The COOLEST TRICK I’ve Taught My Dog So Far!

The COOLEST TRICK I’ve Taught My Dog So Far!

I’ll train my dog what I think is the coolest trick so far! What do you think?
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Oh stay in this episode we’ll take an Ursa to her first Mardi Gras parade and See if she’ll actually pay attention to Me she’ll also learn her most Groundbreaking trick yet We’ll work on intensifying her play Drive and more I’m Zach George I train Dogs this is my new dog and I’m gonna Show you how I train her from day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notifications So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience How many chores do you actually have is Getting your dog’s food still one of Them because it shouldn’t be that’s Because you can have your dog’s food at Your front door every time you need it By signing up to have it shipped to you From pet flow go to pet flow one time Choose your dog’s favorite food and how Often you want it delivered every two Three four weeks or whatever and guess What you never have to do that Shore Again get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments to make sure you Love it By entering code Zach 30 when you check Out I’ll have a link and code in the

Description below I think teaching Tricks to our dogs is a really valuable Thing to do because it builds Communication with them and it really Allows you to have this intricate Communication with them that really Spills over into everything this trick Is really near and dear to my heart the Last dog I taught this to is my dog Venus and inertia is showing promise and I’m hoping that we’re going to get a Good example of it today The trick is limp when I ask her to and That means basically walking on three Legs a few days ago I was working on it And it’s one of those tricks that really Requires you to just kind of tune into The individual dog there’s no quick and Easy way to teach it that I found anyway She only knows how to hold her paw up While standing in one position the trick Is basically to get her to continue to Hold that paw up while she advances Forward the way that I would start Teaching this is basically to place my Hand right underneath one of her paws Not hold her paw but just have it there As some support so that she could get The muscle memory intact to walk on Three legs while holding her front paw Up Come here yes so by providing a little Bit of support under one leg and luring Her with my other hand to encourage her

To move forward I’m looking for any bit Of the most my new effort from her to Advance without putting that foot on the Ground yes good No pressure that time I just really Think the nuances of this vary so much From dog to dog and I think there’s Probably a lot of ways to teach this but That’s what I like about unusual Unnatural tricks like this they really Challenge you to communicate with your Dog at a new level I was at the park a Couple of days ago working on it again Trying to see if I could get her to do It not only did she show a lot of Promise but she was actually doing it in Public I would hope you know by now when A dog does something in public that’s Much better than them doing it at home Yes that was it that was it I think that was her first actual limp That we got you can see she’s really Starting to get it my goal today is to See if I can get her to take multiple Steps on limp so I’m still using a Combination of the hand sink oh look Right there so you saw that she’s able To take that one step wave yes see but Gee see how she puts it down good that Was two steps I’m having to heavily lure Her right now to keep her interest in This trick I’d like to see if I can Start to phase out the hand signal a Little bit but it’s a delicate process

Here over here yes good I liked how she Was looking at my empty hand that time I’m rewarding for incremental steps oh My goodness that was definitely three Yes good job jackpot jackpot this is the Best she has ever done on this new limp Ah ah that was amazing that was so good Five you do shakes come on come here Alright stay can you wimp Oh that was five again that’s basically Six good job yes love it and I like how She’s I’m starting to get distance on it Using a hand signal with or like you Know eventually I hope to be able to say Hey limp but we’ll see how that goes You’re doing great I want to do a really Quick sit pretty update let’s see how She’s doing on that I haven’t been Working on it as much as I should Probably but yes good remember sit Pretty just where she sits up with her Paws I’m fading out the lure a little Bit like it used to be that I had to do This right here and she’s gotten pretty Good at that with the treat glued to her Nose but I want to be able to say hey Sit pretty yes just with you know some Type of hand signal see if I can throw Like weight batter as she’s up there Wait yes good let’s just try and go for The home run if we get it cool if we Don’t we’ll stop there wait and sit Pretty yes Good and I wanted to release her before

She failed that is her longest sit Pretty of all time right there so sit Pretty looks awesome so proud of her We’re gonna continue to work on that Today I’m gonna be using this 50 foot Lead I previously was using a 30 foot Lead but inertia is getting better so I Want more room to work with Let’s get her warmed up with a 50 foot Stay just for an added measure I’m even Tugging on the lead 50 feet away to Really reiterate that stay means stay Even if you’re being pulled and Encouraged to break it I really want Stay to be very reliable with her Long-term one of the things that we Continue to work on is building it Nurses play Drive and really getting her To enjoy playing with some dogs this is Easier or harder than others it just Depends on your dog in Ursa is right in The middle sometimes I can get her to Play and sometimes she’s just not Interested in it but I’m going under the Hypothesis that if I continue to work on This She’s eventually gonna become addicted To some type of play whether it’s Tug-of-war fetch or something like that And one of the reasons that I’m doing This is because play can be an Incredible Currency as a baseline if I just try to Get her interested the normal way like

Come on let’s play let’s see if that Works Inertia what’s this come on yes I’m not Being interesting enough let me get a Little bit closer one of the things that Really helps me bring that play drive Out in inertia is really just playing With her in a way that she finds Exciting and we like to play wrestle a Little bit yeah there you go nice short Throw keep it easy ready go Rolling it has been helping too that Really gets her desire to chase up ready Go nice one of the things I’d like to Improve on is getting her to come back In a straighter line come around and go Good catch all right inertia this way Come on this way this way this way turn The steerer good girl Lovick come around yes whoa great catch Right there all right come on right here Yes get it getting her to play tug when She brings it back get her more intense About it so that’s where inertia is on Frisbee now let’s get an update on how She’s doing when left alone in the house Dog training is just about teaching your Dog how to understand you much better I’ll give you the most important tips That I can think of all in one place in Both of my books you can pick them up on Amazon I’ll have links below let’s talk About how inertia is doing in the house In general lately she’s been doing

Exceptional in the house when we’re here With her I haven’t been restricting her Environment by leash or buy crate Anywhere near as much downstairs in the House she has basically free reign to go Where she wants as long as we’re Supervising her but I think because of a Lot of the prevention work that we’ve Done in other words teaching her not to Jump on the counter teaching her to stay Away from the plants by doing those Real-life leave at training sessions I Think we’ve really set her up for Success which is why we’re seeing pretty Good results on this inertia has done Virtually no damage to any of our Personal property the entire time that We’ve had her and again that’s in huge Part to management prevention training Supervision and so on I’m still not Completely comfortable We’ll just leaving her in the house when We go away so I’ve been keeping her in This large crate as I mentioned you Might recall we did have this exercise Fence since she’s not spending as much Time contained these days I’ve gone just To the oversized crates and the only Time she really goes in here is when She’s taking a nap or like I say when we Leave the house you might recall that Inertia was struggling a little bit with I would say pretty normal separation Anxiety several months ago that’s

Something that we’ve been working on I’m Gonna redo a drill that we did a few Months ago basically I want to put her In the crate gonna close it right here Hopefully she settles down and I’m going To attempt to go out of the side door Over here and I’m gonna have this camera Rolling over here as well so that we can Show this uncut remember her prior habit Was the second she would hear us go out Of that side door she’d start panicking And barking and that’s something that We’ve been working on a little bit since I’ve been working with her earlier today I think this is gonna go pretty well you Know I’ve been giving her her training In our exercise so I’m not putting a dog With lots of energy and a dog that Hasn’t had a lot of time with her person Up in a crate and then just hoping she’s Gonna behave well that’s an important Distinction you need to really make sure Dog is fulfilled and getting their daily Exercise and attention before you can Expect them to just be calm and good When you put them up in a crate and then Leave I’m gonna hit record here so we’re Recording here that shots going live 1 2 3 let’s sync okay and then I’m gonna Have this camera follow me out and we’ll See how she does so I’m not gonna make a Big production out of it I’m just gonna Walk out over here and we’ll see how it Goes and what we’re listening for is

Silence hopefully so she looks pretty Relaxed right now now again the trigger In the past has been when we would open This door so I need a start so I know She can hear that we’re gonna step Outside here and closed the door and so It sounds like she’s being pretty quiet And so she’s being a good dog I mean That’s what we’re looking for we’re Looking for this normalcy I realize this Is pretty uneventful That’s a neighbor dog you’re hearing Barking so let’s go check on her and see How she’s doing also when I come back in I don’t make a big ordeal I don’t run Over to the crate and let her out Immediately you know Want her to be comfortable in there but You know so far so good you can see She’s her body language seems to Indicate that she’s pretty comfortable She doesn’t seem to be stressed out There might be a little bit of concern There but we’re not seeing that frantic Barking and everything that we once saw She’s really adapting quite well this is Something we’ve been being pretty Consistent with that’s an update on her Separation anxiety it’s we’re on our way To a parade it’s gonna be a nurses very First parade ever those are very common In New Orleans they come with tons of Distractions smell sights all sorts of Things it’s hard to say how well she’ll

Do but she’s been doing better and Better in more intense environments she Does relatively well in a neighborhood Setting but when we go to this parade I Expect her to be heavily distracted but There’s only one way for her to gain That life experience one of the things I’m trying to accomplish today is really Having inertia stay when we’re walking Like if there’s suddenly a group of Strangers coming up and I just want to Be able to keep her in position so they Can pass I want to easily be able to do That she’s getting much better about Holding her position when people pass at Close range I’m making an effort to Practice this several times a week I Know it’s exciting you’re gonna see so Many crazy things welcome to New Orleans It’s Mardi Gras the parade is coming Through over here and I’m gonna make Sure that I can get a nurse’s attention On me in front of the parade before I Get any closer because there’s tons of People lots of sound look at me yes good Okay let’s go now that I’ve done some Focus exercises I’m just going to stand At a distance here and really ask Nothing over on there’s a horse in the Parade over here I’ve been doing a lot Of desensitizing around mules in the French Quarter here in New Orleans so so Far she seems to be doing okay get her a Little closer and make sure she does

Let’s prove this good girl normal Reaction which is no reaction we’ve got The percussion going on behind us over Here and a nurse is very curious but She’s Doing quite well and right now not Training just giving your exposure Letting her smell and hear and see yeah Good job We’ve moved back here just to give her Some more general exposure look at me Sit yes stay good yeah Hey look at me yeah buddy wait stall All right good job that’s the ultimate Test to see if you can get her to pay Attention in this environment that was a Good effort even though this is a mega Distracting environment for inertia She’s still able to do some of her more Advanced tricks and that is a good sign I think she fits in great in New Orleans I’m actually having to deal with Confetti over here too another wonderful Public distraction confetti falling from The sky unexpectedly out of nowhere I’d Say she’s passing the test though good Girl There’s a dog over here let me see if I Can walk her parallel to the dog I have These two fences between us it’s a Pretty reasonable distance let’s see how She does nice job Oh easy [Applause] This way come on good oh this way all

Right let’s go back good look at you Stay Hey all right come on Great work those are the kind of Creative things you have to do when You’re training a dog who’s really Distracted by other dogs practice like That in a controlled way so there I was Able to walk pretty near the dog and I Was able to consistently keep her Attention on me oh my gosh look at that Good and stay over here wait we’re gonna Do a stall aha okay good and see that’s A sign that her play drive that we were Talking about earlier is really starting To increase the fact that I can get her Playing in a place like this is a great Sign just doing my best to be engaging To my dog to make her want to pay Attention yeah also I’m glad you guys Like it I love hearing that man in the Next episode I’m going to show you our Updated daily routine and it’s gonna be Amazing See you next time get $10 off your first Three automatic pet food shipments at Pet flow by entering discount codes act 30 at checkout Follow us on Instagram and tik-tok to See how a nurses training has progressed Since this episode was filmed subscribe To this channel and click the bell to Get notified every time we post Something new yep both of my books for All of my training advice in one place

You can even get them an audiobook form I narrated both of them myself see you Guys in the next video [Music]

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