The Easiest Way to Keep Your Dog Clean!

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Dog Clean!

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Grooming, bathing and caring for your dog’s cleanliness and hygiene are important. However, few dogs immediately love grooming activities. In this video, I’ll show you some training tips to get your dog comfortable with taking a bath, being brushed and more!

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This video was sponsored by is ah Jaques Pet you can use promo codes act 20 to Get 20% off of any order from sabich’s Pet I’ll have a special link and a Coupon code in the description of this Video click thumbs up for our dog Indian Subscribe to my channel too we all know That giving our dogs baths is a great Way to keep them clean but there are Some things we can do outside of that Time to keep them squeaky clean think Outside the bath That’s clip I’m really excited to try Out these objects pet products which Make keeping your dog clean way easier Than it used to be this is not your Average dog cleaning stuff everything We’re gonna see today is made with Natural organic plant based ingredients Like oatmeal aloe and Moroccan argan oil Which is great for moisturizing fern and Skin all of these ingredients are known To be extra soothing and safe for dogs Without harmful or unnatural ingredients Especially if your dog has sensitive Skin these are great today we’re gonna Try these products out and go over some Training tips to help make keeping your Dog clean much faster and easier this is Something I’m not heard of before it’s Waterless shampoo this is great to help You go for a longer period of time in Between baths if your dog gets really Dirty just like you indeed whenever

You’re gonna do anything new with your Dog it’s important to start really slow And he’s never had a waterless shampoo Bath before so I’m letting her nibble on Some meat here just to like let her know Right off the bat this is gonna be a fun Pleasant experience you literally just Pump this foam into your hands and apply It to your dog’s coat then you just Massage it in and let it dry on its own Or you can use a brush or a towel if Your dog is extra dirty this is a really Great way to condition your dog or Counter condition your dog to enjoy Taking a bath because this is obviously A much lighter version than a full on Bath for your dog you can kind of get Them used to being touched and massaged While rubbing this in and Plus that Smell which is really pleasant on this Is likely to give them that association With a pleasant experience as well so You can see she’s enjoying the meat a Lot smells so good smells a lot better Than dirty dog That’s a natural almond vanilla Fragrance you’re very good at taking a Waterless bath you’re also very good at Eating meat too She’s doing really well so now I can Really get into it with both hands here And you’re doing so well yes you are Don’t go ahead and give her a treat For doing a good job and even if your

Dog does love baths this is a great Alternative to having to give them baths Super often when surprise guests show up At your house you can give your dog a Quick rubdown with this waterless Shampoo to make sure they’re extra fresh How do I never know about this before This is fantastic it’s like already dry I’m gonna crush this and look I mean She’s really shiny already now let’s say You just need to spot clean your dog These grooming wipes look pretty cool These wipes are really saturated too so You can even see the bubbles so if you Weren’t introducing these to your dogs You would start really softly just by Kind of touching them like that and Again letting her nibble on some meat See that nice work you don’t want to Necessarily go straight into the Sensitive areas like their ears or their Feet without kind of giving them some Advance notice just be really gentle and That’s to get her used to it so she’ll Be more tolerant you don’t want to come On too strong too early when you’re Introducing your dog to new grooming Techniques good job look at that that’s What you want right there at first Nice job I’m not really focused on Getting or clean at this particular Moment as I am just getting her used to The grooming wipes but she’s doing great So you can graduate from the nibbling of

The treat to touching her and then Rewarding as your dog begins to adapt And get used to this yes Nice work very good indeed yes good you Gonna get under a chin a little bit oh Good job these are great for those dogs Who get really messy faces or feed They’re good for ear wipes as well look At that so we’re trying her ears now Let’s see how she does with her feet Andi has really sensitive for you you’re Doing wonderful here take a treat one of The reasons you don’t want to use human Cleaning products on your dog is that They’re not pH balanced specifically for Dogs but also Jaques pet products are I Like this container – its extra portable So it’s another great item to keep with You when you’re traveling with your dog Or just out and about with them hey Indeed guess what it’s time for a bath Your favorite thing it’s a pretty hot Day today so we’re gonna do an outdoor Bath do you give your dogs baths outside Or inside tell me in the comments below We’re gonna start by getting Indy nice And wet but what I’m gonna do before I Just spray her with the hose obviously And this is something you’ll want to do With your dogs if they’re not really Loving getting a bath at home is I’m Gonna just let this trickle I’m gonna Give her a little piece of meat right There just letting

No look it’s over here you’re getting Meat you got good you’re doing great Most dogs don’t enjoy taking a bath Right off the bat so it’s just one of Those things we have to ease them into Nice job good girl India I’m so proud of You all right we’re gonna lather up nice And slowly I’ve got the 1 gallon Container of shampoo but you can get This in a 16 ounce container as well Indy loves her massages during baths so I know she’ll enjoy this part a lot with Traditional dog shampoos have you ever Noticed how it takes forever to rinse it Out of their coat especially if you have A fluffy dog like Indy this shampoo Actually comes out in a single rinse it Makes her baths Take a lot less time which is always a Plus when you’re bathing a dog it’s Coming out fast you can already see the Water beating all that shampoo is gone Squeaky clean yes you are you’re doing Wonderful going slow like this and Really just using your dog into taking a Bath you want to see success over the First several baths now we’re gonna Spray into you with the conditioner and Detangler when you use the conditioner And detangler right after a bath it Gives you a real deep conditioning you Can also use it between baths to freshen Up and detangle your dog’s fur if your Dog gets knots or tangles this is what

You want to do to keep their hair nice And smooth and silky Of course daily brushing is good to Minimize dirt and dander and this Detangler will make brushing so much Easier and more effective it’s great for Coarse entangled fur or fur that just Isn’t as soft as it could be an Indian Joys being brushed too but you would Follow the same steps that we’ve done so Far and really ease your dog into it if They didn’t like being brushed this Works on long hair or short haired dogs Which is wonderful because India is kind Of both She’s a mud you’re gonna smell so good And looks so good indeed you can get 20% Off of any zoj expect or dur when you Enter coupon codes AK 20 all the details Will be in the description of this video Indy did a great job today click thumbs Up and don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel see you guys next time

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