The Future of the Dog Training Revolution

The Future of the Dog Training Revolution

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This is Kaiser he’s saying enough Oh God Really not inside of my okay give him a Thumbs up for being awesome can you Believe how long you are I started making dog training revolution Videos because I wanted to show as many People as possible how to connect with And how to teach their dogs with modern Methods based on science and ethics Instead of using outdated methods and I Think that most of you to watch my Videos these days would like me to post More videos right I’m committed to Keeping all of my videos completely free That’s the whole point of the dog Training revolution to make sure that Everyone has access to good dog training Videos right advertising revenue alone Does cover some of our expenses but I Know that we can produce more and better Content and that’s where some of you Guys have really stepped up and helped Out with the dog training revolution Over the last couple of years YouTube ad revenue is based primarily on The number of views that you get but I’m Focused on giving you quality content That will actually show you how to teach Your dog not necessarily videos that are Gonna get millions and millions of hits So with the expectation that our rate of Growth will continue as I think it will I’ve decided to take the dog training Revolution to the next level by getting

A new studio and hiring additional staff The bottom line is that I want to Increase the budget for the dog training Revolution so that I can make more Videos without compromising on quality I Just want to bring you the best dog Training content I can while keeping it Absolutely free to the vast majority of You for those of you that want to see The dog training revolution continue to Evolve some of you will need to help but Of course it’s your choice I’m willing To do the work if you want to see more Videos so this is how it works I’m gonna Have a link to my patreon campaign in The description of this video You can go over there and determine how Much you’d like to contribute to our Monthly budget right now I think our Average monthly contribution is about $8 A month which is amazing I’m thrilled With a $2 monthly contribution I’ve got Some cool rewards over there like signed Copies of my book as well as other Official dog training revolutions stuff And remember you can edit or cancel your Pledge at any time for any reason at all It means so much to me that hundreds of You have really gotten behind the dog Training revolution and supported us and I can’t wait to see what else we can do Thank you for letting me do what I love when you’re teaching a dachshund Do you know why it takes a little bit

Longer to teach them how to sit you have To allow a little bit extra time for the Signal to get from their brain to their Butts completely normal

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