process it takes a lot of practice i Want to try some varying speeds now and See if you can keep up Here Good man look at you good George Here This way come on I’m really satisfied that his left turns Are coming along nicely left turns are Easier than right turns slowing down Stay

Okay Yes The reason i find right turns harder to Teach is because your dog is more Pivoting than they are walking whereas When you’re turning left like this it’s A wider turn and dogs are really good at Walking a little faster going right your Dog has to move at a slower rate yes Do you see how he’s having to change his Walk without cutting me off i’m almost Going to step on his toes if he stays on That path Here come on you can see how turning Right is tougher look at me Keep moving come on Keep moving let’s go this way yes Okay but you know he ends there but at Least i marked when he was over here you Know i’m not worried about getting the Treat to him too late i think he gets The picture not too worried about Confusing him there look at me george Here Come on let’s go Here left Oh there’s a person coming up here this Is such a significant moment george is Really interested in the pedestrian but He makes the choice to come to me anyway I think we’re really getting somewhere Now now that the distraction has passed And is slowly moving away i want to ask George to comply with something he finds

Pretty easy and is likely to succeed at Like a short come when call here this is A great way to capitalize on a Distraction and give your dog some extra Practice without overwhelming them You’re doing great oh my gosh look at That Come on keep moving Getting dizzy Good come on and this way come on Left Let’s go This way Come on Good let’s go You’re doing great George Come on Here Yes I’m hoping to be able to tighten up that Stay when i stop you know i mean ideally He needs to learn to stop when i stop But i’m going to give him a little Assistance right now stay Stay Yes Stay Yes i have a feeling that this is one of Those things that when it’s clicking With him as we continue he’s gonna be Like oh yeah okay i got you good man Look at you good boy here Who’s a good man

Ann look at me stay Yes George here let’s go Here This way Good and right there for whatever reason He decided to really have a strict heal And stay when i stopped i definitely Have to let him know i really like that Yes Look at me Okay good boy okay break time just like People dogs do need mental breaks so We’re going to let george just sniff Around and be a dog for a few minutes Now he did so well with that heel Practice bree and i both love bird life And often when we’re out here training We get so distracted the bird life is Incredible down here in new orleans pet Crow is not messing around Crows are so underestimated man that’s Incredible let’s see how george’s overs Are doing we just taught him that let’s See if he’ll do them out here in this Place Well done here okay get it George what’s this you want this one Let go Okay i’ll take it i just can’t believe How well he’s doing with frisbee okay as You guys are probably aware of george And i have been working very hard to try To accomplish something really special

Together a double disc catch i’m gonna Warm up my frisbee arm with brie for a Sec because i’ve got a really good Feeling about today you guys know that Zach was a professional frisbee thrower At one point in his life i’m not sure if You knew that dog specifically yes Exactly not frisbee based competitions Yeah i used to tour the country doing This stuff man it was fun when i throw a Frisbee i throw i grip it like this Because that will give you more rotation And it will go like at least 30 percent Farther and then release it at a i don’t Know about a 45 degree angle right here So you’re actually releasing it Practically vertically the reason is These things are light breezy’s going to Give it a shot here let’s see how she Does it Well done nice buddy good now at this Point many of you are probably wondering How do you throw a double disc throw you Don’t want to throw them both like that When just stacked I think that’s how people might imagine It’s thrown the way i started doing it Was by putting my index finger between The frisbees i don’t use this grip too Much anymore but this is this helped me When i was beginning to throw it by Having one index finger and then Throwing and then just having a Staggered release that’s how it looks in

Slow motion You know you have to it takes a lot of Experimentation but the goal Is to have you know to have them go out Like this where one is here and one is Here so it’s very catchable for the dog Getting them in this configuration Is what takes the uh the practice but These days the way i throw it is i put Two fingers between right there this is A zack george original technique by the Way with two fingers between Whoa one Two i like how he looked at him he’s Getting closer But you can see how there was plenty of Time for him to catch the first one and Move on to the other one once he gets it Stay Okay go Good All right i think our odds are good Leave it Let go good man I’m curious to see if the let go has Continued over from our last training Session He stands on it Leave it Good he had a breakthrough last time but Remember training progress is not linear Always oh Buddy Come on let go

Let go Remember it’s like this Hey Stay catch it let go catch it let go Catch it let go Catch it let go Catch it let go catch it Let go Wait Okay Let’s go Yeah he still gets a little distracted By the first one That’s understandable there’s a lot Going on in a short period of time on This move ready Go Let go good okay okay we’re in business Okay go go Go I’m gonna get them tugging for a sec Yeah good let go Good let go Good Go Good man we’re getting close Come on Stay Okay Let go yes he did it he did it We did it Good man yeah Calm down calm down When you look back at this you can see

How he catches the first one and then Very purposefully looks for that second One to catch and then decisively goes For it and he did it within rapid Succession there which was really Impressive i could watch this all day Long he’s just incredible i mean he’s Already caught the double only a handful Of dogs have ever been able to pull off That catch so that tells me what i need To know and i cannot fathom how Literally a few days ago he was spending Every single day in the shelter for the Last four months after being a stray on The street and now he’s out here doing Overs catching the double excelling at Heel and all of his obedience i mean He’s just a special dog he really is but George can you stop eating your frisbee No dog is perfect though Because he is a frisbee chewer and i Will tell you if you get a dog who’s Into frisbee they may not absolutely not If they’re like george have access to These frisbees outside of training time These are special and if they just Become something for your dog to chew up They’ll lose value and you’ll lose a lot Of frisbees george you did an incredible Job today we got home and while i was Pulling up the footage of george’s Double catch to do a frame by frame Review bree noticed that george was Sleeping happily and she decided to see

What would happen if she took his lead Off you’ll actually have to trust me on This that the lead is disconnected here She left it right next to him when she Took it off because she was trying not To wake him up i guess I’m doing an experiment right now They were taking a nap and i just went Over and really calmly took his lid off Okay But i can’t tell if he’s gonna like to Sleep does he look like that i’m trying To be nonchalant really taking the lead Off too that’s a good call like while He’s in that relaxed frame of mind So guess what i am it worked you went to Sleep what It worked it did yeah Oh good i know check this out look at This double oh my gosh Ah This is cute Oh yeah i know i went frame by frame Because i was like was it definitely Because he barely catches it but there’s Like you can see I don’t know He’s like go Stop you’re going too fast you need to Go frame by frame That’s what i said remember he almost Didn’t make a football move but look at That it’s definitely there just stop it There just pretend it doesn’t ever

Continue from that one Right so he controls it It’s still in his mouth by the way many Frames later and i feel like he just let It the and the by the nature of this Catch is that it requires them to very Quickly drop it Because you can see look his mouth is Open on purpose there it didn’t slip out It’s open and now watch his eyes i know Because he’s like You see Yeah do you see how his eyes shift Immediately oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s Yeah i mean so it’s a catch it maybe not The prettiest double catch but Definitely i would I know from my perspective it was very I mean it’s his first one of course it’s Not the most perfect it’s incredible and You can see how clumsy he is about it Like in a again it’s a hard move but Like I love to see that he’s quickly thinking About The next one there you know and then That’s a clear catch right there i need To go see if he’s still asleep okay Victory Amazing He’s still sleepy so he’s off leash Forever No Just right now i think he doesn’t know

That he is but that’s all right right i Mean He still succeeded I think i’m gonna go put it back on Before he knows he’s off leash Okay well yeah i mean it’s literally About accumulating the number of minutes Off leash that gives them literal Experience like that’s exactly how you Do it that counts as minutes yeah i mean You didn’t know i don’t think i mean But it’s a start i mean he’s at the Position where if you approached him i Mean he’s Yeah i walked away and he stayed right Yeah and i even went in like he looked At me when i went in just now although Actually yeah he was manageable while on Lead yeah like he watched me even just Now and then he’s still like whatever Good boy george Good job buddy good job good job guys Very good What’d you think of george’s catch tell Me in the comments below give nom nom a Shot go to zach to get half Off a two-week trial of nom nom to see How your dog likes it subscribe to this Channel and if you’re working on Teaching your dog you’ll definitely love Both of my books too we’ll see you guys In the next episode unless you follow us On instagram tick tock and facebook then We’ll see you over there in the meantime

Okay see you next time You

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