The MOST REALISTIC Leash Training Lesson for SEVERE PULLERS. Reality Dog Training

The MOST REALISTIC Leash Training Lesson for SEVERE PULLERS. Reality Dog Training

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0:00 When Plan A doesn’t work…
5:12 Step 1 of leash training… and a quick Inertia update 🙂
6:27 Neighborhood leash walking. Watch his progression… What do you think??

This is chop he is a homeless wild Alaskan dog and it’s my job to train him And our job to find him home but it Won’t be without plenty of challenges This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode Honestly i was hoping you guys wouldn’t Notice but we haven’t even taught chop How to lie down yet Either way bri did notice and she did Call me out and here we are if chop ever Wants to pass as a regular house pet Instead of a wild alaskan beast he’s Gonna have to learn a basic lie down i Want to try some different rewards today I just got these i like that he’s Sitting so i’m just going to go back to Basics here good I’m going to say good But i’m going to not reward after that Because this sits getting real reliable Yes I’m going to say yes there every time i Say yes i’ll follow it up with a reward Remember when i first got him it was Clear he had no idea what sit meant and He struggled with that one so i think he Might struggle with this lie down as Well Usually with big dogs like this it’s a Relatively easy thing to lure them into A down but Yes

It’s really interesting working with Chop on following a lure because it’s a Lot less natural for him than it is for Other dogs you may have grown up in a Human home Real slow now i’m just brainstorming Here trying to keep his interest and i’m Really trying to find that specific Motion that will entice him to move in Exactly the way that i’m looking for Oh yes i kind of like that he pawed it Right there whatever that’s kind of what I’m trying to get him to do put those Legs down seriously in the beginning you Take what you can get i don’t care that Chop had no idea what he was doing there Chop’s a smart boy and if i keep telling Him the things that i like that he’s Doing and i do that consistently at the Right time i think he’s gonna pick up on This very quickly this is gonna be Really Embarrassing If i can’t teach chop how to lie down by The end of the series All right maybe we need to try a Different method because that’s only Getting us so far i think he’s telling Me he wants to play Pup box sends you everything you need Including both kinds of currencies that Chop likes Play and food i’m hoping that i can use A toy to get him a little bit more

Excited about lying down but getting him More excited is a double-edged sword Using toys for lure training that can be A little bit more challenging than using Food for example so we’ll see how this Goes yes good Good just right there So when he’s on the right track i’ll Just unlock this doing something fun in A second i’m going to let him win but I’m just trying to build on that to Really keep his interest peaked yes There we go so right there i’ll let him Get it play some tug let him win Good That tug is pretty new actually Good man can you let go Thank you sit i’m not asking for a whole Lie down here i’m basically just doing What i was doing with the treat and Seeing if i can get anywhere with that See how his leg went forward When he’s doing something inconsistent With lying down in the way that i like I’m just going to remove the toy from Him this will communicate hey that made The toy go away don’t you want this Easy Yes that was better than ever right There so you can lure with a toy i mean I’m just brainstorming right now it Seems to be working Good Good yes

See that that’s even closer than the Last time it’s so fun to have an adult Dog like this who has no idea how to do A basic behavior like this Yes good that was so close this is Definitely one of the toughest cases of Teaching lie down i’ve encountered in a While let me try another toy and see What happens Yes Lie down good man [Applause] So simple wow Sometimes the best time to go for Another success is right after the first One let’s see if he remembers Yes look at that look how quick he Learns one rep and then two in a row and You can see at this point how when chop Hits that position he’s really beginning To understand that he gets the toy yes Lie down Good Okay yes i like how he’s even thrown the Head tilt in there have you noticed that That’s funny Good man Yes lie down All right good place to stop right there He really worked for that one didn’t he Putbox sends you age specific training Supplies each month along with a wealth Of information on what to focus on in These training cards get fifty percent

Off your pup box when you sign up for a Three six or twelve month subscription By going to zac and using Discount code zack All right chop big day today We’re gonna do some leash training with You young man Maybe we’ll do some more training around Dogs we’ll have to see how your leash Training goes That’s your big issue huh you have a Hard time paying attention when there’s Dogs so in keeping with my training Strategy where possible you know i love To get a dog playing before a training Session so this has been really good Like let him get some of that pent up Energy out let him have some good social Time with inertia before i ask him to Start listening to me you know another Good thing you can do if you don’t have Another dog is to play fetch with them Or maybe tug of war some type of play if Your dog is like that i really think Priming your training sessions with some Type of play time beforehand can be Really advantageous when you’re training A dog new things and after i love Sandwiching training sessions with play Sessions think about how you feel like After a workout or when you were a kid When after you got done playing and how Enjoyable life felt you know you’re just In a more positive frame of mind most of

The time so i really suspect that the Same is true with dogs they certainly Behave as though it’s true it is Impossible to live with a homeless dog For weeks at a time without falling in Love with them so On to leash walking so we’re off to Train chop in a more normal neighborhood Than our rural neighborhood out here and Inertia is tolerating it Chop and i have come out to a normal Neighborhood today that isn’t quite so Full of bears like ours is my thinking Is this is probably a more foreign Setting than our neighborhood or any Other place he’s likely been i mean for Goodness sake we have paved roads here We’re going to take a walk here do you Know that feeling when you first go to a Theme park i don’t know like disney World or something and you’re walking Down main street if you’ve ever been to Times square or a big city for the first Time where you just have to just look at Everything like what is this place it’s Probably a lot like that for him i mean I would assume so a huge part of Training a dog is being understanding Look i’m getting real significant Pulling right here i’m okay with that I’m going to let him smell the curve i’m Going to let him check things out he’s Got a pee i’ll let him do that okay so He’s going to pee right there here’s the

Thing i haven’t gotten chops dna results Yet so i don’t know that he’s a husky Steamroller of hercules cross but he Definitely feels like he’s genetically Predisposed to drag me across alaska With a dog who is so new to training Like chop pulling on a leash like this Is imminent and it’s acceptable if you Ask me for this point in his training Because he doesn’t know better walking Fast is as natural as having to go pee And poop to a dog and so i’ll walk for a Little while with him like this and then I’ll start our training session once He’s had a chance to adjust my strategy For this leash walking session is to Make sure that i remain very tolerant While i let chop get familiar with his New surroundings and then i’m going to Practice his leash training on that Semi-familiar ground i’m just using the Same logic that i use when we’re at home In the driveway a familiar place and Then you’ll remember we stepped it up And we went down the street in my Neighborhood and did a leash walking Session in this training session chop’s Biggest motivator is probably going to Be getting to observe his surroundings So i’m literally going to be using the Environment as a reward for chop and i Brought some different currencies with Me too i’ve got one of chop’s favorite Toys and i’ve got some freeze-dried

Treats in my treat pouch a dog’s Attention will often shift between a Variety of things at any given moment Maybe they like a toy at one moment Maybe they like treats at another so i Want to be as prepared as i can during This lesson dogs love something as close To fresh meat as possible i always have Treats like this with me puffford makes These treats they’ve got some incredible Deals right now and seriously pro tip It’s a great idea to subscribe to these Because the last thing you want is to be Caught without your dog’s favorite Currency when you’re trying to teach Them i’m going to have some links to Puffer’s awesome stuff in the Description below probably his first Lawnmower at close range he’s not too Thrown off by that but there’s something Over here that’s got his attention what I like about training in neighborhoods Is that you occasionally get mild Distractions like dogs behind fences or From inside houses or squirrels walking Around like there’s a lot of moderate to Major distractions in a neighborhood Setting like this as opposed to say a More populated city area it’s just a Less intense environment and it allows Us to introduce concepts a little bit More slowly so they’re more likely to Stick i feel like we’ve covered you know A corner here we just walk around the

Block a little bit i want to now turn Around i want to see if he continues to Pull as we go back over here over Territory we’ve already covered do you See the immediate difference already do You see how he’s Slowing down a little bit A little bit Not pulling as much as he was a second Ago Good man You’re doing great And see there’s a dog barking i’m gonna Keep moving no need to stop because we Know he’s sensitive to dogs and that’s Really good But again another reason that i i love Neighborhood settings We’ve got lawn mowers we’ve got dogs We’ve got pedestrians And we also have nice wide streets here To create distance should we need to That was an interesting little lap he Pulled a lot when we were going there But then we turned around and we came Back and he performed well now let’s go Back and let me see how he does I don’t know it might be too subtle for You to see but i can definitely tell There’s less intense pulling the more we Cover the same patch of land here this Is what i like to do for lease training You might remember recently we did a Training session where i was just

Getting uncomfortable with like 25 feet Of space back and forth we’re trying to Take this to the next level now and let Me give him a simulated walk around just A stretch here of neighborhood it’s not A big stretch but it’s not a small Stretch either we’re going through Lawnmower alley again here keep moving I’m giving him so i’m gently encouraging Him to keep moving here leave it good Man And right now the reward or the thing That he seems to want most is Exploration of the neighborhood so i’m Choosing to really let him enjoy that as Much as i Reasonably can Here good man okay There i was happy to get his eyes on me And then Release him to explore right now You see less tension He is checking things out but still some Tension Hear the train in the background all Those little things that’s why you have To get out of the house to train Do you want your ball Let me see here Yes Get it Oh look not interested in this ball this Particular moment again because we’ve Just walked through the gates of disney

World to him Yes good man so what do we do how do we Reward him in this situation he’s giving Me attention he isn’t pulling right now Look how well he’s behaving i’m gonna Let him continue to see what this place Is all about good man let’s go i mean That’s really nice i would love to get Through this little stretch with maybe 50 Good behavior by the end of this Training lesson but i’m prepared to Adjust that up or down either way Depending on how he progresses but That’s kind of my baseline expectation i Would expect that i would need to work With him somewhere between 25 minutes And an hour because a lot of that Depends on if he becomes saturated or if He seems like he’s really into it look At this i mean we’re getting some pretty Good behavior It’s worth noting however We don’t have dogs all over the place That’s where he becomes almost Completely unmanageable so i told you It’s acceptable for your dog to pull Sometimes when you’re introducing this Concept but let’s talk about what to do During these training sessions when you Do want to address that pulling head on Now on this attempt i’m going to move Forward but i’m going to be less Tolerant of the pulling in other words

I’m going to encourage him to pay Attention to me and keep a loose leash As often as i can when his eyes come to Me we’re going to go that way Here Yes i’m saying yes the outcome is let’s Continue i want to make sure i can Change directions so that he knows what To do when he does become overwhelmed in Future training sessions good See i’m being very exaggerated with my Body language to give him Very obvious cues as to how i want him To behave Tension here Good Oh look at that i was able to get him to Go over here to the side There’s tension so i’m gonna stop Chop This way good man Here Some workers have his attention in the Distance He’s not pulling right now Good all right i’m gonna test to see if He’s receptive to currency Good man ready Get it good ready get it All right That’s cool for the first time he’s Receptive to the ball so right now i’ve Got two rewards that are working really Well the environment and a brief

Interaction with the ball Yes Good so real good example right there Of how we’re trying to give him things That he really wants and we’re pairing Those things with the behavior that we Want in this case a loose leash so here He’s distracted and he’s just looking at People in the neighborhood right now Here Yes Good Here Yes Good man so sometimes yes means Environmental reward Sometimes yes means play reward Depending on what he’s finding Reinforcing not what i want to use Here good i love this the ball’s behind My back yes gotta reward that that was Sustained attention right there you see How we’re trying to really appeal to his Intellect we’re trying to make him want To stay with us and not pull rather than Correcting the pulling in a way that’s Viewed as highly unpleasant to him good Give me a circle Okay come on Yes That’s it he earned that one didn’t he You have to be tolerant sometimes and Insistent other times it’s all Contextual and you as their guardian are

The best person to understand those Times and those nuances you might have Noticed here i’ve been walking for a Couple of minutes and i’ve decided to go Back to letting him pull a little bit so I’m not just constantly requiring Attention i want him to have some Satisfaction but it’s also worth saying We’re in a new patch of street here so i Would expect to see increased pulling I’m really after the most authentic way To communicate with dogs and i feel like If you just let them reason through Everything that’s going on that’s bound To be more long-lasting than a forceful Way of getting them to look at you Hear the working dog Good man that was a really key moment he Heard the dog barking he started to get Really excited and even vocalize a Little bit but i was able to get his Attention promptly on me and move away That was a far cry from what we were Dealing with just yesterday but of Course it was easier the dog was out of Sight but now it may not be so Gratifying for him to just keep Exploring the same area so i think i’m Ready to head back to our main location I’m going to keep that ball hidden but I’m going to reward periodically if he Gives me this behavior in this focus Yes I’m going to try to make it easier for

Him to catch that’s one of the reasons i Like tug of war with a dog that likes Tug he’s more into the squeaky ball But a tug Isn’t quite as clumsy when you’re trying To reward them Good man I’m gonna stop ask for his attention Here Okay Let’s go We’re gonna continue on with the walk Because he seems a little more intrigued By this area than back there just to be Crystal clear and i can tell that by his Investigating of the ground sense and The air so he’s lagging behind here Hey come on Chop let me spend a little bit of time Right here just one sec it’ll take 20 Seconds Here Good man Good back here Good One more two more come here Come on let’s go let’s go good good good Good good over here Come on let’s go let’s go let’s go Yes yeah good man well deserved right There so that’s a really good example it Was hard to communicate with him just in That little patch right there but i took Just a few seconds to really get him

Excited about paying attention to me he Was looking at my eyes i was able to get Many seconds of very compliant behavior And then i gave him an amazing reward And so you can see how if you do this Enough your dog really starts to crave Paying attention to you and right now Since he’s so eager i’m going to use That to my advantage and really make him Earn this ball you really want to keep Things random random reinforcement is so Effective in bringing about changed Behavior so with each situation you kind Of have to balance this ratio of Tolerating pulling and Encouraging really good behavior so in The beginning they might be pulling 80 Or 90 percent of the time and you just Get little glimpses of good behavior I’ve had training sessions like that Before but my goal with him in this Training session was by the end of it to Be at 50 50 and i’d say we at least Accomplish that but more like what 80 20 Favorable walking by our last lap chop Here Yes and look next time we come out here He’s probably going to need an Adjustment period and pull 80 percent of The time during the first part of the Training session before he eventually Starts complying or maybe he has a major Setback you never know learning is not Linear the bottom line is i’m trying to

Improve that ratio over time with him of Course his most significant issue that Can be hard to deal with is his conduct When around dogs and i’ve determined he Needs a lot more desensitizing so we’re Off to do that now this is reality dog Training subscribe click the bell so you Never miss an episode get 50 off your First pop box when you use discount code Zach and sign up for a multi-month Subscription at zach and Check out all of the awesome training Treats choose and rewards from pickford Use my special link in the description For some crazy discounts follow us on Instagram and tick tock and get my books Too i’ll have all of the links below

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