The FIRST FULL DAY with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull: [Reality Dog Training Ep. 2]

The FIRST FULL DAY with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull: [Reality Dog Training Ep. 2]

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the Room i’d really like to introduce the Concept of Stay to him how am i ever going to teach Him to let go Of something when his grip and his Strength is like this Indy is not slowing down she can throw Down with a pitbull type dog any day I’m zach george and this is george no Relations George has spent the last four months Living in an animal shelter with minimal Contact with other dogs or people And it’s my job to transform him from a Wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about fostering a dog You fall in love with them This is reality dog training [Music] George come here come here okay buddy Come here Come on over here we can’t no we can’t Do that let go don’t you remember leave It

It’s like our training didn’t work at All what’s going on here Let go george is exactly the kind of dog That can go one way or the other if you Really channel his energy into the right Activities He’s gonna be amazing but if you let a Dog like this go untrained you could Have some issues on your hands Sit how about that good now you’re not Thinking about chewing the rug at all Right Good i have such a special meal for George this morning I’ve been training dogs a long time and It’s amazing to see how far some dog Foods have come In some cases it’s actually Indistinguishable from human food but of Course dogs have different dietary needs Than humans Which is why you want to be very Knowledgeable about dog nutrition before You attempt to prepare food for your pet But if a phd in pet nutrition sounds Like a little bit too much work then nom Nom has done that work for you and for Maximum nutrition All of their recipes are prepared at low Temperatures and every meal is Pre-portioned down to the Individual calorie for your pet leave it Is leave it’s looking pretty good guys He’s never had anything like this this

Is gonna be so fun to watch Okay i’m gonna make him wait much longer Oh boy he’s enjoying that look at his Tail If you think your dog is gonna love nom Nom as much as george you can try it get 50 Off of a two-week trial by going to Zack i don’t know do you think he liked It It’s day two with george and we are not Wasting time We’re gonna introduce four critical Skills to him right now today So that we can get his training going Fast fortunately one of the things i had Planned for george he already knows and That’s a basic sit however he doesn’t Appear to know how to lie down when he’s Asked Or how to stand up on all fours when Asked he’s doing a great job of ignoring These bikes though Check let me first make sure that i can Get his attention right now he’s not too Tuned into me hey george yes Now remember he does no sit good job sir Sit now we need to teach him how to lie Down and we’re going to teach him how to Lie down by Luring him down i’m using some Freeze-dried salmon treats here Do you see right there what i’m doing

With the treat putting it Right at his mouth letting him lick it And yes Good boy good yes i’m gonna go ahead and Reinforce that down he went right into It i tried that with him yesterday Loosely like two Three times to make sure but that is Actually his first lie down that i’ve Seen him do If you’re enjoying these videos Subscribe and click the bell to get Notified every time we upload a new Video A little reluctant there that’s okay That’s okay buddy here Sit he’s very responsive to the lord you See how he’s looking at that treat Wherever i put it Well almost anyway Yes good i think the biggest mistake People make with lord training Is they attempt to do this with the dog They go like this and expect the dog to Figure it out But in the beginning you want to go real Slow and keep their interest Yes just like that so boy you are Catching on Now let’s see if we can get them back up Here george If allure wasn’t effective i could call Him yes the fact that he just came up Good boy

Nice job okay but he still has some work To do On this i don’t know that he’s fully Getting it yet i’m gonna continue to Work with him i kind of feel like he’s Dying off a little bit but Looks like he’s discovered my tug toy Over there so I might try to use that as currency see How well he does Here we go good boy hey oh boy boy look At this attention on the toy Nice okay see how he’s doing on let go Easy hey whoa here Sit Yes good continuing to use the tug toy As currency here as well so when he does Something i like i’ll go ahead and Reward that We’ve been continuing to work on basic Impulse control a little bit but he Still has a lot of work To do i mean he’s going after this rope You can understand why he loves it And he doesn’t quite understand that he Should leave it alone let’s see how well He’s doing with leave it let me see if i Can apply it to this Ah leave it alone yes Good good boy i’m pretty satisfied that He’s Starting to generalize leave it a little Bit Okay let go we have to get a better let

Go though Let go good boy But i’d really like to introduce the Concept of stay to him now you might Remember we can break down Stay in three categories stay for a Period of time stay with distance while We walk away And stay while distracted maybe for a Toy i don’t know that he’s ready for the Last version of stay but i’ll play that By year and see how he does when we get There All he wants to do is play but we have To show him he’s got to earn that I’m going to start with stay for a Period of time here Yes good just putting up a hand signal i Want him to understand what he’s doing That was like a one second stay right And then he got something he liked All right good right now when i say yes I’m just focused on rewarding him we’ll Work on the release as we go here Good boy one two three Four five right five seconds yes Good good boy this is really keeping his Attention here i love it And let’s see if we can get like a 10 Second stay while we just stand really Close to him just to make sure That he can show that he understands What that means Stay i’m going to start to say stay now

Here yes you could hear someone was Singing in the background and everything There and he Looked got his attention there it’s one Of the reasons to get outside and train A lot you don’t know what’s going to Happen And that was indeed actually a Distraction albeit premature to my Lesson but he passed the test Nonetheless good boy so i’m giving him a Nice Extra long tug session here Good okay that’s enough Let go Obviously our let go is a little clunky Right now but That’s something i’m going to continue To work on because if i can get a nice Rhythm there of tug Let go and make him earn like two and Three second bits of tug of war Then i think that’s going to be an Effective way to reinforce a lot of the Behaviors that i want him To repeat leave it alone Leave it alone sir sit Stay Here look at me yes Good nice work so that was really good That was a nice longer stay Let’s go ahead and change up a variable Now and let me walk away from george and We’ll see how he does

I don’t care if he stands or sits right Now if he wants to hold that that’s fine Stay yes you see what i did i just took A half step away and i didn’t pause at The end In other words i’m focusing on the Distance not the length of time sit Too much stay yes So take a step back make it easier good Boy now you could use treats for this I’m just using the Tug toy because he’s really into it and It’s got his attention I love training with play with the dog That’s willing here Easy sit stay Yes good so that time i got two steps in This is how it starts i mean really Really basic Let go hey leave it Good better on let go sit Stay Yes did you see that it’s like he looked Like he was thinking about getting up But i wanted to intervene before he Broke there You’re doing great george sounded like Tony the tiger didn’t I’m gonna change up my strategy a little Bit here because this is a little clunky Feeling right now And that’s always how it feels when You’re training a dog with virtually no Training at all

Since it’s really challenging to get him To let go and since he’s way more into Play Than treats i still want to continue to Use play as a reward But i think i’m going to go for multiple Easy successes in a row And then give him a reward so he starts To get it a bit quicker in other words I’m not going to reward after Every single success let’s see if that Gives us some traction Yes good very good so there I was able to get three successes in a Row with him while i walked away good Boy come on and now i’ll give him Good 10 seconds of tug Good all right hey nice whenever he lets Go even if Unintentionally that’s always good stay Gonna pause Here yes good i’m doing here To me and look at me he responds really Well to that so I’ll use those interchangeably a lot but I was even able to pause at the end of My line there when i said stay So that’s really exciting he’s starting To understand stay mean stay Even when i increase the distance Between us can you give me a sit Stay Here Yes good very good i had planned to do a

Dedicated lesson to Stay with distractions which i’m still Going to do a little bit i’m going to Use this as As the distraction so that should be Interesting but we did have some organic Distractions you saw him look at a Distraction over here one over there and Then he still made the decision to Acknowledge me and that’s what i was Really rewarding After a lengthy stay for a period of Time And with distance multiple successes in A row all for one Tug session and he’s made it clear that This toy is probably going to be the Biggest distraction of all So let’s see if i can get him to stay While i taunt him with his favorite toy He’s got to be able to stay for this Before i can expect him to stay for Other more serious distractions like Small animals or anything else I’m going to stay close to them for this One stay Almost stay Yes i didn’t even set it on the ground When i set it on the ground the first Time that was too much So i’m gonna make it even easier i’m Gonna be generous about rewarding here Okay yep we’re back on buddy that’s Right easy

Oh boy jeez let go Hey easy sit Stay Very similar to the leave it look at me Combo but we’re going to Use that as a base more or less Here Yes good boy very good I’m gradually making this toy more and More distracting by bringing More and more movement to it stay no Matter how much he wants something he Must Learn to stay ah too much See one drop was fine then i threw it up He’s like whoa i gotta get that Stay and by the way there is a Consequence to his behavior right here The consequence is He doesn’t get the rope toy i don’t need To be physical with him i don’t need to Physically punish him to communicate hey I’d rather you not do that we’re trying To appeal to his brain Remember we taught yes and no yesterday Stay Two drops that time Here look at me stay Yes okay good nice work Very good and you see how willing he is To be compliant to put off playing with The toy As long as he knows he gets a really Good quality play session

In exchange for his restraint Stay Here look at me here I want you can do better Here No Stay Look at me Yes good boy very good a lot of moments I could have rewarded many moments Before when i actually did i did push Him a little bit that’s because he’s Such a bright dog though i know That he’s got it in him i would probably Work Slower if i had more time with him but I’m trying to kind of work right at the Limits of what he’s capable of And he seems to be a very capable dog Stay it’ll walk away Stay Look at me here I want better eye contact George here George yes okay good boy I mean i got a few glances again like i Mentioned i am trying to get a lot out Of them but that was pretty good i mean He stayed for A period of time he stayed with distance He stayed while i used his favorite Thing in the world at the moment As a distraction and i was able to get Him to look up at me

Two or three times albeit i’d prefer he Would give me a little bit better focus On my face when I asked for it but there’s a little bit Of time to work on that and at the Beginning of this lesson it seemed to me That he didn’t really have any concept At all Of what stay was stay Look at me Yeah good good boy very good okay I think that’s a good place to i’ll let Him go for at this point because that Was really good I got extra excited there because i was Able to get him to walk in the Other direction uh away from the Distraction which is always a plus when You can get that i mean that’s a lot of Self-control from george because you can See he loves this toy But all the more reason he’s got to earn This you know with things This special virtually any toy with him Is this special you want to only break Them out when you’re doing training Sessions with them doesn’t mean they Can’t have various chews and things like That but a tug toy or a frisbee or a Ball Keep those special so that’s kind of a Crash course on how you teach state but He still needs to experience staying in A whole bunch of different places

Over the next year or two to really Really understand that stay means stay No matter what we’re gonna go take a Break in the shade right now we’re gonna Let george Enjoy some screensaver time and just Check out the various things that happen Around him and we’re going to talk about The big elephant In the room and by elephant in the room I mean George the pitbull type dog and you Might wonder why i say pitbull Type that’s because pitbull isn’t Actually one breed it’s really an Umbrella term for a group of breeds Or any mixed breeds that come out Looking just like that Now if you’re wondering about george’s Exact breed makeup we tested his dna and He’s 70 American pit bull terrier and 30 Staffordshire terrier which makes him a Bona fide pitbull type dog Dogs like george have a controversial Reputation they were originally bred to Be bait dogs for bull and bear fighting And as if that weren’t intense and Horrific enough to this day they’re Exploited for dog fighting All around the world besides that just Look at him i mean he’s a very intense Looking dog And those are all perfectly

Understandable reasons to be wary of pit Bull type dogs Can dogs that look like this be very Dangerous to people Absolutely does that mean that all or Even most of them Are no way but regardless of how Friendly they are Dogs like george are very powerful and They’re not given second chances That’s why training george is absolutely Critical now with george’s clear desire To play i want to make sure to Incorporate a ton Of play into my training in order to Really get him looking forward to our Training sessions but there’s still some Problems with his Fetch i mean he’ll chase it sometimes he Brings it back other times he doesn’t Right now i want to work on fetch for a Few minutes with him and see if we can Make some progress on getting him to Bring the toy all the way back to me I’m ready for my toy now bri she’s been Hiding it Because you know he’s going to get Locked on and focused to that toy the Moment He comes here there we go i think it Took him a second to realize i had it I mean you can see look at the intensity In this toy he’s really Ready to follow it let me get him warmed

Up here good boy Come on occasionally i’ll hear from Someone like zach i love that you reward With toys and i wish i could do that With my dog but he’s just Way too intense to reward with toys and I suspect You’re dealing with something like George it does take a minute here to get Some traction that’s why i’m showing you Exactly how it is to work with a Completely untrained dog how am i ever Going to teach him To let go of something when his grip and His strength Is like this if your dog is this Obsessed with a toy Then you have the most powerful training Tool of all but you know i’m not saying It’s easy to polish up your workflow With your dog so that they understand The rules and how to interact with the Toy but That’s what i’m here for good I’m keeping my throws pretty short Intentionally here because i don’t want Him to pull me over And secondly it’s more about getting the Number of successful reps in Than it is about the distance i can Throw and have him return the toy i Really wanted to understand the Fundamentals of chase the toy pick it up Bring it back in a straight line let go

And eagerly await the next throw Now occasionally if he’s not coming back To me as readily as i like i might or Even in a case like that where he veers Off I may encourage him just ever so Slightly with the lead to come back to Me Now don’t confuse that with harsh Physical punishment techniques that some Trainers might use when teaching a dog To walk on a leash for example this is Simply the equivalent of me Going up to a three or four year old Child and saying come on we gotta go Over here Can’t stay there all day so i’m not Popping the lead but i’m definitely Giving him some physical encouragement The most important thing to me is that He’s not perceiving it As aversive you can see he’s in a quite A jolly mood at the moment the thing i’m Learning about george is He definitely needs some time to be Reminded which makes perfect sense I mean think about it when you graduate From one grade to the next They kind of have a review of where you Left off the year before It’s kind of what we need to do in our Lessons with our own dogs and remember He’s just now learning that humans can Communicate with him

In this way so it’s a relatively new Concept oftentimes when you’re low like This you’re more inviting to a dog Good boy good notice i’m not making him Sit i’m not making him do A lot of things in exchange for that toy I’m gonna let him try to See how he’s bringing it closer to me i Love that i want to keep that going Rather than reaching in for it in other Words because in the beginning of the Lesson he was veering off but i want him To be like hey here take this take this Come on let’s go Good boy yeah look at that Right to me let go immediately yes come On Let’s go yeah good boy Yes see i’m really trying to Help him understand that when he plays The game right I’m gonna give him what he wants come on Buddy Look at that right to my hand how about That let go Let go oh yeah you forgot that one all Right i’ll let him think about it But that was a nice little burst right There so he’s making progress Good boy come on Come on come on george george there we Go getting low really helped there Come on [Music]

Let go yeah good job buddy i’m proud of You and i think we’ll end on that note And we’ll keep working on this But you can see why fetch is such an Important part of having a dog like this You have to Be able to get their energy out on your Terms your schedule and In a way that really satisfies a dog In the most basic way let’s talk about What’s happening right now because i am Such a proud mom i’m so excited Yeah it looks like inertia and oh gosh He’s in the house Unattended george Indy are you not gonna get in on this Okay she’s like i’m fine i’ll let the Youngsters go out of here As of yesterday the last time they Played together that i knew of Inertia was still not so sure about George because big Fast dogs like him are not always her Favorite playmates To be clear inertia is slow to warm up To a dog like george he’s big he’s Strong he comes on kind of strong though He’s pretty good with dogs And inertia doesn’t play with just any Old dog right but i was watching her Body language i saw that she was getting Particularly Curious about george and she had this Like twinkle

In her eyes that was basically like you Know i think i might be interested in Playing and then they just started Taking off being dogs and playing chase With each other just yesterday inertia Was kind of telling them off a little Bit she’s like yo I don’t play like that you need to back Off she was giving a measured Corrections but that is dogs being dogs At the end of the day and every dog has A different personality And inertia is the kind of dog that if You just give her the time to warm up To another dog as long as they’re good With dogs then she’ll do a mean game of Chase Pretty sure she’s almost undefeated in The game of chase conan gave her a run For her money though huh Meanwhile indy just likes to hang out Over there as cindy’s gotten older she’s Discovered That with younger faster dogs one of the Best games she can play is bark at them And sometimes they run and so it’s kind Of i’ve noticed like her old dog version Of chase and they get close She’ll just spark i think it’s really Cute I think she made george tired And i should you win Look at that [Music]

Good boy george taking a break huh Thanks inertia good job and so as Playing was Winding down you know you could see Inertia was like hey Okay i’m done george and george is like Are you sure i want to keep playing In moments like that i like to intervene To back inertia up a little bit so she Doesn’t feel like she has to control the Situation completely i mean it’s Important to be a partner With your dog too on matters like this Oh my goodness Oh my gosh how is his head this big i Know It’s you it’s like holding a bowling Ball like yeah With teeth what a good boy you’re very Good There you are we’re done playing with The girls though I don’t think the girls want to play With you anymore A lot happened today with george i guess His first lesson with lie down could Have gone smoother He did it i was pretty proud of him but Yeah we definitely struggled at times There To connect with each other but that Makes a lot of sense too because We’re just learning how to communicate Those first many days are devoted to

That His let go though when it’s good it’s Good but when he’s not letting go He is not letting go easily so we Definitely Struggled with that today i’m gonna Continue to work with him on that i Don’t know how far i’m gonna get i mean Truthfully at this point i don’t even Know if i’m gonna get him to do a Reliable let go on a regular basis I’m pretty sure i can get there though i Think so bree and i were both Super delighted by inertia and george Playing with each other they seemed to Really hit it off today so it was really Nice to see inertia get a little bit More confident with a bigger stronger Dog like that What do you think hi i was so excited About inertia and george that is 100 000 the highlight of my day it was Amazing I mean i get it i’m sensitive too and There’s just a little sensitive I am just really proud of her when she Is confident and she makes a new friend And i’m really happy that george made a New friend too can you see how he’s Laying right now hang on What’s wrong with you He is like so comfortable i have never Seen a dog be so comfortable on a bed I know i mean he’s happy to go in that

Crate and just pass out All night well we’ll see it’s only night Too that’s how he was last night but it Was his first night He may have just been exhausted with all The activity but we did a lot today too So If i’m doing my job he will be tired and He will go to sleep he’s like twisted up Like a pretzel so i’m just trying to Show you guys Yeah i know he’s goofy i think we’ll Introduce him as a hippopotamus mix Yes i believe house hippo is the Technical Medical term is it a pit bull so i’ve Heard oh that makes a lot of sense They’re very hippopotamus like house Hippo I don’t anticipate seeing you guys Overnight but if i do i mean i’ll be Here i will show you if he does Anything at all and i know a lot since Yesterday so He might have changed a lot since last Night too you think he’s changed a lot Yes so he’s changed a lot in what way i Think he’s Coming out of his shell he was a little More boisterous A little more rambunctious like slightly Harder to handle And i think it’s just because he’s like Cool awesome like he’s getting more

Comfortable he’s not like where Am i and so i’m just curious what the Future holds I don’t know i mean honestly he’s Snoring right now So i think you might be good overnight But we’ll see but in real time we Haven’t even put out the adoption like That he’s available for adoption Publicly yet i guess we need to get on That because we do need to get him a Home We love rescue dogs and we’ve worked With a lot of rescue dogs but actually Getting them adopted is an art i ca i Have friends who do it and i can tell It’s not As easy as being like here’s a dog who’s Perfect and amazing because there’s A million of those everywhere and so Uh that’s not necessarily our area of Expertise so i hope that we do a good Job i really George deserves a home he does he’s a Good dog And he wanted to say goodnight to you Guys say goodbye She’s really handling george very well She’s amazing Oh yeah we need to talk about her Measured corrections i know I didn’t think that we i was even going To introduce george to her just because She’s

Old gracefully i mean she look she acts 12. She look at her she’s a gymnast she’s Fine She’s amazing um yeah andy is not Slowing down She can throw down with a pitbull type Dog any day she loves playing Oh yeah she’s always been a very good Socializer i’m very proud of her Night inertia can you give me a hug oh Okay She’s too tall i’ll take it good night Okay good job good morning sir This is the start of day three for us Right you wanna go outside oh we gotta Work on stay at the crate later don’t we Oh my goodness handsome Oh why you pee like that who pees like That Good morning it was a really peaceful Uneventful night george did Fantastic overnight him sleeping in the Crate so far after two nights It doesn’t seem like something we need Improvements on he does that just fine I think as long as i continue to work With him during the day give him Exercise a lot of mental stimulation He’s going to pass out and be perfectly Content I still can’t help but think he’s really Enjoying the different setting i mean The shelter environment can be tough on

A lot of dogs And he really seems like he’s enjoying The peace and quiet to a degree and It’s just really satisfying to see a dog Like him be content And happy so i just want to continue to Improve that for him don’t we all right And he’s continuing to do well with Going in his crate of course i’m Throwing those sweet potato Treats in there to get him to go Involuntarily But he doesn’t try to rush out or Anything so that’s good I’m gonna go get ready now while you Hang out okay go to Zach and get 50 off a two-week trial of Nom nom click thumbs up for shelter dogs Subscribe to this channel Make sure you click the bell to get Notified every time we post a new Episode too get a copy of both of my Books and follow us on instagram tiktok And even Facebook we’ll see you next time you

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