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Oh my gosh Good nice job this got real very quick I’m zach george i train dogs and this is My new dog inertia i’m taking you along As i train her from day one you can Start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome to The dog training experience Today i’m going to see how much progress I can make with inertia’s leash walking Manners this should be a challenge and I’ll show you how i’m training her some Important obedient skills and much more I’m going to do a leash walking lesson With inertia in just a moment I’ve given her a long walk i played a Little bit of frisbee with her and Hopefully that’ll make my job of Neighborhood leash walking a little bit Easier If you have a dog you need to get their Food automatically shipped to you and With petflow they make it so easy Because you never have to think about That chore again literally choose your Dog’s food and tell them how often you Want to deliver they have a massive Selection and you’ll get 10 off your First three automatic shipments when you Enter code zach30 i’ll have a link and Discount code in the description of this Video on a side note i’ve been getting a Little more consistency on frisbee that Continues to trend upward she’s not

Totally obsessed with the frisbee she Caught it she was interested but then The wind distracted her so i’d like to Build even more focus on this activity Over time which will likely translate Into focus in other situations too come On yes good girl come around Go With a little coaxing i was able to get Her to chase one more Come on come around Go Good nice job inertia That’s a beautiful thing to see a dog Running around with a frisbee in their Mouth just doing a spontaneous weight Lesson right now before a walk she’s Really extra tempted by indy so i know That she loves indie more than life Itself and really having her pay Attention to me right here while i open And close the door it’s important to do Those little things and this is the kind Of training that i’ll do a few times a Day like 30 seconds at a time wait Crossing the threshold thing if she’ll Hold the weight with distance there and Get back here before she decides to Break that stay good girl look at me Stay Okay Okay come on She’s like are you sure okay she just Wanted to be really sure i think right

There Good job here Leave india alone we’re not playing with Indy right now i’m really trying to Teach her how to leave india alone Because she wants to play with indy Probably more than indie wants to play Inner should come good girl That’s good very nice See all the smells from the outside come Rushing in sit wait i think that i just Want to go out here a couple of steps i Want to prevent super excitement during This training session my fear is that if I get out there and i take 5 10 20 steps That she’s going to immediately start Lunging and pulling and smelling i think My goal is just to make it right over Here to uh this little area okay Wait Yes i’m gonna really get in there and Rapidly reward that because she’s Holding A really good weight right there Wait You can see she’s interested let me Close the door ah inertia see her Tendency is to want to move forward Come here keep in mind that this is a Training walk there is no preset Destination or a distance i’m just Focused on getting her attention outside Of the house while moving wait Okay

Wait Nope didn’t get a weight there inertia Over here Can i have a sip please wait i’m gonna Hang out here for a second just because I’m coming outside doesn’t mean it’s Time to get excited and wild so i’m Going to encourage her to be calm and Just hang out right here so i’m trying To get her to do things just you know Easy stuff like lie down and sit Just teaching her hey just like we do Inside let’s do the things we do inside Right here Because i want to be able to get her in A nice calm Reliable state as often as possible Especially while in public So As far as she knows we’re in public Right now we don’t spend a lot of time Training here i think it’s normal to Think of a leash walking session as Walking up and down the sidewalk which You know it is and we’ll get to that in A little bit but this is part of it too Just getting your dog to be in a focused Mindset and the only way to do that is Just to get them comfortable this is why You don’t wait until you are trying to Actually exercise your dog so the way i Exercised her was by doing kind of a Long relaxed walk on a long lead This morning on the levee behind our

House where she can roam and smell but a Neighborhood walk is much more Disciplined my goal is really just to Get to the end of the driveway with her Acting civilized and then maybe i’ll do Another break over there and see how she Does but yeah let’s give it a shot oops She’s a little distracted there person Walking by see Nice job wait So there’s tension on the leash right Now it’s because inertia is pulling good Girl yes will you come back here Right now she’s so interested it’s Really hard to get her attention i got It there so let me let her know i really Like it yes Good girl Wait can you look at me Not ready for that huh I’m gonna do a look at me training drill Right here look at me yeah nice job Inertia look at me Perfect Yes Leave it Look at me Yes so i threw a treat on the ground to Distract her spontaneously i was able to Get her attention on me so that’s a good Sign i’m gonna walk forward now okay Let’s go Come on Yes hey inertia

Here Good i like that she didn’t go wild Inertia What’s this This way let’s go back this way My goal is to avoid as much tension as Possible on the leash right now Inertia over here Yes Good Nice good i’m gonna really have a high Rate of reinforcement this is not heel Training even though she’s Walking like it she’s free to move Around i just want her nearby Inertia what’s this hey Come here yeah thank you Good so what happens if i just sit down Here for a minute i mean in her mind i Might just want to stop and sit on the Sidewalk at any time and she just needs To learn to be accepting of that when You go on a walk and your dog is in the Habit of pulling it’s because they’re Used to that very predictable movement They understand that a walk is in Progress that you always move forward Rather rapidly so if they think hey Sometimes we’re just going to stop what We’re doing and do this maybe do some Tricks on the sidewalk then that’s how They learn ah play dead on the pavement Look at that doing random skills or Tricks like this is a great way to test

Your dog’s compliance and get them Listening to you in a brand new context So it’s also a good excuse to practice Your basic obedience we’ve been working On stand and wait let’s see how take a Bow looks take a bow Wait Take a bow A little Hey take a bow Yes she’s i think she’s a little Uncomfortable bowing on this surface Wait Let me see if i can get her comfortable There you go good that’s a wait Car coming by Oh that distracted her i was curious to See if she would have held that position Oh love it wait As soon as the car has passed she’s back Into it so she’s still susceptible to Acknowledging her environment Which Is probably a good thing my goal is to Make it about three or four houses down Over here to see if i can get her paying Attention to me there’s a neat training Set over here that i’m trying to get us To easy okay don’t pull me Easy let’s go Yes good girl here Good Yeah Yes inertia good girl want some

High rate of reinforcement here wait There we go a car drove by and she’s Holding her sit i’m going at this like Super slow pace right here very Intentionally because i mean this is Really good behavior i didn’t expect her To be this good i think the exercise has Made a big difference and you know i’ve Done a few of these training sessions Now okay let’s go Yeah sure she asked for a treat there And i’m like i’m happy to give you one i Like that you’re paying attention to me She asked me with her eyes Okay let’s go come on Attention oh i don’t want that But i’m not going to get frustrated here I’m just going to calmly and gently ask Her to come here yeah that’s right can i Have a sit and rather than just going Back into that leash walking session i’m Gonna park right here i mean you know The street’s quiet enough lie down Wait We’ll work on downs oh sit Down Look at me I’ll take a play dead Okay I’m really just trying to get her Complying okay what no never mind i Changed my mind so i’m gonna go as far As to fake her out sometimes to really Teach her to be sharp to me i can change

My mind at any time i really want her to Be in tune with me and be really focused Building focus is something that takes Time we have a leaf blower in the Background here and That’s something that used to really Throw her off and now look at that i Mean yes Good We give her lots of tiny bits of chicken Right now Yes Wait You’re doing so well right now Wait I’m gonna since she’s pulling i’m Actually gonna make us go farther back Come here Sit Perfect good job So you can imagine what that leaf blower Over there is going to do to my training Plans you know it’s gonna kick up all of Those smells of the grass and the dust And just everything i imagine that’s Going to be highly stimulating not to Mention that’s a new person walking over There there’s so many things right now That are going to be challenging about Making it through that area See right here she’s heavily distracted On the street if a car were coming It would be very difficult to get her Attention so i’m gonna practice now come

On In our show let’s go Yes Perfect Good job let’s go Yes Good you never know what you’re going to Encounter in public there are so many Things that you just can’t possibly Account for ahead of time Sit Wait Come on over here Good girl so you can see she’s getting Thrown off by that trail or another Vehicle here Good job Good job yep good girl wait this got Real very quick And i know that generally for production People leaf blowers in the background Drive them crazy but for a dog training Video It’s ideal i’m gonna go back here a Little bit Inertia stay with me over here come on Yes Good Yes Good Sit And this particular patch of real estate Here is a little bit easier to navigate With her because we were just here a

Minute ago it’s as though she’s a bit More satisfied that she’s explored this Area so as we get into new territory it Becomes very interesting and distracting To her Okay let’s go over here come here Good girl Wait sit Stay good girl Stay Yes Very good all right let’s go Yes Good oh wait inertia [Music] Wait Wait Good girl given how challenging this Particular training environment is i’m Going to rapidly reward inertia for Every second of good behavior Yes Yes Yes Wait oh That was a really nice little uh effort There but then i lost her so let’s see If i can get her back here i’m gonna Hang out for a few seconds here just Because i was starting to lose her i Think in the interest of being thorough I’m gonna go back a few paces here just To make sure i really have her attention So i’m kind of introducing this new

Territory in a more staggered way rather Than all at once so we have familiar Territory that she saw just a moment ago That she feels more familiar with while We’re slowly implementing the new Territory inertia what’s this oh good Job Look yeah yeah oh my gosh I can’t believe that attention i’m Getting see i mean it’s so much easier Going away Uh from where we just were wait Yes You’re good i’m gonna go all the way Home Inertia over here come on come on Yes And i’m really avoiding tension because I want her going through the motions i Really want her to think Through her actions so she understands That she’s to stay with me not because I’m pulling on her but because it makes Sense for her to want to be near me In her mind Good Good so i’ve you know i’ve retreated all The way back here just to get some good Behavior and now i imagine we ought to Be able to get back to where we were In pretty short order but i don’t want To jinx us Leave it alone see her going for a Ground scent you can see her nose is

Starting to go wild something’s Distracting her but yes she’s choosing To listen i appreciate that like Clockwork the moment we got into new Territory on this walk She was like i am heavily distracted That’s my cue slow down hit the brakes Here a little bit go extra slow to Really walk her through how she’s Supposed to behave when she feels like This another car coming it’s been a Great chance to practice around cars too Sit good I’ll ask for that sit very periodically Just because that tells me if she’s in a Trainable mindset or if she’s just too Distracted to listen to something easy And basic like sit sit Less likely to sit there but i get a Weight spine Okay let’s go all right so we’re just Trying to get to this patch of grass Right here Okay here we are this is where i want to Be right now there are a ton of scent Distractions in this area right here Because this is public access to the Lake which is over that hill right there And so that means a lot of people walk Here there are a lot of dogs that play Around here and I want her to just get this flood of Different scents And experience that for a little bit and

Then maybe see how receptive she is to Doing some leash training after she does That so here she’s lying down there’s Some dog poop i’ve got a teacher to Leave that dog poop alone she’s really Trying to get to it oh boy so look at That i mean that’s where i have to Really restrain her i don’t want her Getting to that i’m sorry for this but Let’s do a real life leave it with this Dog poop Because i get this question all the time And i have a really good opportunity to Have a spontaneous training session here So i’m just going to enforce leave it Like we do with many other things come On zach i know you can be more exciting Than dog poop inertia look at me Thank goodness Look at you Up here yes Nice job got her attention Hey Inertia what’s going on you want this Thanks for looking at me instead of that Dog poop it’s been a few minutes now She’s leaving the poop alone but you can See how her nose is just going crazy Right now and competing with the sense Of an environment is arguably the Toughest thing about dog training Because dogs smell way better than we do It’s almost like a completely different Sense to them you know dogs smell with

Each nostril independently too Stereo smelling so let’s practice come When called it’s been a minute and risha Come Yes good work let me see if i can get Her into heel position i’ll bet that’s Going to be tough for stand And Can you oh see right there she’s like I’ll do this stand good and Heal yes perfect big reward for that Wait okay heel Weight Okay Heel this way Very much speed walking a bit faster Nice Wait Remember we’re in a place that inertia Is not familiar with so my expectations Are adjusted for this i will not hold Her to the same standard that i do Inside of my house for example Come here let’s go no can’t get our Attention right now Let’s go now there we go Sometimes getting playful works good job Come here and take a bow I’ll take it she Wasn’t the best bow but she made the Effort to pay attention to me while it Was very difficult for her Okay good and wait can you take a bow Nope stand

Come alive stand Yep bow wait Come on up here Stand Wait Easy bow remember bow wait at first she Didn’t really want to bow in fact she Was offering almost every trick she Knows instead of bao but i took a moment To go in slow motion and really walk her Through the trick bow and eventually she Offered it Okay good So I’m thrilled with that i mean outdoor Training is starting to happen it’s Starting to get more reliable you’ll Remember earlier on in our training I didn’t even try to get her attention Like this in this type of environment i Mean not very much anyway Because i knew she needed to experience It and she still does but i think we’re Breaking new ground on this This is an example of what your training Lesson should look like In order to get your dog to listen to You more reliably when you leave the House I’m on life support on treats right now Her allowance has been mostly used up For this lesson so i’m gonna have to Ration my treats on the way home very Wisely but since the walk home is going

To be over familiar territory i’m Thinking training should go a little bit Easier if you’re struggling with your Dog to teach them how to walk on leash Or any other number of problem behaviors Like jumping chewing barking and so on Check out my books i’ll have a link in The description below Alright so we’ve made it home i’d say That was a pretty successful lesson we Got home and i had a great training Session in the studio here are some Highlights you know i’m trying to do Just a couple of minutes of frisbee a Day like seriously maybe two minutes Because i really want to go easy on her But her interest has been really Increasing lately so i’m so excited by That let go good over here i’ve been Teaching her come around She’s so young you know she’s under six Months old so i don’t want her doing a Lot of jumping but you know i think a Moderate amount of cardio Sprinting activity like this is okay but I just think you should keep it really Conservative when your dog is this young No need to like get them going all out Because really my main interest is short Sessions where she’s into it stop before She gets bored you know and try to Maintain a more constant focus on the Frisbee when it’s out my hope is to Build this and make this a really

Valuable currency where she’s like this All the time but she what you’re seeing Right now is not always typical she Doesn’t always get into the frisbee and Want to play tug with it like she is Right now but if she’s like that for This Most of the time then i can use this as A really valuable currency to motivate Her to do all kinds of things like a Come around Catch it Yeah there you go good job i was Planning on using my food as currency But since she’s so into the frisbee Right now maybe i can motivate her to do Some of the tricks we’ve been working on For the frisbee i i would think they Would look kind of sloppy so bear with Me because i’m usually using food which Kind of encourages the dog to be more Calm this encourages them to be a bit More excited so i have to work through That wait Here get it oh there we go Well look at that look how quick she’s Going that’s awesome yeah good get it All right and just a brief game of tug Of war maybe a short toss right there as A reward for her it is sufficient where She’s like okay cool what else do i have To do for that let go Can you let’s see come around wait Can you bow

Wait Yes good job okay let’s throw inertia a Curveball and see how she does Inertia is doing so well right now let’s See how her crawl is looking wait Can you crawl Oh she’s trying to cheat a little there We go yes that’s good Really nice good job that was great Lie down Yes wait Can you crawl yes oh look she really Tries to cheat on that first Slide Let me give her my attention sit Flat out Okay good job nice work okay how about Her heel training Heel Yeah that’s good it’s good weight Good Look at job here yes wait Good let’s see how backup’s looking look At that ah a little crooked a little Crooked That was good though Remember back up Back up yes There you go good job good job Heel Wait Back up Yeah there we go That’s it look at that

Good backups brand new we’re gonna do Figure eights do you remember these you Go like this yes And then like this good Go yes figure eights yes Good turn around Yeah keep Yes give me one more so still pretty Lord dependent i wonder if she’ll let me See if i can do a more subtle lure so I’m not just What’s this yes good what’s this oh nice I’m gonna reward for that see the hand Signal was more subtle Yep This way Let’s check in on one of the nurses Newer tricks dig dig is weird because it Was taught through capturing because we Discovered her doing it and i really Should do it more the way i get her to Do it is i’m like Yes That was actually really good but i want Her like digging vigorously so Just when i ask her as a trick you know What’s that what’s this come on i want To get her going yeah that’s good yeah What’s this yes i like how she’s Scratching it there that’s awesome I’m trying to get her to you know really Do it more vigorously either with one Foot or ideally alternating feet yes What’s that yes get it yeah oh i like

That all right give me three come on dig Yeah i’ll take it good see really trying To push her there Three Oh there we go Yep got her to use the other foot there I know what you’re thinking that’s nice But how do i stop my dog from digging my Hypothesis as to why most dogs dig is Because they’re not getting enough Energy out they’re not getting enough Fetch in their lives or vigorous walks Or whatever it is for your dog some dogs Might require a 20-minute walk some dogs Might require cumulative hour with Breaks of fetch and so digging is a nice Release it seems to be satisfying Recreational to dogs so most digging is Solved through exercise i know that’s Counterintuitive but That should fix most instances of Digging then there’s digging to get out Which is related you know if a dog’s Trying to dig to get out they got a lot Of energy to dig some dogs dig to get Cool and if that’s the case you just Interrupt them before they do it very Consistently and over time they learn Okay i guess i’m not allowed to do that I showed you guys this training session Live on instagram and at this point a Viewer asked about how i decide which Hand signals to use for all of these Different skills what a great question

It depends like some of them i’m not Even to a hand signal i’m still luring Like like i couldn’t get her to weave Through my legs without some type of Lure basically i was having her weave Like this at first and then now we’re Like i can weave like this by luring her And then i was able to like you know Weave by This this and eventually i want to be Able to be like weave It just look cool it gets to a point Where it’s indistinguishable from Talking to a person it’s like if you Work enough with your dog then you you Guys just your partners and they’re like Okay i got you that was a totally Awesome live i think it went really well What do you think bree i think it went Pretty well get 10 off your first three Automatic shipments from pepflow by Using code zach30 at checkout you can Follow us on instagram and tick tock so That you can see a nurse’s training in Real time hey subscribe to this channel Too we have so much more to show you if You’re training your dog you’ll Definitely want to get my books get my First book if you’re thinking about Getting a dog or you’ve just gotten one And get my second book if you’ve had Your dog for a while but you need more Detailed training advice in the next Episode we’ll take inertia to some

Pretty unusual places and she’ll Definitely put my training skills to the Test [Music] You

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