The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed… I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.

The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed... I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.

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When I tell you we were shocked at her Breed makeup I am not kidding I could Not believe what her number one breed Was a much anticipated DNA result of Veronica are here today is also a Special episode because we wanted to Talk to you about the future of our Content and what that’s going to look Like we’ve gone through Veronica’s Basics and now it’s just a matter of Refining those and going on to more Advanced things as she becomes more Skilled at what we’ve taught her so far You’ve really heard me say that it takes About two to three years to really train A dog and what I mean by that is not That dogs are so slow that it takes them That long to learn what I mean is it Takes us that long to show them every Way we want them to behave everywhere All the time and so we want to make sure That we really broadly focus on that Aspect of training a dog moving forward By far the most challenging part of Training my dog is bridging that gap Between here’s the lesson step one two And three and actually getting her to do It in the real world and so we’re going To re-pick up our series dog training Experience featuring both inertia and Veronica moving forward Details on our next training series are Coming soon Veronica this puppy right Here came from a pretty questionable

Background that made it really hard for Us to determine what her genetic Heritage might be you were seeking Either Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix or Something like that weren’t you yes and Spoiler alert her main breed is not a Chihuahua especially with her brothers And sisters all looking so different I Mean seriously look at this can you Believe that all of these puppies are From the same litter we used an Embark Test they happen to sponsor of our Videos in the past but we are partial to The embarked DNA test and it found six Breeds plus super mutt of course so Let’s start with the super mutt then These are going to be like Trace Amounts Of certain dog breeds yeah Bichon Maltese something like that maybe German Shepherd dog oh right duh yeah of course And Pitbull so she’s a pit mix you can Tell cause she’s made of kisses yes now To the top six breeds number six she is 7.3 pug oh wow punk what a funny looking Dog they are my brother has pugs and They are amazing the interesting thing About this fifth most influential breed To me more of you guys guessed it than Many of the other breeds number five she Is 8.2 percent Pekingese oh okay like Chinese companion dogs some Chinese Royalty I believe oh very fast it’s Imperial I think it might be the Underbody

Was not happy about the underbite It’s all right we’re gonna get it Medically corrected no we’re not I think It adds character it doesn’t seem to Interfere with her frisbee number four The exact same percentage as Pekingese She is 8.2 percent Rat terrier that one doesn’t serve me That much I don’t know why now that You’ve said it I can definitely see some Stereotypical rat terrier in her I mean Of course you know there is a lot of Difference between individuals of a Specific breed okay top three this is my Favorite part number three At 15.9 percent I don’t even remember Number three you don’t It’s cocker spaniel oh of course I was Surprised but I am also not surprised They’re hunting dogs yeah they’re Actually called cocker spaniels because They would flush out wood They’re spaniels she’s got the poofy Ears well she doesn’t have like the Permed ears though her ears size is not Right but she’s got the poofs did you Know that cocker spaniels are Scientifically known to have the Sweetest eyes of any dog breed it’s a Scientific brief act that I just told You right here it came from my own brain But it’s true look at them hashtag not Scientific on the screen okay in today’s Video I’m going to show you how to train

Your dog a handstand the first thing you Want to do is get them comfortable with Putting their hind legs on your chest ah Too much dog butt then you want to get Them to stand on their hands and now There’s only two more breeds to go one Of them is 16.7 percent yeah and the Other one is 34.1 percent yeah what’s Her number it is not Chihuahua which is Number two number two number two so she Does have a lot of Chihuahua but she’s Not anywhere near like half Chihuahua You’re 83 not Chihuahua even though You’re from Mexico I want to talk about That really controversial study it’s About whether your dogs breed even Matters at all so what is her her number One dog breed her number one breed it’s 34.1 percent of her DNA it’s A small poodle specifically you can see It in her totally If you’re using your imagination Although not really you can’t really Identify dogs easily by eyes so that Makes her a poodle Chihuahua cocker Spaniel for her top three it’s a poochie Couldn’t wait to say it this has been Lighting up the dog worlds a lot of you Have been happy about this you’ve been Mad about this you’ve been talking about This for a couple of months now the Study is called ancestry inclusive dog Genomics challenges popular breed

Stereotypes do you know what I wish Wasn’t true though when people select a Dog or when they are training a dog Whenever they’re thinking about the Qualities of a dog behaviorally or their Personality I wish they wouldn’t put so Much emphasis on what breed a dog was a Study was asking is if I know an Individual dog’s breed or genetic makeup Based on that information alone can I Predict their personality right and the Answer was no I actually could not Understand the outrage yeah that makes Perfect sense I mean dogs are a lot like People you can think of sets of Full-blooded brothers and sisters who Have completely different types of Personalities when you think about it in Terms of dogs I I think a lot of us know People who’ve had multiple dogs of the Same breed and all of them are clearly Totally different different Personalities and yet it’s somehow so Easy for us to fall into this trap of Expecting every dog within a certain Breed to be a behavioral clone of all The other dogs in that breed why was it So controversial why were dog trainers In particular I’ll speak from my vantage Point I notice dog trainers of all types Of disciplines whether they were quote Positive or balanced dog trainers a lot Of them were equally offended by this I Think the answer to why people were

Upset is a lot of misunderstandings About it dog breed doesn’t affect Behavior according to new genetics dog Breed doesn’t affect Behavior that’s not What the study said and that’s Smithsonian writing that title it’s not That dog breed doesn’t affect Behavior It’s that you can’t predict an Individual dog’s Behavior based on their Breed correlation causation fallacies Throughout the interpretation of this Have been really unfortunate because I Think most people would agree that yeah There’s differences in personalities and Some Labs actually don’t like to Retrieve how many of you can tell me That in the comments long time viewers And readers of my book this will not be New information to you I’ve been saying This since day one in my dog training Career because it was immediately Obvious but we do need to back up uh Statements like that with scientific Data when headlines like that are Written then everyday people who are Considering getting a new dog might be Misinformed it might think let me get a Dog just based on looks I think that’s The reason that dog trainers were so Upset because they foresaw a lot of Potential problems with people not Considering how to find the right dog For their lifestyle and seeing this as Just like a free pass to go get whatever

Dog you think is cute the classic Example I was hearing a lot of it’s like Great everyday people are now going to Go out and get high drive dogs like a Malinois or something like that not Realizing that they if you do get a Stereotypical high energy Mountain while They are going to require an enormous Amount of time and effort in order to Satisfy and keep happy you know they’re Very high maintenance dog if they meet The Stereotype and the study was clear Too in that it wasn’t saying that hey no Dogs meet the stereotypes no golden Retrievers can retrieve it didn’t say That that’s not what it was about at all Right exactly it was though saying that Within a certain breed you’re gonna get Dogs that don’t adhere to the Stereotypes so how did they actually get This information because I think one of The major points of contention from People about this study was that the Data collected was genetic information And surveys oh no survey data that can’t Possibly be credible from 2 000 dogs That’s a big sample size right for dog Trainers to hear pet parents were Surveyed for this study and to balk at That I think it’s pretty reasonable I Think when people hear survey data they Think oh someone on BuzzFeed was just Taking surveys right and the questions Were thought of by some assistant writer

In the back room or something sure yeah Facebook gave me a pop-up and I just Click click click without much thought I’ve just learned recently along with You as we were looking into this how They go about getting scientific survey Data it’s not good enough for a group of Scientists to sit around and come up With some questions and be like this is Scientific and it seems that science has Found a way to scienceify survey data And correct for abnormalities and errors And allow you to get much Yeah we were actually listening to a Podcast what’s the name of that podcast Oh it’s called the Cog dog podcast great Job Sarah strumming really good Discussion between her and the second Author of the studies yeah she happens To be friends with Dr Jessica Heckman I Think you guys should listen to it but Basically they were making the point That we tend to think oh it would be a Lot better if they could have dog Behavior experts go and visit with these People for an hour do a series of tests That way they’d be able to get this Information a lot more accurate right to Have a dog expert directly analyze the Dog that we’re talking about a lot of People thought that might be a better Way to go about this but it turns out in Animal behavior that using what’s called A validated survey question is actually

The most accepted way to gather data Because it’s a hard thing to to do if You think about a so-called animal Expert coming in and evaluating a dog They only have that slim narrow bit of Time they don’t understand necessarily The nuances of that dog in the way that The person who spends much more time With that dog does the best person to Train your dog is you because you know Your dog best and you’re spending the Most time with them how can we be sure That they’re answering them In the accurate way that they’re Intended to be answered I guess yes I Said validated very purposefully a Moment ago because validated cervix is a Scientific term it means the question Has gone through a gauntlet and has come Out the other side they figure out many Different angles from which to ask the Questions and they throw in trick Questions kind of to make sure that You’re answering correctly essentially They want to make sure that if they ask Two different people about the same dog Those two people are going to answer in A very similar way or if they ask the Same person about the same dog six Months apart that they’re still going to Answer in a very similar way let’s just Give an overview of these six steps I Thought this was interesting because dog Trainers way too often balk at survey

Studies and if they’re validated survey Questions I mean this is a very Scientific way to get very good data About dogs we should be careful about Saying oh that’s not good data but we Should still be skeptical I’m not saying Don’t be skeptical and don’t try and Knock down the study or prove it wrong Or whatever I mean that’s the spirit of Science so if you are one of those who Says that oh survey data that’s not good Enough data for me understand that That’s what you’re saying isn’t good Enough for you also true this is a place To start that’s all of science so if it Isn’t good enough for you great let’s Keep going because I think that’s the Whole point of course what’s the first Step establish face validity you have Your surveys evaluated by two different Parties an expert in the field you’re Studying and an expert in asking survey Questions two very important experts Step two you run a pilot test so like With a smaller group of individuals and I guess the aim of the pilot test is to Make sure it Stacks up then you clean up Your data and this is where those trick Questions come in that you were talking About or at least where some of them Start to come in I think this is really Interesting throughout your pilot test You need to have questions that are Phrased negatively and positively

Meaning you ask the same thing in two Opposite ways you’re looking for Consistency there are also a lot more Math you think things that go on Throughout this whole process so if You’re interested you should really look It up on your own because this is a this Is a really really basic overview yeah And then the PCA like it’s a principal Components analysis scientists have Figured out a mathematical way to Validate whether your survey is Measuring what you really think it is And this is the step where they do that Step five you check for consistency Internally within your survey step six Revise you revise that survey and then You go out and do your actual study Based on all of that that you’ve learned Because now your survey is validated so That is the prerequisite for these Scientific survey questions of course Still it’s not perfect but there is a Lot of thought that goes into asking These questions from dog experts from Statistical experts from Behavior Experts there are a lot of angles that Have been put into consolidating all of The this data and analyzing it the Bottom line of all this survey stuff is That it turns out pet parents are Actually pretty good at communicating Facts about their dogs as long as you Ask them them the right questions in the

Right way it’s not that breed doesn’t Influence behavior and personality it’s That you can’t tell with an individual Dog whether or not they’re going to Adhere to those certain qualities or Stereotypes that’s what we’re saying Here to go back to the Malinois example The point of this study is that Somewhere out there there may exist a Lazy Malinois and that doesn’t mean They’re not a Malinois that’s right Sometimes dogs defy their stereotypes But I swear like even amongst dog Training professionals I’m not trying to Throw anyone under the bus this has just Been an observation it’s always a red Flag to me when I hear somebody say oh They’re a blank so they’ll be good at Blank you may be building on a flawed Hypothesis if you’re making too many Incorrect assumptions about the dog that You’re working with or teaching or Raising the bottom line breed is not a Very reliable predictor for an Individual dog’s behavior and so how can You find a dog that’s right for you pay Attention to the individual dog more Than anything try and get to know that Dog interview that dog see how they play With Tugs see if they look scared if They’re more reserved if they’re more Chill if they’re more hyper they’re Energy level yes yeah actually interact With them actually get to know them you

May not know this but I interviewed at Least online many many puppies before we Found Veronica somewhat related to all Of this your dog’s environment can Influence their personality almost as Much as their genetics we can influence Their behavior through outside actions And isn’t that incredible that we have So much control over that that’s why dog Training is such a magical profession I Think and probably why the general Public thinks that we’re Wizards when Really we’re just people if you just Modify the results of a dog’s Behavior With certain consequences or rewards Then you’re able to control how they Behave in the future so reinforcing Things that you wish to see repeated Kind of gets you an amazing dog it seems If you want to get your dog’s DNA tested Check out Embark I’ll have a link below Recommend highly recommend twice as much Genetic info as every other test recent Probably priced too subscribe to the Channel if you’re enjoying it we have Lots of new and different content coming This poochie is about to learn some Serious stuff now that she’s almost one Year Old sure you’re subscribed we’ll see you In the next video bye

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