Teach ANY Dog to Listen ANY Time, ANY PLACE!

Teach ANY Dog to Listen ANY Time, ANY PLACE!

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Training bubble explained:

I loved making this video!
Most dogs will listen their home environment, but what about other places? There some really good examples here! Look for Osiris the doberman! He’s so smart! You’ll also see 5 month old Roux the poodle learn some new things! I’ll offer you detailed instructions on things you can do to make your job easier when in a less controlled environment. Preparation is where the effectiveness of our training is determined!

Today’s video is a good one and it’s Brought to you by petflow.com Have you considered setting up pet food Delivery with petflow.com if not Consider doing so they have over 150 Different brands to choose from even Prescription food and you can eliminate A major household chore petflow.com also Has great accessories toys and treats For your dog as well make sure you enter Promo code zack george and you’ll Receive five dollars off any order Thirty dollars or more and free shipping On all orders forty nine dollars and More after all discounts are applied Click thumbs up for positive training Today’s video is a good one if you wanna Know what to teach your dog after you’ve Taught them the basics you know my main Goal my dog training career is to Encourage people to really treat their Dogs better and really shine a light on The depth and capabilities of our dogs I’d like everybody to throw away their Choke chains and their pinch colors and Focus more on communication rather than Constant physical corrections if you Share in this goal consider subscribing And consider telling your friends to Subscribe to this dog training channel As well after you’ve taught your dog the Basics of sit stay down come it’s time To take your training to the next level Now we can expedite this process by

Teaching our dog to respond to us in Different positions and from farther Away we’re going to work on building Distance with our dogs and teaching them How to respond to us from farther away We’re also going to teach them how to Generalize commands and some other stuff So it should be a good class there’s Some great dogs in here to review dogs Are very aware of the distance we are From them when we’re teaching them the Training bubble is the distance we are From our dogs where we still have good Communication it’s worth repeating that In order to teach your dog to listen to You from a distance that you extend that Bubble slowly or else that bubble pops And our ability to communicate with them Is compromised how many of you have Noticed that your dog will go through a Series of commands that they know in a Specific order before you ask them to do Them during training lots of people fail To realize this is actually a great Thing this is our dog thinking there is No way to have a super trained dog Without going through that phase so the Reason i’m telling you this is Don’t be frustrated by that that is a Sign that you’re on the right track with Your training and that you’re about to Break through to the next level first we Need to identify how far away our dog Will reliably listen to us try and

Identify that exact point where your dog Stops listening to you because you’re Too far away take rue the poodle he’s Only five months old now young dogs in Particular are not ready for a massive Distance but we have to start somewhere So right now we’re trying to identify How big the training bubble is with rue So since he’s used to down this is where We want it down from right here with the Five month old dog yes and see that look At the distance here a little bit longer I like that if your dog is a little bit Older and you’ve worked with them a Little bit more you ought to pretty Accurately be able to determine a pretty Precise distance from which they stop Listening to you There’s the anticipation right you Didn’t ask him to do that right Now will he go up here Will he go up if you go a bit closer You see the difference there that is the Training bubble fully illustrated right There so this is the point right here if You took another step back will he lie Down from there down No And where will he lie down from i think I’m usually going to lie down from Decently far but i guess well consider Environment in most cases we need to Shorten the distance when in a less Familiar place this is completely normal

To approach you this time be pre-emptive Let’s walk back here a bit Okay now if you ask him to get up is he Likely to come towards you Probably okay so be prepared to Immediately shorten the distance Wherever possible be preemptive when you Correct your dog the best time to Correct unwanted behavior is before it Occurs in this case we know osiris is Likely to advance towards amanda so we Want to be prepared to intervene Interrupt the behavior we don’t want and Show him the behavior we do want that is The emphasis of positive training in the Beginning stages when you’re extending Distance with your dog like this It comes in very very small amounts but Once they once they get it you’re able To then start generalizing and they get It much quicker over time uh let’s try Lie down now Very nice good let’s go back up and do a Sit up And do you see how she has to shorten For up but she’s able to do it longer on Down that’s also very normal have you Ever tried to ask your dog to do Something simple like sit for example But with your back turned to them turn Your back to him please Ask him to lie down now and And you can try and use body language And coax them

Right and you see and and he’s not lying Down he’s like what are you talking About you might be surprised to see that Our dogs are much less likely to listen To requests we make of them when we Change the way we do it however it’s Important to understand that if we want Our dogs to generalize overall Communication from us that we need to Spend time teaching them this is a great Exercise in helping them understand that Point the point here i’m making is dogs Are hypersensitive to our stance when We’re working and you can go ahead and And have them lie down now if you want But when you turn your back to your dog Or you change your body position or any Minor thing our dogs are like what are You talking about that’s completely Normal all dogs do that so we want to Teach them to respond in different Positions now the best way to teach this To your dog is to do it a little bit at A time rather than facing them now i’m Just angling maybe 45 degrees lie down Good Perfect Get up Lie down so now there we go 90 degrees Up good let’s see lie down Look right in right there you see that That’s the point right there where he’s Like wait a minute you’re almost got Your back turn me that’s the point where

He’s not generalizing command we want to Get lie down And the way we’re gonna get that is i’m Gonna briefly for a brief period of time Reinstitute the training bubble getting Very close lie down This opens up a new way of thinking for Your dog it teaches them to be more Tuned into you get creative with this as Well try lying on the ground and getting Them to respond to something easy that They already know be patient and Understand that you’re likely to meet a Little bit of reluctance at first dave Is working with rue really well in this Right now That is how you teach your dog once you Feel like your dog is getting it take it To the next level now i like to have my Students throw real turkey meat at their Dogs and asked them to leave it alone Naturally this can be tough for a lot of Dogs to do but we don’t want to wait for A real life distraction say a cat Running across a busy street to teach Our dogs we want to set up these drills Now so that they’re more prepared when The real life distraction does occur how Many of you were able to do one step Away and leave it That was pretty good Leave it very good a little bit farther Away Leave it

And i’m prepared to go cover it up good Things that move are more likely to Distract our dogs motion to it they’re Her tails wagon she wants it but she Knows that if she listens she’s going to Get what she wants Wonderful job catalina Osiris is going for extra credit here in Class If you enjoyed today’s video make sure You click thumbs up also make sure You’re subscribed so that you’ll be Notified of all my future uploads as Well tell me where your training mindset Is right now with your individual dog Are you more on defense in other words Saving your house and all of your Possessions or are you more on the Offense in teaching your dog how to Respond to basic and advanced commands Tell me below and this will help me make Even better videos for you in the future Like me on facebook too facebook.com The zac george i post additional content And questions and general information Over there as well and plus i just love Interacting with you guys okay visit Peplo.com Zac george and make sure you enter promo Code zac george on all purchases over Thirty dollars to get five dollars off And get free shipping on all orders Forty nine dollars or more when all Discounts are applied thank you

Petflow.com for making this video Possible and we’ll see you guys in the Next one

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