The First Things I’m Training My Puppy in Public!

The First Things I’m Training My Puppy in Public!

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Some lettuce so not only we’re dealing With a real life leave it we have to Obviously discourage this behavior I’m Zak Jorge I trained dogs and this is my New dog inertia I’m taking you along as I train her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning welcome to the dog Training experience in this episode We’ll do some beginner training in Public and nursing we’ll meet a new Friend we’ll see how she does at home Alone and try to address a nurses the Latest bad habit this series the dog Training experience has really connected With you guys and I’m so happy that so Many of you are interested in teaching Your dogs I’d recommend that all of you Get a wide-angle view as to what you Need to teach your dogs over the next Year or so by signing up for my free Digital dog training class 30 day Perfect pup in 30 days you’re going to Learn the essentials of what you need to Teach your dog over the next year pup Furred has also created a free app to go Along with and enhance this course it Has tons of great features including a Training calendar to help you keep track Of your progress the ability to search By training issue and of course more It’s available for Apple and Android now If you follow that free training course And you’re following these videos I’m

Pretty sure your dog is gonna do Whatever you want them to I’ll have a Link in the description where you can Sign up for the course and it’s brought To you by the same people who make these Awesome pup retreats that I use all the Time with inertia teaching your dog how To leave things alone in a real-world Context is something we’ve been talking A lot about and it’s the kind of thing That you really have to practice a lot In situations that are indistinguishable From a real-life context I try to make a Salad at least every day and I’m gonna Bring inertia along with me on my salad Making experience today and we’re going To do some setup drills that will Hopefully teach her how to leave things Alone in the real world all right let’s Start with some lettuce so not only We’re dealing with a real life leave it We have to obviously discourage this Behavior right here over here come on Yes all I did was read avert her Attention off of the counter and start To rip off a hunk of lettuce they’re Over here come on down here Yes sit good chop don’t choke Okay good girl here’s a chunk of lettuce For ya so I’m gonna go ahead and let her Have some of that because I don’t eat All the iceberg anyway if I accidentally War to drop a piece of lettuce leave it Alone

Look at me very good nice work good job By simulating something that’s really Close to real life your dog is much more Prepared for these real life experiences I like cheese to my salad as well so I’ll put that in here no warning this Time [Music] Leave it alone yes good girl here how About a sweet potato you can have that Really good job maybe I don’t want her To eat the cheese so I’ll put that aside And not let her have it in other words You don’t have to give your dog the Thing they’re leaving alone it is a good Idea though to give them some type of Treat or something to let them know how Much you appreciate that this is what I Mean when I say don’t limit your leave It training sessions too traditional Leave it training sessions think outside The box and just try to come up with Ways to strongly mimic highly Distracting situations where your dog Might potentially have difficulty Leaving something alone I don’t know Plate let’s try this leave it alone Good girl let’s continue on making our Salad here Very good she’s blowing me away guys at No point did I say leave it just then And I’m rewarding her right now with These sweet potato treats from pupper She’s loving those sometimes I like to

Put cashews in my salad too [Music] Leave it alone Oh less successful this Time leave it alone good job yes and how About more look at me leave it waiting For the look at me [Music] Yes there’s the glance I was waiting for Here you go you can have a beef liver Treat for that one good job and I’m not Gonna pick all those up she’s just gonna Have to leave those alone for the Duration of my salad she is being really Good with all these cash she’s on the Ground so I’m gonna go ahead and offer Her another reward good job all right And whoa good job this is what I mean When I say your dog needs to learn a Default leave it in other words things Are to be left alone by default the only Things they interact with are the things That you over time allow them to Interact with if she does go for Something I’ll just give her a gentle Reminder leave it and since we’re making It a priority to practice this on walks And all sorts of training sessions she’s Really beginning to understand this so Your dog starts to realize okay I leave Everything alone not just a treat when You drop it in front of me not just a Piece of chicken and so your dog starts To suddenly realize that oh okay I leave That alone – I don’t just leave a treat

But if a piece of lettuce or a tomato or A piece of roast or nuts or a bunch of Dog food falls in front of them I’m Supposed to leave that alone to leave it Is such an underestimated important Thing to prioritize training with your Dog especially when you train it without Force without making your dog do it at No point do I pull her back to keep her From getting something rather block her Access to it is what I like to do to Really teach her to think good job yes And that’s my salad I’m gonna go have Lunch now good job in Ursa if you find It helpful to have a written guide to Troubleshoot issues as they arise I Recommend that you pick up my books so That they’re always handy whenever you Have a question I made sure that the Index of both books is extremely user Friendly so you can quickly get to any Topic you’re interested in inertia is New friend Lola the silkie is going to Be coming over and they’re gonna have Some fun together hopefully it’s Important for inertia to get lots of Exposure and experience with dogs of all Different sizes and breeds and Temperaments and energy levels Especially while inertia is under 8 Months of age I’m gonna make sure that Interactions with other dogs like this Happen two maybe three times a week at Least and we’ll continue doing puppy

Classes to give her lots of exposure to Different dogs of different temperaments So you can see a nurse has got a little Erection going on right now but she’s Mostly playful I think that’s gonna Subside pretty quickly if I know her Pretty well looks like a nurses met her Match boy Lola has a ton of energy she Loves playing don’t be rough don’t give Up She’s delicate let him chill out for a Minute it’s a really good idea to break Up we’re in bunk just play like this Every few minutes or every few seconds If necessary to give the dogs a second To calm down and adjust before resuming Again you wanna go say hi to the puppy Okay it looks like a pattern is Developing here Lola keeps jumping on The chair bye mom probably because a Nurse’s coming on a bit strong and Inertia hasn’t been taking the hint Quite as well as Lola might likes Different playstyle than she’s used to Inertia look at the different move she’s Having to pull out check out the new Moves that inertia has developed here With this new style of dog she’s like a Turbo guinea pig every dog is different So she has to learn how to play with him On a case-by-case basis and Louis so Quick that she’s having to adjust her Moves a little bit the younger you Probably wore ties teaching your dog how

To play with other dogs by giving them Lots of experience the better once your Dog has a broad sample of other dogs who Play differently and they have lots of Experience with things going well then They’re more likely to adjust to other Dogs in the future so another pretty Good play session for inertia I think she’s doing wonderfully time to Do some training now she’s intrigued by The birds straightaway she doesn’t have A lot of exposure to birds and we have a Plethora of species of birds at this Park we’re just saddled a car and you Know what look at her she’s sitting She’s being calm right now looking at These birds from a distance I’m fine to Just chill right here and let her take It in especially if she’s behaving like This I love it we’re gonna continue on Now and right now I’m giving you our I Don’t know if feels like about 7 feet 8 Feet of leash to work with I’m not gonna Let the whole 15 foot leash extend Because this is an area where Pedestrians could be so I want her to Understand that in areas like this Sometimes we keep on a shorter leash This is one of my favorite parks to Train at because there are so many Different birds and distractions to Train around lots of different animals You can see inertia is really really Focused on all the ground sense I’m

Gonna see if she’ll follow me and Abandon the snipping right here if I Encourage her to undergo Come on wonderful wonderful that’s great So at 15 weeks old she’s starting to Become increasingly reliable on Listening to me around ground sense that Really have her distracted it’s not Perfect though that was a success that’s What we’re looking for Look at her body language right now She’s like I hear people I’m looking Around this is a new area this feels Different you can see her ears are back She looks a little more guarded there’s A sound in the distance we’ll let her Explore this very interesting bridge Here look at that close-up view of a Bicycle good work really well done I’m Gonna see the Ducks come on go see you Seems to have a healthy respect of the Ducks which is nice not for asking them But checking them out so we’re gonna Continue on our socialization walk here Come on come on okay she doesn’t want to You see it’s give-and-take like I wanted To keep going on with the walk but then Again like this is so new to her and you Know even things like that car alarm in The background are important for dogs to Experience right now she won’t listen to Me and I’ll demonstrate that in a second And what I’m hoping to do is check in Every few minutes with her maybe every

10 minutes and see if she becomes more Reliable around these distractions the Fact that we have a lot of wind today Really amplifies the difficulty getting Her to listen to me because there’s lots Of sense in the air the goal isn’t Necessarily to get her doing stuff today As much as it is to give her prolong Low-level exposure to an environment Like this the more we do that the more Reliable she’ll be in the future of Places like this at least that is the Hypothesis okay looks like that bird has Her attention you see the hair standing Up so something threw her off there that Just means she’s very alert and unsure So we’re just gonna let her do what she Wants if she wants to retreat she can if She wants to investigate she can if she Wants to get distracted and forget about It she It’s up to her right now let’s start a Stopwatch right now and we’ll check in Every few minutes puppies or Inexperienced dogs are less likely to Listen in the beginning when they go to A new and/or exciting place so we’ll see How she does over an hour or so let’s See what our baseline is right now let’s See how much she’ll listen to me Inertia come yes let’s go over here yes So she came to me she’s taking treats That’s good let me see if so listen we Said usually a pretty reliable behavior

There she was wavering and of course she Got up she didn’t hold her sit like she Would in another type of place that’s my Cue that she needs to check out this Environment a little bit more so that She can become more familiar with it we Have put ourself in a position to be Able to easily manipulate the distance Between any of these distractions should We need to be able to get away from Something we can do it very easily I’m not intentionally putting her in a Position where she’s likely to overly React low level exposure is important at First oh what is it What is she reacting to here you want to Go over here what is it what do you want I just want to see what you is pulling Towards right here I don’t understand This others people over here maybe she Just wants to see the people oh okay This she’s like what is that now she Gets to see that it’s a young child over Here good girl yes very good oh she’s Really intrigued won’t take the treat Right now she’s like I’d rather pay Attention to that very exciting young Lady over there Usually when dogs don’t take high-value Treats in this particular context it Means they are far more interested in Something in their surroundings in this Case people walking by the fix you Guessed it prolonged and low level

Exposure to settings like this so there I thought it was important to kind of Call that plan B and let her go Investigate whatever was but now I’d Like to go back to my plan a and expose Her to those birds inertia come inertia Come here Yeah come here what’s mine come on no Okay she still is really unresponsive to Basic requests right now she’s very Overwhelmed by the sights smells and Sounds let’s see where we are in her Stopwatch ten minutes now there’s a sign That she’s starting to relax a little Bit she’s starting to lie down could Offer her some water this is a great way To spend time not only training your dog But just to get clarity in your own mind Too it’s great to come out to a park Like this and just chill out with your Dog this is a nice place to Train Because you have this bridge so you have People walking over it periodically and They’re likely going to ignore her Because we’re far enough away so she Learns there’s no payoff for making a Big scene every time I see a person go By that’s pretty normal nice organic Settle this is good We’re at 18 minutes now and we have an Organic settle she’s relaxing he looks Content so you’re smelling the wind They’re gathering information you can Just tell by looking into her eyes and

Watching that nose work that she’s Heavily stimulated right now 25 minutes Now let’s see if she’s responsive at 25 Minutes in hey inertia come here what’s Up there we go got her into me can I get A since yes good girl gonna give her an Enthusiastic yes to let her know I love That let’s see if she’ll do a trick look At that so 25 minutes in I’ve got her Focused enough now to do a basic trick Look at me hey up here look at me little Tougher to look at me understandably so I’m gonna reward her anyway for doing The trick okay get down good job you can See she’s slowly slowly starting to get A little more focused the more time we Spend out here see very often we expect Our dogs to listen to us just upon Arriving in a new environment and that’s Really hard for them especially when They’re young and inexperienced with the World but she seems to be in a relaxed Calm state of mind right now let me see If she’ll play fetch I don’t think she Will but let’s bring out the toy and see If she’s yet interested in playing while In this highly Extracting new place I don’t immediately Expect an Ursa to be interested in this Toy Let’s see them it would be a plus if she Was can I get her playing tug with it That’s what on the Seas got that there’s Life here look at that yes oh good

See her tug is nowhere near as intense As it is inside the more intensely she Plays tug the more into the toy she is And the more into the toy she is the More I can control her in public because I can use it as currency well at first She was a little interested in the toy It looks like that interest has died off A bit as she prefers to observe other Things around her way too into her Surroundings to really give it much Attention right now For those of you who have dogs that Won’t play outside it’s because they’re Not yet used to being outside it’s about 35 minutes in right now let’s do a check In and see if she is more responsive see If I can get her back into the toy Because she was a little interested Before I’m working hard here to get her In a playful mood and it seems to be Paying off even if only briefly after All I have to get a single repetition of Fetch before I can get a whole fetch Session in a place like this magic Moment right there getting fetch in this Environment is awesome see the second The energy died off she lost interest Right there that’s completely normal That is a major victory so I’m happy to Quit while I’m ahead on that an Ursa Please don’t please don’t eat the ground Come on let’s go okay real life leave it Is getting a lot better I’m able to call

Her off a lot of minor distractions so I’m appreciating that this is wonderful Life is good cuddling with your dog Under a tree oh there’s a dog up there The dogs got our attention good-looking Doberman healthy reaction yes good job 51 minutes now we’ve got a stroller Coming by right now and we’ll see how She reacts to it looking at it and she’s Like cool That’s interesting not barking at it not Lunging at it now if your dog were Really wound up in the situation like This it would be a good idea to exercise Them before you came out to a place like This so we’re gonna do one more test to See how responsive she is to training I Consider it a victory already with how Responsive she’s been I don’t expect Perfect focus far from it right now That’s it Yes all right good look at me good so Good bit more responsive leave it alone Look at me Yes very good weights hug Wait that’s there’s no way she would Have been this focused to do this type Of trick just one hour ago okay good job Nice work bottom line she’s done much Better now than she would have an hour Ago this just illustrates the point that That low level exposure over time is What’s required to get your dog to be More focused in places like this and a

Little bit brie and I would like to go Grocery shopping of course with having a Young puppy like inertia leaving them Home alone is always a little bit Stressful and you want to prepare them For that for example sometimes it really Depends on her mood sometimes she’s Great but very often the second she sees Me leave out of this store in the other Door she’s like wait a minute take me With you so let’s see what’s going on Here you can see that anxiety is still Present the moment I walk out of the Door This is extremely normal for puppies and Patience is required now if we just Leave right now this type of whining and Crying would likely continue Indefinitely until we return let’s cover The proper protocol to implement before You leave your new puppy alone before You’re really ready to leave your dog Alone for significant periods of time You’ll want to make sure that they’re Comfortable being alone for sure Periods of time when you are at home so For example right now she’s in a pretty Settled mindset it seems I’m gonna go Over here I’m gonna sit down get some Work done and she’s generally pretty Good when I do that so I’ll be over here Answering emails and doing YouTube and All that good stuff there’s a little Anxiety there but she’s generally pretty

Good there she is hidden her settle Pretty decent behavior there can’t Complain she’s also very good when I go Out of sight for short periods of time So I’m walking over here she can’t see Me and she tends to behave really well In these circumstances so that’s great Overnight she’s very good this is where She spends the night for a good eight Hours and she may have an occasional Outburst overnight but generally that Subsides very quickly but leaving the House for longer periods of time it’s a Little different because you don’t want Your dog to develop this anxiety long Story short make sure your dog is Comfortable being alone for short Periods of time when you’re out of sight And you are at home before you expect Them to behave when you’re not at home Next just before you leave you’ll want To provide sufficient exercise so that They’re likely to get that pent-up Energy out of them and they’re more Likely to relax calm down and maybe even Take a nap while you’re gone Tiring them out physically is important But keeping your dog mentally stimulated Is not optional you have to really keep Them engaged so working on some basic Training just before you got to go Somewhere this first several times can Be really beneficial look at me good Notice I’m timing my training session

Post exercise she’s got that edge off She’s more likely to listen less likely To be bitey and amped up wait yes Perfect wave yes she’s in a more relaxed State of mind now I’m going to retest Walking out of the door and see how she Does Settle good see her naturally going to This settle I’ll be right back okay Good job physical and mental stimulation Really does make a huge difference here I mean you can see she’s noticeably less Anxious now for those of you that have To get up early and go to work this is What you’ll want to do before work to Reduce your dog’s anxiety exercise them Train them and when you are at home get Them comfortable with being alone for Significant periods of time work up to That of course I want inertia to be Engaged while I’m gone I’ve been giving Inertia the beef tendon cheese she’s Really been enjoying these so this is Also likely to keep her nice and happy While we’re gone I’m gonna have a link To these in the description below so I’m Gonna be like nonchalant and just kind Of slip out the door right now she’s Preoccupied with her beef tendon chew so Far her pup for beef tendon is doing the Trick it really keeps her engaged we’ve Been gone about maybe 7 minutes this is What inertia is up to she just actually Right ii went into a settle it’s like

She could detect we’re here what do you Think I don’t even want to go shopping I Just want to sit here and look at a Nurse all day she’s passed out right now So all looks good we’ve been away from The house in what 12 minutes now we’re Checking out now and inertia is just Passed out still asleep she’s doing Great it seems as though we adequately Prepared her for at least this time of Being alone I can’t wait to get back to Sierra I think I’m the one who’s having Separation anxiety here she notices that I’m here and I’m just gonna go continue To unload I’m not gonna make a big scene I’m not gonna go up to her and encourage Her to be excited even though I really Want to but just because I’m here Doesn’t mean that we’re gonna get all Crazy and start jumping embark in Inertia and our older dog even getting Along better and better and I’ve been Giving one-on-one attention to inertia Mostly on walks But it’s time to include Indy in the Action and of course adding the Distraction of having a nurses best Friend on a walk is a significant one so When these walks I’m tolerant when Inertia doesn’t always give me her Attention hey leave it alone Inertia come up let’s go leave it there We go so there was an example of a real Life leave it there was some type of

Debris on the ground that she was trying To get out and I was able to get her to Leave it a little nurse checkup Come on there we go good job yes perfect Good girl so that was win call at 30 Feet away so we have dogs in the Distance over here she’s likely to Notice them by scent at some point Pretty healthy reaction seeing him from A distance good I love how she hangs Back like that inertia good girl Low-level exposure to dogs and Distractions that’s my general gameplan With the young dog starting to rain so I Guess we should get going Good job inertia you too Indy after a Walk like this is a great time to let Inertia have some supervised off leash Time in the house because she’s gotten That initial layer of crazy energy out So she’s a little more likely to be well Behaved inertia is still at that young Really exciting age where she likes to Continually insist that India are much Older a 13 year old dog play with her All the time and he doesn’t want to play All the time and I don’t blame her since They just had a walk they’ve gotten a Lot of their energy out I played fetch With inertia earlier in the day so she’s Well exercised I want them kind of just Existing together in the hope that maybe They’ll just settle down exist in the Same room and not play and check that

Out they are existing nicely together They’re both relaxed good job inertia Good job indeed It’s so much fun to see how these two Are learning to play together over time Even though Indy is 13 years old she Still has some pep in her step you can Sell buy in Dee’s body language that Even though she’s getting in her face a Little bit it’s still play for overall Body language suggests the playful Mindset her tail wagging or hitting that Play bow poking her butt up in the air Same with inertia as well he looks very Playful Download the free new pup bird app and Check their awesome lines of treats and Shoes I’ll have all the links in the Description get more out of these videos By following me on instagram and tik-tok Subscribe to this channel and click the Bell to get notified when I post a new Video pick up one or both of my books – Or listen to the audio version that I Narrated myself in the next episode We’ll take an Ursa on a road trip to Mississippi an Ursa will start a new Puppy class where she just might be the Worst behaved dog out of them all I’ll attempt to train inertia at a Graduation party and more we’ll see you In the next episode [Music] You


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